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Welcome to Roots of Impact where we interview inspiring leaders, teachers and healers, and learn about their journeys. This podcast is for anyone intent on taking action in their lives to make this world more beautiful. Our mission is to spread seeds of inspiration so that you too may flower as a change maker, and start tapping in to your full potential as a conscious human being.

Welcome to Roots of Impact where we interview inspiring leaders, teachers and healers, and learn about their journeys. This podcast is for anyone intent on taking action in their lives to make this world more beautiful. Our mission is to spread seeds of inspiration so that you too may flower as a change maker, and start tapping in to your full potential as a conscious human being.


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Welcome to Roots of Impact where we interview inspiring leaders, teachers and healers, and learn about their journeys. This podcast is for anyone intent on taking action in their lives to make this world more beautiful. Our mission is to spread seeds of inspiration so that you too may flower as a change maker, and start tapping in to your full potential as a conscious human being.




E.34 - Permaculture Your Life with Morag Gamble

In this podcast we talk to Morag Gamble who lives in a permaculture village near Maleny in the subtropical part of southeast Queensland, Australia. Morag explains that Permaculture is a One Planet way of life in each of our contexts, and in each of our communities. Morag talks about how permaculture has been a part of her life since her teen years. She says that permaculture is a practical way to live life in balance with ourselves, our communities, and our ecosystems. It is a way of...


E.33 - Into Your Wilderness Quest with Karen Gordon

Karen’s journey started in her bedroom window where one day the forest was there and then another day the forest was gone. This left a mark in her. When she was older she decided to study Biology and she focused her work on landscape restoration. This work led her to Monteverde in Costa Rica, a place she fell in love with. However, her big shift was when her son was born and she had a realization that what needed deeper restoration were our human inner landscapes. She jumped in deep into...


E.32 - Youth Emergence through Permaculture Ethics, People Care, Earth Care and Fair Share with PermYouth Americas Facilitators

In this episode, we talk to Annette, Chanel and Allan the facilitators of PermaYouth Americas which is a container or platform for youth around the Americas to connect, learn from each other and empower themselves to be leaders and change-makers in their communities based on the Permaculture ethics of People care, Earth care and Fair share. PermaYouth Americas is a subdivision of the global PermaYouth. Annette, Chanel and Allan tell us about their journey that led them to this work. They...


S.2 - E.14 - Awakening Into Now with Leonard Jacobson

Today we have the honor of interviewing Leonard Jacobson an awakened spiritual teacher, mystic, healer and an author who is deeply committed to guiding and supporting others in their journey towards wholeness. Leonard teaches how to become fundamentally present and awaken into the truth of who you are. Leonard was born in Melbourne, Australia and resides in Wayzata near Minneapolis, Minnesota offering workshops and retreats throughout the U.S., Europe, Australia and Asia. He is the author...


S.2 - E.13 - Adueñate de ti con Melina Chacón

Hoy nos trasladamos a Playa Hermosa de Jaco en Costa Rica y hablamos con Melina Chacón o Meztlikali desde Playa Hermosa de Jaco en Costa Rica. Ella es originaria de Grecia, Costa Rica y desde temprana edad y a través de su curiosidad, ha incursionado en un camino espiritual, llegando hoy en día a ser una guía espiritual que empodera a la gente a adueñarse de su vida y a caminar el camino de su alma. Nos cuenta que ella no puede caminar nuestro camino por nosotros pero nos puede guiar y...


S.2 - E.12 - Comiendo Clean y Conectando con Nuestro Ser con el Dr. Alejandro Junger

En este episodio, Alejandro Junger, author del libro CLEAN, nos cuenta el motivo por el cual decidió perseguir diferentes maneras de curar al cuerpo y mantener la salud, además de la medicina tradicional, para poder curarse él mismo y así poder curar a otros. Tocamos temas como el ayuno, la salud intestinal, las fluctuaciones naturales del ambiente y la identificación con los pensamientos. Support the show (


S.2 - E.11 - Reset your mind with a Dopamine Detox

Summary: In this Episode Aanghel shares with us his experience on doing a dopamine detox, the quickest easiest simplest way to reset your mind. In addition, he shares the levels of detox we can do and how to do them, as well as the long lasting benefits that aligned with what we want to do in life and help us reach our potential. Show Notes: How to do a dopamine detox: Connect with Aanghel: ttps:// Support the show...


S.2 - E.10 - Siguiendo al Corazón con Lucía Casanova

Hoy nos trasladamos a Francia a entrevistar a Lucía Casanova. Lula nació en Uruguay el 31 de agosto de 1988. Tiene una licenciatura en Administración de Empresas y otra en Audiovisual las cuales no las está ejerciendo en este momento. En 2016 comenzó a trabajar con plantas medicinales y a realizar ceremonias ancestrales en la selva. Vivió en Costa Rica, Brasil y actualmente vive en Francia. Tiene una formación en Registros Akáshicos y Constelaciones Familiares. Actualmente se está...


S.2 - E.9 - Courageously Navigating Life and Going for Our Dreams with Grace MacNeil

Grace MacNeil is a trained herbalist, an Arvigo therapist, and the founder of Monarch Apothecary where she creates artisan herbals and soaps using herbs sustainably, harvested and cultivated in a 24 acre farm in southern Indiana since 2006 for the local and internationally community. She is a Certified Advanced Holistic Doula through The Matrona, Certified Cupping therapist and Reiki practitioner. She is the co-founder of the Heartland School of Herbal Studies and mom to three grown...


