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First impressions can be wrong. On Quality Check, hosts Drew and Daniel indulge in the latest movie to hit theaters or streaming before returning to a related project to see if it holds up or falls flat. Quality Check Podcast is a biweekly podcast released every other Tuesday.

First impressions can be wrong. On Quality Check, hosts Drew and Daniel indulge in the latest movie to hit theaters or streaming before returning to a related project to see if it holds up or falls flat. Quality Check Podcast is a biweekly podcast released every other Tuesday.
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First impressions can be wrong. On Quality Check, hosts Drew and Daniel indulge in the latest movie to hit theaters or streaming before returning to a related project to see if it holds up or falls flat. Quality Check Podcast is a biweekly podcast released every other Tuesday.




Twilight Zone (2019) - "Not All Men"

Daniel & Drew discuss what many are calling the most divisive new Twilight Zone episode yet: "Not All Men." While both hosts have remained optimistic about the rebooted series, they explain what made this episode so frustrating. For the third time this season, they point out which classic Twilight Zone episode "Not All Men" borrows elements. Also, the Quality Check crew explains which role they think Taissa Farmiga would rock, which derailed the podcast episode for a few minutes that ended...


Pop Culture Pick'ems - May 2019

Movies, TV and Music top our Pop Culture picks for May. Listen to what we, and some listeners, are looking forward to this month. And if you've got some picks for June, we want to hear them! Share yours on Twitter (@QualityCheckPod) and Instagram (@QualityCheckPodcast)!


Twilight Zone (2019) - "Six Degrees of Freedom"

Daniel & Drew take flight on a journey to Mars...and through the Twilight Zone. In another story that appears to be a rebooted series original, the Quality Check crew talks about how this episode soars where other new Twilight Zone episodes seem to struggle. The boys also discuss Easter Eggs, giving nods to the original series, tie-ins with new stories, other pop culture references they caught in this episode, and what they predict will happen next, in the Twilight Zone. Signpost...


8: Avengers: Endgame

Podcasters...ASSEMBLE! Daniel & Drew are joined by Andy & Dan from the Springfood, MO podcast to talk about the largest movie (and podcast?) event of the year. Andy & Dan first talk about what their show is all about before they all dive into **SPOILERS** their overall thoughts about the MCU (07:42) **SPOILERS!** The boys then chat about their initial reactions and deep-thoughts about Endgame (53:08) with even more spoilers! They round out this podcast episode by discussing what's next for...


Twilight Zone (2019) - "The Wunderkind"

"Somewhere along the line I really started to believe what the kid was saying." Witness the rise and fall of a campaign manager determined to get a kid elected president. This week on Quality Check we discuss "The Wunderkind", the fifth episode in the CBS All Access reboot of "The Twilight Zone." DON'T FORGET! There's a contest your Quality Check crew is running. They describe how you can end up with some dough to go to the movies toward the end of this episode.


TWILIGHT ZONE (2019) - "A Traveler"

"This is a real good guy, everybody!" A stranger in a jail cell disrupts the lives of a small Alaskan community. Will he be pardoned? This week on Quality Check we discuss "A Traveler", the fourth episode of the CBS All Access reboot of "The Twilight Zone." Marika Sila, Steven Yeun and the always handsome Greg Kinnear highlight the spooky thriller written by X-Files alum Glen Morgan and directed by Ana Lily Amirpour (A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night, The Bad Batch). DON'T FORGET! There's a...


TWILIGHT ZONE (2019) -- "Replay"

Something doesn't feel right about this episode...we wonder if there's a way...to start over. After stepping into the fifth dimension, Daniel & Drew rewind the new podcast episode so they can accurately talk about the third episode of the new Twilight Zone series: "Replay." They begin with stats about the episode then dive into spoilers including their overall grade, what they liked/didn't like, and why Daniel & Drew think the creators are starting to find their own way with telling new...


7: Pet Semetary (2019) & (1989)

Stephen King's classic horror story about a family moving to the countryside only to be haunted by tragedy and a mystical graveyard, is remade. Being huge fans of the American author, Daniel & Drew dive into the new "Pet Semetary" and the original film made thirty years ago. The Quality Check boys first cover the remake (2:10) and the major changes this film makes to the source material. They also talk about their love for the Ramones' song (32:19) made specifically for the original film....


