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Interviews on politics, culture, society, business, and much more with the most interesting and important people from in and around Reno, Nevada


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Interviews on politics, culture, society, business, and much more with the most interesting and important people from in and around Reno, Nevada




Iñaki Arrieta Baro on the Basque in Northern Nevada

Please consider supporting Renoites financially at I have long wanted to do an episode of Renoites focused on the Basque history and culture of Nothern Nevada, but for some reason it kept ending up on the back burner. This week on the show, I am so grateful to finally share an episode all about this history of the Basque people both in the Basque Country as well as the Basque diaspora and it's impact and relevance in the West. My guest on this episode is Iñaki Arrieta Baro, head of the Jon Bilbao Basque Library at UNR. It holds the largest collection of Basque materials outside of the Basque Country and is among the largest collections in the world. The library serves an important part of the Basque Studies program at UNR and continues to preserve texts, photographs, audio and video recordings, journals, and even records of Basque tree carvings (arbor glyphs), an art form unique to the Basque in the West. Thank you for listening and enjoying early access to this and other episodes. I hope that if you're enjoying the show you'll tell friends and family about it and help spread the word! Your support is invaluable and so very appreciated! If you have comments, suggestions or feedback send me a message on Instagram @renoites or email me at


Pan Pantoja on Potentialism and the Power of Art

Renoites is a listener-funded project. Please consider signing up to support the show at The Potentialist Workshop on 2nd Street has long been a hub for artists in Reno, and recently opened their new interactive exhibition, Upside Down Land. Upside Down Land is based on bedtime stories Pan Pantoja (Executive Artist at the Potentialist) has told his son over the years. It begins in a child's bedroom and a journey through the closet takes visitors into a fascinating world with over 200 sculptures, hidden rooms, and endless fascinating details. A number of notable artists from Northern Nevada have come together to contribute works to the exhibit, which visitors can explore and interact with. Pan has been a very important member of Reno's artistic community for 20 years, with involvement in organizations like the Holland Project, Spoken Views Poetry Collective, Reno Art Works on Dickerson Road, The Generator, and much much more. On this episode, we talked about the importance of art in helping people see things differently, how all the rules are made up, Pan's journey in Reno's art community and stint as Poet Laureate, and a whole lot more. You can learn more about the Potentialist Workshop and buy tickets to Upside Down Land at their website, If you have suggestions or feedback, please send me a message on Instagram (@renoites) or email Thanks for listening!


Chef Jonathan Chapin on Food, Downfalls, and Comebacks

Renoites is the weekly podcast for Northern Nevada. Listen free wherever you get podcasts and please consider supporting the show at to help it become financially sustainable! Restaurant work has long had a... certain reputation. The professionalism you see in the front of house isn't always matched by the drugs, sex and rock n' roll environment frequently found in the kitchen. Reno chef Jonathan Chapin knows it well, having began his food career in one of the few work environments tolerant of tattoos and partying, but then getting sober and growing his career and honing his skills. Torn between the kitchen and Reno's punk rock music scene, Chapin also owned and managed music venues and booked local and national acts. After 14 years of sobriety and shortly before the COVID pandemic, Chapin lost it all. Through drugs, alcohol, depression, and jail, he burned most of the bridges and was forced to rebuild his life and career in recent years. In that time, he got sober once again and began a series of fundraiser dinners for local non-profits, launched his brand Reno Recipes, become the host of a weekly cooking segment on KOLO's Morning Break, and established himself as a fixture on Reno's ever-growing food scene. On this episode of Renoites, Conor and chef Chapin talk about the path his life has taken to bring him to where he is now, the importance of fostering talent in young chefs, creating a kitchen environment with less shouting and egos than you see on TV, the deal he made with the universe after a suicide attempt, and much more. If you or somebody you know needs help, there are people you can call. Call 988 for the National Suicide Prevention Hotline or Crisis Support Services of Nevada at 775-784-8090 If you have guest suggestions or feedback, please email and be sure to follow us on Instagram and Facebook!


