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Join Alan and friends as they talk about music, sports, culture, worldviews, and interesting stories. The show also features local musicians and entrepreneurs as they come by to talk about their latest endeavors.

Join Alan and friends as they talk about music, sports, culture, worldviews, and interesting stories. The show also features local musicians and entrepreneurs as they come by to talk about their latest endeavors.
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Join Alan and friends as they talk about music, sports, culture, worldviews, and interesting stories. The show also features local musicians and entrepreneurs as they come by to talk about their latest endeavors.






"You Don't Want This Smoke!"

Alan and Cobb meet again to talk about the big game of college football and make far-off projections on next season. The show moves on to nature and they invite the Rambo of turkey slayers, Brotha DJ, to share the experience. The show unleashes the landing gear by *SPOILING* The Autopsy of Zoe Jane and The Green Inferno and sharing stories of metal music and talks of future music festivals. Eat your heart out! Literally... talks of cannibalism.


"Throwing Hands and Shooting Guns"

Alan met with Landon George at Relentless MMA to hear the story behind why he got into Muay Thai. Along the way, they discuss Tenshin vs Mayweather, Drake fan theory, Bama vs Clemson, John Wick, 3-gun, and Alan ends the show with some punk.


"Soren Bryce at the Sunstroke House"

Alan met Soren Bryce at the Sunstroke House in Columbus, MS, before her band's show that night. Soren shared her story and where her music has taken her so far. They move on to talk about her music, what inspires it, the progression, and traveling to different cities sharing it and not knowing what to expect. The show concludes with fun questions and stories.


"Preparing for the Fight"

Alan meets up with Jake Reeves again at Relentless MMA to talks about his upcoming boxing match, at the Trotter in Columbus, MS. The interview answered a lot of question about how he got the fight, his training, mindset, diet, nerves, distractions, and how that ultimately leaves him focusing on what he can control... how hard he trains and his mental toughness, rather than focusing on, "I have to win this fight."


"Mull It Over"

Alan and Cobb mull over some of the highlights of 2018. They move on to talk about UFC 232 being moved from Vegas to LA, cruises and offshore excursions, movies, and music. The movie section is centered around Nicole Kidman's comeback and Christian Bale being a chameleon. The show ends on music, where they focus on what's been good lately and why.


"The Sunstroke House"

Do you like music? Do you like interesting venues? The Sunstroke House is a venue in downtown Columbus, MS and it has hosted a 4 time Grammy winner, along with many other artists worthy of their own accolades. Alan met with Jami Nettles owner of the Sunstroke house to discuss how it all came to be, what it is, and what it seeks to accomplish. Jami is a scientist and someone who has invested herself in music and art to spread the same passion and heart she has for it. The story behind the...


"Buy the Ticket, Take the Ride"

Alan and Cobb spend the first 10 minutes tripping on the ride they bought tickets for to bring you to your knees, laughing. They move on to discuss Wilder vs Fury, college football, the Rocky movies franchise, Creed 2, music, and finish with story time. Announcements, "live" music, and Creed 2 spoilers at the end.


"Dog Days of Summer and How to Make Friends"

Alan caught up with Sid Moore while he was down for Thanksgiving. They set out to tell a story about the influence of music, while interjecting songs as they come to mind. The story starts in one of the last summers that MTV played music, it progresses on into the importance of taking those trips and going to those shows. The story ends on discussing being more sociable and how to make friends. The show concludes with a jam session.



Alan met Jake Reeves owner/trainer/coach/fighter of Relentless MMA to hear his story. Jake shares how chasing his dream of fighting in the UFC led to owning Relentless and how the journey shaped him and refined his calling. Jake offers positive and inspiring advice that will not only help one in the ring or octagon but life itself. If you're interested in business, success, entrepreneurship, fighting, and the UFC from the perspective of a fighter, this if for you.


"It's A Great Day To Be Alive"

Alan and Cobb catch up to discuss movies, specifically Mandy, Halloween, and those good ole 90's action films.They move on to cover college football, UFC, and boxing. The last portion of the show is all about music.


"Good for Business"

Alan met up with Colin Krieger, realtor, entrepreneur, and great story teller. No matter what walk of life you come from, you will enjoy what Colin brings to the table. The episode is focused around Columbus MS, but deals with cultural shifts, business, arts, sports, music, politics, family/work life balance, and entrepreneurial advice for those aspiring to step out into the unknown. Heavy focus on small business and a passion for community development. Enjoy!


"The Fur Missile and Coming Together"

Cole opens up with a story about the prey drive. Alan and Cole move on to discuss voting, the right to bear arms, the Marvel universe, and how it all ties into the need of coming together. Andrew shuts the show down with a Greta Van Fleet cover.


"Musician, Entrepreneur and Craftsman"

Alan catches up with Shawn Suttle down in the Foley, AL area. Shawn is a musician, entrepreneur, and craftsman. Join Alan and Shawn as they discuss song writing, Shawn's business, bow making and some interesting stories as they unpack each subject. The introduction and closing music is Death Cab for Cutie.


"Music is Expression"

Alan catches back up with Levi to go over the NBA, college football, NFL, music, and faith.The show opens with an excerpt from Kurt Cobain's journal and then an Elvis cover. The music portion is filled with ideas such as; the sophomore slump, best bands with the most hits, worst bands, and the songwriting process. The close is centered on faith, reflecting on past studies and the expression of music within.


"I Wanna Know, How Ya Know"

Alan and Andrew meet again to discuss the big questions of "Why?" and "How do you know?" The show opens with "Imagine" by The Beatles and follows with a thought provoking story about the mind. It moves on to discus why your birth makes all the difference and how pop culture, specifically music, affects your worldview. Sketches littered throughout with a throwback to REM as well. ENJOY!


"Turn Around"

Alan and Cobb continue in the spirit of October and Halloween to talk UFC, upset weekend in college football, the Heisman and what it means now, serial killers, music, movies, rants, and Alan closes with a karaoke rendition of 'Turn Around' or 'Total Eclipse of the Heart' ***WARNING*** Graphic descriptions during cereal killer portion... it isn't that bad, but to each their own.


"The Paranormal Experience"

Alan and Cole meet Roger, ghost hunter, at Coon's Tattoo in West Point. They share past experiences with the paranormal, is it real or fake? Roger shares stories from previous ghost hunts and some of the equipment he uses while on the hunt. The show comes in two parts; Coon's face to face, and follows up with phone lines. Andrew and Alan divide the sections with a sketch, and end the show with... well you'll have to hear.


"Something in the Way"

The show opens with a clip from the Derrick Lewis "Black Beast" post fight interview. Alan and Cobb talk and rant on UFC, college football, the animal kingdom, horror films and shows, and music. Alan closes the show with music and announcements.



Alan and Levi talk about Levi's latest music endeavor, recording "Refall". They move on to talk about how Levi got into music and song writing, favorite bands, the summer of comedy for movies, NBA, college football. The show opens with Andrew and closes with some ear candy, "Refall".


"When the Fantasy Has Ended"

Alan catches up with Johnny to talk about the latest in the DC Universe, X-men, video games, and interesting stories within the comic book realm. Show closes with October plans and music.