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Queer Voices, a weekly show and is dedicated to broadcasting news, concerns, and events as related to Houston's Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) community. The goal of Queer Voices is to provide up to date information on the community's concerns that is currently not available from other local media outlets.


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Queer Voices, a weekly show and is dedicated to broadcasting news, concerns, and events as related to Houston's Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) community. The goal of Queer Voices is to provide up to date information on the community's concerns that is currently not available from other local media outlets.




December 6th 2023 Queer Voices

Are you curious about the intersectionality of being Black and Queer? Then let the captivating voice of Joelle Espuet wash over you as they share their experiences as a program director for the Normal Anomaly, a Black Queer-led nonprofit. They're not just breaking barriers; they’re establishing norms for communities often misunderstood and sidelined. Discover their groundbreaking work, from creating safe spaces for the community to hosting exciting events like the BQAF music festival. We also have a sneak peek into their upcoming gala, poised to become a vibrant celebration of the Black Queer community. The holiday season usually comes with its joy and cheer, but for some, it’s a stark reminder of loss and rejection. Our conversation about mental health during the holidays offers insights and practical strategies for overcoming these challenges. We also discuss the importance of community support initiatives, like the annual Christmas giveaway event and a group's journey to expand their outreach and bring smiles to families in their community. Hear how one member, a therapist, is making a difference at a domestic violence shelter during their events. Lastly, we turn our focus on the critical role of LGBT representation in local government. Tune in as we engage Nick Helier and Mario Castillo, both running for city council, in a spirited discussion on diversity in local government, the need for basic city services, and how their campaigns are championing these needs. They're not just running for office; they're redefining what representation looks like. From public safety to infrastructure and affordable housing, they open up about the significant issues facing Houston. So, come along as we explore these essential topics and so much more.


November 27th 2023 Queer Voices

This week Deborah Moncrief Bell has a conversation with Carrie Rai, the Executive Director of Tony's Place, talking about the organization, and the services it provides for Houston LGBTQA+ youth. Tony's Place is a safe haven for marginalized youth.Tony’s Place opened in 2016 in loving memory of Robert Anthony “Tony” Carroll. Tony Carroll was a pillar of the Houston community and a tireless advocate for numerous LGBTQ+ causes. Tony and his husband Bruce Smith were strong advocates for a drop-in center for young LGBTQ+ people. Tony and Bruce were board members of the non-profit, Homeless Gay Kids – Houston. Tony passed suddenly in December of 2015 at the age of 75, but his legacy lives on. Under the umbrella of Homeless Gay Kids - Houston, Tony’s Place was opened to homeless and unstably housed LGBTQ+ youth and allies. Tony’s Place now has a physical location in the Montrose area, were LGBTQ+ youth can access services and support. tonysplace.org Guest: Carrie Rai Then Deborah has a conversation with Jamie Gonzales. President and and Davis Mendoza Darusman, Vice-President of the UH LGBTQ Alumni Association about what happened with the closing of the LGBTQ+ Resource Center at U of H due to SB. 17, and the aftermath. With the closing of the center this group of alumni have taken up the slack in making sure there is a place and resources for students at U of H that would otherwise utilize the services at the center. https://houstonalumni.com/.../interest-and-affinity/lgtbq/.


November 22nd 2023 Queer Voices

First, we speak with Dr. David York, the music director of the Houston Pride Chorus. We'll explore their upcoming holiday performance, "Ring it In," and get a glimpse of the rich tapestry of talent that forms the chorus. You'll feel the power of unity and the importance of allies in the LGBTQ+ community echoing through their music. And surprise, the Houston Bronze Ensemble, a handbell choir, joins in the concert to add more harmony. Our next stop takes us to the vibrant scene of the Houston Pride Band. We catch up with Jason Svatek, its president to talk about the band's upcoming holiday concert, "Twas the Night," and their community engagements. Aspiring musicians take note - this band is open to all skill levels. Also, we'd love for you to show your support and join us at their concert on December 9th at Match in Midtown. Finally, we roll the red carpet for the stunningly versatile actress Sandra Bernhardt. From shattering norms as the first bisexual character on a sitcom to her captivating performances in "Pose" and "American Horror Story," Sandra's journey is one to behold. Guess what? We also touch upon major issues like the Church of England's view on same-sex marriage, the mysterious death of Latin America’s first out non-binary judge, and the challenges faced by the 11th Gay Games organizers in Hong Kong. So, tune in, engage and be part of the transformation.


