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Three planner gals that met through their obsession decorating their day planners share their adventures, friends, product reviews, and thoughts on all things planning. Covering real life adult topics, while talking about stickers, intentions, and sometimes the lack of having it together expect big laughs and adult language.

Three planner gals that met through their obsession decorating their day planners share their adventures, friends, product reviews, and thoughts on all things planning. Covering real life adult topics, while talking about stickers, intentions, and sometimes the lack of having it together expect big laughs and adult language.
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Three planner gals that met through their obsession decorating their day planners share their adventures, friends, product reviews, and thoughts on all things planning. Covering real life adult topics, while talking about stickers, intentions, and sometimes the lack of having it together expect big laughs and adult language.




Episode 60 - Plantoberfest

We are joined by Sunshine State Planner admins Alexa, Anita, Cynthia, and Evelyn to chat about PlantoberFest. We get to know this team of ladies, and hear all about what is in store for this upcoming event. Also these ladies share their favorite shops, and what planners they are using right now. Follow Sunshine State Planners for updates on PlantoberFest! Show Highlights Anita meets new ladies How Sunshine State Planners came to be Cynthia and Evelyn meet Our Dominican...


Episode 58 - Tell Me Moore

She’s Moore Pun than you can shake a stick at. Plus Candice some how helps us all keep our sanity while laughing about the hectic lives we are all working on keeping up with. This mama of 5 has made her family a priority and still seen exceptional growth of her business. If you enjoy a good snarky parenting discussion mixed with planner details this one’s for you. You can follow Moore Avenue on Instagram or join their Facebook group for moore. Show Highlights The Potty Mouth Starting...


Episode 57 - The Planner Society (Part 1)

The Planner Society and Christy Tomlinson are treasures in the planner community. She goes deeper than her Instagram stores and goes deep with the hosts. She spent an evening with us in a rare opportunity for a long conversation family, getting started, the community, and we minimally get carried away sharing our love for this woman and brand. You can follow The Planner Society on Instagram, join The Planner Society #Official Group on Facebook, and check out their website here! The...


Episode 56 - Blooming New Planners

Michelle & Kaylyn from Bloom Planners join us on National Planner Day! They share their business journey, where they draw inspiration from as well. Plus we share our favorite Bloom Products. Show Highlights 8 year anniversary Evolving their vision Colleen falls in love with a to-do list Getting focused with the Vision planner Re-thinking self care Bloom Boys Blue Ox line What we are missing in Delaware Write Fully His Charitable Efforts National Planner Day! Hand Drawn...


Episode 55 - LIVE From Plancation 2018!

Recap of Plancation 2018 weekend. Not only do the gals share the behind the scenes, but they do it in front of a LIVE audience of happy Plancaiton campers there till the very end. If you’d like to see more of the event got to Instagram and search #plancation2018 Show Highlights A change of plans Scavenger Hunt Team Competition Sashes & Badges Our amazing event coordinator! Connecting before we got here Our celebrity Gabriela Elena Designs Winners of the Team Competition Pen Gem...


Episode 54 - Packin' It Up

It’s July and our summer plans include our planners. The gals talk about their plans, what they are packing, and the things they track while traveling too. Jamie shares an uncomfortable health update. Plus we talk too long about books and book club. Show Highlights Stephanie’s remote location The poop dick Leaky gut Whole 30 Mexico & Idaho for Jamie What Jamie’s packed for past trips Colleen’s planner cube of joy Building our packing lists Colleen’s non planner essentials TN...


Episode 53 - Serving Cocoa Daisy - Colleen's Favorite Dish

Colleen is in her prime on this episode with Mary Kay from Cocoa Daisy. With her most excellent customer service voice Mary Kay educates us on how she got started with the company, the Pen Gems, and friendships that came from the scrapbooking world. You’ll want to tune in to get our tips as well on how to make new friends in any community you love. Jamie opens with a confession Starting with Cocoa Daisy How Mary Kay got started with the company Joining the planner...


Episode 52 - River & Ink

A BIG name change reveal! Sierra owner of Wesly Rose Studio shares her new company name with the hosts. They go on to chat about everything from YIF’ing, France, and her pacific north west planner posse! Also, we issue Stephanie a challenge in the Planner Girl Chatter Facebook group. You can follow Sierra’s adventures on River and Ink - Show Highlights Why Westley Rose Studio Hobonichi cousin Budgeting for future planner events The...


Episode 51 - Current Hotness (j'ai pété)

Returning Guests Sandra with The Sassy Club and Stephanie with Sticker Insanity come on to discuss the latest trends they see in planning, what they are loving and what they are buying. Jamie shares a planner move, and Colleen & Stephanie practice a little bit of French and Spanish. Show Highlights: Sandra shares a house update Video’s we are watching Oh Joy Collab with EC Trying not to buy all the pretty things VillaBeautiful Kits Foxy Rings A6 Size Clear Rings Where Stephanie...


