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Chris and Rifa sift through the detritus of the past week to pick out bits of culture, current affairs and anything else that catches their attention. Made in Brighton on the English south coast.

Chris and Rifa sift through the detritus of the past week to pick out bits of culture, current affairs and anything else that catches their attention. Made in Brighton on the English south coast.
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Chris and Rifa sift through the detritus of the past week to pick out bits of culture, current affairs and anything else that catches their attention. Made in Brighton on the English south coast.






REFIGURE E31 – Series 2 Outtakes

If you're missing your weekly fix of Chris and Rifa, since Refigure series 2 ended last week, here's a fast and loose bonus half-hour of some outtake conversations and arguments that we cut, either for time, or because they were a bit too bonkers. Includes Dune's space worms, James Corden's lack of empathy and both our names on a plaque. Enjoy.


Refigure E30 – The End 2

It's the season two finale of Chris and Rifa's weekly review of culture, tech and diversity. For this packed episode, we binge-watch the entire run of HBO's hugely acclaimed multi award-winning political satire Veep, starring Julia Louis-Dreyfus, to mark the occasion of that show finishing. We also mooch up to Tate Modern for a preview of Danish/Icelandic artist Olafur Eliasson's major new solo exhibition 'In Real Life', which, spoiler alert, is sensational. And on Netflix we check...


Refigure E29 – Glasto & Berry

Nearing the end of season two, Rifa and Chris take their weekly bitesize chunk out of the arts, culture, tech and diversity. This week we cleared our schedules, bought a pile of unhealthy snacks and settled in to spend the whole weekend binge-watching BBC live streams from Glastonbury Festival, enjoying full live sets by more than 25 bands, without the distractions of presenters, acoustic sets or annoying 'atmosphere' video packages over on the 'normal' TV coverage. Our Glasto...


Refigure E28 – Television & Reality

Chris and Rifa's weekly bitesize look back at their week in culture, tech and diversity. This week, we chat about three recent TV drama series that we binge-watched, all of which try to make us think about the state of reality, right now. We watched season five of Charlie Brooker's Netflix show Black Mirror, Russell T Davies' new BBC series Years & Years and NBC's Chicago legal drama The Good Fight. In What You Reading For? Rifa talks about the epic blog entry she has written with...


Refigure E27 – Primavera & Gaudí

Chris and Rifa's weekly bitesize show digging through their favourite arts, culture, tech and diversity. This week is a Barcelona special, mostly recorded at Kino Café outside the Contemporary Art Gallery, over a big pile of patatas bravas. We chat about our weekend at Primavera Sound 2019 music festival, which had a wildly diverse lineup and booked more than 50% women artists. We also talk about Catalonia's great architect and design genius Antoni Gaudí, walking around Sagrada Família...


Refigure E26 – Applegate & Saxons

After a mid-season hiatus and a bit of overseas travel, Chris and Rifa return for another bitesize munch on culture, tech and diversity. This week the show is taped in our Barcelona hotel room. We would've recorded it on the roof terrace but there were noisy Brits. We chat about new Netflix drama series Dead To Me starring Christina Applegate and Linda Cardellini. We also talk about visiting Brighton Museum's new archaeological gallery, with its excellent exhibition uncovering some of...


Refigure E25 – Iron & Wine

Chris and Rifa dig into another week of arts, culture, tech and diversity. This week we're both blown away by Icelandic indie film Woman At War starring Halldóra Geirharðsdóttir. Chris is also watching Sky Atlantic's sobering true-life 1980s drama Chernobyl about the Soviet Union's great nuclear disaster – and we aren't convinced by buddy comedy Wine Country, directed by Amy Poehler, which is up on Netflix. We also have starkly conflicting reactions to Malian photographer and DJ...


Refigure E24 – Thanos & Nwando

Chris and Rifa take a marmalade-fuelled amble through some arts, culture, tech and diversity. This episode, we go to the cinema with everyone else in the world to watch Avengers: End Game. We also take part in the opening ceremony of Nwando Ebizie's glorious Distorted Constellations installation / exhibition at Lighthouse, as part of Brighton Festival. And we eat some Divine ginger thin chocolates (sort of biscuits) we got from Oxfam. Rifa is reading Ruben Pater's The Politics Of...


Refigure E23 – Vincent & Beyoncé

Chris and Rifa's weekly adventures in culture, the arts, tech and diversity. This week Chris and Rifa head to Tate Britain to check out hot new exhibition Van Gogh And Britain. They also watch Beyoncé's new concert film Homecoming on Netflix, based on her headline shows at last year's Coachella festival. Chris is reading Suzannah Evans' first book-length poetry collection Near Future published by Nine Arches Press, while Rifa is reading about the artist Daniel Minter in Womankind...


Refigure E22 – Rhodes & Sitcoms

Chris and Rifa swim in the balmy waters of the arts, culture and diversity. This week's episode comes from the Eastern Mediterranean sea shore. We revisit the three British sitcoms that we reviewed at the start of the season, now they've each finished their six episode run, namely Derry Girls, Home and Fleabag. We also went to the career retrospective exhibition of iconic Greek realist painter Valias Semertzidis at the Museum Of Greek Modern Art. Rifa reads a tiny poem she saw on...