November 15th 2023 Queer Voices

We're taking you to the frontlines of battle in Texas, where the LGBTQ+ rights are under a severe attack with the introduction of over 140 anti-LGBTQ bills by the Texas legislature. Brian Clusterbore from ACLU paints a grim picture of the situation, but reminds us that unity is our strongest weapon. From the drag ban to the Death Star preemption bill, we're tearing apart these restrictive laws and shining a light on their implications. As we commemorate the 35th anniversary of World AIDS Day, we remember the lives lost and the strides made in the fight against the disease. Our guest, Kelly Johnson from the Rothko Chapel brings us The Home-Going Concert A Sonic Memorial, a tribute to those who've passed on, and a rallying cry for the rights of drag performers. We're exploring the profound impact of drag on the queer community and why our support is crucial now more than ever. Lastly, we're turning our lens to the international LGBTQ+ scene. From civil unions in Latvia to LGBTQ pride in Buenos Aires and a looming fear of rollback of rights in Argentina - we're walking you through the major developments. Also, join us in the theatre, as Adam J. Thompson takes us behind the scenes of the 'Turn of the Screw'. Thompson shares with us the challenges and triumphs of putting up such a production. So, sit back, and let us navigate you through the intricate tapestry of queer stories and issues that affect us all. Queer Voices is where you'll find the stories that matter, the advocacy that counts, and the celebration of the diverse voices of the LGBTQ+ community.


November 8th 2023 Queer Voices

First, we speak with gay comedian /actorJason Stuart who publicly came out 30 years ago on the Geraldo show. We discuss how this affected his career and the work he has done since then. Then, we discuss his upcoming projects. Guest: Jason Stuart https://www.jasonstuart.com/ Then we speak with Kenn McLaughlin, the artistic director of Stages Theater, who bids farewell after a remarkable 25-year tenure. Listen as Ken reflects on the transformative power of theater, his vision for a trans theater in Houston, and aspirations for a renaissance of queer expression. He also invites us behind the scenes of his new thriller, ‘Switzerland’, and his journey to casting Sally Edmondson. Lastly, immerse yourself in our exploration of theater production. Discover how actors Kelly Peters and Holland Barber beautifully portrayed the iconic friendship between Louise and Patsy in the Stages Theater production of ‘Always, Patsy Klein’. Ken shares his thoughts on the unique intimacy that Stages Theatre fostered with its audience and the moving story of how he met his husband, Brad. So, join us on this enlightening journey through comedy, theater, and LGBTQ history. Guest: Ken McLaughlin https://stageshouston.com/about-staff-and-board/


November 1st, 2023 Queer Voices

We speak with Bryan Cotton, the Founder and President of New Faces of Pride, LLC. in Houston, a new pride organization established in 2023. Their mission is to foster unity, inclusivity, and empowerment within the LGBTQ+ community of Houston through year-round events and fundraising initiatives. We discuss the objectives of this new organization, what it hopes to accomplish and why it was founded. This includes discussing their Parade and Festival on June 22, downtown at Wortham Theater and Fish Plaza. Guest: Bryan Cotton https://newfacesofpride.org/ Then, we speak with Kendra Walker from Pride Houston 365 joins us to chat about their approach to the Pride season and what is planned for 2024. Historically, Pride Houston is a volunteer-run, 501(c)(3) non-profit that has organized the official Houston LGBT Pride Celebration® which includes the Houston Pride Festival® and Houston Pride Parade® every year in Montrose or downtown Houston promoting public awareness of the need for diversity and equal rights in our community as well as to commemorate and celebrate the history of the gay, lesbian, trans and queer community. They aim to celebrate this cause not only in June but all year round. Guest: Kendra Walker https://pridehouston365.org


