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Is this heaven? No, it’s the Pod of Dreams. Sioux Falls and midwest based podcast

Is this heaven? No, it’s the Pod of Dreams. Sioux Falls and midwest based podcast
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Is this heaven? No, it’s the Pod of Dreams. Sioux Falls and midwest based podcast






Ep. 52 JT Fitlife

JT is Zach and my first guest as cohosts together. His outgoing and competitive nature makes him a strong and motivational leader and personal trainer. JT shares his story on what led him to becoming a personal trainer, where is he is at now and what it took him to get there. We clear the air about softball and also get into what Advocare is to so many men nation wide. Enjoy the episode and go find JT's social media pages by searching JT Fitlife!!


Ep. 51 Season 2

Zach Adams is the new co-host of Pod of Dreams! He brings a fierce competitive aspect to the show as well as a host of Linkdin connections. The week is a settle in and get to know Zach. We cover our why and how as well as what everyone might be able to expect for the future of the show!


Ep. 50 Hate to see you go but love to watch you leave

Big episode this week with huge breaking news. Number 50 is a big one!! Join us for a couple segments and big announcements!


Ep. 49 - That's All Folks!

Can you guess what the title of this episode relates to? Tune in to find out! Joey Ten Napel stops by and drops a couple great references in this mostly NBA themed episode! In the first half of the episode we chat about his summer plans and a few activities we suggest for summertime in Sioux Falls. Second half of the podcast features some GREAT content focused on the NBA playoffs. Enjoy!


Ep. 48 You Are Made for More

This week we have Casey's favorite mother-in-law, Michelle Adams, and her best friend, Robin Wiebenga. Both women are very outgoing and personable who have a lot of life experience and wisdom between the two of them! Robin started Fabulous Moments, a non profit benefiting terminally ill adults, which grants applicants their last wishes by sending them on trips with family and friends! Robin and Michelle share their motivational and inspirational stories about their life and Fabulous Moments!


Ep. 47 Pod of Thrones

A special treat for all the dreamers!! Coming to you a day early, Matt, Trevor, and Casey get WAY too excited to talk about Game of Thrones!! We had so much to cover in so little time!! You wont want to miss the viewing party of the first episode at Matt's apartment. Give us your thoughts on this coming final season!! So many theories and characters yet to die!!!


Ep. 46 Now That's Sports!!

Jace Vander Maten makes the long haul to sit in with us IN PERSON for this week's episode! Being a big baseball guy we have a blast talking about the MLB and other aspects of baseball. If you like baseball or not, you will be able to relate to at least one thing from this conversation! Enjoy!!



Joey Ten Napel calls in with a tear in his eye after a tragic Duke loss. We cover what you need to know from this years March Madness tournament, make some final four picks, and connect with Joey's midwest roots. Its been a fun tournament, and we had an equally fun time talking to Joey about it.


Ep. 44 - Episode for You

This week we bring a special 2-in-1 interview episode just for you! Jaden Miller joins us, along with our manager Jacquelyn Jacobsma. Jaden shares a few stories with us about her life in the first half of the episode, and then later on she calls in Salomon Flores from the TV show "Nathan for You" which you can stream on Hulu today. Salomon lets us in on what his life is like living in Los Angeles and what it was like working for the show! This was an awesome episode to record (mostly because...


Ep. 43 - Troy KlongerBRO

Are you interested in golf? Starting a business? Brussell sprouts? If so, this is the episode for you! If not, this is still the episode for you! We bring in Troy Klongerbo this week and talk about a variety of different things. Truly enjoyed our time with Troy and the different stories and insight he had to share. You can find him on Instagram (@troy_klongerbo) and Twitter (@troyklongerbo), and don't forget to check out his business Fisheye Marketing on Facebook!


Ep. 42 - Tribute to Family

Don't mind the static from this episode, it is just what happens when two electric people have a great conversation together. It is our pleasure to introduce long time listener, one of our biggest supporters, and one of Matt's favorite sisters on the episode - Madison Van Soelen! Join us this week to listen about some great family stories, why Madison might be a potential serial killer, and a tribute to everyone's least favorite dog Macy (aka Kevin). Don't forget to spread the word about the...


EP. 41 Mail Bag

We recap the last two weeks (still in awe over how famous our guests were). We do a lot of complaining and figure our Sioux Falls' traffic light problem. We cover over segments and a pod poll. Lastly we respond to the responses to our tweet and address our listeners problems and questions.


Ep. 39 Bachelor Talk with Daniel Miramontes & Jacquelyn Jacobsma

Bachelor Nation!! We have the one and only Daniel Miramontes on this week to talk about the current season of The Bachelor, his rise to fame, and more! Also joining us is Jacquelyn Jacobsma who got Daniel on and set up all of our schedules (she's basically our boss). @dmiramontes_ @Jacquelyn_Hope


Ep. 38 NBA Update

This weeks episode comes in time for the NBA all star weekend! Logan Karels calls in and Michael Grajczyk comes in and visits with us about the first half of the NBA season. We talk about biggest surprises and disappointments so far this year. We cover the all star teams as well as talk about the weird trade deadlines.


Ep. 37 Hunting Season Wrap Up

I have on two recurring guests, Jonny Pfeifer and Cody Rolfes, and our friend and hunting buddy Mitchell Voss. Matt sat this one out since he doesnt hunt (he would have had a good time). We start in September and move through the fall and winter and share some of our best stories from the hunting season. From doves to waterfowl to archery and rifle whitetail to antelope and pheasant.


Ep. 40 Do you even podcast bruh? Andy Erickson- Hot 104.7

HOT 104.7 morning show host and all around bad ass Andy Erickson joins the pod. When you listen you will certainly be able to tell who is the professional broadcaster. We cover a ton of ground on this episode from radio tips and tricks, to hunting, to sport shooting. We had an awesome time talking to and learning from Andy as he shared his thoughts and expertise with us! Check out the link below for Andy's side business teaching pistol and ccw...


Ep. 36 Climate Change

Anthony calls again to join the show. He and I start off the show talking about climate change and touch on a few things that we had discussed last time he was on. Matt joins about a half hour in (car trouble). We tease a possible future episode on space travel. Let us know your thoughts and speculations on the future!


Ep. 35 Movie Review attempt 2

Sorry for the delay! We get started by catching up on after a big NFL night on Sunday night. Then we move to a movie review on "IO" now on Netflix. Anthony was unable to join us but will be on another time!! This movie is a snapshot of what the potential damage from climate change would look like. We talk about Birdbox and The Greatest Showman as well. Then to wrap it up we debate who actually defines a millennial.


Ep. 34 Just Us

We are finally both together in studio. We pick up where we left off with an episode by your two favorite hosts. We have a midwest move and other Sioux Falls talking points. We spin off with a few random side thoughts! I feels good to be back. Enjoy!


Ep. 33 - Davis Fenchel

Davis Fenchel stops by to reflect on the year 2018 and all the great music that was released! Davis offers some excellent insight on the current scene in hip-hop/rap. We also go over our Top 5 Albums from 2018. This is a great episode to listen to, reflect on, and maybe find a few new songs or artists to get hooked on. If you feel so inclined, interact with us on Twitter, Insta, Facebook, or Gmail and let us know your favorite albums from the year 2018! Thanks again to Davis for his time &...