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A podcast for black women with a boozy twist. We're fixing our lives one bad decision at a time. Pour a glass, and join us as we talk life, current events, and more. Salud!

A podcast for black women with a boozy twist. We're fixing our lives one bad decision at a time. Pour a glass, and join us as we talk life, current events, and more. Salud!
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A podcast for black women with a boozy twist. We're fixing our lives one bad decision at a time. Pour a glass, and join us as we talk life, current events, and more. Salud!






Special - Moscow Reindeer

Krys is mad at Doyin and Becca for a plethora of Christmas reasons, tbh (mostly Doyin). For our special holiday episode, we discuss favorite Christmas memories, traditions, movies, who we're buying a lump coal for and more. Then, we talk about Doyin's favorite holiday (aside from her birthday and Beyonce's), Kwanzaa. Pour yourself a boozy nog or cider and enjoy the holidays with us. Share your Christmas faves with us on IG at @pourlifedecision or Twitter at @pldpod! Credits: Intro - Tami...


Ep. 14 The Draper

Krys mixes something with CranGrape and Doyin and Becca have a fine wine time. This week, we chat about Kodak Black and Ebro, Prada and people's inability to let go of blackface, Papa Offset and more. We also share our favorite moments from 2018 in our someone/something section. Finally, we talk about the #1 cause of Introvert workplace anxiety, the office Christmas party, for our Pour Life Decision. Pour a glass and enjoy! **************************************************************...


Ep. 13 Cocoa Old Fashioned

Doyin whips up a Texas Mule, Krys is sipping Peppermint Moonshine, and Becca is lit on Old Fashioneds and Madeira. This week, we chat Cardiset Chronicles, Beyonce (of course)'s wedding concert, Priyanka and Nick and more. We also discuss the Supreme Court's decision to not hear the recent Planned Parenthood case (and why is everyone so obsessed with our uteri?!) For our Pour Life Decision, we discuss 8 mental health triggers around the holidays and ways to cope. Pour a glass and tune in!...


Ep. 12 Fig Bourbon Cider Smash

Krys sips a warm boozy drink, Doyin goes dark and stormy and Becca enjoys a Slow and Low Rock and Rye. This week, Doyin is appalled by the ending of season 1 of the Wire. Plus, we discuss glimpses of Rumi and Sir, Steph Curry and not-his-daughter Riley, Offset's spelling errors, Kareem Hunt/Reuben Foster and the NFL's treatment of domestic abuse and more. For our pour life decision of the week, we talk about social media envy and ways to cope with that in every day life....


Ep. 11 Mind Eraser

Krys has a bird problem, Doyin can no longer look at Idris the same way and Becca is putting us on game with praline liqueurs and coffee. This week, we chat Future's plethora of BM problems, awry missionary missions, Supa Cent's BOMB ASS BLACK FRIDAY and more. For our pour life decision, we tackle money and how to prepare ourselves for the holiday spending season and the rest of our lives. Finally, we have a store! Head over to Etsy and scoop our tee and mug:...


Special - Wild Turkey

It's our Friendsgiving episode! Doyin and Krys are joined with friend/sister of the pod Ronke as they talk food, family, traditions, fixing plates and most importantly, food. Join us as we judge each other's eating habits, discuss our Fantasy Thanksgiving picks and more. We'd love to know! Who would you invite to your Fantasy Thanksgiving dinner? Comment here, tweet us at @pldpod or let us know on IG at @pourlifedecision!


Ep. 10 Jingle Juice

Doyin has a savory gin, Krys whips up a healing hot toddy (kinda.) This week, we discuss praying for RBG, The Diary of a Mad Black Keke, Jill Scott and more. We totally gush about our forever first lady, Michelle Obama and her new book, Becoming. For our pour life decision, we talk self-compassion - what it is and how we can use it to find balance in our daily battles. Pour Life Decision - Self-Compassion What is self-compassion -...


