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Riot Woman with Marlee Grace

I’m so excited to share this conversation with Marlee Grace with all of you. Marlee is a dancer, writer, podcaster, creative advisor, and the author of the book How to Not Always Be Working. She also runs Center, an artist residency and creative space in Grand Rapids, Michigan. She will be leading a dance and writing workshop entitled Composition + Practice in the Catskills May 17 to 19, 2019. Much of her work is centered improvisation, self-reflection, healing, growing, and charting new...


Riot Woman with Tae Won Yu of Kicking Giant

This episode features musician, artist, and illustrator Tae Won Yu, of the band Kicking Giant. Tae was deeply involved in and influenced by the early Riot Grrrl and do-it-yourself scene in New York, Washington DC, and Olympia, Washington, where he lived for about a decade throughout the 1990s. Tae, and his music, art, and commitment to creating community and connection have long been an inspiration to me. In this conversation Tae thoughtfully shares his unique experience with and...


Riot Woman with Nicole J. Georges

Nicole J. Georges, a writer, illustrator, podcaster, professor, and author of the award winning graphic novels Fetch: How a Bad Dog Brought Me Home and Calling Dr. Laura discusses discuss rock camp for girls, grunge as a gateway to punk, being part of a subculture in a small town, becoming intentional about what we do for fun and what we do for money, how getting paid for your art is a class issue, zines and intersectional feminism, the enduring influence of Riot Grrrl, and healing from punk...


Riot Woman with Taleen Kali

In this episode my guest is cosmic, femme, punk visionary Taleen Kali. Taleen is a musician, writer, publisher of the independent magazine Dum Dum Zine, and sound healer based in Los Angeles. She’s also the composer of the show’s theme music! We talk about discovering punk through downloading songs from Napster; transitioning to playing punk as a classically trained musician; the immediate, accessible power of the Riot Grrrl manifesto and its lasting impact on our lives; the cognitive...


Riot Woman with Katy Otto

In this episode I catch up with Katy Otto, a drummer, writer, activist, and parent who hails from the Washington DC area and currently lives in Philadelphia. She has played in bands such as Del Cielo, Trophy Wife, and Bald Rapunzel and currently plays in the band Rainbow Crimes. She has also run the independent record label Exotic Fever for 20 years. Katy currently works as Director of Communications for Juvenile Law Center. During our conversation we discuss how Katy fell in love with drums...


Riot Woman with Dr. Lauren Jade Martin

This episode features Doctor Lauren Jade Martin, feminist sociologist of reproduction who researches the social impact of assisted reproductive technologies. Her first book, Reproductive Tourism in the United States: Creating Family in the Mother Country, is published by Routledge. Lauren is currently Associate Professor of Sociology and coordinator of the Women’s Studies minor at Penn State University, Berks and lives in Philadelphia. In this episode I talk with Lauren about her discovery...


Introducing the Riot Woman Podcast

Introducing Riot Woman, a podcast which features creative conversations with artists, academics, and activists who identified with or were influenced by the punk and Riot Grrrl subcultures. Meet author Eleanor Callott Whitney and hear about how Riot Grrrl and punk music changed her life and introduced her to feminism in the 1990s. Hear briefly from a selection of season one guests including Taleen Kali, Nicole Georges, Tae Won Yu, Lauren Martin, and Katy Otto. They reflect on how punk and...