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Oregon Coast Listener Adventure Pt. 1 | Milky Way at Secret Beach, Natural Bridges & Bandon | Ep 102

In this first of three episodes about our Oregon Coast Listener Adventure, Aaron and Brendon share stories from our first two days. The Milky Way Photography opportunities at Secret Beach and Bandon along with the several Photog MISAdventures that occurred. We will finish the Oregon Coast Listener Adventure next week and then the following week hear from all of the participants that joined us out in Oregon.


Jeff Harmon & Admins join us to celebrate 100 Episodes! Sharing Mis-Adventures & Images | Ep 100

With the huge milestone of hitting 100 Podcast Episodes we are joined by most of our Photog Adventure team, the admins from our Facebook group and our hero Jeff Harmon. Through Jeff's generous recommendations to his listeners to follow the Photog Adventures Podcast we went from less than 1000 listens to around 7000 listens in less time! Jeff single-handed put Photog Adventures on the map faster than we were getting it there and we really owe him a lot! We ask the Admins and Jeff about their...


Ep 99 Teaser | Mike Ver Sprill | Milky Way Mike talks the challenges & tips for East Coast Milky Way

Milky Way Mike joins us to talk the challenges of East Coast Milky Way Photography. How he cuts through the light pollution, where he goes to avoid New Jersey light pollution, why fishing can help you get better Milky Way Images in some places and shares a story where he rode his bike several miles to gain access to a landmark for a Milky Way shot that doesn't even exist anymore! Follow Milky Way Mike at his website: or watch his YouTube videos here:...


Brent Bergherm | Owning a rental business, Travel Photography in Croatia & Photo Stories | Ep 98

Brent's life as a University Professor and professional photography. The ups and downs with his recently closed Lens Rental company His workshops coming up in 2019 that take you to amazing travel locations in Croatia that were EASILY added to our bucket list locations after hearing about them. Then we round the episode out hearing some photography adventure stories from Brent's past that will make you weep! You can follow Brent Bergherm from his website...


Ep 97 Teaser | Wayne Pinkston | Processing/Techniques for better Landscapes in Milky Way Photography

Wayne starts out my telling us about how he plans out his entire Milky Way season – yes, it’s all planned out. He talks about how he discovered his love of Milky Way photography when he was on a trip to the Southwest a few years ago. When he started out shooting photos of the Milky Way he used to make shots of the Milky Way. But now his photos are focused on interesting foregrounds with the Milky Way in the background. He discusses his approach to lighting the land, exposure, panoramas,...


No longer a beginner? Here's some advice for 4+ year Photography Veterans! | Ep 96

Aaron surprises Brendon and Photog Adventure's Rob Ryan, Daniel Lindhardt and Brent Huntley with an on-the-spot request for best advice to give photographers who have been learning for four years at least. On Photog Adventures - and most photography podcasts - the tendency is to teach beginners. Give tips great for people NEW to photography or that photography style. But there are people out there who are veterans now and really know their camera but still want a podcast about photography....


We discuss 20 Composition Tips from a PetaPixel Article that can help your photography! | Ep 95

In this week's episode we go LIVE on Facebook and discuss several topics, but I bring to you an edited down audio-only version of our discussion about Barry O'Carroll's PetaPixel article "20 Composition Techniques That Will Improve Your Photos". After announcing an additional podcast EACH WEEK to the Photog Adventures Podcast feed that is NOT Astro Photog and available to Patrons-Only. We go into great detail on every tip that Barry shares in his PetaPixel article. Work on bettering your...


We celebrate and look back on Two Years of Photog Adventures! September 2016-September 2018 | Ep 94

After TWO YEARS of working on Photog Adventures, we look back on where we have been, some stats and answer questions about what has surprised us most, what we have learned and some of our favorite moments in these past 24 months. We wouldn't have lasted two years without you, our listeners, and we are very grateful for the time you put into listening to our podcast, coming to our YouTube and Facebook Live presentations and watching our content on YouTube. It wouldn't have been so much fun...


Four Days of Landscape Photography in Iceland | Ep 93

On our way back from the Faroe Islands, we spend four full days in Iceland trying to get the most Landscape Photography we can as choose Diamond Beach, the Icebergs of Jokulsarlon Lagoon & Kirkjufellvoss as our main destination points. We quickly discover that the tourists suck out most of the fun but highlights like diamond beach, glaciers, the amazing views on the road trip and the Kirkjufell area make up for the hasty scouting trip through the world's most mecca like destination for...


Faroe Islands Photography | Land of Beauty and Amazement | Ep 92

Now back from the Faroe Islands Workshop, we wax poetic in our love of the unique beauty there! We can't emphasize enough how all Landscape Photographers should spend a week there! And definitely hope you will consider coming with us and James Kelly! Consider joining us for a Faroe Islands adventure here:


Landscape Photography at the incredible Lake District & Travel Woes | Ep 91

We travel to the United Kingdom on our way to our Faroe Islands workshop and spend our entire Saturday at the amazing, incredible, beautiful Lake District! Hanging with listener, subscriber and fast friend Paul Thomson, we get to see some major landmarks of the Lake District all around the beautiful Derwent Lake! We talk about the woes and fun of travel to the UK, our challenges driving on the left side of the road, our new unending love for the Lake District and our Landscape Photography...


