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A weekly Podcast in which the RDG crew explores the insanity of poorly-conceived and hastily licensed board games.

A weekly Podcast in which the RDG crew explores the insanity of poorly-conceived and hastily licensed board games.
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A weekly Podcast in which the RDG crew explores the insanity of poorly-conceived and hastily licensed board games.




Episode 29 - Fishing Camp

There's nothing quite like cracking open a cold one while sitting in a dirty boat with your fishing pole in the water while letting the rolling waves of a freshwater lake rock you into a state of pure bliss... But can that same experience be captured in a board game? Hell no, that's why we're here! On this episode of Roll and Move, your favorite crew over at Rough Draft Games takes a look at Fishing Camp! Join us as we exchange stories of the great outdoors and explore the pressing question...


Episode 28 - Harry Potter Triwizard Maze Game

You know how there was that one character in Harry Potter who everyone was like, REALLY afraid of? So much so, that they wouldn't even say his name? Well, there's a boardgame equivalent for that. It's called trouble. It's so dark and evil that we here at Rough Draft Games haven't thought about it or spoken its name in well over 20 years. We're of course talking about Trouble... We're not quite sure if it's the inability to enter the game until you roll a 6, or if it's the aneurysm-inducing...


Episode 27 - The Goodbye Game

Perhaps you're going through a tough time... Perhaps you just lost someone close to you. Or maybe you just had to end a relationship recently. Or perhaps someone erased your save data for Persona 5. Regardless of the cause of your suffering, Rough Draft Games is happy to be your shoulder to cry on. What's even better is we've got just the board game for you... Designed by clinical psychologists to help children learn how to let go, Garrett somehow got his hands on a board game that has yet...


Episode 26 - Shark Tank the Game

"Listen. I'm sure your ideas are great, big guy. Here's the thing: a podcast exploring exploitation board games is only going to appeal to your sadistic friends. And for that reason I'm out," said none of our faithful fans! On this episode of Roll and Move the RDG boys explore Shark Tank! The game that lets players live out their power move fantasies by shaming would be entrepreneurs and sinking money into doomed business models. Will The Hamboard gain traction? Can Daryl pitch the...


Episode 25 - Season One Finale "The Quarter Life Crisis"

We did it everybody! We finally made it to an arbitrary benchmark of episodes that we deem important! Huzzah! In this episode, the Rough Draft Games Boys look back on the games they've reviewed so far and answer some all important questions about the lineup of bad games and what the future looks like for this particular board game crew. Kick back, laugh, and cry as we examine the highs and the lows of the season along with our reviews and some grizzly hypotheticals.


Episode 24 - American Idol Collectible Card Game

When you think of American Idol, what do you think of? Unforgettable moments? Beautiful songs sung by beautiful people? A pulse pounding finale, perhaps? WRONG! You think about card games. COLLECTIBLE card games. Today the Rough Draft Games crew takes a look at the card game based off of the third season of the hit reality television show. But is there more to this game than meets the eye? Does it actually hide WELL CRAFTED game mechanics!? We'll find out... Right after this commercial...


Episode 23 - Rules of the Game

If a running back leaves on a train from Miami going 65 mph hour heading north and 3 mid fielders for the Chicago Fire Soccer Club board a train heading south at 83 kmh, how long will it take for the two trains to collide giving everyone inside a concussion? On this episode of Roll and Move we take a look at Rules of the Game! The exciting board game that not only tests your knowledge of sport ruling protocols, but also asks you to apply it in SAT style hypothetical scenarios! Sit back...


Episode 22 - What Would You Do for a Klondike Bar?

We here at Rough Draft Games know that you've been tossing and turning at night, wondering if you would ever find a game in which someone managed to combine the thrill of eating frozen desserts with board games. Well, the time has finally come! What Would You Do for a Klondike Bar? subtitled "The Original Game of Minor Skill and Major Will" takes the classic advertising jingle and pointlessly slaps it on a party game. Join the RDG boys as we sit down and express our brand loyalty while...


Episode 21 - Zombies!!! The Card Game

There's a couple of things that people just KNOW that the world needs more of... Starbucks stores, Marvel Movies, People with strong political opinions on Twitter, and of course ZOMBIE BOARD GAMES! On this episode of Roll and Move, we sit down with Zombies!!! The Card Game, and slog through yet another entry into the massively oversaturated market of games featuring the iconic undead antagonists. Join us today for some fun, some misery, and of course... Some BRAINS...