Marie Baxter on Catholic Charities of Northern Nevada

It takes a lot of work by a lot of people to provide over 1,000 hot meals a day to people in Reno at the St. Vincent's Dining Room and the Nevada CARES Campus. It also takes a lot to manage an endless stream of items donated by our community that work their way into new apartment kits or onto St Vincent thrift store shelves. And the pantries! It definitely isn't easy providing hundreds of boxes of food to families across Northern Nevada every single day. Catholic Charities of Northern Nevada does it all and more, and has been a primary provider of these type of services in the area for over 80 years. On this episode of Renoites, we're joined the CEO of that organization, Marie Baxter. Marie has been with CCNN for 8 years and has a long history in the Reno non-profit sector, including a decade with the Reno Rodeo Foundation. Conor and Marie talked about the variety of services that CCNN provides to the community, and how those services work to address both immediate and long term needs of people experiencing poverty. Some of the topics on this episode include: Renoites is a weekly interview show hosted by Conor McQuivey and featuring guests from Northern Nevada. Topics include news and politics, social issues, arts and culture, businesses and nonprofits, and much more! Be sure to subscribe wherever you get podcasts. If you would like to support the work of independent, local media, please consider signing up on Patreon. For as little as 3 dollars a month, you can help make this show financially sustainable! Patrons receive benefits including early access to episodes and exclusive bonus segments! Learn more at If you have feedback or suggestions, please don't hesitate to reach out. Find Renoites on Facebook or Instagram, or send an email to This episode was recorded at the National Automobile Museum in Reno, Nevada. You can learn more about the NAM and buy tickets here!


Renoites LIVE - UNR Women’s Ultimate Frisbee Team Black Ice

This episode was recorded in front of a live audience at Black Rabbit Mead in Reno, Nevada on October 26, 2023. Ultimate Frisbee is a sport that borrows from other team sports like soccer and football and is played on a 100-yard field. Players try to move the frisbee down the field to an endzone while avoiding interceptions and missed passes, and the sport has long been a popular one on college campuses. On this episode of Renoites, recorded live at Black Rabbit Mead, several members of the team Black Ice from the University of Nevada, including the founders and several coaches, joined the podcast to talk about how the game works, their experience in the sport, it's unique features like a "spirit of the game" instead of a referee, how the team has grown and changed, their most embarrassing and most rewarding experiences on the field, and so much more! If you enjoy this episode and want to support Renoites, please consider signing up at as a financial supporter of the show! Patrons get benefits like early access to some episodes, exclusive patron-only video newsletters with updates about the show, free or discounted Renoites merch, and more! Send guest suggestions for future episodes or other feedback to Learn more about Black Ice on their Instagram page at and donate to help fund team expenses at


Kim Schweickert on Women and Family Homelessness and OUR Place

One of the very first episodes of Renoites was with Ben Castro of RISE, the Reno Initiative for Shelter and Equality, in which we talked about homelessness in the Reno area. That episode was recorded shortly after the opening of OUR Place, the designated area shelter for women and families. Recently, a listener reached out asking for an update on OUR Place. On this week's episode of the podcast, we deliver exactly that! Kim Schweickert has worked with unhoused individuals in Northern Nevada for many years, and is currently the Human Service Coordinator at OUR Place, under the Washoe County Human Services agency. Conor and Kim talk in this episode about the services that OUR Place provides and how it fits in the to ecosystem of homeless services in Washoe County, the different models of addressing homeless and terminology like "shelter resistant" and "housing first," the challenge of making an exit plan from a shelter environment when there isn't much affordable and accessible housing in the area, untreated mental illness and it's connection with substance use, and a whole lot more! This is the last normal episode of this season of Renoites, though there are still a couple live episode recordings to come, so keep an eye out for those. We'll be back with new regular episodes in the beginning of 2024, so please reach out and let Conor know what you'd like to hear! Who would make a good guest? What topics are important to you that we should cover? Send your emails to Thank you so much for listening! Please consider supporting Renoites on Patreon at


Paul Doege on 40 Years of Recycled Records

Recycled Records is Reno's longest-surviving record store and a staple of the small business and music communities here in the Biggest Little City. Many of us bought our first cassette tapes, CDs, or records at Recycled Records. We've seen them move locations a handful of times over those years, including moving into Midtown before it was cool, and recently leaving Midtown now that it's expensive. On this episode of Renoites, Conor sits down with longtime former owner of the store, Paul Doege. Paul purchased Recycled Records shortly after it opened and began running the business at the age of 23. He spent almost 40 years as the owner and manager before retiring in 2019 and selling the business to some of his long-time employees. Conor and Paul talked about the business model of used records and how it helped Recycled Records survive both the rise in digital piracy of the early 2000s and the advent of streaming in more recent years, the different locations of the store throughout the years as landlords regularly raised rents by impossible amounts, the early days of Midtown where Paul was an active member and one-time president of the merchant's association, the impact of TV, radio and print advertising in establishing their brand, Paul's plans to travel to Antarctica now that he is retired, and much more! Recycled Records is currently located at 4048 Kietzke Lane in Reno and can be found online at Thanks for listening! If you have feedback or guest suggestions, please email and consider supporting the show financially at