October 18th Queer Voices

Co-Host Wendy Taylor has an interview with Galveston based musician and voice over artist, Ladybird. Ladybird opened up about how her upcoming album, "A Pay to Play World," serves as her therapeutic outlet to manage chronic pain, trauma, and her interaction with luxury medical treatment in America. She shared her journey from the studio to the world through Twitch, where she's been able to build connections and express her music. Guest: Ladybird https://www.ladybird-uke.com/ Then, Wendy Taylor has an interview with some of Houston's Drag Kings. We step into the vibrant, often underrepresented, sphere of drag kings with Houston's ground-breaking performers. One of our guests detailed their rise from self-taught YouTube sessions to establishing themselves as the first recognized drag king in Houston's queer scene. Another compelling narrative emerged as we discussed the creation of boot camps as a way to give back, mentor younger performers, and foster community growth. Our guests, elved into their experiences, the hurdles they've had to overcome, and the strides they've made in creating inclusive spaces for drag kings. Guests: Ian Syder-Blake, Sir Debonaire and Preston Steam https://htxqee.com/camp-and-events


October 11th 2023 Queer Voices

We speak with Amanda Rose, president of Katy Pride, and their plans for this event. Anticipate a weekend filled with advocacy, acceptance, and celebration as she unveils a sneak peek into the lineup of vendors, riveting entertainment, and the cascading events from the kick-off party at Postino Cinco Ranch to the after-party at the First Christian Church of Katy. Guest: Amanda Rose https://fcckaty.org/katypride/ Next, we shift gears into a world bedazzled with sequins and feathers, as David Sartie, a.k.a. Chloe Knox, takes us down a captivating journey into the realm of drag pageantry. Listen closely as David unveils how at the tender age of 15, he stepped into the spotlight of drag and how it played a pivotal role in his personal and professional trajectory. Learn about David's experiences with homophobia and the reflective role of his mother's support. Get a glimpse of his flair for fashion as he navigates through his unique drag style. Guest: Chloe Knox http://www.missgayamerica.com/chloe-knox.html And finally, step into the shoes of the multifarious Hunny Marie - a socialite, realtor, and artist. Join us as we walk through the pages of her book, 'She's a Runner, She's a Trackstar: How Love Became an Anchor,' and discover how her past experiences shaped this poignant tale. Engage with her advocacy for mental health awareness and her upcoming book tour. Be sure not to miss out as Honey invites us all to her book launch on October 22nd, and shares a portal to her online world. Buckle up, beloved listeners, as this episode is an adventure you don't want to miss. Guest: Hunny Marie https://www.hunnymarie.com/


October 4th 2023 Queer Voices

We speak with the Montrose Center's Executive Director Ann Robinson. She will be retiring soon and we catch up with her about her 35 years at the Center and what is next. The Montrose Center opened in 1978 as Montrose Counseling Center (MCC), after the widely successful Town Meeting I at the Astro Arena. The Center faced many financial burdens in its formative years, particularly because of the high cost of providing health insurance for its employees living with HIV/AIDS. In the 1990s the Center became one of the first places in Houston to offer temporary housing to gay men and transgender people. In 2013, the Center changed its name from Montrose Counseling Center to the Montrose Center, as services had evolved beyond just counseling and wanted people to feel they could come to the Center for services other than mental health. Today, the Montrose Center serves as a community hub, with a long, proud history of empowering LGBTQ Houston since 1978. Guest: Ann Robinson https://montrosecenter.org/ We get up close and personal with Kendra Walker, a dynamo businesswoman, entrepreneur, and community leader hailing from Jackson, Mississippi. Rising from her humble beginnings to the top, Kendra opens up about her dedication to self-care and how her unstoppable work ethic has catapulted her to success. Uncover more about her upcoming events in Houston, her unprecedented contributions to Pride Houston, and her tireless initiatives aimed at supporting the LGBTQIA+ community. And as we wrap up, we cast a lens onto the grim reality of Anti-LGBTQ Abuses in Uganda, providing a broader perspective on the global challenges faced by the LGBTQ+ community. Kendra’s thoughts on this issue, and her challenges to us all to step up as active change-makers, are not to be missed. Join us as we celebrate the resilience of the Montrose Center's staff and emphasize the importance of continuous support for the LGBTQ+ community. An episode brimming with inspiring stories, insights, and calls to action, this is one you wouldn't want to miss! Guest: Kendra Walker https://pridehouston365.org/


