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Solo Mini-Sode: Intuition - A Common Thread in Creative Conversation

“the process is one of listening for resonance between the inner and the outer, an echo that brings the attention into focus.” -Mary Catherine Bateson In this solo episode I’ve decided to begin to reflect on some of the common themes that keep coming up over and over again in my conversations with diverse artists. Namely, the power of intuition in the creative process. I cite past episodes where it has been discussed, try to define what intuition means, and tell my own story of listening...


Episode 13: Vie Boheme - "Your Life is Asking You to Stand Up"

Photo by Drew Bryant Vie Boheme is a Motown native, as she says, blossomed in Pittsburgh and refined in Minneapolis. She is a multimodal artist; a dancer, singer and choreographer. She brings athletic agility to her vocal performance through both song and dance and her sound is a fusion of Soul, Funk, Jazz, R&B and Pop. In 2018 she released a solo album titled Swoon and has created two major solo performance art pieces- Center Play and Viva Black Volume 1. She is a former vocal artist,...


Episode 12: Caleb Hinz - Distortion, Project-Juggling, and Why “Art Changes Nothing”

Caleb Hinz is an artist from Saint Paul, Minnesota that seems to do everything. I was introduced to him through his solo music projects, but later learned that he is mostly known for his musical work with The Happy Children and Baby Boys, as well as running the umbrella clothing brand and community movement that is Normal Parents. You can also find Hinz producing music for artists all over, directing music videos, working on his house and creating the occasional painting here and...


Episode 11: Sanne Clifford - A Maker of Movement Stories

Photo by Sjoerd Derine As a self-proclaimed maker, Sanne Clifford uses the languages of dance, movement, words and film, choreographing them into moving stories and conversations. She is a Dutch artist and choreographer, living and working in Amsterdam and touring her work abroad. She presented her first professional choreographed work in 2009 and from 2012 to 2015 was the co-founder, co-director and house-choreographer of New Dance Company, a platform that takes initiatives to help young...


Episode 10: Shana Kaplow - Embracing Paradoxes in Painting and in Life

Photo (and portrait below) by Madison Holler Shana Kaplow is a visual artist working with large-scale, ink-on-paper installation, sculpture, and video. Her images of mass-produced household objects peruse the familiar and the enigmatic confronting a society organized around ever-expanding consumption and exploitation. Her work has been featured in exhibitions and screenings at Minneapolis Institute of Art, Walker Art Center, Asheville Art Museum, Franklin Art Works, Urban Institute for...


Episode 9: Yahia Lababidi - Practicing Faith in Art, Practicing Art in Faith

Photo: Logan Werlinger Yahia Lababidi is an Egyptian-Lebanese poet, writer, and aphorist. He grew up in Egypt, attended university in the states and eventually moved there later in life and is still based in Florida to this day. He has written several critically acclaimed books including his first book of aphorisms, Signposts to Elsewhere and a collection of poetry, Balancing Acts, that came in as number 1 on Amazon's Hot New Releases list. His newest compilation of aphorisms is titled...


Episode 8: Radia Bakkali - Living and Breathing the Drama of Music

Radia Bakkali is a musical artist, pianist, composer, and teacher. She began practicing piano and music theory at the age of 8 at the Tangier National Conservatory. She obtained her diploma in piano studies from the National Exam of classical piano in Rabat and then began to teach at the national conservatory of music in tangier. Her studies continued in Spain, where she trained at conservatories in Grenada and now in Ceuta. She has participated in a number of International concerts, events,...


Episode 7: Vinny Balbo - Freestyling + The Beautiful By-products

Vinny Balbo is an actor, dancer, And director living and making work in Los Angeles. From making the tough decision to drop out of school in order to pursue his art, to living full time as an artist, Vinny is determined to create work that engages and inspires. Both Vinny and I grew up in the Twin Cities in Minnesota and I knew him originally as a dancer and movement artist, later learning that he is also wildly creative when it comes to photography, directing and producing short films and...