Episode 50 - Go Wild 2018 Recap

Planner Girl Chatter friends tell us all about their trip to Go Wild. The tables they chose, the speakers, and all the events they attended (or didn’t). Plus we chat about Go Wild 2019! You can follow Margie Foster, Shanelle Jordan, and Amanda Pearson on Instagram. Show Mentions Planner Girl Chatter Buttons Table Choices Moments with Michelle Baxter Butt Pucker Margie’s trip to Waco Happy Planner HH Competition heats up Erin Condren’s Session Meka Allen makes TN’s stars Emily...


Episode 49 - Always Improving

What would you like to improve on creatively or organizationally while using your planner? The hosts invite Sara Fehling back to the podcast to pick apart all the things they wish they'd be better at. Discover how just when you think you've gotten good at the creative side of planning you then learn, there is so much more you could do. You can follow Sara at Splendidly Imperfect. Show Highlights: Putting the lettering practice to use. Missing tasks and Organizing Doodling in your...


Episode 48 - Furry Sacks & Nut Cheese

From the sticker hole Chaz with Shameless Stickers brings music, games and tattoos to the podcast on this episode. Hear how she’s made her shop a family affair while jamming on the best tunes. Not only will Chaz be featured at Plancation as a shop, but she will be running games too! Check out all her adventures in Instagram @shamelessstickers Show Highlights Being Neighbors Clear Plastic Planners Music & Planning Taking Notes Serious Tattoo’s Bringing Shameless to life Jamie...


Episode 47 - Faithful Planning

Jamie & Stephanie interview Jessica Aske with the Joyful Planner! Midway through the pregnancy of her 2nd child she shares with us everything from being mom and running a ship to how she’s integrated her faith into her business. Show Hilights Baby at Plancation? Requirements of 3 year olds Working from home with kids Jessica’s Agendio Failing at Memory Keeping Stephanie’s 70’s obsession continues How Joyful Planner got started First Plancation Faith & Planning Tackling...


Episode 46 - New Rabbit Holes

While planner world is always shifting Colleen, Jamie & Stephane share how they are changing up their planners for the summer. This means new planner rabbit holes to go down and more creative worlds being explored. Give it a week and we may just change our minds as all planner girls do. Show Highlights Oh, Grandmas! Move to Libsyn Correction Corner or Planner Addendum A Shed Update Cindy’s new podcast Jamie drops a floral bomb A few accessories Stephanie ends her PMP status A...


Episode 45 - Camp Plancation

The hosts provide an overview of the Arizona Planner Girls premiere event called Plancation! This third annual event is being held outside of Phoenix in Arizona June 22, 23, and 24 2018. If you didn't guess the event has a camp theme, and a range of planner related speakers ready to teach and share. For more information on Plancation or to pick up your ticket click here: TELL ME MORE!


Episode 44 - Colleen Goes To Chicago & Other Adventures

Colleen brings the a fulfilling report back from her visit to Chicago between the food, stationery stores, and her trip to Field Notes HQ you can’t miss it. The hosts go deep in a discussion of documenting the challenges that happen in life. From health issues, to next steps in life, or onto serious family issues. The ladies share how they document these things, and when it’s most important they keep planning during these moments. SHOW HIGHLIGHTS Meeting a new Planner Girl Chatter...


Episode 43 - Happy Mail & Planner Projects

The first live taping from the new Patron group! Not only have the hosts been working on Plancation, but they’ve also got new orders coming in, trying out a few new tutorials, and changing up their subs too! Show Highlights: Plancation Upcoming Events Stephanie’s Happy Mail from KAD Jamie’s special order from Scraps Of Love April’s bujo project Creating a TN Re-Visiting printable Stephanie issues an April challenge Colleen’s Coco Daisy update Plancation Teams Big ass box of pens Hair...


Episode 42 - Rollin' Through The Dark Side Of Planning

This week Little Miss Savage, Xebra Thrasher, and Rosie the Ruiner have Transylvania 65K on to chat about Roller Derby, Goth Stickers, our childhoods. This is a nostalgic episode with some light dusting of planner chatter. You can follow Sammi (or is it Sammy) on Instagram at Transylvania 65K. Childhood nicknames Transylvania 65K Roller Derby Current Planner Lineup Franklin Covey Recollections Stickers she loves Traveling Planner Jamie shares her game Sammi’s childhood pen...


Episode 41 - From Digital Scrapbooking To Planning

AZPG member Wendy shares everything from her own inserts, to digital planning and a bit of Arizona Planner meetup history. Jamie asks too many TPS questions. Plus Wendy shares her project and thoughts with Colleen on turning 40. Plus we all chat about out thoughts on washi. You can follow Wendy at Episode Highlights Making your own inserts When we put stickers down Wendy’s favorite shops right now Stephanie’s Meetup memories Arizona Planner...


Episode 40 - Sticker Queen

On the eve of announcing her latest collaboration the hosts had a chance to interview the queen of stickers Kristen Damian. Her shop Krissyanne Designs continues to bring some of the most loved planner items to us. The hosts ask everything from where KAD started, to what items they’d love to see (even though they weren’t asked). You can find Kristen on Instagram at and check out her shop at Show Highlights Arizona to...