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Canada’s favourite radio show is The Roz & Mocha Show. It’s your go-to show for entertainment and pop culture exclusives. If you don’t hear it on The Roz & Mocha Show, you won’t hear it anywhere else.

Canada’s favourite radio show is The Roz & Mocha Show. It’s your go-to show for entertainment and pop culture exclusives. If you don’t hear it on The Roz & Mocha Show, you won’t hear it anywhere else.


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Canada’s favourite radio show is The Roz & Mocha Show. It’s your go-to show for entertainment and pop culture exclusives. If you don’t hear it on The Roz & Mocha Show, you won’t hear it anywhere else.




440 - Do We Hang Out Outside The Show? & Does Roz Know What 'Aloo' Is?

Have our siblings ever did anything to get us in big trouble? Do we hang out outside the show? How do we get through the hard times in life? And another Guyanese word for Roz! Does he know what Aloo is?!


439 - Neil Patrick Harris Chats Farts, Carrie Royale Is Selling Prince Harry's Underwear & Is Maurie In Roz's Book?!

We chat farts with Neil Patrick Harris who stars in the new Netflix show ‘Uncoupled’. Former stripper Carrie Royale is selling a pair of underpants she claims Prince Harry gave her in Las Vegas. Did Julia Fox steal a fashion idea from Roz? Kevin Hart talks about doing the Tortilla Challenge with The Rock. Maurie dad Frank J. Sherman calls Roz to see if Maurie is in the book.


438 - Shawn Desman & Kardinal Offishall Chat OVO, Jenny Slate On 'Marcel The Shell' & Are You Comfortable Around Naked People?

Kevin Hart had a priceless reaction to ex-NFL player Channing Crowder's appreciation for nudist colonies which made us ask, how comfortable are YOU around naked people? The Internet is furious with Miranda Wilson a nurse practitioner in Laguna Beach, California who did a video recommending the different ways she'd "improve" the face of Natalia Dyer of "Stranger Things". The drama between Jojo Siwa and Candace Cameron Bure. ‘Marcel The Shell With Shoes On’ is in theatres, Damnit Maurie chats...


437 - What If We Wife Swapped? The Damnits Lockbox & How We Grocery Shop!

Some of the questions we tackle in this weeks ‘Ask Roz & Mocha’ - Do we ever have days when you are not vibing? Could we handle each others lifestyles if we tried a ‘wife swap’? Have The Damnits figured out the lockbox from Roz? Plus, When grocery shopping do we hit up the fruits and veggie section first or last?


436 - What Pisses Us Of, What Our Boxing Walk Out Music Would Be & What We're Recently Proud Of!

What instantly pisses us off. If we were all boxers, what would our walk out song be? If we had a robot help with our morning routines, what would we have it help with? And what is something we did recently that we were really proud of?


435 - The ‘Tortilla Challenge’, The Wiggles Join Us & Classified Chats New Music!

We try the ‘Tortilla Challenge’! Roz & Mocha’s Helluva Story has Maria telling us about being abducted by aliens! Dave Coulier on when he first knew ‘You Oughta Know’ was about him! The Wiggles join us to talk about their new Canadian tour! Classified talks about his new ‘Retrospected’ acoustic album.


434 - Christopher Meloni Works Out Nude In New Ad, Music From ‘Stranger Things’ Stars & How Well Do You Know lullabies?

New Peloton ad shows Christopher Meloni working out naked! Our chat with the 9year old viral star who got to meet The Weeknd. New music from some of the stars of ‘Stranger Things’. The Adele Vegas residency is still happening and how well do you know lullabies?


433 - Moisturized Feet, Summer Snacks & The Last Play We Saw!

You ask, and we answer! In this ‘Ask Roz & Mocha’ episode we’ll get to how we moisturize our feet and if we do it at all. The last play we saw. Our favorite summer snack & Does Damnit Maurie miss being near now that Covid as restricted that.


432 - Deepa's Crush On Lewis Hamilton, Cream Soda In Milk & Tag Team Names!

Who would win in a tag team match on the show? Is Deepa’s husband cool with her crush on Lewis Hamilton? How much would we sell our significant others for? Have any of us tried cream soda in milk?


431 - Michael Cera On 'Paws Of Fury', Pete Davidson Wants To Be A Dad & Nick Cannon Still Has Lots Of Love For Mariah Carey!

We check in with The Damnits with attempt #5 on opening the lock box Christmas gift from Roz containing $100 cash. Shem is auditioning to be the new anthem singer for the Leafs & Raptors. We chat with Michael Cera about his new movie ‘Paws Of Fury’. Nick Cannon still has lots of love for Mariah Carey. Pete Davidson wants to be a dad. Plus, Olympian Simone Biles mistaken for a child on a flight.


