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Three planner gals that met through their obsession decorating their day planners share their adventures, friends, product reviews, and thoughts on all things planning. Covering real life adult topics, while talking about stickers, intentions, and sometimes the lack of having it together expect big laughs and adult language.

Three planner gals that met through their obsession decorating their day planners share their adventures, friends, product reviews, and thoughts on all things planning. Covering real life adult topics, while talking about stickers, intentions, and sometimes the lack of having it together expect big laughs and adult language.
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Three planner gals that met through their obsession decorating their day planners share their adventures, friends, product reviews, and thoughts on all things planning. Covering real life adult topics, while talking about stickers, intentions, and sometimes the lack of having it together expect big laughs and adult language.




Flooded With Grace

Meeting the ever changing demand of the planner community is hard enough, but when mayhem floods your life, what do you do? Well our guest this week Grace with Raspberl shares how the community and the right mindset makes for a perfect combination. We were blown away to hear what she’s up to and we are sure you will be too! You can find Grace on Instagram at Raspberl Designs,and Raspberl Events. Show Highlights Getting together in Chicago Fascinators Catastrophic rain Community...



This week we go back to our roots and talk about planners. This is the first time we’ve had the energy to reflect back on Plancation immediately after it happened, and think about what’s next for us in our planners. How are you using your planner this summer? We’d love to hear on IG or the Planner Girl Chatter Community. Show Highlights Colleen get’s the fab fit fun boy? The things we learned at Plancation Our handwriting Planner Hangover Steph’s brilliant ideas Toy Story 4 Movies...


Plancation Eve

For those of you coming, or not able to attend, here's a little pre Plancation enjoyment for you. All of you are here in spirit so please send us lotsa planner love this weekend!!!


Life Updates & Planner Chatter

It’s been a while since we just chatted and caught up. This episode is a lot of chatter about our lives, and what’s happening. Also some inspirational quotes from high school, and legit adulting in our planners. Show Highlights Jamie’s adventure so far Stephanie’s game update Graduation from preschool Summer is here Stephanie’s lies Mother cussing words High School Honors Colleen’s yearbook revenge 90’s fashion is back A win Motivation from graduation Colleen’s High School...


Dare To Take Creative Risks

All the things we buy for crafting can be used in our planners. Gasp! Sometimes we forget that fact, and we need someone to remind us. This week we have Allison Zures daring us to think beyond our Etsy ordering fingers and remember all the other tools we can use to be creative in our planner. Plus a super fun MILDliner moment with Colleen. You can find Allison on Instagram at the.bubbly.planner You can also learn from her at Plancation - Sweet Planner High in Gilbert Arizona Friday June...


Wild In Vegas

The biggest event in the planner verse is Go Wild and their 2019 event was held in Las Vegas Nevada the first week in May. We weren’t able to attend this year, but you can join us and 7 of our closest planner friends as they share with us their favorite and most hilarious moments of the weekend. Thank you to our awesome guests: Shanelle Jordan - @favoredfriend Maranda Peterson - @urbanchic_maranda Sarah Haddock - @_simplybysarah_ MaryBeth Crawford - @embeembc Margie Foster -...


Reviewing Our Planners And Other Chatter

Colleen is in France and Jamie & Stephanie did some soul searching about what we are tracking in our planners. They review their planners from January through April to get a sense of what they are tracking ad see if there is anything they are missing, what’s working, and what can stay the same. Plus chatting, lots of chatting. For detailed show notes and our final master list of things to track go to



Jamie shares what it’s been like pruning back her hoard of items listing, prepping and selling them. Stephanie shares how she has helped and provides an update on her GoT challenge we issued her last year. Colleen submits a new special request for listeners. Show Highlights Who has helped Past projects long since abandoned Hoarders The EAT sign Garage sales K-pop Things Colleen needs Stephanie asks again Needing Pens Game of Thrones Jamie's tips for selling your stash:


The Realities Of Running A Planner Shop

Cutting stickers is not that hard. I can supplement my income. Stickers are expensive I should just make them myself. These are the words long term planner people have heard from newbies that makes our eye twitch. We know what’s coming next…an announcement of a new planner shop. This week we dive into what cutting stickers as a side business actually looks like with Kris who owns Insignificant Llama. She has been a shop owner long enough to reflect on the pros and cons of running a shop...


Planners Choice Awards

The long awaited reveal of the Planners Choice Awards voting! You shared your top 3 favorites in the following categories, in this episode we reveal ALL the results! There were some predictable results, and some unexpected ones, did your fave planner shops win?? Check out this episode to see. For detailed show notes and to see a full list of the categories head over to Planner Girl Chatter.


