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RedDot Podcast | Episode 019 | An Interview with Texas Artist Nancy Balmert

Nancy Balmert wouldn’t change a thing about her nascent art career. Balmert began painting in 2000 and was mentored by fellow Texan Dalhart Windberg. She has since been picked up by galleries in Scottsdale, AZ, Texas and New York. In this episode of the RedDot Podcast, I interviewed Balmert and asked her to share the story of her journey as she transitioned to pursue her art career. To leave a comment about this episode and your experiences with rules and regulations, go to the Podcast...


RedDot Podcast | Episode 017 | Saying Goodbye to a Gallery

A lot of my writing and podcasting is about the process of preparing to present your work to galleries and about how to establish relationships with gallery owners. In today’s podcast I’ll look at what happens when a relationship with a gallery doesn’t work out, and how to end the relationship. To leave a comment about this episode and your experiences ending relationships with galleries, go to the Podcast Page. While you’re there, be sure and join our mailing list!


RedDot Podcast | Episode 015 | Artist Thom Reaves Reconnects with a Long-lost Collector - Gains a Patron!

Last week I talked about the importance of reestablishing contact with art buyers who have fallen out of contact. New Jersey artist Thom Reaves left a comment about an amazing experience he had reconnecting with a past buyer. Hear his story in today’s podcast. To leave a comment about this episode and your experiences reconnecting, go to While you’re there, be sure and join our mailing list!


RedDot Podcast | Episode 014 | Reconnecting with Long-lost Collectors

If you’ve been selling art for any length of time, it’s likely you have lost touch with some of your past buyers. Reaching back out to past buyers is a great way to resume your relationships with your buyers and can lead to additional sales. In this episode I will share some experience I’ve had reconnecting with long-lost collectors and I’ll share strategies you can use to reconnect with past buyers. To leave a comment about this episode and your experiences reconnecting, go to...


RedDot Podcast | Episode 013 | “What Should I Paint?”

Artist’s frequently ask me what the most popular styles of work are and what sizes are selling best. I have to answer these questions very carefully. Join me in this week’s podcast as we explore the ins and outs of trying to decipher the art market. Read more about the how to sell your art and understand the art market by visiting our blog at


RedDot Podcast | Episode 006 | Adventurous Art Sales, and the Importance of Persistence in Art Marketing

In this week’s episode, Jason shares events that lead up to a significant sale and lessons learned in the process. It’s easy to give up on your marketing efforts when they don’t seem to be working, but persistence can make all the difference.


RedDot Podcast | Episode 005 | An Interview with Franny Moyle, Author of Turner: The Extraordinary Life and Momentous Times of J.M.W. Turner

An interview with Franny Moyle, Author of Turner, the Extraordinary Life and Momentous Times of JMW Turner. I picked up Franny’s biography on Turner earlier this year and thoroughly enjoyed learning more about this important artist’s life. Turner is one of the United Kingdom’s greatest artists, and is, perhaps its best known, but I didn’t know much about his life and I found Franny’s biography fascinating and enlightening. Franny Moyle joins me for the interview from her home in England.


RedDot Podcast | Episode 004 | Sales Trends for the 2017 Season

In this episode, Jason will look at how the 2016-2017 high season went for Xanadu Gallery. There were several interesting trends, and Jason will explore these trends, along with their underlying external and internal factors.


RedDot Podcast | Episode 003 | Wrong Lessons Learned

In this episode, Jason responds to comments on a recent post about a sticky situation with clients. Some commenters came to the conclusion that Xanadu Gallery is hounding its clients – Jason makes arguments to counter this viewpoint.


RedDot Podcast | Episode 002 | An Interview With Dave Newman

In episode 2 of the RedDot podcast I interview long-time Xanadu artist Dave Newman. We discuss the development of his art and career.


RedDot Podcast | Episode 001 | Introducing the RedDot Podcast

Welcome to our new podcast! I’m Jason Horejs, owner of Xanadu Gallery and publisher of I’m excited to announce that, after years of wanting to get a podcast up and running, I’ve finally taken the plunge. In this episode I’ll explain how the podcast we’ll work, and we’ll look at several important issues for artists.


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