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Real Americans with Real concerns


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Real Americans with Real concerns






Rocks & Stones E34 Dems making people Feel good Instead of taking care of country

It seems the Dems are more concerned with people feeling then taking care of the country and Getting things done!


Rocks & Stones E28 Who is this Nadler Guy

Whats is going on with this Jerry Nadler guy? Hes like a bad guy from a Batman movie or something!


Rocks & Stones E29 Crazy Nancy and Terrible Bloomberg

Today we discuss Crazy Nancy and her expensive pens and we also discuss Bloomburgs agenda and its Not good.


Rocks & Stones E30 Trumps Events

Trumps events are So huge! Its like having a Rock star for a president! We are So lucky and I Only wish I could be at one of these Amazing events!


Rocks & Stones E31 Ukraine and whats Really going on

No one in this country cares about Ukraine We care about THIS country! Yet we are Spending all our tax money and time on this nonsense instead of Keeping this Amazing country Strong and Safe!


Rocks & Stones E33 Puerto Rico Aid? What happened to it?

Theres No way they would hide some of the food and water for reasons of politics right? Were talking about Humans lives here!@ Come on!


Rocks and Stones E32 Whats up with this Adam Schiff guy?

Who does this guy this he is? They hate Trump So much and all they do is try to get him out instead of working on fixing there own districts! This guy is terrible@!


Rocks and StonesE27 China Trade Deal

Our Great President has made this China deal so much better for us and he Still gets No credit for it. Hes making deals and helping out the USA


Season2 E3 Who is this Nadler Guy

Whats is going on with this Jerry Nadler guy? Hes like a bad guy from a Batman movie or something!


Rocks and Stones Season 2 E4 Crazy Nancy and Terrible Bloomberg

She is either really crazy or really going drunk and crazy and we talk about this Bloomburgs Only plan is to discredit the president


Rocks and Stones E26 The Impeachment

They are So mad he got elected and this is there Only move to try to stop the People President from doing his job!


Rocks and Stones E18 Getting out of endless wars, knowing who your friends are and more

Today on Rocks and Stones we discuss getting out of these endless wars and knowing who your real friends are as well as Colin Kaepernick, How the Dems citys are in shambles, Mental Health, Barbara, Protecting other countries boarders but Not our own and More!


Rocks and Stones E19 Killing Isis Leader,No Respect for the President and More

As our President takes out Isis Leaders and is hailed a Hero by Kurdish General he Still get No Respect from media. How much Aid do we actually give out? 400 million here 38 Billion there but Nothing for Homeland! We have to make America First and stop spending our money elsewhere!


Rocks and Stones E16 The Agenda, How America was formed and more

Today on Rocks and Stones we talk about how America was formed like an empty parking lot. We also talk about how mainstream media is repeating the same news over and over again. False News!


Rocks and Stones E17 Whistle Blowers, cutting foreign aid and more

This is the best show so far! The new audio makes it sound much better and today we talk about this whistle blower nonsense and how if we just took off 1 year of giving Foreign aid and spent it at home what a difference it would make and more!


Rocks and Stones E15 Term Limit,Selling Trump Items,Rosie out of line and more!

today were talking term limits and how is it that if you sell Trump items your a bad person? Also Rosie crosses the line and much much more on Rocks and Stones today


Rocks and Stones E14 America First... Gun Laws

It is all on the table today on Rocks and Stones from our gun laws and birth control all the way to binders and climate change. We talk about disrespecting a sitting president and main stream media bashing the president all the time. We have a lot going on in America today and we All need to get together on this stuff people. Now is the time!


Rocks and Stones E11 Propaganda the NFL and more

Amazing show today as we discuss Hollyweirds propaganda video they did before Trump was elected and its something else! All the things they said he would do and he didn't. We also discuss Jay-z singing with the NFL and more here today on Rocks and Stones


Rocks and Stones E9 Take care of the children, the squad and more

On this hard hitting episode of Rocks and Stones the fact that we have So many families and children in this country in So much need how are we focused on the border people? What about people that are US citizens? Dont they come first? What about all this with the Squad? Hear it all


Rocks and Stones E6 Dedication to Diane and Infrastructure Mental Health and More

Great show today and after a dedication to Stones friend Diane we dive right into todays hot topics like how we spend our money in the wrong places and dont fix our Infrastructure. The Race card. Addressing Mental Heath and much More!