September 27th 2023 Queer Voices

We speak with Chris Bacon about the recent Supreme Court decision allowing businesses to discriminate against LGBT people. Can you imagine a world where businesses are legally allowed to discriminate based on sexual orientation? The Supreme Court's recent ruling permitting such discrimination has sent ripples through the global LGBTQ community and beyond. We invite you to sit down with us as we unpack this ruling with Houston attorney Chris Bacon, providing a comprehensive analysis of the 303 Creative LLC versus Elenis case. Guest: Chris Bacon https://www.supremecourt.gov/opinions/22pdf/21-476_c185.pdf Our exploration into the 303 Creative case opens up a Pandora's box of potential consequences. With the skilled guidance of our guest Mr. Bacon, we navigate the choppy legal waters to understand the precedents set by West Virginia v. Barnett, discerning its differences with the current case. Discover how this ruling could serve as an open invitation for litigants to refuse goods and services to LGBTQ Americans, posing a stark challenge to the principle of equality. As we delve into these contentious issues, we also weave through Mr. Ingles' personal journey of self-discovery, his decision to pen his life story, and his unique perspective on the significance of the Little House and Prairie Books for the LGBTQIA Plus community. We speak with Lee Ingalls author of "Ingalls on the Prairie: The Gene and Fern Ingalls Story". R. Lee Ingalls is part of the famous family Laura Ingalls Wilder wrote about in her series of beloved books. Lee describes himself as more of a story teller rather than an author. He often says Laura Ingalls was part of the fabric of America as it was populating and moving westward. Her life and experience didn’t differ much from most living at that time, but the remarkable act was she documented the journey. That is what Lee is doing with his new work. He is continuing the legacy Laura began by telling the life experiences of his parents. Guest: Lee Ingalls https://ingallsontheprairie.com/about-the-author-r-lee-ingalls/ Moving from the courts to the theater, we offer a tantalizing glimpse into Charles Busch's new play, Ibsen's Ghost. Unravel the intricacies of the story, the production process, and the creative symbiosis between Charles and the director, Carl. Lastly, we venture onto the global stage, examining the implications of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights with a particular focus on LGBTQ+ equality and rights. We discuss the impact of discriminatory statements from world leaders, celebrate victories like the legal recognition of lesbian mothers, and mourn setbacks like the ban on queer student groups. Join us for a rollercoaster ride through the complex and often challenging world of LGBTQ rights and representation. Guest: Charles Busch https://www.charlesbusch.com/


September 20th 2023 Queer Voices

Get ready for a powerful episode as we navigate through the resonating impact of The Laramie Project, a play that touches on the harrowing murder of Matthew Shepard, and the significant legislation that it inspired. We are joined by the play's director at Theatre Suburbia, Judy Reeves who offers us an intriguing insight into this dramatic piece. Judy details how the play uniquely employs ten actors to portray over 65 roles, and how it is not solely focused on the murder, but on the ripple effect it caused within the community of Laramie, leading to the creation of the Hate Crimes Prevention Act. Guest: Judy Reeves https://web.theatresuburbia.org/season/63/show/laramie-project This episode also welcomes the talented Charles Busch, a celebrated playwright, actor, novelist, director, portrait artist, and cabaret entertainer, who shares details of his upcoming memoir, Leading Lady. We examine the specific aspects of Judy Reeves' play, The Laramie Project, set to stage at Theatre Suburbia from September 15 through October 14. We also reflect on the invaluable role of platforms like KPFT in amplifying voices that often go unheard, and the continuous call for support from our listeners. Guest: Charles Busch https://www.amazon.com/Leading-Lady-Memoir-Most-Unusual/dp/1637744145 We wrap up our episode with a heartwarming conversation with the acclaimed actor, Bryan Batt, known for his Broadway productions. Bryan offers a sneak peek into his role in the forthcoming show, Pay the Writer, as well as his experience filming during the pandemic and the film's upcoming release in New York City. We also share personal anecdotes about the late comedian Joan Rivers, a theater history enthusiast and the value of humor in navigating adversity. Brian offers some pearls of wisdom for the younger members of the LGBTQ+ community, and we discuss the significance of queer voices in the play Pay the Writer. Prepare to swim in a sea of theater, history, and community. Guest: Bryan Batt https://paythewriterplay.com


