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This is a podcast in which Rob share’s some media stuff

This is a podcast in which Rob share’s some media stuff


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This is a podcast in which Rob share’s some media stuff






Distraction Therapy 069 – Ryan and Rob in the Metaverse of Madness

Is the new Marvel movie, Dr Strange and the Multiverse of Madness, a metamodern film? What would a metamodern radio station sound like, and what topics would it cover? Ryan and I chatted over a coffee and tried to figure out what to make of these things.


Distraction Therapy – 068 May Thoughts

Now that spring is here, it was lovely to be able to sit in Castle Gardens and record some observations and thoughts, and to play some music. Also included in this episode is a feature I recorded with Lucy Stevens about here work Colour Coded Birds, which is in collaboration with Leicester Museum service. Music [...]


Distraction Therapy 067 – Meaning and Archetypes in Popular Culture

It was a pleasure, as always, to chat with Ryan Clayton about popular culture, metamodernism and archetypal symbols that have currency in our times. This week we chatted about Fantastic Beats: The Secrets of Dumbledore, James Bond, and a load of other stuff that we hand’t prepared beforehand, but were happy to follow our intuition [...]


Distraction Therapy 066 – Learning to Reflect

Once again, coffee propelled our conversation this morning, as Ryan and I turned our thoughts to the process of reflection and getting to grips with the challenges of modern life. Our conclusion was to take and share more pictures of cats and dogs, and to lighten up! It’s easier said than done, but at least [...]


Distraction Therapy 065 – Making Meaning Over Coffee

There are worse ways to spend Saturday morning than drinking coffee and chatting with Ryan Clayton about the meaning crisis and metamodernism for a podcast. It gave us the chance to explore some ideas about what we are reading and watching, and how we are integrating the living mythologies into daily life.


Distraction Therapy 064 – Making Sense of Ukraine

What was intended to be a general conversation about metamodernist sense-making, turned into discussion of the invasion of Ukraine by Russia, and how it has unfolded across our media in recent days. Rather than taking a position or a stance, Ryan and I considered the challenge of finding sure ground when faced with the exercise [...]


Distraction Therapy 063 – Metamodern Coffee Chat

If postmodernity is about playful signifiers and pastiche, then how is metamoderninity different? Ryan Clayton and I met up for a coffee, and we chatted about how we think the ‘new sincerity’ that metamodern cultural practice works? Is this sensibility to be found in the artwork itself, in the creative practice, or in the relationship [...]


Distraction Therapy 062 – Travels in Metamodernity

Continuing a set of vague and unspecific wanderings, where I try to form a sense of what metamodernism is in practice, this week’s episode is a mash-up of collected of extracts taken from videos discussing metamodernism on YouTube. Various people talk about metamodernism, and discuss where the concept has come from as a concept, and [...]


Distraction Therapy 061 – Metamodern Amble

This week, Ryan Clayton and I had a stroll around Leicester, and mulled over some terms and reference points for what we think metamodernism could be about based on the environment and the culture that we inhabit. The question of what metamodernism is can’t be answered from a seminar room or in discussions between policy [...]


Distraction Therapy 060 – Metamodern Dualism

Metamodernism is perhaps the most influential and wide-ranging way of thinking about post-postmodernism. The proponents of metamodernism include cultural theorists Timotheus Vermeulen and Robin van den Akker. The dualism of “ironic sincerity,” “informed naivete” and “pragmatic idealism” have come into view as the metamodern presents us with an oscillation between paradigmatically modern and postmodern attitudes. [...]


Distraction Therapy 059 – Metamodern Musings

What is metamodernism? This is the ongoing topic that Ryan Clayton and I are mulling over in our conversations. Is metamodernism simply an extension of postmodernism, or does it offer something new, and point towards an emerging ‘structure of feeling’ that is only now being brought into focus. Raymond Williams uses the “feeling rather than [...]


Distraction Therapy 058 – Lucy Stevens Sound and Visual Artist

It was lovely to have an early morning walk in the frost with sound and visual artists Lucy Stevens. We walked through Leicester’s Aylestone Meadows and Lucy told me about how she approaches here work, how she finds inspiration in nature, and her future project working with Leicester Museum to curate an exhibition that depicts [...]


Distraction Therapy 057 – Rob and Ryan Discuss Metamodernism

In this episode I chat with Ryan Clayton about our expectations for the coming year, and how we make sense of our experiences in relation to the creative work that we read, watch, listen to and view in our cultural lives. We are exploring what a metamodern approach to social life means, and how we [...]


Distraction Therapy 056 – Christmas Mashup

This is the Distraction Therapy Christmas Mashup! A selection of songs celebrating the festive season from around the world. Relax, put your slippers on, have a hot chocolate, and sing along… The Christmas Song (feat. DA PUMP & Lead) – w-inds – The Christmas Song 3:56 Christmas Thanks for Nothing – Slow Club – Christmas, [...]


Distraction Therapy 055 – Christmas Markets Around the World

Here’s the track listing of this festive episode, with sounds from Christmas Markets from around the world. YouTube Edinburgh Christmas Market 2021 || Evening Walkthrough 4K Edinburgh Christmas Market – Christmas Ambience Frankfurt Germany City Walk 4K 🌃 4K Christmas Market Walking Tour Japan Christmas Market 2021 – Yokohama African Christmas [...]


Distraction Therapy 054 – Leicester Lo-Fi Ten Year Photography Exhibition

Leicester Lo-Fi is a community darkroom and photography collective that promotes fine art and traditional photographic processes, by supporting specialist knowledge and facilities, education and exhibitions. Leicester Lo-Fi started in 2011 with no place to call a home, but managed to put on workshops and events at any place that would have them, converting toilets [...]


Distraction Therapy 053 – Evington Walk with Helen Pettman

The Evington Echo has been around for over forty years, and manages to keep readers informed and up to date on what’s happening in the village of Evington in Leicester. Helen Pettman is the editor of the Evington Echo, and we spent time walking and chatting about what makes a good community newspaper, and the [...]


Distraction Therapy 051 – Metamodern Turn

I want to use the Distraction Therapy podcast to explore what metamodernism means, and how our culture is shifting towards something that goes beyond postmodernity. We’ve established that we live in a world of signs and media, but we’ve not taken full account of how meaning is found in the depths of our shared consciousness. [...]


Distraction Therapy 050 – Coventry and Community Radio

I went to Coventry for the first time at the weekend, to attend the Community Radio Conference, and to check out the Coventry Capital of Culture. I’d never been to Coventry before, despite living nearby in Leicester. So, I had a wander about the city centre, and explored the old and the new buildings, before [...]


Distraction Therapy 049 – Visit to Totnes

At the weekend I went to Totnes to undertake some work with Stelaria Media and Soundart Radio, about how community radio and university-based researchers can better support public engagement. I recorded some sounds from my journey, and had a chance to note some thoughts about the benefit of the community media approach to public engagement, [...]