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This is a podcast in which Rob share’s some media stuff

This is a podcast in which Rob share’s some media stuff


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This is a podcast in which Rob share’s some media stuff






Distraction Therapy Podcast 028 – Leicester Starts to Open

I had a quick walk through the city centre today, and captured some sounds as the cafés and the bars opened up. I’ve not missed the sound of drunks making lots of noise, and as the bars are only doing table service outside, it might take some getting used to. The weather was cold today, [...]


Distraction Therapy Podcast 027 – Aylestone Meadows Spring Soundwalk

I went for a walk earlier through Aylestone Meadows in Leicester and recorded a soundwalk. It was a beautiful day, with bright sunshine, which really illuminated the spring flowers and the new growth that was coming through on the floor of the wooded areas. It was great to see the wall of blossom on the [...]


Distraction Therapy Podcast 026 – Leicester Community Reporters

For today’s soundwalk I met up with Kulsum, Dhra, Zoe and Munira to record some vox-pops about the census for the Leicester Stories project. We spent time in the city centre chatting with people about why they had completed the census, and I got a chance to chat about what being a community reporter is [...]


Distraction Therapy Podcast 025 – Leicester Census Soundwalk

I had a relaxed walk around Leicester city centre today, and captured some sounds as people we out and about. It really feels like people are starting to emerge from the lockdown. I shared some observations about the census as well.


Distraction Therapy Podcast 024 – Leicester Traffic Soundwalk

I was set a challenge to record the traffic in Leicester. Which isn’t that difficult given that the whole city is surrounded by busy roads. I had a wander about with my microphone on one of my usual routes into the city centre, and captured something. Who knows, on a different day it would be [...]


Distraction Therapy Podcast 023 – Sunday Soundwalk

I managed to get out this afternoon for a short soundwalk. I had a mooch around Leicester city centre, and sat and listened to people walking past. It’s fascinating that when you get tuned in to the sounds that are being generated, it’s amazing how rich it is, with things happening in the foreground, in [...]


Distraction Therapy Podcast 022 – Åsa Malmsten

It was lovely to catch up with Asa Malmsten today, to chat about how we’ve been coping with lockdown. Asa has been dreaming of beaches, Homes Under the Hammer and Imagined Commutes to work.


Distraction Therapy Podcast 021 – Leicester Spring Soundwalk

I had a lovely time wandering around Leicester city centre earlier, listening out to the sound of families out playing in the park, the birds, and the people passing through on a lovely spring day.


Distraction Therapy Podcast 020 – Aylestone Meadows Soundwalk

Today I had a good walk around Aylestone Meadows, in Leicester, and recorded a soundwalk. It was a lovely February day. The ground was muddy, and it was cloudy, but the sunlight was pushing through, and the lichen was glowing on the bark of the trees and bushes, and the snowdrops were in full bloom, [...]


Rob Watson Media Podcast 024 – Mid-February Music Mix

I thought I’d share another music mix. These are tracks I’ve been listening to as I work at home. There’s not a lot of time to wander about at the moment, but I’m sure this will be handy to keep me company on a walk one day soon, as spring starts to push in to [...]


Rob Watson Media Podcast 023 – Another Lockdown Music Mix

I though’t I’d do a music mix I can listen to while I’m doing my supermarket shopping later. Another day in lockdown, and an endless succession of days that merge into one. This kept me entertained putting it together earlier though. Tracklisting (not in order): Osamu’s Theme: Kyoko’s House, Kronos Quartet & Philip Glass: Mishima [...]


Distraction Therapy Podcast 019 – Soundwalk Lockdown Reflections

I had a stroll in the sunshine this afternoon, and captured some thoughts and some sounds as I found places to sit in the sunshine. It was a relaxing approach, less informational than I have been doing, and a bit more time to think about how the lockdown has affected me.


Distraction Therapy Podcast 018 – Braunstone Park Soundwalk

Today I went out in the snow and walked up to Braunstone Park in Leicester. It was bitterly cold today, and the snow was only a dusting on the road, but it was atmospheric, if rather windy. I read a couple of poems about the winter and the snow that I thought might illustrate the [...]


Distraction Therapy Podcast 017 – Jonathan Taylor

In this episode of the Distraction Therapy podcast I chatted with Dr Jonathan Taylor. Jonathan is an author, lecturer, editor and critic. John writes creatively and critically. His specialisms include fiction and creative non-fiction, memoir, poetry, writing for voice, music and literature, laughter and literature, and literature of the ‘long’ nineteenth century. Jonathan is on [...]


Distraction Therapy Podcast 016 – Leicester Soundwalk

Today’s soundwalk was a journey across the Leicester City centre, taking in the roadworks and environmental improvements that are making changes to the roads bringing people into and through the city centre. I also stopped off at Leicester market, though it was a quiet day compared to normal. If anyone wants to take part and [...]


Rob Watson Media Podcast 022 – Lockdown Continues

The lockdown continues here in Leicester. It’s cold and not a lot is happening, so here’s a music mix I’ve put together as a way of interrupting the boredom. The Good Morrow – John Donne Read by Richard Burton Plans for the Future – Paul Leonard-Morgan – Last Breath OST Dropping Off the Bell – [...]


Distraction Therapy Podcast 015 – Leicester Soundwalk New Walk

Today I braved the snow and the ice to record this week’s soundwalk. I wandered up New Walk, which runs from the centre of the city to Victoria Park. On the way I visited Leicester Museum, the Midland Mainline bridge, De Montfort Square and then ended up just at Victoria Park gates. It was very [...]


Distraction Therapy Podcast 014 – Catherine Flick

It was really nice to catch up with Catherine Flick today, and talk about the things that have been distracting her through the lockdown. We talked about Zoom meetings, children, pets, Instagram perfectionism, doom scrolling and the joy of jumping in puddles and getting wet. Catherine is a researcher at The Centre for Computing and [...]


Distraction Therapy Podcast 013 – Leicester Soundwalk

Today I had a walk along the River Soar and the Grand Union Canal here in Leicester. I started off at Leicester Castle, and made my way up along the canal through to Abbey Park and Wolseley Point, before finishing at the Leicester Space Centre and the Abbey Pumping Station.


Distraction Therapy Podcast 012 – Cat Thompson

We need to make time in our lives for creativity and growing things if we are to balance the stresses of the Covid-19 pandemic lockdown. That was what emerged from my conversation with Cat Thompson today. Cat is an Emergency Physician who enjoys playing around at photography. We chatted about gardening, going for walks, and [...]