430 - Joey King On 'The Princess', Cardi B And Offset Gift Daughter $50,000 Cash & Are You A Good Kisser?

How would you rate your kissing? 2% of people think they are a horrible kisser. 76% consider themselves to be great kissers. What actors would play us in a movie about Roz’s new book? We chat with Joey King about her new movie ‘The Princess’. Cardi B and Offset give their 4 year old daughter $50,000 cash for birthday. We chat with the 6 year old who went viral when The Weeknd canceled his Toronto concert. And breaking news, Damnit Maurie has a beard.


429 - Super Powers, The Perfect Summer Day & Book Writing!

In this weeks ‘Ask Roz & Mocha’ we’ll tackle some great questions including what our perfect summer day looks like. What language we wish we woke up knowing without even learning it. What type of book we’d all write. Plus, we chat super powers and more!


428 - Potatoes, Roller Costers & Bucket Lists!

Some of the great questions we get to in this weeks ‘Deep Dive’ podcast include; What’s your favourite way to have a potato? Do you guys love or hate roller coasters? What our hidden talents would be for a competition and what’s on our bucket list!


427 - Austin Butler On Playing Elvis, Deepa Meets Lewis Hamilton & Mocha's Deadlift Redemption!

It’s deadlift redemption time! Will Mocha be able to lift Maurie onto the counter this time, after failing in the first round. ‘ELVIS’ is now in theatres, we chat with star Austin Butler and director Baz Luhrmann. Deepa meets Lewis Hamilton and we have the full story! We hear from all the stars of ET Canada who share their thoughts on Roz leaving the show. Kevin Hart and Woody Harrelson clear the air on the mispronunciation of ‘Toronto’ in their new movie. Did Kim Kardashian lie about never...


426 - Hayden Christensen Chats Darth Vader Suit, Adam Sandler Casting In Toronto & Cara Delevingne On Her Dreams!

Hayden Christensen tells us how he stayed cool in the Darth Vader suit. Adam Sandler is casting for a Bat Mitzvah themed movie in Toronto. Cara Delevingne tells us about her strange recurring dreams. Our take on Beyonce’s new song “Break My Soul” and we run down the list of hard truths nobody likes to admit! Plus, A sealed ‘Back to the Future’ VHS tape just sold for $75,000!


425 - Biggest Regrets, Organized Sports & Could We Live With No Internet?!

Some great questions for this weeks ‘Ask Roz & Mocha’! If the internet was deleted, would you be able to live without it? Biggest regret? What organized sports we played as kids. And more!


424 - The Last Thing We Did For The First Time & Roz Tries To Define The Guyanese Word ‘Paggly’!

If we could relive a day in our lives, what would it be? If we took one trait from each of us to create the perfect person what would those traits be? We discuss the last thing we did for the first time. Roz tries to define the Guyanese word ‘Paggly’. Plus, Are there more eyes or legs in the world?


423 - ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Star James Pickens Jr., ‘Lightyear’ Star Uzo Aduba & The Jennifer Anniston Salad Controversy!

‘Grey’s Anatomy’ star James Pickens Jr. joins us to talk Season 19 rumours! Deepa makes a custom shirt in hopes to meet Lewis Hamilton at the Canadian Grand Prix. The Jennifer Anniston salad controversy. News about ‘Joker 2’ that could see Lady Gaga as star! ‘Lightyear’ star Uzo Aduba joins us and comments on the movie being banned in many countries over a lesbian kiss. Plus, Damnit Maurie vs. 8 year old Natasha Thomas in a spelling bee!


422 - Damnit Maurie's Birthday, ‘Squid Game 2’ Is Announced & The Latest On Justin Bieber!

Celebrating Damnit Maurie’s birthday with a new song from Shem. The Kid Laroi brings out 'The Wiggles' at his recent show. Justin Bieber is suffering from Ramsay Hunt Syndrome. BTS announce a hiatus as a band. ‘Squid Game 2’ is announced. Highlights from Britney Spears’ wedding. Plus, the shocking amount of cigarettes Post Malone smokes in a day.


421 - Switching Jobs With Our Partners, Is Cheesecake Pie? Is A Roz Cookbook Next?

Some great questions on this ‘Ask Roz & Mocha’! If we switched jobs with our partners, would we enjoy it or hate it? Will Roz come out with a cookbook next? Is Cheesecake a pie? And more!