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Tune in each week as we develop this show and introduce new segments, games, and more great guests with Lady Parts Justice: the hilarious feminist sleeper cell working to expose the creeps who are hellbent on destroying access to birth control and abortion.

Tune in each week as we develop this show and introduce new segments, games, and more great guests with Lady Parts Justice: the hilarious feminist sleeper cell working to expose the creeps who are hellbent on destroying access to birth control and abortion.
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Tune in each week as we develop this show and introduce new segments, games, and more great guests with Lady Parts Justice: the hilarious feminist sleeper cell working to expose the creeps who are hellbent on destroying access to birth control and abortion.




Repro Madness Episode 73:

Repro Madness Episode 73: by Lady Parts Justice


Repro Madness Episode 70: A Cleveland Birthright

Julie, Abby and Molly come to you from the Cleveland stop on the LPJL Vagical Mystery Tour, chatting "Morning After" with Gabe from NARAL Pro-Choice Ohio. There is also an interview with, Civia Tamarkin & Luchina Fisher, the creators of "Birthright: A War Story" - an incredible new full-length documentary showing the in-depth history of reproductive rights legislation along side true stories from women that have been caught in the crossfire. It's a MUST SEE! Donate to LPJ:...


Repro Madness Episode 67: Repurpose Yourself

This week Julie is joined by Leah Bonnema, comedian and member of Lady Parts Justice and Lizz brings us an interview from the road with Lady Parts Justice League on the Vagical Mystery Tour. They're in Chicago!! If you're in the area - check out the show! Donate to LPJ: Check out the LPJL Vagical Mystery Tour: Daleiden Lawyers:...


Repro Madness Episode 63: SB Hate-er Eight

This episode Lizz and Julie discuss SB8 a new Texas State bill that is overflowing with anti-abortion bullshit. Fetal burial makes an unwanted return. They also remind blue states that - NO - abortion access is not safe where you live. Also, Lizz promises to teach Julie how to do a plank the right way! DONATE: Texas SB8 Bank Tellers Beware...


Repro Madness Episode 61: Yoest Infection

This episode Julie and Abby talk to Red from the Filipino Freethinkers about abortion access and reproductive rights in the Philippines. Hot Tip: it's way worse than in the U.S.A. Julie speaks with Gabe from NARAL Prochoice Ohio about a bit (THAT'S ALL YOU GET) of good news from the state leg in Ohio. We've got a Yoest Problem: REALLY though......


Repro Madness Episode 60: Textbooks of Your Soul

Lizz and Julie discuss anti-choice democrats and the ridiculousness of wedge issues aka. Nebraska. Some new abortion restrictions are taking shape in Minnesota, which hits a little too close to home for Lizz. Finally, one of our brilliantly strong co-workers shares her story of sexual assault to round out our SAAM series. Donate to the Vagical Mystery Tour: Nebraska Wedgies


Repro Madness Episode 58: ICYMI Trump Sucks Privately (w/ Dr. Will Parker AND MORE)

This episode we feature three really great interviews, including one with Dr. Willie Parker about his new book "Life's Work: A Moral Argument for Choice." Thinking about book clubbing it up? Below is a link to a readers guide to the book! We feature our first clinic spotlight. Julie was able to sit down with the amazing team at Choices in Memphis and discuss how kickass the clinic is and learn all the work they do for their community! Continuing our Sexual Assault Awareness Month interview...


Repro Madness Episode 57: Lizz in Conversation with Dr. Willie Parker

Dr. Willie Parker's book "Life's Work: A Moral Argument for Choice" hit book stores last week. Lady Parts Justice founder and all-round badass, Lizz Winstead sat down with him to talk about his work at a synagogue in Brooklyn (hence why it's a biiitt echo-y) but it's still a great listen!! Donate to the LPJL Vagical Mystery Tour: Buy Dr. Willie Parker's Book:


Repro Madness Bonus: Dirty Dancing; The Only Abortion Movie feat. Patrick Swayze

Celebrate the 30th anniversary of Dirty Dancing, the best abortion movie ever made featuring Patrick Swayze! Moderated by Nicole Moore, this Lady Parts Justice League post-movie panel discussed movie abortions and what this depiction meant and means to them. Donate to Lady Parts Justice:


Repro Madness Episode 51: A Fortune Cookie for POTUS (Feat. Sarah Jones)

This week on the podcast we are joined by Tony award winning playwright, Sarah Jones. Watch out for her new podcast coming out March 30th called "Play Date with Sarah Jones." Donate to Lady Parts Justice: Sarah Jones: The myth of the "unabortion": An Abortion Providers take on the "reversal bill":...


