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UPDATE! Post-Faroe Islands Trip Update from the Road!

Here is a quick update about where we have been and most importantly WHAT IS COMING to the podcast over the next week! :D Thanks for your patience! We are off to the final leg of our travels! A drive to Utah from Vegas!


Brilliant Portfolio Leading Milky Way at Island in the Sky in Canyonlands National Park | Ep 130

Brendon and Aaron finally get a chance to get back out there with their cameras and celebrate 3-years of doing Milky Way Photography on a 4-Night Trip that of course…didn’t entirely go to plan. Beginning this trip with a cancellation as clouds ruined our chances of getting a Milky Way out at Royce Bair Milky Way Butte, we are forced to make a 5-hour detour drive to Richfield, Utah for a print that was as tall as Aaron! This print was a gift to Canyon Country Lodge out in Escalante and it was...


Jeff Pedersen | Wildlife Photography in Kenya, Africa! | Ep 128

Jeff Pedersen has JUST returned from a 16-Day adventure out in Kenya, Africa! He shares with us priceless tips on how to pack, travel and prioritize gear to be able to get all your gear to Kenya successfully through the 2-day flight nightmare you go through. Then we hear the amazing energy the Maasai Warriors drive the jeeps the photographers are all in around the area. These drivers are dedicated to getting you the image of a lifetime and they don't go nervously around to all of the...


Kim Grant | Scottish Landscape Photog Talks Using Tripods Less, Favorite Spots & Aurora | Ep 126

We are joined by Scottish Landscape Photographer Kim Grant and learned something we almost never hear from Landscape Photographers! "I don't use my tripod all the time." Learn from Kim's fantastic and bright perspective on Landscape Photography and getting intimate portraits with the landscape around you to take advantage of a trip that might not be working out perfectly thanks to weather. Speaking of getting intimate, there is an Easter Egg clip in the middle of this podcast from an old...


Drew's Amazing Snowy Weekend at Bryce Canyon & a Wildlife Photography Hunt for Foxes! | Ep 124

Today Brendon and Drew take the reins of the podcast as they both had experiences without Aaron and so Aaron takes a side seat in this episode other than to begin the episode. Brendon and Drew begin talking about their experience hunting Foxes in the snow in an urban park where these foxes are active. They share what went well and what they need to do better next time. LINK TO ERIC BENEDETTI'S STAR TRACKER COURSE: Tony Northrup's ISO is Fake YouTube Video:...


Most Hilarious & Inspiring Stories from our Patron Only Podcasts | Cripps, Fossati & More | Ep 122

Winner of January's "Photog Favorite" is Jeff Anderson! Follow Jeff at Instagram: After gushing about Jeff's awesome Oregon Waterfall Image, we get into a highlight reel of our fun Patron Only Podcasts we have on Mondays. This episode features hilarious or inspiring stories from Alyn Wallace, Gavin Hardcastle, Enrico Fossati, Matt Payne & Joshua Cripps in that order! Starting off with ALYN WALLACE and without spoiling anything he put a Yoga...


Erin Babnik | Shares Two New Awesome Adventures & Priceless Landscape Photography Tips | Ep 120

We are crazy privileged to be joined today by Landscape Photographer Extraordinaire Erin Babnik! We got to pick the brain of Erin and learn so many fantastic tips that only PART of those tips could fit in one podcast! The entire interview with Erin is going to come out for our Patrons next Monday. If you want to hear that part of the episode, please join us at and you will have full access to this episode and all of our Monday Interview podcasts. We...


Macro Photography & the 2019 Lunar Eclipse | Ep 118

Today we talk about Macro Photography! Last week we recorded a Macro Photography session using what macro gear Brendon and Drew had on them and experienced a lot of what went wells and what could have gone betters. Join us as we talk about the pros and cons of certain macro lenses, get giddy about Carnivorous Plants and share some beginner tips and necessary gear to get into the fun and patience requiring art of Macro Photography. Zerene Stacker Software:...


The 3 Things we learned in 2018 & What could be better in 2019 | Ep 114

After a hectic and yet less accomplished year photographically, Brendon and I look back on what we learned, what mistakes we made and what we need to do in 2019. From a hectic schedule and challenges due to Aaron's divorce to successes like seizing the moment when we made our first trip out of the country to the UK, Faroe Islands and Iceland.


BIG Announcement & Mike Olbinski's amazing Supercell Storm Timelapse and Licensing Advice | Ep 116

BIG ANNOUNCEMENT and a hang out with Mike Olbinski! The full interview with Mike Olbinski is over on the Patron Only Podcast feed, but here is an extra segment the Patrons - also known as the Founders of Photog Adventures - haven't heard yet and some advice for getting your Storm Timelapse Photography Licensed! Enjoy the FIRST free Podcast of 2019, Brendon and Aaron sharing their goals for 2019 and hope you will join us with the whatever the announcement is!


