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In S.E. Cupp Unfiltered, S.E. leads a panel of contributors in discussing everything from legal mysteries to celebrity misbehavior to the political stories that hit home. On S.E.'s show, strong values matter, and partisan politics are out of favor.

In S.E. Cupp Unfiltered, S.E. leads a panel of contributors in discussing everything from legal mysteries to celebrity misbehavior to the political stories that hit home. On S.E.'s show, strong values matter, and partisan politics are out of favor.
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In S.E. Cupp Unfiltered, S.E. leads a panel of contributors in discussing everything from legal mysteries to celebrity misbehavior to the political stories that hit home. On S.E.'s show, strong values matter, and partisan politics are out of favor.




Tropical Storm Florence: Latest On The Ground; Trump's Puerto Rico Blame Game; Manafort Flips; Major Shakeups At CBS Over #MeToo Scandal; Crisis in Syria

The latest on the scene as Tropical Storm Florence slams the Carolinas; SE speaks to Puerto Rico Gov. Ricardo Rosselló about Trump's false claim that "3,000 people did not die" from Hurricane Maria; A potential bombshell in the battle over SCOTUS nominee Brett Kavanaugh, as he's hit with a sexual misconduct allegation from years ago; Paul Manafort pleads guilty and agrees to cooperate with Mueller; Rep. Adam Kinzinger tells SE why we need a strategy in Syria and what it should look like. via...


West Wing Mystery; Obama On Offense; SCOTUS Seat Showdown; Rep. Boyle On Newest Attacks In Syria

SE blows the whistle on the NYT whistleblower: "Tell us what you know or resign"; President Obama hits the campaign trail, but is it in time for midterms?; Were the SCOTUS hearings as "unprecedented" as many Senators claimed?; Airstrikes continue to terrorize the Idlib province in Syria via Knit


Remembering Senator John McCain

SE attends the Washington funeral of Sen. McCain and covers the highlights, including Meghan McCain's impassioned eulogy; SE speaks to McCain's longtime friend & speechwriter Mark Salter, remembers his maverick political legacy, discusses his military service and outsize impact on US foreign policy, and deconstructs his legendary relationship with the media via Knit


Trump Silent On McCain; SE Talks To GOP Sen Tim Scott & Dem Rep Jim Himes About Trump's Mounting Scandals; "Warmest Regards" For Kim Jong-Un

President Trump stays silent on McCain family announcement that Sen. McCain is ending his cancer treatment, but he took the time to tweet "warmest regards" for Kim Jong Un; Democratic Congressman Jim Himes tells SE why impeachment shouldn't be on the table yet for Trump; Republican Senator Tim Scott defends the party amid Trump's mounting scandals; The North Korea soap opera isn't over yet, and the worst may be yet to come in Syria via Knit


Our new home on CNN

Starting on Saturday, August 25th, find us at our new home on CNN. That's right, Saturday's at 6pm on CNN. via Knit


Trump Tries To Avert Midterm Mess; Rep. Collins Won't Step Down Despite Federal Charges; Rudy's Russia Probe Strategy; Laura Ingraham's Primetime Racism; A Special Farewell

President Trump tries to avert a midterm disaster; GOP Congressman Chris Collins seeking reelection despite insider trading charges; Omarosa has Trump tapes; Rudy Giuliani tries to give Mueller a deadline in the Russia probe; Laura Ingraham abandons the dog whistle and uses a bullhorn instead on Fox News; Farewell HLN, Hello CNN via Knit


Win-Win? Both Parties See Ohio Special Election As A Victory; Heated Exchange In Manafort Trial; Sitting GOP Congressman Arrested For Insider Trading; Paul Ryan's Legacy: Riding Into The Sunset Or Fading Away?

The OH-12 special election is too close to call, but that hasn't stopped both parties from claiming it as a broader victory; The judge in the Manafort trial butts heads with prosecutors once again; Republican Congressman Chris Collins is arrested on insider trading charges, pleads not guilty; With his retirement approaching, Speaker Ryan does a series of exit interviews and reflects on his legacy via Knit


What Does The Ohio Election Tell Us About Midterms?; Rick Rolls On Manafort; Infowars Gets The Boot; Trump's Walk Of Fame Shame

Tight race in Ohio's GOP-leaning 12th district tests Trump's influence once again; Paul Manafort's former right-hand man is on the stand for the second straight day; Infowars gets booted from Facebook, Youtube, and other major platforms, sparking debate about the thin line between free speech and hate speech; A mounting silly and/or symbolic campaign to get Trump's Walk of Fame star removed via Knit


President Trump Vs. King James; Trump's Media Attacks Go Too Far; Rick Gates Testifies In Manafort Trial; Rand Paul's Russia Invitation; Ohio Special Election Preview

President Trump rails against the media precisely because the media is dangerous to people who wield misinformation; Trump takes on NBA star LeBron James; Sen. Rand Paul invites Russian lawmakers to DC; Manafort's right-hand man drops some bombshells from the stand; The shifting story on that Trump Tower meeting; Final special election of the year takes unpredictable turn in Ohio via Knit


Midterm Mayhem: Trump vs. Obama; In The Trump Era, The Center Of Gravity Isn't In The Center; Manafort's Disastrous Day In Court; Pope Francis Opposes the Death Penalty

Democrats seem to be divided as midterms approach and President Obama tests the endorsement waters; Bitter Georgia gubernatorial race illustrates a new political framework in the Trump era; A new study puts the Puerto Rico death toll at 1,139, eclipsing the government's Hurricane Maria tally of 64; Paul Manafort's disastrous day in court; The Pope declares the death penalty as "inadmissible," radically changing Catholic Church doctrine; Does a new theory "solve" the Bermuda Triangle? via Knit