September 13th 2023 Queer Voices

Have you ever wondered what it takes to make history and inspire a community? Join us for a fascinating conversation with Harrison Guy, the first Black male grand marshal in the history of Houston's Pride celebrations. We dive into Guy's passion for the arts, his transformative journey to Rwanda, and how it influenced his artistic language and the creation of the Urban Souls Dance Company. We also venture into his newest production, Black Butterfly, which tells powerful stories from the LGBTQ community, based loosely on his own experiences. Guest: Harrison Homer-Guy http://urbansouls.org Imagine being on the forefront of organizing events that embody Pride, art, and culture. That's exactly what our guest, Michael Greco, has done. From his role as a Grand Marshal in the Houston Gay Pride Parade to his upcoming Black Butterfly production and the Art of Black Pride exhibition, Greco is a force to be reckoned with. We also explore the humorous and yet profound Stages Repertory Theatre productions, 'The Legend of George McBride' and 'Drag Wonderettes' that challenge identity and gender norms, adding a refreshing take on classic narratives. Guest: Michael Greco https://stageshouston.com Our journey does not stop there. We delve into the beautiful and evocative world of poetry, with works by Essex Hemphill, Pat Parker, and Aaron Shurin. Exploring themes of love, identity, and oppression, we see how these poets use their craft not only as a therapeutic tool but also as a powerful advocacy platform for LGBTQ rights. From National Poetry Month to Tokyo Rainbow Pride's return post-COVID, we traverse the significant narratives and challenges faced by the queer community worldwide. So, buckle up and join us as we amplify these inspiring and vital queer voices in our community.


August 9th 2023 Queer Voices

Embark on an enchanted journey with us as we spotlight the glitz, glamour, and behind-the-scenes of the wedding planning industry with the innovative Shaun Gray of Shaun Gray Events. Passionate about celebrating love in all its diversity, Sean peels back the curtain on his trailblazing approach, leveraging social media to redefine what a 'dream wedding' can look like. Discover how he is shattering the traditional mold and using platforms like TikTok to spotlight love stories that color outside the lines. Guest: Shaun Gray https://www.shaungrayevents.com This episode also illuminates the vibrant world of Houston-based artist, Max Xandaux. With a creative spirit that knows no bounds, Max offers an intimate glimpse into her new EP, Candy Lady, interweaving personal narratives and her unshakeable connection to Star Wars. Hear the tale of her journey as a trans individual, and be inspired as she courageously blazes her path in the music industry. Guest: Max Xandaux https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCN-dFmugDIz0Y80ad2_2RbA Finally, we're not shying away from the hard-hitting issues. We're taking a magnifying glass to the ongoing struggle for LGBTQ rights and gender-affirming care, analyzing recent legal developments and their rippling effects on the community. Join us as we welcome two new voices to our team, Wendy Taylor and Joel Tatum, ready to inject fresh perspectives into these critical conversations. Don't miss this captivating episode of Queer Voices, your gateway to the beautiful tapestry of diversity, creativity, and equality.


July 26th 2023 Queer Voices

Cameron Samuels 2023 Trendsetter Grand Marshal -- Queer Podcasters -- Actor/Writer Brett Cullum We speak with with Cameron Samuels, 2023 trendsetter Grand Marshal. For Cameron Samuels, the courageous teen who battled Katy Independent School District in a 2021 dispute involving the district’s homophobic internet search filters and book bans, being recognized with the Human Rights Campaign’s Trailblazer Award in April was a moment of resolution. Guest: Cameron Samuels https://www.outsmartmagazine.com/2023/06/trailblazing-teenager/ Then we speak with fellow queer podcasters who are doing the work in the community. They include Tiffany Scales, Wendy Taylor and Joel Tatum. Joel and Wendy produce "That Little Gay Talkshow" and Tiffany performs in the community. They may be joining the Queer Voices collective. Guests: Tiffany Scales, Wendy Taylor and Joel Tatum https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/that-lil-gay-talk-show/id1445946892 Finally, we speak with Brett Cullum, actor and writer for "Broadway World" and will be covering the Houston Theater scene. Brett Cullum has been part of the Houston and Memphis Theatre scenes for several decades now. He's been seen on community theatre and professional stages in several cities including Playhouse 1960, Theatre Suburbia, Stages, the Alley Theatre, Theatre Memphis, Circuit Playhouse, and Playhouse on the Square. Brett has been a movie critic and blogger as well for DVD Verdict.com where he published over 1,000 reviews of feature films. He has been a reviewer for Broadway World for the last five years! Guest: Brett Cullum https://www.broadwayworld.com/houston/contact-local.cfm