Matt Burk | RRS Lead Engineer talks the RRS Move, why go RRS & the Trip to Who Knows Where | Ep 111

We are joined in studio by the Senior Product Development Engineer at Really Right Stuff Matt Burk! We get a chance to drill down into what makes a RRS Tripod worth the money, what the difference is between the mark 1 and mark 2 tripods, give him some hard hitting questions challenging the RRS quality, build and whether the products are "over-engineered". Then in classic Photog Adventures fashion we ask Matt about his photography stories and he shares with us the trip to who knows where out...


Jordan Younce | Real Estate Photography for Newbs, a new project & Spiders so many Spiders! | Ep 110

We were LIVE over on Facebook with Jordan Younce last night talking Real Estate Photography for beginners. What you guys need to start doing it now, what you need to consider for getting hired, when to shoot, what you can expect from clients and how you can keep your day job and still look legit to potential clients. Then we talk about Jordan's secret new project that he is really excited about! He used to be PictureMonk, then he was Road to Full Time and now he is doing a new project that...


Grand Opening of the new Really Right Stuff HQ in Utah & Talk Quality in our Photography | Ep 108

We attended the Really Right Stuff Grand Opening of their new Headquarters here in Utah a few weeks back and that got us thinking about quality! We always felt that RRS was way overpriced and definitely out of our price range for now, but after spending an afternoon going through their facilities we realize that they are NOT overpriced but priced for QUALITY! The quality is top notch and we left that facility convinced that their quality was worth every penny!


Derek Sturman | Interview Landscapes Night Photography and the biggest Misadventure so far! | Ep 106

Brendon interviews Derek Sturman. Derek is a Utah based photographer that is going all over the southwest capturing the beauty that he sees. He has an amazing eye for landscapes, and his milky way shots are top notch. He shares his stories and struggles of shooting landscapes and night-scapes in Utah, California and beyond. You can follow Derek on Instagram and Facebook, or check out his website for workshop info.


Oregon Coast Listener Adventure Pt. 2 | Milky Way Thor's Well, Cape Kiwanda & Cannon Beach | Ep 104

We talk about our completely unexpected safe opportunity to capture a Milky Way at Thor's Well and warn you NOT TO DO IT unless you have similar conditions of low low swells and low tide. The conditions were perfect for us to camp out on Thor's Well until the Milky Way was visible for a November Milky Way and it was amazing with several challenges! Then we shared the stories and fun of capturing the last Milky Way Core of the season out at Cape Kiwanda and a lazy Sunrise out at Cannon Beach!...


Oregon Coast Listener Adventure Pt. 1 | Milky Way at Secret Beach, Natural Bridges & Bandon | Ep 102

In this first of three episodes about our Oregon Coast Listener Adventure, Aaron and Brendon share stories from our first two days. The Milky Way Photography opportunities at Secret Beach and Bandon along with the several Photog MISAdventures that occurred. We will finish the Oregon Coast Listener Adventure next week and then the following week hear from all of the participants that joined us out in Oregon.


Jeff Harmon & Admins join us to celebrate 100 Episodes! Sharing Mis-Adventures & Images | Ep 100

With the huge milestone of hitting 100 Podcast Episodes we are joined by most of our Photog Adventure team, the admins from our Facebook group and our hero Jeff Harmon. Through Jeff's generous recommendations to his listeners to follow the Photog Adventures Podcast we went from less than 1000 listens to around 7000 listens in less time! Jeff single-handed put Photog Adventures on the map faster than we were getting it there and we really owe him a lot! We ask the Admins and Jeff about their...


Ep 99 Teaser | Mike Ver Sprill | Milky Way Mike talks the challenges & tips for East Coast Milky Way

Milky Way Mike joins us to talk the challenges of East Coast Milky Way Photography. How he cuts through the light pollution, where he goes to avoid New Jersey light pollution, why fishing can help you get better Milky Way Images in some places and shares a story where he rode his bike several miles to gain access to a landmark for a Milky Way shot that doesn't even exist anymore! Follow Milky Way Mike at his website: or watch his YouTube videos here:...


Brent Bergherm | Owning a rental business, Travel Photography in Croatia & Photo Stories | Ep 98

Brent's life as a University Professor and professional photography. The ups and downs with his recently closed Lens Rental company His workshops coming up in 2019 that take you to amazing travel locations in Croatia that were EASILY added to our bucket list locations after hearing about them. Then we round the episode out hearing some photography adventure stories from Brent's past that will make you weep! You can follow Brent Bergherm from his website...


Ep 97 Teaser | Wayne Pinkston | Processing/Techniques for better Landscapes in Milky Way Photography

Wayne starts out my telling us about how he plans out his entire Milky Way season – yes, it’s all planned out. He talks about how he discovered his love of Milky Way photography when he was on a trip to the Southwest a few years ago. When he started out shooting photos of the Milky Way he used to make shots of the Milky Way. But now his photos are focused on interesting foregrounds with the Milky Way in the background. He discusses his approach to lighting the land, exposure, panoramas,...