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Ep. 212: On Saying Yes, Inertia, Fear, and how to tell if the Inner Circle is right for you

Are you waiting to have the Next Great Idea to get moving on your creative dreams? Are you finding yourself trapped in the either/or when you really want to live in the shades of grey in between? Are you wondering if you're *really* ready to step into your RYHSY life? Then this episode is for you. I break down: + how I let go of being held back by the fears of failure, success, and disruption + what saying yes really looks like + my own story of saying yes that led me to starting this...


Ep. 211: Are you the "right" kind of creative? (Oh, you KNOW I have thoughts!)

Ever wonder if you're the "right" kind of creative or if you're doing your creative endeavors the way you should? Have you ever called yourself "not creative" just because you aren't a visual artist or a maker? Have you ever looked around at what everyone else is doing with their work and thought that they must surely know something you don't? If you answered yes to any of the above, you are not alone! This week, I'm diving into the question of what it means to do creativity the "right"...


Ep. 210: The Sneaky Side of Fear

Fear. It's real and sometimes it's loud. But what about those times it's *not* so loud? And what about those times that fear is in control of our actions and we don't even realize it? That's what I'm talking about this week - all those sneaky ways fear shows up and holds us back from making the moves we really want to be making in our lives and in our work. If you consistently find yourself overwhelmed or taking on too much or lost in research or just wishing you had more time, this episode...


Ep. 209: There is nothing wrong with you. (But let's talk about why you might think there is.)

Do you ever find yourself wondering any of these: + Why can't I create (or be as confident) as everyone I see online? + Why can't I just stay off social media? + Why am I so tired? + Why do I have so many doubts? Guess what? YOU ARE NOT ALONE. And also: there is nothing wrong with you. Promise. This week, I'm breaking down some of the most common questions I hear from people about their creative habits and where they think they need to change and am diving into why these questions...


Ep. 208: On Turning Points - Past, Present, and Future

What do moving to San Francisco (without my boyfriend at the time), coming off of maternity leave, and quitting drinking have in common? They were all major turning points in my life. In this week's episode, I'm taking you behind the scenes of these three huge transitions in my life and sharing everything I've learned in the process of making my way through them, including how I now face those "things have to change!" whispers now. If you're in the midst of a transition, this episode is...


Ep. 207: The Problem with Your Ideas

Think you need to find the One Perfect Idea to act on? Or are you drowning in inspiration and have more ideas than you know what to do with? Either way, I've got you covered. This week, I'm taking you behind the scenes of one of my own recent "I can't do this hard, scary thing!" freak-outs and sharing why ideas don't matter as much as we think they do. Enjoy and then: GET TO WORK!! Show Notes: Connect with Tiffany on Insta Get Tiffany's newsletter and stay in the know Get on the list...


Ep. 206: Camille T. Dungy on Living (and Navigating!) the Dream

I am thrilled to be kicking Season 5 (!!) off with a return appearance from my friend Camille T. Dungy. In this episode, Camille and I dive real-talk look at what happens behind the scenes of the life of a successful poet, author, speaker, and teacher and how she maintains success and keeps her creative train on the tracks. We also talk about self-care, how to find/ask for/get help, the difference between doing and promoting the work, and how to navigate the tension between wanting success...


Ep. 205: Procrastination. And how to deal.

Procrastination. It's real. It's daunting. And for many of us, it's the big thing standing in the way of us being the person we want to be in this world. In this week's episode, I'm diving deep into the root causes of procrastination and sharing specific techniques you can use to tackle each one. Oh! And there's a workbook! Enjoy, enjoy!! Show Notes: Connect with Tiffany on Insta Get Tiffany's newsletter and stay in the know 31 Days to Flow - registration open through 8/3! Get...


Ep. 204: Can Values Be Sexy? Yes. And Let's Talk about Changing Stories

Have you ever found yourself saying something out loud that is self-depricating and not actually true? If so, this episode is for you. This week, I'm diving into three specific stories I've told throughout my life (one very recently!) and looking at what impact telling them has had on what I believe about myself. The short version is that the things we say out loud tend to become true. The other spoiler is that we can shift this ourselves. If you're ready to stand in your own power and own...


Ep. 203: On Becoming a Morning Person, aka How to Change a Habit (and Change your Life)

Can you slowly and gradually shift a habit or do you have to go all in? Is it possible to actually change something about yourself that you've believed to be true your whole life? How do you know when a change is necessary or when it's antithesis to the person you really are? And, then, if you are ready to try out the change, where do you even start? These are just a few of the questions that come up around habit change and this week, I'm diving into my own shift in my habit around waking...