July 12th 2023 Queer Voices

JD Doyle historian/author -- Legacy Community Health's Mint Julep -- Normal Anomaly We speak with Houston activist/historian and now author of the book, "1981: My Gay American Road Trip, A Slice of Our Pre-AIDS Culture". 1981. Rich with promise and possibility, the post-Stonewall era saw queer Americans standing up for themselves and each other like never before. With the rise of gay newspapers, bars, clubs, and businesses in cities all over the US, it was a time of hedonism, activism, pride, and community. A scene ripe for exploration and documentation, and journalist JD Doyle hit the road to do just that, traveling through 27 states to create a playful, intimate, profusely illustrated, one-of-a-kind record of gay life, love, lust, and liberation in the heady days before the devastating crisis that would change everything. Guest: JD Doyle https://www.amazon.com/1981-My-Gay-American-Road-Trip/dp/1943444412/ref=sr_1_1?crid=37O5EHNZ3JFI9&keywords=jd+doyle+1981&qid=1689977274&sprefix=jd+doyle%2Caps%2C111&sr=8-1 Then, we speak with Bella Villarreal, Development Manager, about Legacy Community Health's Mint Julep, a fundraiser for Legacy's HIV/AIDS programs in its 21st year. This year's event will HONOR: Linda Cantu, JD Doyle and Doug Boyd aka Kimberly Anne O’Neil. The Mint Julep CO-CHAIRS include: Tony Bravo, Cyndy Garza Roberts and Ray Purser. The event is held July 16th, 2023 at the White Oak Music Hall. Guest: Bella Villarreal https://www.legacycommunityhealth.org/development/mintjulep/ Finally, we speak James Drake, lead research coordinator for the Normal Anomaly, 2023 Honorary Grand Marshal. The Normal Anomaly Initiative began in 2016 in Houston as a blog to tell the stories of people at the margins. Throughout the span of 3 years, the Founder, Ian L. Haddock, had the organization working with Huffington Post, Unites States Conference on HIV/ AIDS (USCHA) and Prime Video. As the platform grew, the Founder had amassed a team of nontraditional activists that began to expand the trajectory in which the group was going. Guest: James Drake https://www.normalanomaly.org


July 5th 2023 Queer Voices

2023 Grand Marshal interviews --Male -- Non Binary -- Female First, we speak with Jeffrey Campbell, the 2023 male grand marshal. Jeffrey Campbell, a native of Cuero, TX, is a graduate of Texas State University. Currently working as the Chief Executive Officer of Allies in Hope, formerly AIDS Foundation Houston, Jeffrey has spent over two decades working in the field of HIV prevention while also being heavily involved in LGBTQ advocacy in Houston and around the nation. Over the years, Jeffrey has been a trail blazer in regards to engaging and educating the African American community on topics of HIV prevention, care and LGBTQ+ awareness. This work includes serving as the Minister of Health and Wholeness for The Fellowship of Affirming Ministries, an international organization for affirming and inclusive ministers and churches. Campbell’s primary role while in this volunteer position was to provide HIV education to affirming and inclusive pastors equipping them to better serve their congregations and communities. In addition, Campbell also created discussions for leaders and participants around the topic of mental health and the African American LGBTQ+ community. Guest: Jeffrey Campbell https://pridehouston365.org/grand-marshal-nominees/ Then, we speak with Ethan Michelle Ganz, the 2023 non binary grand marshal. Ethan Michelle Ganz is a trans nonbinary individual who fights for justice and equity. They use all pronouns interchangeably. He has worked, volunteered, or advocated with a number of organizations including Pure Justice, Texas Advocates for Justice, the Rothko Chapel, Transgender Education Network of Texas, Equality Texas, ActOuthtx, Houston Climate Movement, Stop TX Dot I45, and is a co-founder of the Montrose Residents Coalition. She is also a speaker who has spoken at events like “Let’s Talk About Love Houston,” which was held at the We Serve Theater, and “We Have Always Been Here,” which was held at the Center for the Healing of Racism. In 2022, he was awarded the “Democracy Champion Award,” from Pure Justice and the “Policy Chat Speakers Award,” from the Texas Advocates for Justice. Guest: Ethan Michelle Ganz https://pridehouston365.org/grand-marshal-nominees/ And finally, we speak with Margarita Perez Frinsco. Margarita Pérez Frinsco is a relationship-centered leader with a passion for transformational philanthropy. As Senior Director of Advancement for the University of Houston Cullen College of Engineering, she has nearly 15 years of experience in philanthropy, serving in a range of organizations from corporate to nonprofit and most recently higher education. Margarita is focused on building institutional resources to help advance the philanthropic goals of alumni, industry partners, and community organizations. She recently led the philanthropic efforts of the College of Technology during the immensely successful UH-System $1 billion “Here We Go” campaign. Guest: Margarita Perez Frinsco https://pridehouston365.org/grand-marshal-nominees/