Refigure E21 – Queer Eye & Pose

Chris and Rifa take their weekly dip into the choppy waters of culture, tech and diversity. This week we catch up with two iconic queer TV shows: the second season of makeover reality hit Queer Eye on Netflix and groundbreaking FX drama series Pose, about the underground trans ball scene in 1980s New York, which is on the BBC iPlayer. This expanded into a broader conversation about LGBTQI and QTIPOC representation, privilege and ally-ship. Chris is reading David Grann's non fiction...


Refigure E20 – Cheese & The Multiverse

Rifa and Chris do their weekly dance of near-death with the all powerful octopus of culture, art, tech and diversity. This week we reflect on Jim Bob's solo show at Shepherds Bush Empire (where Chris was part of the band). We then binge-watch the second series of Brit Marling's brilliant reality-bending mystery TV series The OA, which has gone up on Netflix. Finally we taste-test three different artisan vegan cheeses from Fauxmagerie, the deli in Brixton Market, while arguing if vegan...


Refigure BONUS – Ricky Gervais – 'After Life'

We made a BONUS episode of Refigure, in which we unpick our reactions to Ricky Gervais' new TV series After Life made for Netflix, which has had a pile of attention and wild praise. Too convoluted and lengthy a conversation to include in the main episode. Enjoy! As always, please subscribe and 'like' and leave a nice rating and review. We're on Facebook and Instagram. Back next week with a normal Refigure.


Refigure E19 – Marvel & West

Yo! Welcome to Chris and Rifa's weekly ramble through the arts, culture, tech and diversity. This week we went to the pictures to watch Captain Marvel and we also did our first Tate Modern trip of the year, to check out Dorothea Tanning, Franz West and Pierre Bonnard, though he scarcely got a look in. We recorded the Tate segment in the members' café, so it's a lot noisier and harder to hear than usual. Chris also recommends Njideka Akunyili Crosby's beautiful large mural Remain,...


Refigure E18 – Comedy & Tragedy

Chris and Rifa's weekly dive into the arts, culture, tech and diversity. This week, we watch a bunch of new and returning British TV sitcoms including Fleabag, Partridge, Home and Derry Girls. Rifa goes on a bell hooks-inspired poetry workshop and mourns 80s youth telly icon Magenta Divine, while Chris accidentally uncovers an audio archive of his Great Uncle Reg's first-hand account of the trenches in World War One. Chris is reading an article about chimpanzees in The Atlantic and...


Refigure E17 – Spiders & Dragons

Chris and Rifa's chaotic and giggly weekly dive into the arts, culture, tech and diversity. This week we go to the cinema to see Spiderman – Into The Spiderverse ahead of The Story Conference (which Rifa organised and compered) where Justin K. Thompson, the film's production designer, gives a superb talk. We also binge-watch the second season of Netflix fantasy show The Dragon Prince, making this episode a bit of an accidental animated special. In What You Reading For? we try out...


Refigure E16 – Climbing & Dying

Chris and Rifa return with a second season of Refigure, our weekly bitesize culture wig-out. This week we binge-watched Netflix show Russian Doll, co-created by Natasha Lyonne and Amy Poehler. Meanwhile Chris went to an actual cinema to watch National Geographic's BAFTA-winning climbing documentary Free Solo and Rifa fell in love with indie/hip hop/soul singer Lizzo, especially her current single 'Juice'. In What You Reading For? Rifa is deep into University of Houston Professor Brené...


Refigure E15 – The End

Chris and Rifa's week in the arts, culture, diversity and tech. Episode #15 – last in the current series. We argue about the latest TV version of a John Le Carré novel, Park Chan-Wook's adaptation of The Little Drummer Girl, starring Florence Pugh, Michael Shannon and Alexander Skarsgard. We also binged on Netflix comedy Great News and compared it to the crop of similar shows like 30 Rock and The Good Place. In What You Reading For? Chris has just finished lost children's classic 'The Tree...


Refigure E14 – Latinos & Widows

Rifa and Christopher's weekly misadventures in the arts, culture, tech and diversity. Episode #14 – our penultimate episode of Season One. This week we went to the cinema to check out Steve McQueen's intense new heist thriller Widows, starring Viola Davis. We also took another trip up to Tate Modern to look at Christian Marclay's wonderful 2010 piece Clock, built from cut up clips from throughout cinema history. Rifa watched John Leguizamo's acclaimed one-man Broadway show Latin History For...


Refigure E13 – Idles & Dracula

Christopher and Rifa slowly open a creaky door onto the arts, culture, tech and diversity. Episode #13. Unlucky for some. Rifa manages to get a ticket for Bristol's hottest righteous rock band Idles at the Concorde 2. Meanwhile, still avoiding live bands, Chris checks out Truestory Theatre's imaginative production of Dracula at The Spire. We also binge the new Netflix reboot of Sabrina The Teenage Witch, now called The Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina. In What You Reading For? Rifa gets...