Ep. 202: 10 Things I learned from 200 episodes

Are y'all ready for this one? It's time to pause to honor the first 201 episodes of RYHSY (I still can't believe it!) and this week I'm sharing the 10 things I've learned in my four years (so far!) of podcasting! Here's the full list in case you need a cheat sheet: 1. Start where you are. 2. Do the scrappiest version you can to get going. 3. If it works, it's good enough. (For now.) 4. Refine over time - you'll know when it's time to make shifts. 5. Shout your stuff from the rooftops....


Ep. 201: On Anxiety

Let's talk about anxiety and real life and what happens when you make a bold move toward something you really want and it's *still* hard. This week, I'm taking you through the inner workings of my brain and sharing my recent experience with purchasing a home in Colorado and how that kicked up my anxiety BIGTIME. My hope in talking about this stuff is that it starts getting normalized and that anyone who can relate knows that they aren't alone. Let's all keep going together, eh? Show...


Ep. 200: The Power of a Moment

Episode 200. WHAT?!?! This week, I'm looking at the big picture (200 episodes!) as well as the individual moments that create a movement. I'm diving into my thoughts on hitting 200 episodes, Hamilton, and hard-boiled eggs (I promise it all makes sense!) as well as the reasons I'm not willing to only have one call to action and why I'm not doing a "Everything I learned in 200 episodes" just yet. If you're getting frustrated by inaction in your creative process, this episode is for...


Ep. 199: The Self-Fulfilling Prophecy of Fear and Why You've Gotta Do It Anyway

Let's talk about fear - it's intense and it's real. Buuuuut let's also talk about how one of the biggest secrets of creative success is being a person who's willing to take action despite their fear. In this week's episode, I'm breaking down different examples of how fear is self-fulfilling for what I hope is the pep talk you've been waiting for to get a move on! If any of these are familiar, I've got you covered: + It's too late for me to get started. + But what if someone takes my...


Ep. 198: Raise Your Hand Say NO

Say what? Yes! You read that right! Today's episode is all about raising your hand and saying NO so that you have the time and energy to raise your hand and say yes. In this episode, I'll outline why it's so important to say no, what types of things you might surprisingly need to start saying no to, and how to actually take the steps into your own "No" freedom! And be sure to keep me posted on how your #raiseyourhandsayyes challenge goes! (Cause you've got big work to do, Sweets. There's...


Ep. 197: Ana Victoria Calderón on Showing Up

Ana Victoria Calderón is an amazing watercolor artist, hand-letterer, and teacher and I was so excited to get to interview her this week for the podcast! In this episode, you'll hear us talk about making hard choices in favor of the life you want, what it's *really* like to go all in on your dreams, the power of connection, and how to keep going even when things feel hard. You'll also hear us talk so much about showing up - in favor of what you want, for yourself, for your community and so...


Ep. 196: The Art of the Follow Through

Let's dive in: if you want to make those big ideas of yours happen, learning the art of following through on your big ideas is essential! In this episode, I'm breaking things down into the basics that you need to get going and raise your hand and say yes to the big things keeping you up at night! Want a cheat sheet? Here you go: Your 5 Follow Through Guiding Principles: 1. Talk is cheap if it's not backed up by action. 2. Any action counts. 3. You're never going to have things...


Ep. 195: Jen Hewett on Balance, Boundaries, Planning, and Following Through

Jen Hewett and I had such a great conversation for this episode! You'll hear us talk about: + how she knew when it was time to quit her consulting work + and what she did to prepare for being on her own financially + how she balances long and short term projects and focuses in her creative work + how she sets (and maintains) boundaries + how she keeps her eye on her current projects rather than getting easily distracted by new ideas + how she knows when it's time to let something go...


Ep. 194: Rachel Mae Smith on Being Creative

Ah! I love Rachel Mae Smith of The Crafted Life! In this episode, we talk all things content creation, inspiration, and social media! We also cover how to handle growth, how to know when to pivot and make a change, what to do about changing algorithms, and how to know what things we should be paying attention to when it comes to our online work. Enjoy, enjoy! Show Notes: Connect with Tiffany on Insta Get Tiffany's newsletter and stay in the know Get your RYHSY Starter Kit Connect...


Ep. 193: Kate Swoboda on Courage

Courage. We all could use a little more of it, but not having it might be holding us back from doing the thing that will help us get it! Enter: Kate Swoboda and her new book The Courage Habit (which I'm pretty sure was written for us!). In her new book and in this conversation, Kate helps unpack the different habits associated with courage and how we can step past our fear to get out into the world and follow through on all those things we *say* we want to do! Kate also gives permission to...