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Dan Bailey | Fujifilm Ambassador & True Adventure Aerial Photographer from Plane over Alaska | Ep 81

We hang out with Adventure Photographer and Fujifilm Ambassador Dan Bailey and in an extended 35-minute first segment we get a passionate and convincing argument why we all should be using the Fuji camera system, what he did to become a Fujifilm ambassador, what makes him an "Adventure Photographer" and then end with tales from his adventure out in Scotland at the Shetland Isles riding a bike through the landscape capturing the whole experience with his Fuji camera on his back. In the...


Listener Q&A talking places we wouldn't go back to, the pano process & a Live Tech Test | Ep 80

To celebrate hitting a nice round number like 80 podcast episodes we do a LIVE Tech Test and Listener Q&A! Topics: Ukrainian TV Show has released the episode that we were a part of! AstroPhotog Podcast and changes coming up for the weekly AstroPrimer SLIK Milky Way Contest: Places we wouldn't go back to Brendon's only camera that he dunked in far! How do you Post-Process your frames BEFORE Stitching your Panoramas?...


Jeff Pedersen talks Landscape Photography at White Pockets & why you should NOT go there | Ep 79

White Pockets is a unique area of windswept sandstone near Kanab, UT. The sandstone there is not the typical red rock found in most of the Colorado Plateau – it’s not only white, but also yellow, orange, and even purple in places. And there’s Brainrock! It’s an amazingly interesting place for photographers. Jeff finds White Pocket to be more interesting than even another near-by location, The Wave. And White Pocket has many more locations to shoot than The Wave. The roads that access White...


Live from Escalante during our Milky Way Workshop | Ep 78

We sit down with Kathy, Nicole and Venkat our Escalante Milky Way Workshop Participants and get their takeaways from this week of hanging out under the stars capturing the Milky Way in this amazing and beautiful place! We share our adventure of capturing the Milky Way at Devil's Garden, Dance Hall Rock and Sunset Arch. Our first Milky Way Workshop of the year and we get AMAZING dark clear skies and everyone just fell in love with the sights at Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument....


We discuss Rusty Parkhurst's article 9 Tips to take your Landscape Photography to next level | Ep 77

We go LIVE on Facebook for Podcast 77 and have a discussion about Rusty Parkhurst's recent article on "9 Tips to take your landscape photography to the next level". In our Landscape Photography, we all get there where we are enjoying our progress and have put in our practice of getting our f-stop right, bracketing like champs exposing for the highlights, composing great images, staying and waiting for good light and going the extra mile in our...


Royce Bair | Single Image Milky Way Photography vs. Star Tracking Milky Way Photography | Ep 76

Has Star Tracking made Single Image Milky Way Photography just a waste of time? The answer is NO! With Royce Bair in studio we get some pros and cons of both types of Milky Way Photography and hear from the Master Milky Way Photographer how to best take advantage of our time out there under the stars and get the most out of our images whether or not you do any star tracking. Royce shares with us some post-processing techniques he likes to use to reduce the noise in his single image...


Astro Photog Ep 6 | Star Tracker Workshop's Fantastic Moments, Major Flubs & My Three Best Takeaways

It is a Full Moon week, so it is even more crucial to learn what days are open for Milky Way Photography in today's Astro Primer and get reminded again why the Southern Hemisphere has a distinct advantage over the Northern Hemisphere for viewing the Milky Way Galactic Core year round! In today's episode I celebrate the FANTASTIC MOMENTS and confess the MAJOR FLUBS of my Eric Benedetti Star Tracking Online Workshop from over the weekend. There were some moments that were just magical that...


Jeff Pedersen | Wildlife Photography in Africa & Tips on selling your prints at Art Shows | Ep 75

Retired California Firefighter & lover of Photography in the Deserts of the Southwest, Jeff Pedersen, joins the show and shares stories and tips from his time doing Wildlife Photography in Africa and how to make money as a Photographer working in Art Shows selling your prints. We go over our hangout with Jeff out at Death Valley and then hear his stories of being in Kenya at a Photography Tour that gave him eight days and 14 Jeep Runs to capture the beautiful animals of Africa. Hear his...


Astro Photog Ep 5 | Celebrate Dark Sky Week! Get away from Light Pollution!

This year's International Dark Sky Week is from April 15th through the 22nd and with the New Moon just yesterday we have a great week ahead of us to celebrate dark skies worldwide! In this week's Astro Primer I summarize the hours the Milky Way Core is visible this week in several places through out the world, North America, Europe at London and Italy, Japan, Chile, South Africa and New Zealand. Get your quick fix on what the skies are revealing to us with planets and meteor showers as...


Photog Adventures is on a Ukrainian Travel TV Show featuring Utah and Milky Way Photography | Ep 74

To our surprise, we get contacted at the end of last week by a Travel TV Show out of Ukraine! This show is called “Heads and Tails” or in Ukrainian “Орел и Решка” is the number one travel show in Eastern Europe: Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and 11 other countries! Heads and Tails features new travel destinations to their audience and show the most interesting things to do and places to visit. All with a pretty cool premise of flipping a coin at the beginning of each adventure and the winner...