William ”BB” Flanders on Salsa, Bachata, and the Reno Latin Dance Fest

Dancing is one of those activities that is good for our mental and physical health, as well as a social activity that requires communication and cooperation. Some of the most popular dance events in Reno are for latin styles like salsa and bachata. On this week's episode of Renoites, we welcome William "BB" Flanders, one of the driving forces behind Reno's latin dance scene for the last 15+ years, including the Reno Latin Dance Fest, a 4-day festival celebrating it's 16th year from January 4-7 at the Silver Legacy. BB and Conor talked about the history of latin dance events in the Reno area, the nonverbal communication involved in leading or following in social dances, the rise and fall of various dance trends, the impact of dance contest TV shows, ways for absolute beginners to get started, and much more! You can learn more about latin dance events in Northern Nevada at and the Reno Latin Dance Fest at Thank you for listening! Please consider supporting Renoites on Patreon at and send any feedback or guest suggestions to Conor at


Renoites x Vibrant Voices - Artist Guillermo Bert

This episode is a collaboration between Renoites and Vibrant Voices, a diversity-focused and student-run newsroom at the University of Nevada, Reno. It was produced by Conor McQuivey and Kathleen Leslie. Guillermo Bert is a multimedia artist originally from Santiago, Chile and is now based in Los Angeles, California. His artwork provides an in-depth exploration of the resilience and struggle of immigrants. In this episode, Guillermo explains his process of creating art along with his incorporation of new experimental forms of media. He also describes how his work highlights and preserves Indigenous and Hispanic cultures that have often been erased. His artwork provides a commentary on how the United States addresses immigration and other various issues in a creative and bold way. He currently has two exhibitions in Reno, Nevada: Groundwork at the John and Geraldine Lilley Museum of Art and The Journey at Nevada Museum of Art. Groundwork will be shown until January 7, 2024 and The Journey will be shown until February 4, 2024. Thank you so much for listening and be sure to follow @renoites and @vv_unr on Instagram. You can also visit and to listen and learn more!


Reno City Manager Doug Thornley

Do you know what a city manager does? Most people don't! While our elected officials may have more name recognition because they have to go out and campaign, Reno's form of government puts a lot of responsibility on a city manager, someone whose role is similar to a CEO for the city organization. Today on Renoites, Reno's city manager Doug Thornley sits down with Conor to discuss what a city manager actually does and how he came to be in that role, the competing visions of what Reno should be as a city, how various economic trends have affected the area over the recent decades, what different neighborhoods are doing to improve their livability and reputation, and more. We also talked about a few recent news topics, including the recently announced billion dollar expansion at the Grand Sierra Resort, the regional approach to homelessness including the CARES campus and the now-closed Record Street shelter, and the upcoming changes to Reno's streets to accommodate different modes of getting around downtown. If you have feedback or guest suggestions, please email me at Renoites is a listener-funded project and only remains viable through contributions from listeners like you. Learn more and help this show continue to exist by visiting Thank you for listening and for your support!


Jill Vacchina Dobbs on Pet Adoptions and Animal Welfare

Do you know how animal control and pet adoptions work in Northern Nevada? If there is a stray animal, who picks it up and what happens next? On this episode of Renoites, Conor speaks with the executive director of the SPCA of Northern Nevada, Jill Vacchina Dobbs about how the system works and much more. Jill and Conor explore how the animal control process works in Northern Nevada, and what happens when parts of that process fail (spoiler alert: it means overflowing shelters and animals at risk of being euthanized for space), how COVID affected animal adoptions, bans of specific dog breeds here and around the world, the challenges of finding pet-friendly housing in a tight market, and much more! Adopt a pet! You can learn more about the SPCA of Northern Nevada at their website, Thank you for listening! Learn more about how you can help Renoites become financially sustainable by visiting and send guest suggestions or feedback to Conor at


Renoites Shorts - Walker Basin Conservancy

Many of us have driven between Reno and Las Vegas and passed by Walker Lake. It used to house a thriving population of Lahontan Cutthroat Trout as well as migratory birds and other wildlife, but upstream diversions of the Walker River have resulted in lower water levels, increased salinity, and an environment that no longer supports such life. The Walker Basin Conservancy is an organization dedicated to restoring Walker Lake by securing water rights and bringing more water back downstream, and eventually reintroducing fish to the lake. They have already spearheaded the creation of a new state park, and seen water levels rise by over 15 feet this year. Their executive director Peter Stanton joins us on Renoites to talk about their work so far and the work still left to do. You can learn more about the organization at This episode of Renoites is one in a series of shorter episodes, designed so that you can listen and learn without having to dedicate a full hour to the topic. Most "Renoites Shorts" episodes will only be 10-20 minutes long. What do you think of a shorter format? Let me know! If you have suggestions for episodes or topics, please let us know! Email and be sure to follow on Instagram at as well! Renoites is a community focused and listener-funded project. Please consider supporting the show on Patreon. You can learn more at Thanks for listening!