Episode 20 - Alien Hotshots

We here in the Rough Draft Games Laboratories believe we have found the first ever "game" to bypass one of the fundamental criterion to be selected for the Oppenheim Toy Portfolio: Does it invite active doing and thinking or simply passive watching? Alien Hotshots thought this was an odd prerequisite, and even went so far as to revolutionize the very concept of what could be a game. In today's episode: the RDG boys misattribute quotes to famous Civil War generals, reminisce on childhood...


Episode 19 - Battle of the Sexes

This week the Rough Draft Games crew sits down with their significant others to discuss their playthrough of the Battle of the Sexes card game... Nothing offensive here folks! Nope, nope, nope! Just move right along! No politically correct landmines or stereotypes here! Just a couple of wholesome people talking about sex and battles!


Episode 18 - Lie Detector

The game may be called lie detector, but don't judge a game by its box. Today the Rough Draft Games crew takes a look at the 2006 remake of the 1960 board game, Lie Detector. Join us as we partake in a surprisingly fun game to play, yet horrifying game to look at on this episode of Roll and Move!


Episode 17 - Midnight Outburst

In this podcast episode, the boys over at Rough Draft Games sit down with their first Kickstarter backed board game, Midnight Outburst. Made in 2016, Midnight Outburst is a party game that bills itself as "TOTALLY OFFENSIVE" and "NOT FOR THE FAINT OF HEART." With warnings like that it's gotta be fun, right? Survey says... No. Join us in this episode as we take a closer look at a game that heavily "borrows" from Family Feud and yet, still insists on using those headache inducing red-decoder...


Episode 16 - Desperate Housewives Dirty Laundry Game

Get ready for scandals and cover ups! On this episode of Roll and Move the boys over at Rough Draft Games unearth the secrets behind the Desperate Housewives Dirty Laundry Game. What will we discover about our cheerful suburban neighbors? Perhaps they have a hidden fetish involving baked beans? Maybe they compulsively hoard old bread ties? Well the answer is "yes" because those are both actual cards in the game! Sit back strap in, and get ready for all nearby cats to be let out of their...


Episode 15 - Lost: The Game

In this episode, the boys over at Rough Draft Games start gathering supplies, followers, and equipment that they'll use to help survive the mysterious island depicted in Lost: The Game! Join us as we compete for influence, run from a polar bear and scream in terror at the sight of fog. The mechanics are bad and so are the abandon plot points... Let's do this!


Episode 14 - CSI: The Crime Game

A crime has been committed here in far more ways than a simple podcast description can document. The Rough Draft Games creators put on their sleuthing hats and sit down to play the CSI Crime Game. They'll examine mechanics most foul, God-awful turn based mystery solving, and also explore why its generally not a good idea to have more story based text for your readers than War and Peace. This won't be pretty, but then again MURDER never is...


Episode 13 - 24 The DVD Board Game

Attention CTU operatives. A group of marines has gone AWOL. They've stolen a biological weapon and plan on unleashing it on the masses! There is a catch however, you must stop these genocidal maniacs with nothing more than a crappy DVD remote from 2005! Join the crew at Rough Draft Games as they attempt to surpass boardgame mechanics so bad that it virutally makes the game UNPLAYABLE!


Episode 12 - Small Soldier Big Battle Game

It's a brand new year! And what better way to start off 2019 than with a new episode of Roll and Move! In this episode, Thomas and Garrett travel thousands of miles to unite in a small basement to play a boardgame dedicated to the forgotten 1998 film Small Soldiers! Jeff isn't here though. He got stuck in the Denver Airport waiting in an exceptionally long line for an Orange Julius. We wish him the best in his future endeavors.



IN ORDER TO CLAIM YOUR $5,000,000 THAT IS CURRENTLY LOCKED IN OVERSEAS ACCOUNTS PLZ WIRE TRANSFER $4,000 To... Okay. Gimmick's over. Today on Roll and Move The Rough Draft Games Crew picks up an old classic published by Atlas Games. Spammers is a pre-Munchkin "take that" game, in which you build up nefarious scams to dupe the general public and waste their time and money. On a TOTALLY unrelated note, be sure to keep your eyes peeled for the All Rise Kickstarter approaching in the coming...


Episode 10 - Napoleon Dynamite: It's Pretty Much My Favorite Animal Game

Hey! What do you get if you cross the tried and true game of Pictionary, with the dogmatic fan following that the independent film Napoleon Dynamite had back in 2005? The crew over at Rough Draft Games found out the answer. Kick back and relax as we explore a game with tater tot art assets, questionable winning conditions, and a general confusion as to why this game had to happen at all...