PODCAST BONUS: Lost Drone Update & our adventure trying a second time using a Can-Am to get there

In this bonus episode we share the stories of our Monday adventure back out to the Wedge Overlook and Buckhorn Wash area to look for our missing Inspire Drone. We share the fun and challenges of searching in this terrain, the beauty of this area, the dynamic clouds that made us weep tears of regret that we didn't have our cameras on us and you get to learn about Aaron's injury! Lots of fun in this quick podcast, enjoy! If you are considering any of our Milky Way Workshops there are three...


Last minute all-nighter to Royce Bair Milky Way Butte for our March Milky Way | Ep 73

Needing a March Milky Way and some good stories for the podcast, we drive all-night to the Butte in Hanksville, Utah that Royce Bair told us about. This shot is best during an early season Milky Way so we made the sacrifice of getting out there Sunday night through Monday morning to try our luck at getting an awesome Milky Way Image like Royce Bair did last year. In classic fashion, the only clouds in the 10% cloudy sky were hanging low on the horizon South East of us and covered our Milky...


Goblin Valley Workshop & Announcement & Celebrating Two Years of Milky Way

Are you stoked to join us for a Milky Way Workshop this year? Hope you are crazy excited because our first one is only a month away on April 16th through April 20th! In this first Milky Way Workshop of 2018, we are taking 12 participants out to Goblin Valley State Park, Goosenecks State Park and Natural Bridges National Monument! If you have considered joining us for a workshop, seriously consider this one as we are selling it for 30% off the regular price and that price includes all...


Milky Way at Joshua Tree & Wildlife Photography on the Channel Islands at Santa Cruz Island | Ep 71

In this episode we recap our first adventure out to Joshua Tree National Park and capturing a Milky Way Panorama over The Eye or Cyclops Rock and the amazing Joshua Trees on our way out to the LA area. With changes to our plans of getting out to the Yosemite Firefall we found ourselves in the area with lots of extra time so we booked a Day Trip out to Santa Cruz Island of the Channel Islands! We get to see pygmy Island Foxes and beautiful birds as they fly around the cliff faces of the...


Cracks, Badwater, Milky Way, Racetrack Playa & the Photog Adventures Curse in Death Valley | Ep 70

We spend a week in Death Valley with Jeff Pedersen and Tim McGowen doing Landscape Photography and Milky Way Photography over cracks, Badwater, Mesquite Sand Dunes, Charcoal Kilns and Racetrack Playa. In classic Photog Adventure style the curse lives on. February Milky Way Photography turns out to be fantastic just crazy brief and over the distant light bloom of Las Vegas. We talk about the challenges of really near foreground subjects in Milky Way Photography and remembering to focus...


Inspired & Tired our 13-mile hike to look for our lost Inspire 1 Drone at the Wedge Overlook | Ep 69

Going out on a Saturday to the mini-Grand Canyon of Utah - the Wedge Overlook - for some fun location scouting and filming with the drone should be an easy going uneventful day. Well our trip with Daniel Lindhardt a couple Saturdays ago reminded us why some of you think of Photog Adventures as a Laurel and Hardy act or enjoy it because we are a couple of boneheaded photographers having a blast and you just enjoy our comedy of errors! This Photog MISAdventure starts out with some fun...


Andrew Marr | Australian Landscape Photographer & YouTuber shares challenges of the Outback | Ep 67

Andrew Marr is one of the top five Landscape Photographers from Australia and we had a chance to hang out with him and talk the unique challenges of Perth, Australia area and the one thing you wouldn't expect from a coastal city like Perth. No clouds! Often, he can't even go out in the summer because there just are zero clouds in the sky let alone a quality and dynamic sky! We go over some of his favorite nearby locations in Perth, one of the crazy cool places he goes in his winters that...


Astro Photog Ep 4 | The Milky Way Is Back, Baby! Lunar Eclipse Next Week!

The FOURTH episode of Astro Photog to get you excited about the newly returned Milky Way Core and next week's Lunar Eclipse! Get your long lenses ready to go for an awesome Blood Moon on the LOW horizon in the United States right before Sunrise!


Announcing the Faroe Islands Workshop with James Kelly coming Sept. 10th - 17th, 2018 | BONUS

We talk with James Kelly about our upcoming Faroe Islands Workshop that is going to be a tremendous experience that we couldn't have imagined and really hope twelve of you will want to join us this September! James talks about his connection to the Faroe Islands, his years of experience there, the weather, culture, awesome potential for Landscape Photography and the blast we are going to have from Sept. 10th through 17th out there! Learn more about the workshop here:


We recap some "bests" of 2017 & declare goals for 2018 with Jordan Younce | Ep 66

Enjoy this Christmas Morning episode talking about our Goals for 2018 and recapping some of the "bests" we had in 2017. We begin the podcast talking about Jordan Younce's new adventure and the end of a chapter in his life. Then we go over his awesome recommendation on Picture Books, the best challenges, moments and images from 2017 and what we plan on doing in our Photography business goals for 2018! Sorry for the delay on this podcast causing all the Christmas Morning talk to be three...