Maricela Gutierrez Rodriguez on Intellectual and Developmental Disability Inclusion

The mission of the JUSTin HOPE Foundation is to give hope to families and individuals with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities by promoting inclusion and creating opportunities through education/training and family support to maximize the individual’s potential.​ On this episode of Renoites, we welcome the executive director of the foundation, Maricela Gutierrez Rodriguez. Some of the topics covered include the difference between competitive employment and sub-minimum wage, the under-recognized "superpowers" of some employees with disabilities, the benefits of socializing and networking events, and how various services and programs can benefit entire families and communities as well as disabled individuals. Learn more about the JUSTin Hope Foundation at their website Thanks for listening! Send guest suggestions and feedback to and learn more about how you can support the show at


Reno Police Chief Kathryn Nance

This year, Reno has a new chief of police. After a selection process by city officials earlier this year, Kathryn Nance was chosen for the position, and was sworn into the role in February. Now, after her first 6 months on the job, she sits down with Renoites host Conor McQuivey for a wide ranging discussion about her career and about the work of policing, both here in Reno and nationally. Some of the topics covered in this episode include understanding implicit bias, policies and procedures for body camera usage, what community policing is and the goals it hopes to accomplish, the differences between policing in a city like Stockton (where Nance worked for most of her career) and a city like Reno, navigating a predominately male profession as a female officer, the difference between "law enforcement" and "crime prevention," and much much more! Renoites is free to listen to but it is NOT free to produce. It takes a significant amount of money and time to create such a frequently published and highly local show, and I strive to do it in a way that is INDEPENDENT and FINANCIALLY SUSTAINABLE. Please help me ensure I can continue doing this work and providing value to our community by contributing on Patreon at If you have feedback or suggestions, send me a message on Instagram (@renoites) or an email to Thanks for listening!


Emily Barney on Death, Dying and Doulas

Most people are very uncomfortable with the idea of death and dying and avoid the serious conversations and preparations involved in the process (one which we'll all experience eventually). On this episode of Renoites, we welcome one of the founders of the Doula Co-op, Emily Barney, to talk about what the death industry looks like today, and some of the better ways we can approach and talk about the end of our lives and the lives of our loved ones. Some of the questions we explored were about what the common practices look like today, how the death industry can take advantage of tragedy to exploit bereaved people, what natural death and home funerals look like, what a doula's role is for people who are nearing death (and for those who expect to still have a long life ahead of them), the challenge of burnout for people in highly emotionally demanding jobs, why you need to create a living will TODAY, and much more! If you have suggestions for future guests or topics, please let me know! Email Renoites is a fully LISTENER FUNDED project. This show simply can not exist without contributions from listeners just like you! Learn more and contribute a few dollar to help this show become financially sustainable at I recently appeared on the Worst Little Podcast! Listen to that episode wherever you get podcasts or at Additional Resources and Information: Contact: DOULA CO-OP Resources: Death Doula Resources: sacredtransits.comTips on Choosing an EOLD Going with GraceFuneral Consumer Alliance Paying Final Respects: Your Rights When Buying Funeral Goods & ServicesNational Home Funeral Alliance Sacred Crossings, home funeralFreeWillFiling an Advanced DirectiveForms & Resources (including POLST form)


Renoites Shorts - KTMB’s Truckee River Cleanup

Saturday, September 16, Keep Truckee Meadows Beautiful will be holding their annual Truckee River Cleanup volunteer event, with hundreds of volunteers working together to clean and maintain sites along the Truckee River. Volunteers will be doing gardening and planting, weed and trash removal, and much more, with a volunteer picnic to follow. On this bonus mini episode of Renoites, KTMB's Marina McCreary returns to the show to talk about the upcoming river cleanup and well as other volunteer opportunities throughout the year. You can sign up to volunteer or learn more at Please consider supporting Renoites on Patreon at and send guest suggestions or episode ideas to Thanks for listening!


