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The Gory Details Of Corruption And Death

I taste-tested two wonderful films from the abundance of The Hamptons International Film Festival’s 2018 roster. Don’t miss the world premiere of the new documentary, “The Panama Papers”, directed by veteran documentarian Alex Winter, (“Trust Machine”, “Deep Web”), and co-produced by Laura Poitras, (“Risk”, “Citizen Four”), which is a start-to-finish thriller about global money laundering, in an age that one journalist in the film dubbed “near French Revolution levels of economic...


Dell Cullums Wild Life

Who can you call at 2:00 am if you need a raccoon driven across the Shinnecock Canal? Is your family of foxes mangy? Is a hedgehog eating you out of your zinnias? Do you have bats in your basement, swifts in your chimney, or have you seen an Osprey who has forgotten how to fly? If you can’t resort to killing your cousins, there is only one man for the job. Dell Cullum is amazingly well, considering he was flat on his broken back only a couple of months ago; while trying to get a raccoon...


Four Stationary Walls

How does a person with a modest income survive living year-round in The Hamptons? I wanted to do a story about women falling through the cracks because I had been falling through the cracks and I couldn’t figure out whether it was me or the system I was attmepting to live in. I know this is a story about home, making a home, the changing views women have about what a home means. So, this is a story about all of these things and also about our worst fears. I’ve nailed down what my worst...


Pilgrim To Greece

Hampton's journalist Joanne Pilgrim from The East Hampton Star travels to Greece to help the mostly Syrian refugees arriving on a small Greek island. What makes Joanne take the leap from compassion into action? “He said ‘If you have 100 friends — for me 98 of them are gone.’ It was hard not to cry, but how dare I cry? I haven’t been through this!” When I heard that my friend and colleage was travelling to Greece to help the boatloads of mostly Syrian refugees that had been arriving, I...


Sovereignty Of Seeds

Seed exchanges vs. Monsanto is the topic as we visit The Hampton's Seed Exchange's first event and talk with seed sharers about organic growing and organic farming on Long Island. Long Island and especially The Hamptons has many organic farms and now new seed exchanges are popping up in libraries and community gatherings.


Last Words

Bobby Wonderful is a memoir by author Bob Morris about coping with dying parents with humor and grace. This is my interview with the author. "Bob Morris was always the entertainer in his family, but not always a perfect son. How does an adult child with flaws and limitations figure out how to do his best for his ailing parents while still carrying on and enjoying his own life? And when their final days on earth come, how can he give them the best possible end? In the tradition of...


We Baptize Not Lobotomize!

Reverend Katrina Foster's Twitter handle is: wife, Pastor, mama, lesbian, recovering redneck, activist, troublemaker. Listen to LGBTQ pastor's story of overcoming addiction, finding her true vocation as a Lutheran Pastor, and finding true love with another woman and a daughter.


Amagansett The Un-Hampton

Italian and Sicilian heritage stories from anonymous descendants of Amagansett settlers on Long Island, New York. Photo by Lily Landes.


Ted Rall's Marxism In The Hamptons

"Ideology is stupid for those of us who have no power. It doesn’t matter what we would do if we did. We don’t. Seizing power, taking out the idiotic, incompetent, greedy, evil and stupid people who are ruining our lives is what matters.” The Anti-American Manifesto. Ted Rall is a political cartoonist, graphic novelist, journalist, proud Marxist, intellectual, and all around agitator, it is his mission to teeter on every edge, pushing the boundaries of what this culture, and other...


Jules Feiffer The Man In The Ceiling

The Man In The Ceiling, book by Jules Feiffer, Music and lyrics by Andrew Lippa, and directed by Jeffrey Seller, producer of Hamilton, will run May 30-June 25, 2017 at The Bay Street Theater. In his new theatrical adaptation of his graphic novel “The Man in the Ceiling,” opening the 2017 Main Stage season at Bay Street Theatre May 30, he wants the audience “to feel they’ve been dragged up onstage” and are part of the action. “Yes! I want you to experience what I am doing in the present...