Episode 6: Houda Rahmani - The Necessity of Art + On Inspiration by the Sea

Houda Rahmani is a Moroccan artist, illustrator, graphic designer, and photographer. She studied fine art at Institut National de Beaux Arts in Tetouan and later completed a masters program in cinema. Her work has won numerous awards and has been commissioned by local businesses in Tangier, where she is based. She has experience in a wide variety of mediums, exploring and playing with what art-making means to her. She is currently pursuing a PhD in fine art, working on personal projects, and...


Episode 5: Jumana Al Refai - The World Through the Eyes of a Dancer

“Always be curious, always want to continue to research and ask questions and never be satisfied with the answers.” Jumana Al Refai is a professionally trained dancer and choreographer in ballet and modern dance. She has over 20 years of experience and has trained, performed, and worked with internationally recognized dancers and choreographers. She holds a BFA in dance from the George Mason University’s School of Dance and completed her training with The Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater...


Solo Mini-Sode: On Doubt as a Necessary Part of the Process

“…self-doubt is indeed part of the problem. But contrary to what we’d expect, confidence is not the solution. The solution is having a new relationship to one’s own self-doubt.” -Tara Mohr In this mini-sode, I discuss a topic that has been on my mind and present in my working life lately- doubt in the creative process. I explore how I believe it to be a necessary road block for us to learn to overcome, how I am personally dealing with it in terms of this very podcast, and I lay out some...


Episode 4: Renee Byrd - Soul of a Self-Aware + Sensitive Artist

“The enlightened artist is not just self-oriented but self-aware” -Renee Byrd I originally met Renee Byrd through her beautiful food blog, Will Frolic for Food, but quickly discovered that she is also a talented musician, yoga teacher, photographer, poet, helps run a chocolate and coffee business called Frolic Chocolate, and a whole lot more. Renee is based in a small town in Virginia and on her blog she shares vegetarian recipes along with conversations about holistic wellness. She views...


Episode 3: Laura Jean - The Art + Heart of Travel

“A dominant impulse on encountering beauty is to wish to hold on to it, to possess it and give it weight in one’s life. There is an urge to say, ‘I was here, I saw this and it mattered to me.” -Alain de Botton, The Art of Travel Laura Jean is my kind of traveling artist. Multi-passionate, adventurous, thoughtful, and out-side-of-the-box. She is writer, poet, photographer, podcaster and editor of Dame Traveler. Her blog, Roam + Go Lightly, was born in 2014 out of a simple travel diary to...


Episode 2: Anne Butera - Seasons + Cycles of Creative Joy

“To pay attention, this is our endless and proper work.” -Mary Oliver Anne Butera is a self-taught artist living in Wisconsin- a fellow midwesterner- who finds inspiration in the beauty of her garden and the magic of nature. We met through another internet friend and I have been following her blog, where she writes beautifully about art and creativity, for some time now. Anne works primarily in watercolor, but is a brave artist in that she also loves challenging herself to try new mediums....


Episode 1: Pau Aran Gimeno - Dancing with Fierce Love

© Ignacio Urrutia “Dance for love” That is what Pina Bausch told Pau early on when he began dancing in her company, Tanztheater Wuppertal in 2005. He has taken this advice to heart and it shows in his passion and curiosity for the process of making and performing dance. Pau Aran is a choreographer, dance teacher, and performer based mostly in Germany, but he frequently travels to pursue collaborations and other artistic projects. In this conversation, we go deep into his childhood...


Introducing The Process Piece Podcast

Jumping in with a mini-sode introduction that answers some basic questions: who am I, what is this podcast about, and why am I doing it? Basically, the creation of this podcast is an open process within itself. Notes -Learn more about my dance work here. -The story of how I ended up in Tangier, Morocco. Thank you for listening. If you like what you hear, please subscribe and leave a review on iTunes! Let’s connect: Process Piece instagram Ruby’s instagram