Trump & His Supporters Reach New Levels Of Anti-Media Vitriol; Obstruction By Tweet?; Nicole Kidman To Play Gretchen Carlson; Cyber Security Threats On The Rise; Bigfoot Erotica In The Midterms

President Trump's hostility toward the media has created a mob mentality among his supporters; Trump potentially obstructs justice by tweeting about the Mueller probe and Manafort trial; Homeland Security warns of the dangers of cyber attacks during elections; Facebook removed fake accounts involved in a "coordinated" disinformation campaign; Nicole Kidman joins cast of the Roger Ailes sexual harassment movie; Bigfoot erotica becomes a part of the Virginia congressional race. via Knit


Trump's GOP Midas Touch/Stranglehold; Manafort Trial Commences; Russia's Tech Attacks In Syria; Is It Time For SCOTUS Term Limits?; "Guardians" Cast Defends Fired Director

Trump is tipping the scales in the Republican primary races; "Guardians of the Galaxy" cast rallies around fired director James Gunn after years-old offensive tweets resurfaced; The Russians' electronic warfare in Syria could have deadly consequences for U.S. troops; The first big test for the Mueller probe commenced today with Paul Manafort's trial; Should SCOTUS seats have term limits? via Knit


Trump vs. Cohen: Lies, Loyalty & The Law; CBS #MeToo Scandal; TSA's Controversial Tracking Program; Start The Midterm Countdown

Michael Cohen feels the wrath of Trump's tweets and Rudy Giuliani's guest spots; Does the Mueller probe matter to voters? TSA's controversial "Quiet Skies" program tracks US citizens; A new front in Trump's war on the media; CBS CEO Les Moonves faces sexual misconduct allegations; Why isn't the GOP focusing on the economy heading into midterms? via Knit


Press Unites To Combat White House Attacks; Facebook's Record Stock Market Dive; Trump's Money Man Subpoenaed; Dems' Left-Wing Woes; What Comes Next With Putin?

CNN White House Reporter banned from press event after asking questions the administration didn't like; Facebook announces a new focus on privacy and promptly loses $119 billion, making it the worst single-day loss in stock market history; Feds have more than 100 Michael Cohen tapes; Putin's visit to the White House goes on the backburner; Are progressives splitting the Democratic Party, or is it all hype?; Former Attorney General Eric Holder considers a 2020 presidential run via Knit


Trump Payout Tale Of The Tape; Pompeo Grilled About Putin; GOP Losing Patience With Trump's Trade Policies; The Future of Conservatism; Massive Lake Discovered On Mars

As the first Trump-Cohen tape leaked, Donald Trump tried to convince his voters not to believe everything they hear; 12-mile-wide "stable body of liquid water" discovered on Mars; Secretary of State Mike Pompeo grilled by the Senate about the Putin meeting; Trump's trade war has American workers caught in the middle; The future of conservatism in the Trump era via Knit


Is Trump Silencing His Critics, Or Just "Trolling" Them? Ivanka Shuts Down Her Fashion Brand; Trumpism Test In Georgia; The Death of Local News; Is Sarah Sanders Eyeing The Exit?

President Trump takes steps to revoke security clearances for Obama-era officials; Ivanka Trump shuts down her struggling clothing line; Trump's influence in the Georgia Governor's race may be a sign of what's to come in the midterms; New York Daily News staff slashed by half in the era of dying local news; White House reportedly preparing for life after Sarah Sanders via Knit


Trump Lashes Out Against Iran, Intel Community; GOP Struggles To Stay On Message; "Poison Pill" For Papa John's; Syria Evacuation Crisis; Company Announces No-Meat Policy

President Trump threatens to attack Iran, then threatens to revoke security clearances for former IC chiefs; Republicans struggle with a midterm campaign narrative in the age of Trump; Papa John's adopts "poison pill" to prevent disgraced founder John Schnatter from taking over his company; 300 White Helmets stranded in the middle of Syrian fighting; WeWork announces a new meat-free policy for employees via Knit


Trump's Spins, Lies & Walkbacks; GOP Falls In Line On Putin Summit; Putin DC Visit In The Works; Massive MeToo Statement At ESPYs; Zuckerberg's Free Speech Fumble; John Cleese Joins SE To Talk About His Viral Trump Tweets

President Trump is tweeting through it, while his administration polishes it with spin and the GOP members of Congress toe the party line; DNI Coats learns in the middle of an interview that Trump invited Putin to DC for a second meeting; 141 survivors of Larry Nassar's sexual abuse take the stage at the ESPYs; Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg can't figure out his platform's free speech issue; Legendary British actor John Cleese joins SE via Knit


Trump's Putin Excuses Pile Up; Obama Enters The Fray; Elon Apologizes; Trump Derangement Syndrome; Rising Progressive Star Fizzling Out?

Trump contradicts himself on Putin once again and Sarah Sanders tries to explain it away; Elon Musk apologizes for "pedo" comment after stocks dip; Trump takes a breather with Fox News; Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez divides Democrats with her victory lap; President Obama shades Trump in South Africa via Knit


Trump Backtracks After Helsinki Mess; Bourdain's Parting Shot For The Clintons; Suspected Russian Secret Agent Arrested; Elon Musk Melting Down

Trump's damage control efforts after his disastrous Helsinki summit with Putin draws more criticism; One of Anthony Bourdain's final interviews slams the Clintons for their #MeToo legacy; A Russian is charged with acting as a foreign agent; Elon Musk's erratic behavior is starting to affect his bottom line via Knit