June 21st 2023 Queer Voices

Harris County Attorney's Office LGBT issues -- Gay artist Gray Foy -- Andrew Edmonson Honorary Grand Marshal We speak with Roxanne Werner, director of communications Harris County Attorney, about the challenges facing LGBT residents of Harris County coming from the Texas legislature. As the Harris County Attorney, Christian D. Menefee is the chief civil lawyer for the largest county in Texas. He manages an office of 250+ attorneys and staff who represent the county, its 60 elected officials, and its 18,000+ employees in all civil matters and lawsuits. Elected at 32 years old, he is the youngest person and the first African-American to serve as Harris County Attorney. Guest: Roxanne Werner https://cao.harriscountytx.gov/ Then we speak with Kirsten Marples, curator of the Menil Drawing Institute, about the work gay Texas artist Gray Fox. Between the 1940s and 1970s, American artist Gray Foy (1922–2012) created a body of extraordinarily meticulous drawings, most often rendered in graphite on paper. This exhibition celebrates two recent gifts that have made the Menil Collection the foremost repository of Foy’s work. Intrigued by Surrealism and Magic Realism as a young artist, Foy characterized his artistic method as “hyper-realism.” His exacting technique—which required intense concentration and even months to complete a single drawing—rewards sustained looking. The exhibition spans the entirety of Foy’s career, from his early Surrealist compositions to his later inventive botanical and geological renderings. Also included are a selection of the artist’s commercial illustrations, which will be displayed publicly for the first time. Hyperreal: Gray Foy is curated by Kirsten Marples, Curatorial Associate, Menil Drawing Institute. Guest: Kirsten Marples https://www.menil.org/exhibitions/367-hyperreal-gray-foy Finally, we speak with Andrew Edmonson about his being named as the 2023 Honorary Grand Marshal. Andrew Edmonson has fought for the civil rights of LBGTQ Texans, against anti-gay violence, and championed the rights of people living with HIV. He's reported for OutSmart Magazine and the Houston Chronicle, covering key issues impacting the LGBTQ community. Guest: Andrew Edmonson https://www.outsmartmagazine.com/2023/06/pride-houston-365-announces-2023-grand-marshals/


June 14th 2023 Queer Voices

LGBT Chamber of Commerce -- Januari Fox Lege Recap -- HIV Study We speak with Jack Berger, Director of Programming and Events, LGBT Chamber of Commerce, about the upcoming event Pride in Business Luncheon. Held during Pride Month, the Pride In Business Celebration is a unique opportunity to celebrate the important role of LGBTQ+ and Allied businesses in the Greater Houston economy. The event underscores how the LGBTQ+ & Allied business community works with the broader business community to realize a better city and region. The Pride In Business Celebration is the only event in Houston focused on the LGBTQ+ business community during Pride Month. The event will be held: Friday, June 23, 2023 | 11:30 a.m. - 1:30 p.m Hyatt Regency Houston Downtown Guest: Jack Berger https://www.houstonlgbtchamber.com Then we speak with Januari Fox, Prism Health North Texas Director of Policy & Advocacy about the good and bad of the recent Texas legislative session. We discuss HIV policy and LGBT issues. The Policy, Advocacy, and Community Engagement (or PACE) department within Prism Health North Texas is committed to pursuing policy priorities, which include issues related to the health and rights of our LGBTQIA+ community in North Texas and beyond. Guest: Januari Fox https://www.phntx.org/pace/ Finally, we speak with Paige Padgett Wermuth, PhD, MPH, Assistant Professor Research, UT Health Houston about a field study being conducted in Houston regarding the rise of HIV in the LGBT community. Paige Padgett Wermuth, PhD, MPH works with qualitative research methods,ethnography, sexual health, sexually transmitted infections, folk models, sexual gender minorities (MSM and transgender health), and high-risk for HIV populations (injection drug use, sex workers, heterosexuals, and MSM). I also work with social media, Facebook, online and smart phone dating applications, and text messaging for sexual health research. She is currently the co-investigator for Houston’s National HIV Behavioral Surveillance (NHBS) and have been involved with the project for twelve years. Guest: Paige Padgett Wermuth, PhD, MPH https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/35457380/


