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Raíces Verdes is a platform dedicated to validating, archiving and sharing the experiences of Black, Indigenous, People of Color, in connection to the environment. Raíces Verdes is a podcast for healing our relationship to the earth and with each other. Hosted by Samara Almonte, La Fresa de Rancho Artwork by Dario Castellon

Raíces Verdes is a platform dedicated to validating, archiving and sharing the experiences of Black, Indigenous, People of Color, in connection to the environment. Raíces Verdes is a podcast for healing our relationship to the earth and with each other. Hosted by Samara Almonte, La Fresa de Rancho Artwork by Dario Castellon


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Raíces Verdes is a platform dedicated to validating, archiving and sharing the experiences of Black, Indigenous, People of Color, in connection to the environment. Raíces Verdes is a podcast for healing our relationship to the earth and with each other. Hosted by Samara Almonte, La Fresa de Rancho Artwork by Dario Castellon






Feminists Frameworks to Climate Change

In this episode we featured Andrea Vega Troncoso a queer, dominican, decolonial feminist and climate justice advocate. Originally from Santo Domingo, DR, Andrea now lives in Lenape lands or Brooklyn, NY. She’s currently working at WEDO (the Women’s Environment and Development Organization), supporting their global advocacy work at the intersections of climate, environmental, gender and development justice. During the first part of the episode Andrea shares with us what it means for her to...


Imperialism & the Environment in Central America

This episode features Sussan García, the founder of The CentAm (Central American) Collective, an educational digital space for Central Americans in diaspora in the Global North. Sussan is a recent Arab Crossroads Studies graduate from New York University Abu Dhabi. She was born to two young Guatemalan immigrants and raised in occupied Canarsee land (Queens, NYC). In the episode, Sussan shares with us parts of her radicalization journey and how this led to the creation of the CentAm...


Toxic Masculinity & the Outdoors

In this episode, Alejandro Lozano a Mexican Immigrant Outdoors Filmmaker, Media content creator for Latino Outdoors joins us to talk about toxic masculinity and its connection the outdoors. We discussed Alejandro's first interactions with the environment as a young boy through learning how to spiritually connect with nature with his father. Later in the episode Alejandro shares how he combats the social pressures from society that demand toxic masculinity from him, and how his adventures in...


Promo Ep: Dtocs - Ecofriendly tableware solutions

In this episode I interview Pallavi Pande, the owner and founder of Dtocs! Dtocs is an eco-friendly brand based out of Portland, Oregon specializing in compostable palm leaf silverware. Pallavi was inspired to launch this brand by her green roots in India, where she would eat from banana leaves as a child. The motto from Dtocs is "“Responsible living- towards mother nature, towards our kids and towards our community”. Listen to this special episode to learn more about Pallavi's journey as a...


What our Ancestors Saw in the Stars

NEW EPISODE: Feel like astrology is apolitical? Well think again! In Episode 3 of Season 3, I had the pleasure of interviewing Giselle Castaño, a queer mixed race Mexican Jewish astrologer, currently residing in Duwamish territory. In this episode we discuss the erasure of Black and Indigenous knowledge in astrology, how we all embody all four elements of astrology, and what astrology can teach us about environmental justice! You can learn more about Giselle and the services they offer...


Indigenizing Environmental Science & Mutual Aid

Season 3 Episode 2: In this episode we have Dr. Jessica Hernandez, an Indigenous scholar, scientist, and community advocate based in the Pacific Northwest. She discusses with us the importance of indigenizing environmental science to center Indigenous voices and knowledge. We also discuss the importance of mutual aid for Indigenous communities, and the harm that "helicopter research" in communities of color can cause. Listen to learn more about Dr. Jessica's work and the two collectives she...


Archiving P'urhépecha Knowledge Through Art

Welcome to Season 3 of Raíces Verdes! In this first episode, we have P'urhépecha artist Diana Morales as a guest on the show. Diana is an artist born in Santa Cruz Tanaco, Michoacan, Mexico raised in Santa Ana, California unceded Tongva and Acjachemen territory. She is the creator of Arte Es Medicina, an Instagram platform dedicated to sharing P'urhépecha oral stories and collective efforts through art. In this episode we discuss her artwork in connection to her experience as part of the...


In the Fire: The Medicine For Tragedy is Community

Erica & Niria are two Chicanas from the Northwest organizing mutual aid efforts for members of the Talent, Phoenix and Medford community who lost everything due to the recent #Almedafires. Specifically, they are raising funds to support Latinx & immigrant community members who were previously residing in mobile homes and were severely affected by the fires. In this episode we discussed the environmental implications & injustices on BIPOC when disasters occur, and how mutual aid rooted in...


Latinidad: Representation for Who?

Latinidad, or the Latinx identity is messy. But we need to talk about the messiness of it so we can be critical of what we mean when say we want diversity in the "environmental movement", in people leading the work of sustainability. Within the Latinx community, who is most impacted by environmental injustices? Is it our Black-Latinx community members, Indigenous people? What is a White-Latinx and where is all this nuance coming from? I hope this episode sparks conversation and something...


