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From making friends in Europe to seeing snow for the first time; The Pop Your Cultural Cherry podcast aims to give listeners a unique perspective on life in Europe with an Asian/Filipino twist.

From making friends in Europe to seeing snow for the first time; The Pop Your Cultural Cherry podcast aims to give listeners a unique perspective on life in Europe with an Asian/Filipino twist.




From making friends in Europe to seeing snow for the first time; The Pop Your Cultural Cherry podcast aims to give listeners a unique perspective on life in Europe with an Asian/Filipino twist.




EP 35 - Life & the Concept of Home for a Digital Nomad (with Till Carlos)

In this episode we talk to Till Carlos, originally a software developer from Germany turned digital nomad. Till has been all over the world for around 8 years now, and has lived in several countries, such as Vietnam, Spain, Georgia, etc. As a digital nomad, he's had several business ventures. He shares with us some of his personal stories leading up to him leaving Germany. Personal stories of curiosity, adventure and entrepreneurship. Make sure you listen to some of his tips and experiences...


EP 34 - Growing up as a Third Culture Kid in Hungary (with Weirong)

In this week's episode we have Weirong Li from Hungary. She is currently a student in Vienna, Austria. Her parents' migrated to Hungary from China a few decades ago. All of this exposure to diversity helped shape her in to who she is today - a trainer and speaker on cultural diversity. Weirong will be talking about what it was like growing up as a Third Culture Kid (TCK) and what led her to initiating projects around this theme. One of those projects is Raw Culture, a webapp built for TCK's...


EP 33 - The European Dream & Breaking Stereotypes (with Sramana)

In this episode we have Sramana Singh, who is originally from India but is now currently doing her masters degree in Munich. She left a decent paying job in India to pursue higher education in a foreign land. She recently got married to her now husband in India but unfortunately, she had to make the journey here alone. She talks about her life and experiences in Germany as a student and what it's like breaking this stereotype of married women from India not pursuing career oriented...


EP 32 - Walking 800 km on the Camino De Santiago (with David)

This is our 2nd episode in a row with David Wen. Last time, he spoke about his life as an Asian American growing up in California and how his path led him to Europe. He gave us a little glimpse into one if his hobbies, hiking. In this episode David talks to us about his experience doing the Camino De Santiago (the way of Saint James). The Camino De Santiago is a very important pilgrimage that draws thousands of people annually from all over the world to walk hundreds of kilometers, starting...


EP 31 - Pursuing the Asian American dream in Europe (with David)

In this episode we sit down with David Wen, who is originally from California and grew up in a Asian American household. He was raised with a typical road to success, predefined by his parents, who were first generation migrants originally from China. Finish from a top tier university with the best possible grades to get a good paying job from a very reputable company. David's path went a bit differently, and he now finds himself in Amsterdam, He tell us about his journey of moving...


EP 30 - Realizations From That Life Changing Trip (with Tobi)

In this episode we talk to Tobi Krick from Germany and his experience doing volunteer work in rural Philippines. We talk about culture shocks he experienced there and reverse culture shock, when he moved back to Germany. He shares a lot about how that volunteer experience of his and how helped him become more self-confident and led him to eventually change careers. Tobi is now a personal growth coach. He runs a podcast called Selbstbewusstsein (in English...


EP 29 - Learning Languages with a Polyglot (with Lucas)

In this episode, we are joined by the Lucas "The Asian Polyglot" to talk about languages. Lucas was born in Hong Kong, grew up in Singapore, went to Uni in the UK and is now working in Luxembourg. Besides speaking his native Cantonese, he also speaks Mandarin, English, German, French and Danish. Lucas shares with us, how he got into contact with these languages, his technique in learning languages and how these languages have played a role in his life. If you're interested in checking out...


EP 28 - Moving Continents for the Healthcare System (with Megumi)

In this episode we were joined by Megumi, who is Japanese American and grew up in Hawaii. She talks about her experience and her reasons for moving to Italy. One of those reasons she sheds light on is the difference in the health care systems in both countries. If you're interested in learning more about Megumi, you can check out her website http://accordingtomegumi.com/ If you want to stay updated with the latest regarding the show, don't forget to follow us on Instagram...


EP 27 Coming Out Story in Berlin (with Nadine)

As part of last June’s pride month, I wanted to talk about the topic of the LGBT community and how differently people in the Philippines and Germany see this. This week we have Nadine from Berlin Nadine is a Filipina who moved to Germany from the Singapore but grew up in the Philippines. I actually found Nadine because of her YouTube Channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCQXTWVVsOyNbPZkpPyQpgFQ and a recent video she posted about coming out in Germany. You can follow Nadine’s adventures...