A Real Talk About Self-Care

Have you ever been sitting with a facemask on for your #selfcare and thinking… is it working, am I doing it right? Jessica with Pretty Prints and Paper takes us beyond the facemask and reminds us self-care is so much more than indulging yourself. In what turns into a self-care detox session for Colleen, Jamie, and Stephanie you’ll be nodding your head in agreement and re-evaluating what you think you know about self-care. Jessica is a bullet journal and hand lettering artist and you can...


Live From Chicago Planner Conference!

Chicago Planner Conference invited us out for their 2nd annual conference held February 15 - 17, 2019. We hosted the Planner Night Live a Live podcast experience at the event. You’ll hear questions from the audience as well as a recap of the event, and our time getting to know Chicago! This is the first of many planner events we will be attending in 2019. We hope to see you out in the planner-verse! If you’d like to see detailed show notes, and find shops / people we mentioned head over to...


Episode 86 - Inserting Fancy Function

We had a chance to nail down Bess with Lights Planner Action back in January on the eve of her 3 year anniversary. In this super laid back convo we chat all the planner things washi, foiled stickers, and what's working in our planners. Plus she shares how she always keeps it fresh and keeps and is making things we love. Follow Bess on Instagram at Lights Planner Action or join her Facebook community. Show Highlights Sticker Organization Spanish Inserts Relating to community Target...


Episode 85 - Direct and Connected

Like the title suggest Sam Kuhr is direct and connected, but not in the way you think. We met this woman at Plantoberfest after watching her in the plannerverse for the past few years. Once we heard her speak we realized she lives her life on her terms with a goal of connecting to the world around her. If you think being part of the EC team is the most interesting thing about Sam, you are dead wrong. You can find Sam on Instagram or follow her blog My Traveling Circus. Show...


Episode 84 - The Only 3 Planner Friends You Need

While we didn't really close out Season 2, we are here to start up Season 3. Fresh look for year 3, and more changes for the crew. We chat about Chicago Planner Conference, and Plancation, plus the latest things we've been keeping ourselves entertained with. Lastly, we introduce the Planner's Choice Awards! Show Highlights Titty Tangent Chicago Planner Conference Jamie's 2019 Travel Plans Appreciating Our Items Marie Kondo Fyre Festival Planners Choice Awards Most LOVED Planner...


Episode 83 - Planners and Spiders and Kikki.K Oh My!

Our first international show, yay! Colleen, Jamie & Stephanie managed to nail down Cyndi Stewart while she was on a recent visit to the states. She does her best to convince Jamie & Stephanie to come to Australia, and she and Colleen explain why November is the best time to come. Also, animals... there's a lot of talk about animals. You can follow Cyndi at Cynamin Designs and make sure you check out Melbourne Planner Markets too! Show Highlights Is it a salad A trip to the...


Episode 82 - Celebrating Planner Adventures

This is a fully loaded episode as the hosts help the admins (and moderator) celebrate 1 year with Planner Adventures. You've heard from two of them on previous episodes, now it's time to hear from them as a team. When we stay on topic you can her a bit about why they started their group, what their focus is, and what they have in store for year 2. Also we use our shared planner world knowledge to build a list and timeline of planner events on our radar for the year. You can find...


Episode 81 - It's New Planner Season

That's right, it's new planner season. We share all the new planners in our lineup, what we are distracted by, and what we've been shopping for in our post holiday stupor. Plus we fall down a deep shopping rabbit hole enabling each other to buy buy buy. Sorry for all you no spenders, this one's going to be hard! Show Highlights Is There A New Hope? New member of Jamie's family - Carl Jamie's Doki Book & Kit Life Colleen's weekly Stephanie's purse planner Stuff we are loving so far on...


Episode 75 - 80 - Just Go With It

This episode the hosts are righting wrongs, committing in 2019, letting things go, and confessing. Plus Colleen's france update. Just relax go with it. Episode 75 - Correcting The Past Getting rid of the assholes Jamie can't even do math. Episode 76 - Over It I mean why are we doing this? Episode 77 - Things We Are Committing To Stephanie's Daily Planner Shows you might like Shonda Rhimes - Year Of Yes Colleen being aware of eating Bob Goff - Love Does Jamie saying no to...


Episode 74 - Self Care, YouTube, and 2019 Plans

You've seen her self care challenge and watched her YouTube videos, now join Stephanie and Jamie while they get to know Laken. From what she's up to this vlogmas season, what she's using to plan her goals in 2019, and how to care for yourself while doing it. Check out the show notes for this episode to see all the helpful YouTube videos referenced. Show Highlights Sticker Usage Simple Time Tracking The Self-Care Challenge Building New Habits Finding Planner Friends The...