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Canada’s favourite radio show is The Roz & Mocha Show. It’s your go-to show for entertainment and pop culture exclusives. If you don’t hear it on The Roz & Mocha Show, you won’t hear it anywhere else.

Canada’s favourite radio show is The Roz & Mocha Show. It’s your go-to show for entertainment and pop culture exclusives. If you don’t hear it on The Roz & Mocha Show, you won’t hear it anywhere else.


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Canada’s favourite radio show is The Roz & Mocha Show. It’s your go-to show for entertainment and pop culture exclusives. If you don’t hear it on The Roz & Mocha Show, you won’t hear it anywhere else.




340 - The Most-Pirated TV sShows Of 2021, A Round of 'Mouth Charades' & Coach Cal Joins Us!

7-year-old Callan Perk, also known as “Coach Cal,” from Lakefield, Ontario, chats with Roz & Mocha about his appearance on ‘The Ellen DeGeneres Show,’. The Canadian hockey fan recently went viral with a video of him giving a pregame speech to the OHL team Peterborough Petes. On a Scale of 1 to 10, the average guy thinks he's a 5.9! The most-pirated TV shows of 2021 are "WandaVision", "Loki", and "The Witcher". According to a new survey, the best food for leftovers is soups or stews . . . the...


339 - A Special Ask Roz & Mocha Episode!

One of the fan favorite moments of each podcast is the ‘Ask Roz & Mocha segment’. We love getting you involved and we love answering as many questions as we can. This episode of the podcast is dedicated to just answering your questions!


338 - Roz & Mocha’s ’12 Years Of Christmas’ Special!

Merry Christmas and happy holidays from the Roz and Mocha show! It’s still so amazing that we’ve celebrated our 12 year doing this show. So many of YOU remind us of all the really fun things we’ve done over the year for Christmas and so we thought it would be really fun to re-love some of those festive moments with you!


337 - Does Damnit Maurie Look Like Mr. Potato Head? Plus, If Roz Were To Go To Guyana Who Would Be The One To Take Him?

We’re asked if Mocha and Maurie report to Roz. Who’s the best dancer in the room? Does Damnit Maurie look like Mr. Potato Head? Plus, if Roz were to go to Guyana who would be the one to take him?


336 - Zachary Levi On 'Shazam 2', ‘5IN7’ & Would Mariah Carey Ao A Verzuz against Beyonce?

The most dangerous toy you can buy your kid for Christmas is a Razor Scooter. They've caused over 190,000 injuries in the past five years. Various types of balls are next at 108,000 injuries. Stephanie Matto, from the ‘90 Day Fiancé’ sells her fartsin a jar for $100 a pop or toot, and she's made over $90,000 so far. Chris Pratt’s voice from his past movies is turned into a ‘Super Mario Bros.’ video game that you can play online. Billie Eilish opens up about how stressful it was to host and...


335 - WWE Legend Bret Hart, Madonna Slams 50 Cent & Winnipeg Mayor Brian Bowman On The Grey Cup Win!

Who gives the best Christmas gifts? 2,000 people voted, and moms took the top spot. The Golden Globe nominees were announced in an underwhelming press conference that saw Snoop Dogg mispronounce several names, including Ben Affleck. We chat with WWE legend Bret Hart ahead of his Canada Walk Of Fame induction. Winnipeg Mayor Brian Bowman on the Grey Cup win. Plus, Madonna slams 50 Cent.


334 - Mocha's Night Terrors & Why Was Roz At The Mall?

What are some of the scariest night terrors Mocha has had. Why was Roz at the mall and people are pissed at how Damnit Maurie talks about Portuguese foods


333 - Kal Penn Chats Super Fan Nav, Christmas Trees In Your Bedroom Could Help Your Sex Life & Adele Talks About Her Eyebrows!

A store that sells trees in the U.K. commissioned a study that found more couples are putting Christmas trees in their bedroom . . . to improve their SEX LIFE. Adele talks about her eyebrows. Kal Penn talks to us about being cast as Raptors Superfan Nav in an upcoming movie. Ed Sheeran performs at The Santa Claus Parade. Shawn Desman’s daughter wonders if Roz is the boss. Plus, we chat with the viral TikTok’er who made a Powerpoint presentation for her Christmas list for her family.


332 - Gwyneth Paltrow Can’t Remember Staring In A ‘Spider-Man’ Movie, Kevin Hart Trying Wines Is So Fun & A kid Learns To Say ‘Batty’ Thanks To Roz & Mocha!

Kevin Hart trying wines might be the most entertaining thing you’ll hear all week. A kid learns to say ‘Batty’ thanks to Roz & Mocha. Gwyneth Paltrow can’t remember staring in a ‘Spider-Man’ movie. A song called ‘ABCDEFU’ knocks Adele out of the #1 spot. Plus, with the Grey Cup this weekend we put a Tiger-Cats fan and a Blue Bombers fan together on the phone and let them fight it out!