EP 26 - Talking Intercultural Communication & Competency (with Lia from Globalbonez)

Lia is an interculturist from Norway, who is well versed in topics around intercultural communication, leadership, psychology, learning and change. In this episode, she does not only share her own experiences, but also some of her thoughts that are actually backed by research. She also spent quite some time in the Philippines and really understands the culture and speaks the Filipino language fluently. She runs an Instagram page with nuggets of information about culture - follow her at...


EP 25 - Startup visas & founding a company in the Netherlands (with Em Bueta)

As promised we are continue where we left off last weekend, as we interview the other founder of OneWatt , Emmanuel Bueta (Em for short). He tells us how their experience was founding a company in the Netherlands and operating during the corona pandemic. He also shares with us some practical tips on his experience with Startup and Entrepreneur visas. If you missed our last episode, make sure to give it a listen here. If you want to learn more about the company, you can visit the website at...


EP 24 - An Entrepreneur's Journey from Manila to Europe (with Pao Samontanez)

In this week's episode we talk to Pao Samontanez, the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) and Co-Founder of OneWatt (a tech startup based in the Netherlands). Pao talks about his early career going from big corporate to startup employee and eventually startup founder. His entrepreneurial roller coaster journey takes him from the Philippines to Singapore and eventually to the Netherlands. If you're interested in learning about Pao's startup you can find more info on their website...


EP 23 - Living three lives (The Philippines, India, & The UK)

Today's guest is Monica. She is Indian, but spent a good chunk of her childhood in the Philippines, before moving back to India. She is now based in the UK with her husband. She talks us through her journey of adjustment process, difficulties along the way and tips that helped with moving. On the side, Monica is relationship coach and recently a fellow podcaster. She just launched her show called the Relationship Mirror. If you want to get in touch with Monica directly. You can go visit...


EP 22 - Expectations of Indian Society & Pursuing Higher Education in Germany

Today's guest is Shraddha Parashar, who is originally from India but decided to complete her master's degree in Germany. She talks about different expectations from her environment in India that greatly influenced her well being and overall happiness. She shares with us the thought process behind her decision to pursue higher education in Germany and why this trend is starting in India. Finally, she gives us tips on how she prepared for her journey, with the end goal of really thriving in a...


EP 21 - Student life, Dating and the Vietnamese Presence in Germany

My first guest from Vietnam. Yen did her Master's in Germany, both in Eastern and Western Germany. She speaks a little bit about her experience as a student abroad and the preparation required. She also talks about her fair share of dating in Germany. Germany has a big Vietnamese population and Yen sheds some light on this topic (a little history lesson for us). Lastly, she speaks about her YouTube channel, which focuses on her creative passion and life in Germany. You can find her on...


EP 20 - Pursuing a Life in Academia

The life of a academic researcher is not a life for everyone. In this episode we talk to Li-Yen Wong, who is originally from Malaysia. She later on finished her education and got her PhD in Australia, before moving to Maastricht in the Netherlands for her Postdoctoral research. Li talks about her journey in pursuit of her career. She explains how having an Asian tiger mom shaped her to who she is today and how different the life in academia is in Australia and the Netherlands. Lastly, Li...


EP 19 - From Tourist to Startup Founder

Ever felt so at home in a city that you are just visiting as a tourist? Today's guest started off as a tourist in Germany, eventually loved Berlin so much that she decided to try her luck in the job market. In this episode Mia Saari from Indonesia shares with us the reasons that made her fall in love with in Berlin and how her experiences growing up in a conservative country led to her founding her own start up . You can learn more about Mia's start up here https://www.justjuno.co/, you can...


EP 18 - Tips on Job Hunting Abroad

Looking for a new job is always tough, but it gets even tougher if you are looking for a new job abroad. If you're plotting a life in a new country with no network, no knowledge of the labor market, how do you actually begin your job hunt? In this episode, we are joined by Chiara Cokieng, who is a fellow Filipino based in Germany. She is currently a Product Manager in Berlin. Simultaneously she also runs Gen Propel, which is an online cohort-based course that focuses on job hunting skills...


EP 17 - German development work in rural Philippines

This episode is a bit special. Instead of my typical interview with an expat or immigrant in Europe, I thought it would be nice to get insights on life on the other side. I stumbled upon Simon "Sim" Tschunko on YouTube. He together with his wife Ruth have given up their comfortable lives in Germany to become development workers for the church. They have been living in the Philippines for almost 5 years now. Previously they were based in a very rural part of the Philippines called Samar, and...


EP 16 - Filipino Crime Storytelling From Europe

The 2nd part of my interview with Christine Abrigana the UK based host of Lagim Podcast - A Filipino True Crime Podcast. Last episode, Christine spoke about her upbringing being German/Filipino. She also shed some light on the differences in educational systems she experienced in several European countries and in the Philippines. In this episode we continue our interview with Christine, and she shares her motivation for starting her podcast and her thoughts on the growing podcast category...