Ep09 Rose Colored Glasses

Doyin is sipping on communion juice and Krys calls Russians Romans sometimes. In current events, we talk election day, Beyonce (duh), the REAL Blexit (which is super dope) and Rih Rih talking about tragic rallies. For our pour life decision, we discuss love languages and how understanding them improves your communication with family, friends, lovers, etc. Feel free to chat us about yours on IG or Twitter! Episode Notes: The Real Blexit -...


Ep8 Spiced Maple Manhattan

Doyin kicks off the holiday season with Firebrand spiced red wine and struggling to pronounce "hyaluronic". Krys keeps it classy with A to Z Wineworks Oregon sparkling wine (in anticipation of wings later). And Doyin and Krys simultaneously reject the fact that eating/drinking affects your skin. This week, we chat pizza at the polls, Nappy Me and how Tamar and Azaelia are in the same unnecessarily problematic boat. Then, our special guest, Sirobe, breaks down her skin routine so we all can...


Ep07 Vodka Tonic

Doyin and Krys dabble in lavender soda and gin (and a world of heartburn.) This week, we discuss USA gymnastics President woes, Colin Kaepernick's woman woes (or not, the confusing timeline of Khashoggi, Rose IV you and the struggle for black voting rights in Georgia. And for our Pour Life Decision, we talk about food journaling and how they can fix our lives. Episode Notes: Benefits of Food Journaling https://www.getqardio.com/healthy-heart-blog/food-journal/...


Ep. 06 Lavender Honey Cream

Doyin is amped up on Coffee Pumpkin Ale, Krys is... probably amped up as well on Jack and Coke. And we introduce our friend, Favorite Human. Join us as we discuss queens and paupers (e.g. Lana Del Ray and Azaelia Banks), a royal black baby, She by Sheree (joggers!) and migrant children adoption(legal but shouldn't be.) And our pour life decision, we continue our battle against stress with mantras and mindfulness. Be sure to share your favorite mantra with us in the comments or on our social...


Ep. 5 Hennchata

Doyin gives Rumchata a chance (with Hennessy) while Krys mixes her Patrón with an assortment of juices. This episode, we discuss The Wire, Beyoncé (slay!), Fenty Beauty and more before diving into our poor decision of the week, our turbulent relationships with sleep. Episode Notes: Hennchata Cocktail - https://www.hennessy.com/us/cocktails/horchata/ Presidential Alerts/John McAfee - https://www.snopes.com/fact-check/presidential-alerts-control-phones/ Shortcuts Police App -...


Ep4 Hairy Navel

Doyin and Krys fangirl over Carter V, discuss the Stormi Daniels tell-all (barf), Insecure Season 3 and more. And for this week's pour life decision, they tackle body hair and the taboo around it. Episode Notes and Resources Anderson.Paak Tiny Desk Concert - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ferZnZ0_rSM&feature=youtu.be Stormi Daniels Book Notes - https://www.vice.com/en_us/article/gyndaj/fourteen-nasty-cringeworthy-details-about-trump-from-stormy-danielss-new-book The Politics of Hair Removal...


Ep3 Cocoa Buie

***Trigger Warning*** Due to the recent Bill Cosby and Brett Kavanaugh news, we do discuss sexual assault and rape culture for some time. If you wish to skip that segment, it begins at 32:16 and ends at 48:15. We love you and want you to enjoy your listening experience! Doyin discovers Earl Sweatshirt while Krys backpedals from the clear liquor ministry. For this week's Pour Life Decision, we talk about cuffing season and the scientific reasoning behind it. Episode Notes: Cocoa Buie Recipe -...


Ep2 Adios Muthaf****

Doyin shares her latest black discovery (that 6lack is prounounced black), Krys puts out her public proposition to Lena Waithe and we discuss Friendship Breakups as our weekly pour decision. Like, comment and share! Articles Referenced: How to Break Up - https://www.herstoriesproject.com/2017/03/grown-up-friendship-breakup/ 7 Signs Your Friendship Is Over - https://www.herstoriesproject.com/2017/03/how-to-tell-friendship-over/


Ep1 Flaming Dr Pepper

Doyin wonders if Oprah combs her own hair. Krys doesn't like work emails. Welcome to Pour Life Choices!