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The Perfect Bound Podcast is a weekly show about anything and everything comic books and comics related, brought to you by Ben Laurance and Cole Hornaday of The Panel Jumper, and Chris Casos and Nicole Lamb from Comics Dungeon.


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The Perfect Bound Podcast is a weekly show about anything and everything comic books and comics related, brought to you by Ben Laurance and Cole Hornaday of The Panel Jumper, and Chris Casos and Nicole Lamb from Comics Dungeon.




Perfect Bound Podcast – Episode 276

Marc J. PalmToday on the show, Cole and Ben welcome back to the show Marc J. Palm. Marc joins us today because the second volume of his indie hit The Fang is out now. Tune in as we talk to Marc about: • His inspiration for the character of Fang... Continue reading →


Perfect Bound Podcast – Episode 275

Today on a fresh show for a fresh new year, the gang reconvene via zoom (like ya’ do) and talk about topics such as: • There’s a call for Marvel to retire the Punisher logo • Steve Lightle has passed away • As has Heavy Metal Warrior Queen Julie Strain •... Continue reading →


Perfect Bound Podcast – Episode 274

2020 Year in Review Today on the show, the gang get back together and talk about the largest stories that came out of 2020, including: • Gerry Conway reclaiming The Punisher logo for BLM • Marvel and Scholastic unite for new line of titles for young readers • Archie announces... Continue reading →

Perfect Bound Podcast – Episode 273

Today, we welcome musician, playwright, filmmaker and artist Matthew Southworth. Matt’s impressive CV includes uncredited re-writes on the film “Suspect Zero” (a story in and of itself); playing with his band The Capillaries, as well as with Harvey Danger, all around Seattle; and illustrating titles such as Spider-Man, Spider-Girl, X-Men,... Continue reading →

Perfect Bound Podcast – Episode 272

Battle of the Linguist Mages Today on the show, Cole and Ben welcome playwright and novelist Scotto Moore. Scotto is a Seattle-based, multi-media raconteur who, for fourteen years, has been a cornerstone of the Seattle Fringe Theatre community. During his fourteen years as an active playwright, we saw major productions... Continue reading →


Perfect Bound Podcast – Episode 271

Frank Gogol Today on the show, Cole and Ben welcome Frank Gogol. Frank is a San Francisco-based writer of Grief (Ringo Award nominee), Dead End Kids (Best New Series, The Independent Creator Awards), and No Heroine, all from Source Point Press. The child of addicts, Frank’s a humble dude whose... Continue reading →


Perfect Bound Podcast – Episode 270

Kurt Ankeny Today on the show, the gang welcome author, illustrator, painter, and occasional letterer – Kurt Ankeny! Kurt’s books In Pieces and Pleading with Stars are sometimes autobiographical, occasionally bleak, but always fascinating and beautiful. Aside from his own books, Kurt has also lettered Matt Fraction and Elsa Charretier’s... Continue reading →


Perfect Bound Podcast – Episode 269

The Death of Retail Comics Dungeon had always been a partner with The Panel Jumper to produce the Perfect Bound Podcast. Sadly, this past summer the store had to close. Today on our first show in six months, the gang welcome founder and former owner of Comics Dungeon and... Continue reading →


Perfect Bound Podcast – Episode 268

Due to the COVID-19 crisis, the Perfect Bound Podcast is forced to take a hiatus. But before we shelter in place in order to weather this pandemic, we have one last show for you. This never-before-aired show, recorded in October of 2019, finds Chris, Cole, and Ben talking about horror... Continue reading →


Perfect Bound Podcast – Episode 267

Today on an episode recorded before the world got turned upside down, the gang spend a half hour discussing: • Locke & Key / Sandman crossover • Dark Horse announces Umbrella Academy prequel • Batman TAS Continues as Digital First series? And then, based on this article about the 13... Continue reading →


Perfect Bound Podcast – Episode 266

Today on the show, the gang let loose a little bit of behind the scenes audio, and play for you what goes on before the show starts. Once we gather ourselves, we start talking about comic book news stories, including: • 1921 Tulsa Race Massacre will officially be in OK... Continue reading →


Perfect Bound Podcast – Episode 265

Today on the show, the gang talk about a couple news items they’re interested in, including The Clone Wars to become weekly comic, and Rogen and Co. are adapting Fear Agent. And then we revisit a new old segment: Ask the Perfect Bound Podcast, where Ben asks random questions of... Continue reading →


Perfect Bound Podcast – Episode 264

Today on the show, the gang mix things up and talk about the hottest comic news stories of the day, including: • Green Lantern’s 80th Anniversary • DC goes back to the beginning with Generation One: Age of Mysteries • Larger question, what is 5G and how will it be... Continue reading →


Perfect Bound Podcast – Episode 263

Today on a delightfully new show, the gang talk about: • The Cimmerian to finally get distribution after Ablaze inks agreement • IDW doesn’t expect profitability until 2021 • New Kid first graphic novel to win the Newbery Award • New Swamp Thing graphic novel • Howard the Duck Hulu... Continue reading →


Perfect Bound Podcast – Episode 262

Today on the show, the gang try to do good by talking about: • Mirka Andolfo will be in store for a signing! • Local shop Outsider Comics needs help • Ennis, Braun and Robertson returning for The Boys: Dear Becky • DC to create Dungeons and Dragons sourcebook •... Continue reading →


Perfect Bound Podcast – Episode 261

Today, the gang talk about hyperbole in the comics industry. More specifically, Dark Horse’s upcoming Bang! from Matt Kindt, Wilfredo Torres, Nayoung Kim and Nate Piekos is touted as “one of the most eagerly anticipated comic debuts of 2020.” But every upcoming title seems to be “highly anticipated” these days,... Continue reading →


Perfect Bound Podcast – Episode 260

Too much content! Today the gang talk about a recent article from Newsarama where Image publisher Eric Stephenson says that there are too many comic books for the stores to handle these days. Chris and Nicole as manager of their own stores and Cole as a consumer weigh in on... Continue reading →


Perfect Bound Podcast – Episode 259

Today on your favorite comic book podcast, Chris, Cole, Ben, and Nicole gather ’round and talk about: • First wave of McFarlane Toys DC line • Speaking of Toys, Everett-based Funko is becoming a behemoth • More speaking of Toys: Disney is protecting their Baby Yoda IP • In non-toy... Continue reading →


Perfect Bound Podcast – Episode 258

Today on the show, the gang settle around the ol’ comic book table and talk about: • The recently settled Milestone media lawsuit • The stories of marginalized trailblazers getting published at Boom Studios • And returning to a topic we ran out of time during our last show of... Continue reading →


Perfect Bound Podcast – Episode 257

Today on a crisp winter episode, the gang warm up the comic book store with talk of: • Kevin Eastman and Peter Laird reuniting for a new TMNT project • Hickman follows up the conclusion of his X-Men relaunch with Decorum for Image • Transformers vs The Terminator coming in... Continue reading →