TWILIGHT ZONE (2019) -- "The Comedian" & "Nightmare at 30,000 Feet"

Daniel & Drew invite you to step into the fifth dimension with them as they take on the new "Twilight Zone" series, rebooted by horror's new prodigy son, Jordan Peele. Your hosts start off talking (non-spoilers) about their interest in the series, Rod Serling, and what it means for Peele's team to bring such an iconic franchise to life. Transitioning to spoiler territory, Daniel & Drew first dissect and discuss "The Comedian" (15:34) and why they think it's such a strange choice to kick off...


Pop Culture Pick'ems - April 2019

Movies, TV and Music top our Pop Culture picks for April. Listen to what what we are looking forward to and share your picks on Twitter (@QualityCheckPod) and Instagram (@QualityCheckPodcast)!


6: Shazam! + Us

Hot off the heels of the very successful "Aquaman" comes DC's latest attempt to right its fledgling movie universe. It's called "Shazam!" and involves wizards and foster kids and another bad movie villain. Your boys also dive into Jordan Peele's new horror flick, 'Us." As always, thanks for listening and the ongoing support. Hello - 0:32 Shazam! Non-Spoiler Talk 2:42 Shazam! Spoiler Talk - 16:02 Shazam! YouTube Moment - 33:07 Shazam! Q&A - 37:01 The Movie Review Game: Shazam! Edition - 56:27...


5: Sahara (2005)

A listener-requested episode! Following the episode on the King of the Box Office, which Daniel & Drew covered "Avatar," this episode is about "Sahara," one of the largest box office bombs. The boys start off discussing Sahara (01:46), a movie Daniel & Drew have never seen before now. It bombed at the box office...but you might be surprised on what the boys think. There's another surprising moment that has one of the hosts hooting like crazy during the Movie Review Game (41:41). Also, Daniel...


Summer Movie Fantasy Draft

Six picks. One goal. Make the most dough at the summer box office.


4: Avatar (2009)

James Cameron commented on Aquaman, and since it's been performing well at the box office, Daniel & Drew decided to return to the KING of the box office: Avatar. First, the Quality Check crew talks about the new trailers released for Mel Gibson's film, "Dragged Across Concrete," and Jordan Peele's reimagining of "The Twilight Zone" in the "Did You See" segment (2:37). Then Daniel & Drew dive into Avatar (10:15) for the "Upgrade/Downgrade" segment, and discuss how well the film holds up and...


Pop Culture Pick'Ems - March 2019

Here's our Pop Culture Pick'ems for March. Enjoy and let us know what your picks are on Twitter (@QualityCheckPod) and Instagram (@QualityCheckPodcast).


BONUS - Our Bad 2019 Oscars Predictions

Daniel & Drew make a friendly wager and lock in their picks for the biggest categories in this year's Academy Awards. And the winner is...


3: Happy Death Day + Happy Death Day 2U

This podcast has been brought to you by a weird time loop in which you get killed over and over and over and over and over again. It's Daniel and Drew vs. the Babyface Killer, parallel universes and the art of a good fake French accent. This week on Quality Check, your hosts discuss the horror hit "Happy Death Day" and its sci-fi sequel, "Happy Death Day 2U". Plus "Did You See" and new editions of the Rotten Tomatoes & Movie Review games. Did You See? (1:39) First Take: Happy Death Day 2U...


2: Velvet Buzzsaw (2019) + Nightcrawler (2014)

Get some fresh paint and charge your camera batteries, because Daniel & Drew are taking you on an arty, underground journey through LA via the lens of Dan Gilroy. First, your Quality Check crew introduces a new segment: Did You See? (1:45) They talk about the new trailer for "Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw." Drew was surprised to discover that his feelings toward the upcoming summer blockbuster have changed... Next, the boys dive into Dan Gilroy & Jake Gyllenhaal's new Netflix film,...


Pop Culture Pick'Ems - February 2019

The shortest month isn't short on entertainment. Here's our Pop Culture Pick'Ems for February. Let us know what your February picks are on Twitter (@QualityCheckPod), Instagram (@qualitycheckpodcast) or e-mail us as qualitycheckpodcast@gmail.com


1: GlassCast

It's time to take a ride on the Eastrail Trilogy! New Movie: Glass Old Movies: Unbreakable (26:15) & Split (40:17) Daniel & Drew start by discussing Glass, then dive into Unbreakable and Split, otherwise known as the Eastrail Trilogy. Drew then puts Daniel in the hot seat with the Movie Review Game (01:01:16), where Daniel has to guess which one of the four movie reviews Drew presents is fake.