Protectors Of The Salish Sea

Chiyokten of the Saanich tribe shares medicine through the form of storytelling and reminds us that we have a choice in how we are in relationship with land, water and everything else on this earth. To support their work visit https://protectorsofthesalishsea.org/ https://www.facebook.com/ProtectorsOfTheSalishSea/


Radical Black Ecology

Gabrielle Felder is a freelance graphic designer, social media artist, and culture critic. Originally from Orange County, California, Gabrielle currently lives in Portland with her fiance. After beginning her master’s degree in Environmental Health at University of Washington, Gabrielle realized that her true passions lie in art & design, writing, marketing, and activism. She is the creator of the social media platform on Instagram @gfx_prints, which sparked the topic of this episode,...


Abolition & the Outdoors

Ki’Amber Thompson is a queer Blaxicana educator, organizer, artist, and entrepreneur from the West Side of San Antonio. Since graduating from Pomona College in 2018 she’s done environmental justice work in Flint, Michigan through the Doris Duke Conservation Scholars Program at the University of Michigan and spent a year in Washington, D.C. doing policy, research, and storytelling work with the Ocean Conservancy. Ki’Amber is the Founder and Director of the Charles Roundtree Bloom Project, an...


Slowing Down to the Beat of the Earth

A soundtrack featuring the Earth stories of 6 BIPOC and their healing journey with land and water. Slow down, take a moment to rest and reflect on your own Earth story as you listen to the soundtrack. Thank you to Paul, Carol, Hannah, John Wesley and Jasmmine for allowing me to record their stories and be part of this work. Special thank you to @_carina.carina for the cover art, and @paliboyoriginal for the music featured in the podcast. Below you can find more information about the...


Black Environmentalism & Settler-Colonial Education

Ashley Abena* Arhin (she/her)| *(Uh-bin-uh) Born and raised in unceded Duwamish Territory also known as Seattle Washington, Abena is a Black woman of Ghanaian decent with kinship in the In-land Ashanti and Coastal Fante tribes. She received her Bachelors Degree from Western Washington University in Interdisciplinary Studies with a minor in Education and Social Justice in 2018. Entitled “Understanding Black Connections to Land and Place through Anti-Blackness in the United States” she spent...


Islam As the Deepest Green Root

Kadiatou(Ka-djah-tou)Balde is a 22-year-old Black Guinean-American Muslim womxn. She’s a social architect with a passion for BI&POC community-based sustainability and entrepreneurship - rooted in Islam. Upon graduating last May, she worked with 12 different non-profit organizations as a Diversity in Arts Leadership intern, where she learned the importance of BI&POC solutions and leadership that led to her co-creation of Faithfully Sustainable. To follow her work check out...


Islam & Ethical Fashion

Zainab Koli is an Indian American Muslim woman whose work sits at the intersection of sustainable fashion, community organizing, and Islam. She is the Co-Founder of two Muslim community organizations, Faithfully Sustainable and NY MSA Showdown. She plans to continue bringing together her background in fashion design and product development and community organizing to build just fashion systems free from social and environmental exploitation by centering the voices and solutions of BIPOC...


Latinx, Muslim & Sustainable

Cassandra Tejada is a promoter of sustainable fashion and sustainable living. She sets out to take up space within the sustainable fashion community as a Muslim, Dominican, Peruvian, Colombian women. Cassandra shares her own modest and sustainable style and Islamic lifestyle on various online platforms, and she is also an aspiring entrepreneur who is working towards launching a sustainable, modest clothing line. IG: @cassandra_laflor TikTok: @cassandra_laflor YouTube: Cassandra La Flor


Raices Press: Healing Through Storytelling

Aleyda or Mari for her familia, is from a small town near Guadalajara, Mexico. She graduated from Fairhaven College with an Interdisciplinary major titled “Solidarity Across borders: Understanding Experiences and Imagining New Realities through Storytelling” and a minor in Education and Social Justice. Aleyda is the content curator for Raices Press, a platform to find book recommendations, book reviews, and writing events. Raices Press has a strong focus on social justice and highlighting...


The Chisme on Ecofascism & Healing

From life transitions, COVID-19, ecofascism and all things healing, I wanted to share with you all some chisme. New episodes are coming, because I believe more than ever this is the time to archive and share our stories as Black, Indigenous, People of Color. We are here, we been here, and we will exist in the future. For COVID-19 resources go to https://nuestrasraicesverdes.com/resources/covid-19/


"I will plan your ass out of this city!"

In this episode, I interviewed Dario Castellon for the second time as part of the series featuring the artists of Raíces Verdes. Dario is the visual artist for the podcast, and a colleague from my time at Huxley College of the Environment, where we both received a B.A in Urban Planning and Sustainable Development. For this episode, Dario and I spoke about our experiences in the predominantly white and cis-male dominated field that is Urban Planning. As Black, Indigenous, People of Color, how...