331 - Our Party Tricks & More About Roz’s Grumpiness!

We learn what everyone’s party trick is. If Roz isn’t bussin a wine, what does he do all day? plus, more about Roz’s grumpiness


330 - Channing Tatum Announces A New ‘Magic Mike’ Movie, Seth Rogan Was Stoned At Adele Show & Jojo Siwa Tried A Dating App!

Channing Tatum announces a new ‘Magic Mike’ movie! Seth Rogan talks about attending the Adele TV special even though he’s never met Adele! Jacqueline in Germany calls in and talks about faking a wedding photo shoot just to piss off her ex! Damnit Maurie chats with Jojo Siwa and learns she tried a dating app! Plus, you can stay at the ACTUAL ‘Home Alone’ house this Christmas.


329 - Jennifer Coolidge Chats Netflix's First Gay Christmas Movie, Billie Eilish On Her Fear Of Gaps & Did Roz Steal Jean’s?

Billie Eilish talks about being scared of gaps. Jennifer Coolidge chats ‘Single All The Way’, Netflix’s first gay Christmas movie. Roz & Mocha fan Katrina joins us to talk about going on a date and having to fill out an Exit Google Doc. Did Roz steal jean’s? Plus, Damnit Maurie with some new commercial outtakes AND more Roz & Mocha ‘Vented Moments! Oh, and we try the new the “Tim Biebs”.


328 - Apparently Roz’s Legs Look Like A ‘Crappo’ & Do Roz & Mocha Hang Out Outside The Show?

You wanted to know where Mocha gets his hats from. Plus, Mocha talks about his time he was in the movie ‘Dr. Cabbie’. Apparently Roz’s legs look like a ‘Crappo’ and do Roz & Mocha hang out outside the show?


327 -Jojo Siwa Chats Cardi B Christmas Request & Robbie Amell Chats ‘Resident Evil: Welcome To Raccoon City’!

Can you spot the signs of a doomed marriage on day one? A wedding photographer says you can notice cracks in a relationship as early as the wedding day. Josh Gad shares a story of his kids walking in on him and his wife! We’re backstage with Jojo Siwa after the ‘Dancing With The Stars’ finale and got an update from her on if she will be with Cardi B’s child for Christmas. Plus, Robbie Amell joins us to chat ‘Resident Evil: Welcome To Raccoon City’.


326 - The ‘Gorilla Glue’ Girl Tessica Brown's New Song, Simu Liu On 'Selling Sunset' & Doja Cat Goes Off!!

A listener presented Damnit Maurie with a unique challenge – eat 30 Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups in under 3 minutes. Did he do it? More speculation on why Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello broke up. The ‘Gorilla Glue’ Girl Tessica Brown is out with a song. Deepa’s cat allegedly sees ghosts. Andrew Garfield had an emotional appearance on ‘The Late Show With Stephen Colbert’ explaining how playing ‘Rent’ composer Jonathan Larson in the film helped him to process the grief he experienced after...


325 - How Can Shem Be Single? & Did Damnit Maurie Steal From Seinfeld?

The question of all questions… How can Shem be single? Did Damnit Maurie steal an invention idea from Seinfeld? We learn more about Roz peeing in a bottle in the car.


324 - The MOST Right Swiped Girl On Tinder & Ed Sheeran’s Wife Cherry Might Have Lost Her Rngagement Ring At A Toronto Strip Club!

More Roz & Mocha ‘Vented Moments’! We’ll run down the list of phrases that make you look weak at work. Ed Sheeran’s wife Cherry might have lost her engagement ring at a Toronto strip club! We chat with Eliana Silver who is the MOST right swiped girl on Tinder! Plus, we have the list of the worst passwords of the year.


323 - ‘King Richard’ Star Jon Bernthal, The Couple That Got Engaged At Adele ‘One Night Only’ & Roz & Mocha's ‘Vented Moments’!

We speak with the TikTok star whose boyfriend is on a dating reality tv show. Roz & Mocha’s new segment ‘Vented Moments’ really took off! The couple that got engaged at the Adele ‘One Night Only’ Special speak to Roz & Mocha first! Plus, ‘King Richard’ star Jon Bernthal on how amazing it was to work with Will Smith.


322 - Lawn Questions For Roz & Did Roz Whine His ‘Batty YET?

More lawn questions for Roz our resident lawn expert. Someone asked ‘would you rather be buried alive or fall off a cruise ship’ & ‘What is the weirdest memory you have as a child?’ And more importantly ‘Did Roz whine his ‘batty’ YET?’


321 Billie Eilish On Sesame Street, Kal Penn Almost Took Obama To A Strip Club & Mouth Charades!

Camila Cabello’s new Christmas song sparks major controversy on the show! Kal Penn reveals he almost took Obama to a strip club! Billie Eilish sings with The Count on Sesame Street. More info on the Ed Sheeran & Elton John Xmas song. Plus, a round of the Roz & Mocha original game Mouth Charades!