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Is this heaven? No, it’s the Pod of Dreams. Sioux Falls and midwest based podcast

Is this heaven? No, it’s the Pod of Dreams. Sioux Falls and midwest based podcast
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Is this heaven? No, it’s the Pod of Dreams. Sioux Falls and midwest based podcast






New Studio Coming Soon

Michael knows what hes talking about when it comes to buying and selling houses. He shares a real estate business with family members and has owned a home since he was 20 years old. He shares some tid bits on what to look for and how he decides how and when to buy a house. He talks about the leg work he does so that he does not need to hire a realtor. Oh ya, Lauren and i bought a house therefore, you, the dreamers, get a new studio to listen from. See everyone at the studio warming...


School's In

School is in and show notes are back! You're welcome Matt. We always have Lauren on even if she was not our first choice ;) We talk about the old days when we were all back in school, and compare it to what school looks like today. We ask some very good teacher questions in the middle to get serious but make sure to top it off with a light hearted question at the end! 0:00-4:21 intro 4:22-12:55 Former teachers and school experiences. What type of student were you? Sports and...


Pumpkin Spice White Claws

Hope everyone had a good long weekend or in the middle of still enjoying their break! Zach and Casey talk fall, beards, and white claws for a while. Then get serious about Casey's year of realizing stuff.


The Australian Outback with Mitchell Olson

What didnt we cover in this episode?? This week we welcome on Mitchell Olson who has been around the world and back. He shares stories and experiences living in New York from writing and acting to his stand up comedy days. We talk at length about Survivor and other game shows. We even dip our toes into some politics. Go find him on facebook, he is a must follow (you cant be his friend, he literally has too many fb friends). Buckle up for this wild ride!!



Rachel Halgerson brought us Rhode Island brewed beer when she came for this week's podcast. We couldnt really talk about her witness protection relocation to Sioux Falls from Rhode Island but we do get to talk a ton about photography! We had a blast recording this one so we really hope you enjoy the episode! Check out her work below and if you need professional pictures done mention the Pod of Dreams and she will hook you up!! @rhodyray


Midwest takes on California

Follow along as the gang recounts their week. Casey is joined by Lauren, Cody and Stacy who have all just experienced a California vacation of a lifetime! if you are from either the midwest or the west coast, chime in on what we missed of the other stereotype!


What the (mental) health?

This week we talk about mental health and other things related. Luke Frohreich is Zach's brother in law, working as a nurse practitioner, shares his experiences moving from the Midwest to California and back again. We get into differences in culture and lifestyles and ultimately talk about society and mental health. This is a big issue and is becoming more and more prevalent today. We give our opinions and different experiences with mental health. Listen along, maybe you have additional...


Mid Summer Rant

Summers get crazy busy and we are certainly feeling it now! We talk about upcoming trips and vacations the rest of the summer and speculate if the activities and plans will ever scale back. We talk about things to do in Sioux Falls in our SF Favs segment. Sturgis also gets a good chunk of time. We challenge each other to a beard contest and plan our motorcycle trip to the Black Hills


Fantasy Bogger

Bogger (not Justin) came in because he has been trolling us on twitter and had a lot of explaining to do. We ended up talking fantasy football strategies stigmas. We shared a lot of laughs and had a great time!! Even if you dont play fantasy football, like Casey, you can laugh along with us all the same. Enjoy!!


Harpwood Productions

Kyle comes on to share his passion and story of his videography! We had a great time shooting the breeze with Kyle asking him about his business and relating it to ourselves and Sioux Falls!! You can find him on Facebook at Harpwood Productions And on twitter @spoonerismhater


Small Town USA

We were in Avon and Dante, SD over the weekend playing in the annual memorial softball tournament, and cutting a rug at the street dance! We took the opportunity to have Kelly Tjeerdsma (pronounced CHURCHsma). Kelly is the mother of a former guest JT. She shares her unique story of being a correctional officer and what she has seen and experienced there. We talk a lot about living and being a part of a small town in the midwest. I hope you enjoy this episode half as much as we enjoyed our...


4th of July

We have a laid back episode for the week of the 4th. We talk about summer and the 4th of July. We talk about some pretty obvious 4th of July stuff and each share our favorite 4th story. Enjoy this epsiode on the boat, near a pool, behind a grill, or with some friends!!


Bachelorette Talk w Daniel Miramontes

Daniel is officially a recurring guest!! Jacquelyn reached out and set up the recording with him and we had a BLAST!! We talk about his social media adventures right away before we get into some of the Bachelorette details. We talk about his experience being in the audience of women tell all. Then we start comparing following the Bachelor vs the Bachelorette. I do want to apologize for the poorer audio quality. Every business experiences their ups and downs, and during the recording we...


Its Golf Szn Bro!!

This week episode features Zach's long time friend Chad Veire! Chad is the golf pro at Elmwood golf course is Sioux Falls. He makes it clear that there is a difference between golf pro and pro golfer! Chad shares a little about his life, how Sioux Falls and golf fit like a glove, and even took time to throw out a few quick pointers on how to fix a slice! If you only golf once a summer (Casey) or if you golf multiple rounds a week (Zach), enjoy this episode and make sure to check out Elmwood...


Woodgrain Brewery

This week was incredibly fun! We had a chance to take the pod to the guest!! We went downtown SF to sit down with owners of Woodgrain Brewing Company Steve and Jason. If you have not been to the taproom, so yourself a favor and visit as soon as you possibly can! We talk a lot about beer as well as starting the business. I hope you enjoy the episode as well as their beers!! 0:00-5:29- intro 5:30-12:27- giveaway details, social media, milestone 12:27-17:25- intros, responsibilities...


Guess Who's Back

Matt is back on the pod. Matt is on to give his thoughts about the nba finals. We get into the conference finals as well as the future of the nba. We get into some other fun topics from the mailbag right off the bat and finish it off with a life update from Matt! 0:00-3:41- intro: iTunes off 1 number on episode list. 3:42-19:21- tid bits: mail bag 19:21-21:35- how do white socks keep making it onto the show? 21:36-23:07- ca travel pod? 23:08-40:52-nba finals talk. Conference final...


Ep. 53 Best Dressed Blonde

Today’s podcast features a local Sioux Falls fashion blogger, Erica Fenske. She’s had a passion for fashion since she was young. Today we talk about her journey and her taking the leap of faith and starting a blog, known as Best Dressed Blonde. Listen to get her top three stores she shops at and a trip down memory lane when we were in high school together (senior photos). She also has some tips and tricks for everyone to take advantage of next time you’re shopping. Follow her on Facebook and...


Ep. 52 JT Fitlife

JT is Zach and my first guest as cohosts together. His outgoing and competitive nature makes him a strong and motivational leader and personal trainer. JT shares his story on what led him to becoming a personal trainer, where is he is at now and what it took him to get there. We clear the air about softball and also get into what Advocare is to so many men nation wide. Enjoy the episode and go find JT's social media pages by searching JT Fitlife!!


Ep. 51 Season 2

Zach Adams is the new co-host of Pod of Dreams! He brings a fierce competitive aspect to the show as well as a host of Linkdin connections. The week is a settle in and get to know Zach. We cover our why and how as well as what everyone might be able to expect for the future of the show!


Ep. 50 Hate to see you go but love to watch you leave

Big episode this week with huge breaking news. Number 50 is a big one!! Join us for a couple segments and big announcements!