S.2 - E.8 Conociendo a nuestros ancestros con Alelí Lauría

Hoy nos remontamos al estado de Carolina del Norte donde tengo el gran honor de entrevistar a Alelí Lauría originalmente nacida en San Carlos de Bariloche en la Provincia Argentina de Río Negro, situada en la base de los Andes y a las orillas del Lago Nahuel Huapí. Alelí es una mujer sanadora, que desde muy chica se intereso en temas espirituales y esotéricos y hoy nos comparte su jornada en el camino de su sanación personal que incluye el trabajo con sus ancestros. En su adolescencia se...


S.2 - E.7 - Beyond Reality Transurfing with Shlomo Friedman

Today we are interviewing Shlomo Friedman. Shlomo Friedman has a YouTube Channel where he covers the topic of “Reality Transurfing.” He was pulled to this topic by a friend who was reading the book “Reality Transurfing” written by Vadim Zeland. In today’s Episode Shlomo Friedman gives us many examples of what we can do to apply this concept as well as tips that can help us understand how “Reality Transurfing” works. In addition we talk about possible new changes coming from the current...


S.2 - E.6 - Communion and Self Love with Asia Suler

Today I am very honored to interview Asia Suler who currently makes her home in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Western North Carolina, the ancestral lands of the Cherokee, and some of the most coves on Earth. Asia Suler is a writer, a trained herbalist, an earth medicine teacher, a medicine maker and a seeker. She is the founder of One Willow Apothecaries, an online gathering place for learning healing and connection with the living world. Asia Suler shares with us that she discovered the...


S.2 - E.5 - Healing Ourselves and the World with Audrey Darrow

In this episode, we are interviewing Audrey Darrow, CEO and Owner of Righteously Raw Chocolates, who shares with us her breast cancer healing journey which started in 2006. After having surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation she started working at a Health Food Store in San Diego, California in order to get a 15% discount on healthy foods which she believed would help her to become cancer-free. Through her health journey, she started Righteously Raw Chocolates in 2007, a line of raw, organic...


S.2 - E.4 - The Voice of the Land with Owen Lindsay

Happy #EarthDay2020 Owen Lindsay originally from Oregon shares with us his life journey with his wife Amber and his daughters in Nevada City California. Owen transitioned through being a DJ and a gardener to being a plant communicator and a medicine plant maker growing most of the plants that he and his wife use for the medicines they make. He grew up in the forests of Oregon where his father and grandfather were in the logging business. In the 60 and 70 logging was a way to earn a...


S.2 - E.3 - Having a Mindful Bellie with Ellie Rome

Ellie Rome, Holistic Health Coach and Nutrition Counselor, Founder of Mindfulbellie, shares with us today her transformational journey of overcoming her sugar addiction and becoming a Health Coaching Practitioner. She is a Chemical Engineer who became a certified Health Coach after recovering from an autoimmune thyroid condition, chronic fatigue, stubborn weight gain, sugar addiction, IBS, brain fog, acne eczema, and the list goes on. In college, she started struggling with many health...


S.2 - E.2 - Thank You Plant Medicine with David Grillot

Today we go all the way to Costa Rica where I have the privilege to interview my best friend which is also the co-host of this show, David Grillot. Dave is passionate about life. He moved to Costa Rica years ago to follow his dream of living a simple life connected to his community and Mother Earth. Dave is originally from Canada and holds a degree in physics from Texas A&M University. After University he travelled through the United States and Mexico, then worked in Uruguay managing a...


S.2 - E.1 - Into Mother Earth's Medicine with Julie Bray

Today we are interviewing Julie Bray. Juls grew up in a small Texan town. She is M.A. Clinical Psychology, had a private practice working with those in crisis, before having her own crisis and running to heal her own soul. Juls is also a Biofeedback Therapist, a Tree Talker, Cannabis Shaman and Activist and she also is researching the healing effects of being around the beehives. Juls bought a one-way ticket to Samara, Costa Rica listening to that little girl inside who always wanted to be...


A Safe Place For Vulnerability with Gina Solorzano (Ep. 17)

Gina Solorzano (Mamaya) lives in the Tarn department in the South of France together with Kevin (Baba Bear) and their little daughter. She started her working path as a Veterinary Nurse focusing on alternative and holistic medicine for cats and dogs. Gina is also an artist, a doula, an entrepreneur, a philanthropist and a fierce lover of life. A severe accident of a close friend was a wake-up call and a turning point in her life. From that happened, she took a sabbatical time to take...


Living Mindfully with Jenna Jasso (Ep. 16)

Jenna Jasso, Mindfulness and Transformation Coach, Community Facilitator and Event Producer shares with us today her transformational journey. She walked away from her career of Mechanical Engineer to follow her heart’s call to a higher purpose. After a period of depression realizing that mechanical engineering was not her path she did some self inquiry and explorations traveling around the world, studying yoga, meditation, body healing and the power of the mind. She now teaches...


El Cambio es Hoy con Charly Galdona (Ep. 15 - SPA)

Charly Galdona originario de Uruguay, es un emprendedor desde su temprana edad y hoy nos habla sobre la importancia de lo que llama “Actitud Ganadora”. Vive con su esposa y sus dos hijos en una ciudad pequeña cerca de Amsterdam en Holanda. Es Coach de Emprendedores, tiene una licenciatura en Negocios Internacionales y un Master en Imagineering & Business Innovation. Empezó su primer proyecto a los 15 anos en Montevideo Uruguay en un programa llamado Junior Achievement. Mas tarde con la...