Ben Davis on Street Photography and Reno After Dark

A few years ago, in the middle of the pandemic, I started to see photos of downtown Reno coming across my Instagram feed with a bold and distinctive style. Bright neon blues, reds and pinks that really showed off the unique glow of our city at night. The photographer behind that account, Reno After Dark, which has grown to tens of thousands of followers across social media platforms, is Ben Davis. Ben joined the podcast this week to talk about his unique style and how he chooses subjects, the importance of photography in telling the story of Reno through it's constant changes over the years, his experience of spending countless hours in the heart of downtown after the sun has set, and much more! You can find Ben's work on Instagram at and on his website Please consider supporting our mission of creating free, local, substantive content! You can become a patron of Renoites and ensure that it is financially sustainable (otherwise I might end up having to quit and then it just won't exist anymore!) You can learn more at If you have suggestions for future guests or topics, please let me know. Email


Brian Duggan on Local Newspapers and Changes in Media

Welcome Back to Renoites! This is the first episode of a new season of the podcast. My goal is for this show to be a consistent source of interesting, substantive conversation that is highly relevant to us here in Northern Nevada. This is a community funded independent project and your support is appreciated. I have a handful of new patrons since last season, so thank you to Elaine, Claudia, Stephanie, Mike, Remo, Mindy, Jillian, Marina and everyone else who contributes to this show’s existence. If you’d like to learn more about supporting the show, visit I have a ton of great guests lined up for this season of the show, and so many of them came directly from listener suggestions, so if you have somebody you think would be a good guest for the show, let me know! My email address is My first guest on the show over 100 episodes ago was Bob Conrad, founder and editor at This is Reno. I’ve had a few other people from the world of local media on the show over the last couple years and have always found those conversations really valuable and interesting. I’m excited to start this season with Brian Duggan, former editor of the Reno Gazette Journal and current General Manager at KUNR radio. We talked about the decline of print newspapers and what it means for local reporting, zombie newsrooms with no staff and AI articles, events like COVID that make everyone tune in for local details, the elimination of barriers to get into journalism, and a lot more. I hope you enjoy this episode and the upcoming season! Thanks again for listening.


Renoites @ RFM - Ryan Stark from No City Coffee

Renoites at the Riverside Farmer's Market is a limited Renoites series with the vendors of the Riverside Farmer's Market in Reno, Nevada and hosted by Renoites host Conor McQuivey. The year-round farmer's market takes place Sunday mornings at Idlewild Park from 8-1. You can find Conor at the Renoites booth most weeks if you'd like to chat, share ideas, purchase merch or sign up to support the show financially, or just say hi! Today's episode features Ryan Stark, owner of No City Coffee. No City has a brick and mortar location upstairs at the Great Basin Community Co-op (with plans for that space to expand to include prepared food and a big outdoor space) and Ryan has recently started serving his coffee at the Riverside Farmer's Market from his new coffee cart. Ryan has worked in coffee for decades, here in Reno and elsewhere, including during the earliest days of Bibo Coffee, where he was the very first employee. We talked about what makes coffee the perfect beverage to have a conversation over, the advantages of partnering with the co-op to create unique and fresh ingredients, how coffee culture has grown in Reno, and much more! Follow No City on Instagram at Thank you for listening! Please consider supporting Renoites financially on Patreon by visiting Follow Renoites on Instagram at


Renoites @ RFM - Kaylie Arnold’s Haggle Haus Reclaimed Fashion Truck

Renoites at the Riverside Farmer's Market is a limited Renoites series with the vendors of the Riverside Farmer's Market in Reno, Nevada and hosted by Renoites host Conor McQuivey. The year-round farmer's market takes place Sunday mornings at Idlewild Park from 8-1. You can find Conor at the Renoites booth most weeks if you'd like to chat, share ideas, purchase merch or sign up to support the show financially, or just say hi! Today's episode features Kaylie Arnold, owner of Haggle Haus, a retail truck offering reclaimed fashion from around the world. Kaylie is a flight attendant, and on her layovers around the world often found herself haggling at markets as well as shopping for unique used fashions in international destinations. Using her experience working in fashion as well, this May she created a micro version of that shopping experience here in Reno. Her Haggle Haus truck is a mini boutique you can find at the Riverside Farmer's Market as well as other markets around town. There are clothes for men, women, and children, a changing room to try things on, and just as the name suggests- you're free to negotiate on the prices. Follow Haggle Haus on Instagram Thank you for listening! Please consider supporting Renoites financially on Patreon by visiting Follow Renoites on Instagram at