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Reading things I enjoy from the Internet. My aim is to provide interesting, quiet content as the ideal podcast to listen to at bedtime. I won't be cross if you fall asleep!

Reading things I enjoy from the Internet. My aim is to provide interesting, quiet content as the ideal podcast to listen to at bedtime. I won't be cross if you fall asleep!


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Reading things I enjoy from the Internet. My aim is to provide interesting, quiet content as the ideal podcast to listen to at bedtime. I won't be cross if you fall asleep!




Season 3 Episode 1 - Crappy Colleagues

We are back! Coming to you from a Corona virus quarantine in the UK. We have tales of crappy colleagues who won't use the right name, and pranksters in work who go a step too far, only to get their comeuppance.


Season 2 Episode 15 - Arsehole colleagues. A mumsnet and reddit work special!

Producer Dan and I are talking shit colleagues this week. Starting in mumsnet with a liftshare leech, before moving to reddit for a power tripping pillock.


Season 2 Episode 14 — Frozen Eggs & an Overly Sociable Honeymoon

Focused very much on Reddit's AITA sub this week! Producer Dan and I read through a post about egg donation worries. We follow this with a tale that fills me with horror! A honeymoon with company! Just no!


Season 2 Episode 13 - Twitter tales of embarrassing kids and funny nicknames

This week Producer Dan and I turn to Twitter for some threads about the dreadful things your children do to embarrass you followed by amusing nicknames.


Season 2 Episode 12 - Meercat Munchies, Granny Surprise & Bad, Bad Dates

Back after a brief lull due to illness, Producer Dan and I look at a recent news story, a great "I don't work here, lady", and then finally move to twitter for some really bad date stories. "He put his hand in your mouth!!!!" and other horrors.


Season 2 Episode 11 - The googly-eyed dead and an entitled husband.

This week Producer Dan and I read through a relationships thread about last requests, & discuss how we would handle this odd one. Then we move onto a two part choosing beggar story that just keeps giving and giving.


Season 2 Episode 10 - Propose at my wedding? I don't think so.. & Going postal!

I didn't allow Producer Dan to produce this episode, so this week is all nice things from reddit! An AITA about proposals at other people's weddings, a malicious compliance from the post room. And finally a heart warming story about tipping in the USA.


Season 2 Episode 9 - WTF moments and the lies your parents tell you

Producer Dan has been searching mumsnet and b3ta for funny, filthy things for me to read. So here are some regarding total wtf moments and terrible lies. Also a story that will make you pity the poor policeman it involves!


Season 2 Episode 8 - Idiots at work

A thread from football365 about idiots you have worked with, followed by a twitter thread. Wear a beret in London? Fine. Wear one in Newcastle? Nope!


Season 2 Episode 7 - embarrassing accidents, and random confessions

We start with mumsnet and embarrassing accidents (ever trapped a nipple? - ouch) and then move onto B3ta and the question of the week. What would you like to confess? As it's Christmas, and we are having a bit too much fun, this episode is both late and over running. Oh and disorganised too! Enjoy. Happy Christmas /holidays!


Season 2 Episode 6. Manscaping gone wrong & perils of parenting.

A TIFU about make grooming that will have men wincing in sympathy. Followed by new parenting silliness. Join Producer Dan and I for more casual chat and laughter.


Season 2 Episode 5 - I'm going to start fingering people soon!

More reddit threads and random chat from me and Producer Dan. We discuss mispronounced things, being tricked into eating mini rolos (dreadful!) and lots of rude stuff!


Season 2 Episode 4 - Producer Dan sneakily produces!

A story from I don't work here lady from an ex employee, followed by producer Dan's choice, which caught me by surprise!


Season 2 Episode 3 - They said WHAT?!! Misheard things

A mumsnet classic of misheard comments and misunderstandings.


S2 Episode 2 - Hairy growlers and very TALL MEN!

Producer Dan and I take to the mumsnet classics threads for mispronounced words, lyrics and phrases. It all goes a teensy bit pear - shaped when we get to the end!


Season 2 Episode 1. You can't fire me! No really, you can't...

Malicious compliance from an employee fed up of being harassed when ill. Followed by a thread about an unexpected firing from a new job! Complete with the usual witterings of Producer Dan and I.


Episode 15 - Blowing in the wind (the tale of a relaxing massage gone wrong)

We look at two stories from Reddit this week. An AITA thread about wanting to install cameras in your home, but being thwarted by an unwanted lodger. Followed by a TIFU thread about two redditors meeting up! I know right?!


Episode 14 - Watch the world burn (with popcorn)

Another episode of entertaining reddit threads, including a neighbourhood fight, with popcorn. A bride trying to make money at her wedding and a contentious car purchase.


Episode 13 - The strangest thing a person has done in your home.

It's a mumsnet thread this week! Producer Dan and I read through the comments on this thread about word things people do in your home (or in their own home while you are there).


Episode 12 - Confessions Aplenty

We leave Reddit for this weeks episode and turn our attention to @FessHole on twitter. Producer Dan and I choose our favourite confessions to read out (& laugh about). Then we move onto an old B3ta thread about people confessing to reading others diary entries! Shocking stuff! 😁