Repro Madness Episode 50: Self Care Times Day

Happy Valentine's Day - Here are some ideas for self-care from the LPJ staff. We all rundown the top stories that you should be paying attention to these days. Donate to LPJ: NO DUH MOMENT: Reproductive Justice: Melinda Gates:...


Repro Madness Episode 49: Gorsuch and The Governmental Babysitter

The top story this week is Trump's SCOTUS pick, Neil Gorsuch. What does his past say about his stance on repro-rights? Arkansas and Texas fill out the state news. Wouldn't be a show if there wasn't something shitty happening in Texas. Donate to Lady Parts Justice: Neil Gorsuch: Gorsuch and Hobby Lobby:...


Repro Madness Episode 48: SCOTUS Chat w/ Dahlia Lithwick

Trump tweeted that he will be announcing his Supreme Court pick tomorrow at 8pm... because that's how the president communicates with us now, via Twitter. We spoke with Dahlia Lithwick, writer at Slate and expert on SCOTUS about the short list of contenders. Thomas Hardiman: How his pick will sway the court: Top...


Repro Madness Episode 47: Marching with Dickstickers

It's happening - January 21st weekend - the weekend that Trump becomes president and immediately following we all stand up and show him and his administration that we are watching, we are paying attention and we are not going to sit by while they take claim to our rights. In this episode we talk about our march prep and what we expect from this weekend. ALSO! The amazing comedy writer, Patrick Baker is donating a portion of the proceeds from his presidential comedy book, The Presidential...


Repro Madness Episode 46: You Hear About Jeff Sessions?

The anti's stole a fence from Preterm, an abortion clinic in Cleveland. They actually stole a fence - help them out with getting a new one. We also talk the hearings from this week and what's happening in Kentucky. Also included is an interview with an activist in Ohio, she has an inspiring story that we hope you'll enjoy and use for motivation. Link to help with the fence: Columbus,...


Repro Madness Episode 45: At Least It's Not 2016 Anymore (feat. Heather Busby)

We're Back! Our vibe is currently "At least it's not 2016 anymore." Lizz and Julie chat with Heather Busby about the recent hearing over fetal burial and guess what? Texas does NOT have their shit together. The new power shift in Kentucky and Missouri puts the states at the hands of completely Republican controlled state governments for the first time in a long time, which is not fairing well so far. Donate to Lady Part Justice: Kentucky:...


Repro Madness Episode 44: Dignity Schmignity (Feat. Heather Busby NARAL TX)

BREAKING NEWS: After a hearing in Austin, TX about the fetal burial law a judge has put a delay on the ruling until Jan 6th. A hearing will take place on Jan 3-4 where each side will be given 5 hours to make their case. Large PDF of the fetal burial law... you know, if you're bored: Carol Everett / Alan Colmes Interview:...


Repro Madness Episode 43: Ohio Is The Worst (feat. Mallory McMaster)

Ohio snuck a total ban on abortion into a bill about child abuse and neglect, cool... real cool. Oh wait, they also passed a ban on 20 week abortion too - especially for women with diabetes and other medical conditions. SAY WHAT?? Our guest, Mallory McMaster helps us deal. Where do these laws come from? Listen to find out. Donate to Lady Parts Justice: Mallory McMaster's article in Cosmo about her abortion and what's happening in Ohio:...


Repro Madness Episode 42: Only Zygotes Not People

Come on, Texas! Stop being so predictable. This episode we visit the current laws that Texas and Utah are trying to pass. We reminisce about the good old days when people could just have non-shameful sex next to the radio listening to... Stratton and Bramble? Or maybe something a little more entertaining. DONATE to LPJ: Tom Price: Texas:...


Repro Madness Episode 41: Awkward Holiday Convos Not To Be Missed

Yes the holidays are upon us and NO you can't avoid your family this year. Go home and face the people that voted for Trump and have those tough conversations. New video from Lady Parts Justice League: Donate to Lady Parts Justice: Amazing organizations fighting to keep abortion accessible in Ohio: NARAL Pro-Choice Ohio New Voices of Cleveland