May 31st Queer Voices

"Tinderbox" stage reading -- Dallas Southern Pride -- Woodlands Pride Andrew Edmonson talks with Brad Dalton about the stage reading of a new play called "Tinder Box" at Spring Street Studios in Houston. The play is about the deadly fire at the "UpStairs Lounge" in New Orleans 50 years ago. The reading will take place Sunday June 18th at 3pm. Guest: Brad Dalton https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/lifestyle/arts/tinderbox-up-stairs-lounge-fire-book-author-interview-1125133/ Then, we catch up with Ahmad Goree and Dallas Southern Pride. We discuss the history and the importance of the this event. Dallas Southern Pride (DSP) is the official annual celebration for Black Lesbian, Gay, Bi, Trans, and Queer (LGBTQ) individuals to come together and celebrate who and what we are. It all begin in 1997 when a small gathering of Black LGBTQ individuals came together to party and hang out with one another. As the years continued, the community demanded a more formalized celebratory weekend with a host hotel, organized parties/events, and shows to provide a safe space for this community gathering. Guest: Ahmad Goree https://dallassouthernpride.com/ Finally, we catch upon with Woodlands Pride. The Woodlands Pride is excited to present its inaugural summit, Talking with Pride, on June 10th, 2023. During the Summit, you will hear from various speakers and panels discussing mental health, small business, advocacy, and more pertaining to the LGBTQ+ community. Guest: Jason Rocha https://secure.givelively.org/event/thewoodlandspride/the-woodlands-pride-talking-with-pride-summit-2023


May 24th 2023 Queer Voices

"August Osage County" @ MATCH -- Pride 365 -- Mayoral Candidate Gilbert Garcia We speak with Deborah Hope and Ron Jones about Dirt Dogs Production of "August: Osage County". When the large Weston family unexpectedly reunites after patriarch Dad up and disappears, their Oklahoman family homestead explodes in a maelstrom of repressed truths and unsettling secrets. A vanished father, a pill-popping mother, and three sisters harboring shady little secrets becomes a mixture of brutal honesty and hurtful truth as old wounds reopen and new ones form. Winner of the 2008 Pulitzer Prize for Drama and the Tony Award for best play that same year, August: Osage County examines how people function within dysfunction. The play starts May 26th and runs through June 10th. Guest: Brad Dalton https://matchouston.org/events/2023/august-osage-county Then, we speak with the president of Pride 365, Kendra Walker and what's in store for 2023. The 45th Annual Official Houston Pride Parade® will take place downtown at Houston City Hall, 901 Bagby Street, on Saturday, June 24, 2023, in Houston, TX. This is Houston’s Premiere Event of the Pride Season attended by hundreds of thousands each Summer. Parade is FREE as always for everyone and we encourage everyone to register. Parade Hours: 7pm-11pm Guest: Kendra Walker https://pridehouston365.org/ Finally, we talk with Houston Mayoral candidate Gilbert Garcia about his race and his plans for the city of Houston. Gilbert Garcia is going to “shake up” City Hall and bring all Houstonians together. With his proven success managing turnarounds such as his tenure as Chairman of METRO, where he instituted many reforms and was awarded Transit Agency of the Year in 2015, or as Managing Partner of his investment firm, where he grew the assets under management from $200 million to over $22 billion (as of April 14, 2023), Gilbert knows how to get the job done and will seek input from those who have historically been voiceless. Guest: Gilbert Garcia https://www.garciaforhouston.com/