Clarence Spencer | Talking Astro-Modded Cameras for Milky Way Photography | Ep 90

We are live tonight! Photog Adventures Podcast Episode #90 with Clarence Spencer! Watch on YouTube: We are talking Astro-Modified Camera bodies! Help your Milky Way Photography get more color without going for Star Tracking to get it! Join us as we hang out with Clarence Spencer to talk the benefits of a Full Spectrum or Visible + H-Alpha Filter cameras and other options we have for Astrophotography.


Tales from the Goblin Valley Workshop as Told by the Participants | Ep 89

On the final day of our last Milky Way Workshop of the year, we are joined by our really fun group on the podcast to tell the stories from the 5 days we spent together. From our challenges with the rampant wildfires ravaging the west, to the really disappointing cloudy skies we survived one of the most skunked workshop weeks we have every experienced and hopefully will EVER experience.


Escalante Slot Canyons & a Drone-Assisted Family Rescue! | Ep 88

For the first time, Brendon has taken Photog Adventures through the Slot Canyons in Escalante. Drew and Brendon hit up Spooky Gulch and Peek-a-Boo Slot. Sharing first impressions of the drive there and the challenges of hiking the area and how they definitely brought too much gear along with them on the hikes. They make Aaron jealous as they describe the many arches down there and a spot that would be just amazing for a vertical Milky Way that we definitely have to do before the season is...


Astro Photog Ep 7 | Introduction to Photographing the Perseid Meteor Shower

Happy Perseids everybody! It is the week of the peak of the annual Perseid Meteor shower. This coming Aug. 11th. 12th and 13th mark the three mornings that will showcase the peak of the Perseids with as many as 50 meteors an hour often more! So how do you get the most out of this opportunity? Today on the Astro Photog Podcast, Aaron goes over advice for those WITH and WITHOUT plans to photograph the meteor shower then ends with a new segment Geek Time in honor of Brendon's Gear Time. In the...


James Kelly | Landscape Photography in the Faroe Islands & a Piano Metaphor for Photography | Ep 87

James Kelly from Photog Adventures UK joins us on the podcast to talk his recent adventures out in the Faroe Islands and get us all excited again about going to the Faroe Islands and even some of you lucky ones who join us in September for our 7-Day Faroe Islands workshop. Learn more about the workshop here: James talks about doing Wedding Photography in the Faroes, the challenges of the weather and the awesomeness of the terrain if the bridezilla can handle it. In the second...


Ian Norman | Mt. Whitney Milky Way Photography & LIVE Q&A with the Facebook Page Followers! | Ep 86

LIVE STREAM! with LonelySpeck's Ian Norman!! If you aren't following the Facebook Photog Adventures Page (PAGE not the Group) then you might have missed out on the opportunity of hanging with Ian Norman live. Ian is one of our ABSOLUTE FAVORITE Milky Way Master Gurus and the creator of and many popular YouTube tutorials helping us all be better in our Milky Way Photography! In this episode we start with talking about Ian's hike up Mt. Whitney and doing Milky Way Photography...


Royce Bair | Live Facebook Q&A with our favorite Milky Way Photography Master Guru! | Ep 85

We get a second opportunity this year to hang out with our favorite Milky Way Photography Master Guru Royce Bair along with all of you who could attend the LIVE Facebook Q&A! It is always a privilege to talk Milky Way Photography with Royce Bair and this hangout was no different! We begin hearing about Royce's recent trip to Palouse Falls doing Milky Way Photography on the dangerous cliff edges there. The challenges dealing with multiple photographers in one location and doing Low-Level...


Oregon Milky Way Chase | Bandon, Thor's Well, Heceta Head, and Crater Lake | Ep 84

We travel to Oregon and continue the #TheGreatMilkyWayChase. Follow us as we shoot the Milky Way and visit Bandon, Thor’s Well, Cook’s Chasm, the Sprouting Horn, Heceta Head Lighthouse, and Crater Lake National Park. Along for this Photog Adventure was Claudia Halbert and Kirk Keyes. We discuss what a great spot Bandon is for both the sunset and the Milky Way, why Thor’s Well is probably not a great place for the Milky Way, shooting lighthouses at night, and why Crater Lake National Park is...


#TheGreatMilkyWayChase continues! Fantasy Canyon, Farm, Escalante, Silver Lake & Little Moab | Ep 83

The Great Milky Way Chase of Death and Insanity continues as we get out Fantasy Canyon, farm land, Escalante, Silver Lake and Little Moab! Nights 7, 8, 9, 11 and 19 are shared in this week's podcast. We talk about the challenges of making the most out of the Fantasy Canyon weirdness, the awesomeness of simplicity at a farm, the serendipity of good timing at Escalante, taking a break at Silver Lake and the great matchmaking it is to do Milky Way Photography at Little Moab. The Great Milky Way...