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Rough Sketch is a Podcast that is designed to explore creativity. We talk to creative people about their process and set them an improv drawing challenge. Scheduled to release one episode a month on the first Friday of the month.

Rough Sketch is a Podcast that is designed to explore creativity. We talk to creative people about their process and set them an improv drawing challenge. Scheduled to release one episode a month on the first Friday of the month.
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Rough Sketch is a Podcast that is designed to explore creativity. We talk to creative people about their process and set them an improv drawing challenge. Scheduled to release one episode a month on the first Friday of the month.




Rory Walker - Ep#11

Welcome to episode 11 where we feature a chat with fantastic artist Rory Walker. Rory is a fun and creative person and is currently back doing freelance work so if you know of anyone who can use his talents then lease pass on his details to them. In the episode, we explore Rory's dalliance with Dungeons and Dragons and his blatant disregard for units of measurement. Don't forget to go and take a look at our drawings and give us some feedback. Rory Walker Social Media...


Harry Jones - Ep#10 - Part 2

This is part two of our two-part chat with artist Harry Jones. Here is where we roll the dice and make something up. See what we make out of the Dinosaur & Robot genres. We dig a bit into why Harry finds taking photos is incredibly helpful for him to use as reference material. Chris struggles trying to draw a tar pit and gives some dinosaurs some weird legs and Nathan shows us how robot aliens actually kidnapped all the T-rex's. A huge thank you to Harry who was an awesome guest, we wish...


Harry Jones - Ep#10 - Part 1

This is part one of our two-part chat with artist Harry Jones. Harry is a painter who enjoys making beautifully intricate pieces of art and has recently finished his third year at the University of West England (UWE). These pieces usually take quite a bit of time to finish and we chat about the process of creating such a piece and how recently the university lecturers have been trying to encourage him to be faster. You can't rush genius I say!. Part two is where we roll the dice and chat...


Thunderchair - Ep#9

We have the pleasure of chatting with Howard, Joe and Ferg who collectively call themselves Thunderchair for Episode 9. We begin by chatting about their new comic book launch event for Hyper Galactic Rockstar Champion: Royal Rumble. They have an interesting history of really long title names for their comic books. We talk about how they all met, what their influences are and there is a lot of silliness that happens. All of that is before we roll the cubes and somehow create a 70's style cop...


Rhiannon Kagoe - Ep#8

Rhiannon Kagoe joins us for episode 8 to talk about her comic books. She intends to try and release at least one comic a year. She talks about how drawing is some form of self-help therapy for her and how she finds it easier to come up with ideas when she is sad rather than happy. We also touch upon the tricky fact that people are currently choosing not to vaccinate their children. Consider this a warning that if you do find talks about this subject tricky then you might want to skip that...


Stephen Hayles - Ep#7 - Part 2

Welcome to part 2 of our chat with one of the Directors of Upfest, Stephen Hayles. If you have not listened to part 1 then please go listen to that as well. In this section we roll the dice, draw some things and chat some more with Stephen about his job history. There is a bit of swearing in this section so do be warned about that. Once again we need to thank Stephen for coming onto the Podcast and for the gift. We look forward to seeing what all the work happening during the Summer...


Stephen Hayles - Ep#7 - Part 1

Our second episode for May and we have the pleasure of chatting to Stephen Hayles who is one of the directors of Upfest the biggest urban paint festival in Europe. We have split this episode into two parts because it was a long a chat and wanted to bring you as much content as we possibly could. In the first part he takes us through what it's like to have a crazy dream come true and now be responsible for what we believe is a truly amazing daytime festival. For more information about the...


Rachel Hall - Ep#6

Here we are again with episode 6 chatting to Rachel Hall. Rachel is an awesome illustrator who is hugely influenced by Sailor Jerry style tattoo art. We chat to her about her style, influences and recent attendance at the Shake Art event. Sadly we had a bit of an issue with the audio this episode but we have done as much as we can with it. Remember to send us your artwork based on our suggestions which you can find on our Facebook, Twitter & Instagram pages. Our next episode is due out on...


Jess Tkls - Ep#5

For the next few episodes we are releasing twice a month! In this episode we chat with Jess Tkls who is the lady behind CityAnimalz. Jess creates these amazing stylized creatures and sells her work on a stall near St Nicks Market in Bristol but you can buy them online. In our chat we find out that she is creating a whole world for them to frolic in. We really enjoyed meeting Jess and can't thank her enough for her time and more importantly we love her Steampunk fish that she drew with us. As...


Kid Crayon - Ep#4

In our fourth episode we talk to amazing illustrator and street artist Sam Walsh aka Kid Crayon. In which, he talks about the awesome time that he had in Mexico at the Akumal Arts Festival and other festivals like Ibug in Germany. He finds out about such festivals mostly via word of mouth but there is the I Support Street Art website that you can go to. You can check out Kid Crayon' Podcast Can Control over on BuzzSprout and take a look at the work of Keith Haring. Remember you can send us...


Cai Burton - Ep#3

Welcome to Episode #3 with Artist, Illustrator and Designer Cai Burton. We talk about the confusion with names at coffee shops and how he distracted other students while he was in school with his doodles. Then we dive into his article for Bristol 24/7, working with youth in the Arnolfini and his love of Manga. Chris introduces Cai to the Senseless Things with early artwork by Jamie Hewlett before we roll some dice and discover that our youth had lots of buff cartoons, including...


Sophie Iles - Ep#2

Here we are with Episode #2 with illustrator, author and Doctor Who fan artist Sophie Iles. Sophie talks about her time in University, her love of Doctor Who and the trouble with canon. During the episode, we mention the film The Florida Project, the mythical Japanese Kappa and an episode of Drawfee where they draw D&D monsters. To save you some trouble we have listed all of Sophie's links and of course ways that you can get in touch with us below. Sophie' Social...


Pilot Episode

Introducing the Rough Sketch Podcast Our pilot episode where we go over our intentions of the podcast and how we want it to work out and try our hand at rolling Rory's Story Cubes. In it, we mention that our drawings will be held under the Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International (CC BY-NC-SA 4.0) license. This episode was recorded over several sessions which explains the varying quality of audio. We will correct this in the future episodes, it also contains adult themes and...