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I meet the most interesting people. I introduce you to someone new every Thursday.

I meet the most interesting people. I introduce you to someone new every Thursday.
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I meet the most interesting people. I introduce you to someone new every Thursday.




Photography & Travel for Treating Depression?

Mike Osborne is an accountant with the travel bug. He's been to all 50 of the United States, as well as, Canada and several European countries. You can find some of his photography on Instagram: We discuss travel, photography, and how Mike has used them to battle depression. Mike's Photography Fundamentals: Content & Framing Perspective Contrast Personalize/Be Creative


How I Met Myself

This is the story of how I met myself. From my outlaw father and my mother who graduated high school at 38, to becoming a husband and father, minister for 24 years (and walking away), single fatherhood, my music career and more. You'll hear plenty of funny stories along the way, as well as, Kenzie Rain and I laughing a LOT (it's what we do).


Life Worth Living

Ellen was an American Success Story waiting to happen. As she graduated high school and prepared for college she seemed poised to live the American Dream. Then mental illness entered her life. Join us as she displays her brand of immense courage and find hope for all those struggling to live with mental illness. National Suicide Prevention Lifeline: 1-800-273-8255 The National Suicide Prevention Lifeline is available 24 hours every day.


Faith, Adversity, and a Very New Direction

Brad Climer talks about his type A personality business life and balancing that with family, faith, and struggling with his calling. Learn how a hard driving, American Dream chasing salesman ends up in the middle of nowhere loving a ragtag band of "misfits", aka regular American humans.


From Drug Dealer to Person of Influence

How does one go from a small town, little class, family, destined to become a pastor to drug dealer, then end up being healthy, wise, and a person of influence and help for large numbers of people? Bradley Grinnen walks you through it on this episode.


From Entrepreneur to Journalist

Jake Weindling tells us about his life growing up in a traditional middle class family in Devner, CO. How going to private schools and being one of the lucky in American society shaped his world view. And how college and then real world experience in American capitalism radically transformed that understanding of how the world really works. He tells how he went from salesperson to entrepreneur back to salesperson to journalist for Paste Magazine. Twitter: @jakeweindling Jake's Paste...


Musician and Rescuer to Cook and Rescuer

Duane started as a hard rock guitar player and was also on an emergency services search and rescue team. Then he moved into the cooking business. Now, he is the #2 guy at his kitchen and is making time for search and rescue, again. Hear a few adventures along the way.


A Change of Pace

This episode I met Kim and Matt Wielgus of Wielgus Farms. Learn about their journey from the Jersey suburbs to a real farm lifestyle and a few adventures along the way. Inheriting a horse, why male goats pee on themselves, meating a fisher cat, bear outside your window, bottle feeding sheep, and easing into pig farming. Why would anyone want to do this? Find out on this episode.


Meandering Toward Wisdom and Happiness

Greg Rogers is a teacher of English composition, literature, and Philosophy. Learn about his story of going from Southern California to Arkansas, the military, and numerous stops along the way. And how he finally meandered his way toward wisdom and happiness.


Deep Thoughts From the Comic Book Store

Brian Anderson owns the Portal Comics and Gaming in Bethlehem, PA. But, don't judge this book by its cover. Brian is not what he seems. Athlete, power lifter, community organizer, leader, and deep thinker, are just a few of his many positive attributes. He is also an open minded collector of experiences. You'll get to hear about some of those on this episode.


Ace Romar - American Dreamer

Ace is a first generation American who lived the American Dream by the age of 27. Then he survived September 11, 2001. This interview will leave you wanting to learn more of his story.


Carl Romanelli - Common Revolutionary

Carl was just a regular guy who grew tired of watching his country go in the wrong direction. He decided to take action. He decided to run for US Senate in the State of Pennsylvania. The year was 2006. The series of events that happened next in Carl's life are shocking. You'll be stunned by how the story ends.