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In S.E. Cupp Unfiltered, S.E. leads a panel of contributors in discussing everything from legal mysteries to celebrity misbehavior to the political stories that hit home. On S.E.'s show, strong values matter, and partisan politics are out of favor.

In S.E. Cupp Unfiltered, S.E. leads a panel of contributors in discussing everything from legal mysteries to celebrity misbehavior to the political stories that hit home. On S.E.'s show, strong values matter, and partisan politics are out of favor.
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In S.E. Cupp Unfiltered, S.E. leads a panel of contributors in discussing everything from legal mysteries to celebrity misbehavior to the political stories that hit home. On S.E.'s show, strong values matter, and partisan politics are out of favor.




White House West Winging It; Trump World Targeted On 4 Fronts; Democrats' Best Bet for 2020; Obamacare Battle

More White House staff shuffles amid ethics and legal probes; SE connects the dots and breaks down each investigation threatening Trump and his associates; Joe Biden's 2012 Campaign Deputy Chief of Staff weighs in on a Biden-Beto 2020 ticket; Explaining the political and practical fallout after a judge rules Obamacare is unconstitutional; Conservative magazine The Weekly Standard shutters after 23 years. via Knit


Trump Claims Vindication Despite New Filings Linking Him To Crimes; Rep. Himes On WH Turmoil; Democrats Do The 2020 Shuffle; Senate Challenges Trump On Saudi Arabia

Mueller filing links Trump to two felonies, as Trump claims it vindicates his "no collusion" stance; Democratic Congressman Jim Himes on how the new House will check Trump; High profile Democrats work hard behind the scenes to shore up a 2020 challenge; GOP's last-minute power grabs in Michigan and Wisconsin; Senator Cardin on lawmakers confronting Trump over his handling of Saudi Arabia via Knit


Trump-Mnuchin Drama; Tone Deaf With The Troops?; Dems' 2020 Dilemma; Fox In The White House?; Pelosi Tries To Stamp Out A Mutiny; Crisis In Syria

Trump denies reports that he's dissatisfied with Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin; In a Thanksgiving call traditionally meant to support and boost morale for the troops, Trump complains about his political situation; White House comms chief gets millions in Fox News severance; Democratic leaders strategize on toppling Trump in 2020; Rep. Nancy Pelosi still facing opposition from some House Democrats; Syrian activists killed in a targeted attack; Journalists imprisoned in Myanmar via Knit


Are We Witnessing Trump 2.0?; Rep. Kinzinger On The New House; Trump, The Media, And The Courts; Pelosi's Power Struggle; Conway vs. Conway; Khashoggi Killing Ordered By The Crown Prince?

President Trump is changing his tune in the face of a seemingly unending cycle of scandals-but will the new approach last? Republican Congressman Adam Kinzinger discusses how the House GOP should proceed now as the minority; Kellyanne Conway's husband calls the Trump admin a "s***show"; Will Trump change his stance with the press now that the courts are involved?; Rep. Pelosi faces opposition from her own party, but unlikely support from some in the GOP; CIA concludes the Saudi Crown Prince...


Another Messy Florida Recount; The Threat Of A Constitutional Crisis; Trump's Hush Money Role; The Mueller Probe's Future; Pelosi's Power Play

A recount is underway in FL's governor's race, senate race and agriculture commissioner's race; David Axelrod joins SE to talk midterm fallout; SE explains why Trump's attacks on the 1st amendment, 14th amendment, and the independence of the DOJ have us on the cusp of a constitutional crisis; Where does the Mueller probe stand?; Will House Democrats rally behind Pelosi for the speakership again?; Former Clinton press secretary Joe Lockhart on Dems' lessons for 2020 via Knit


Fear & Falsehoods Dominate Trump's Final Midterm Push; GOP's Suburban Backlash?; Hate & The Elections; Border Politics

Trump touts fear over fact to rally supporters in cross-country campaign blitz; David Axelrod and David Drucker analyze crucial races in MT, FL, and GA; Will Trump's immigration rhetoric backfire with suburban voters?; A reformed white supremacist on how the heated political climate plays into hate and extremism; Political theater at the border; Alec Baldwin charged with assault in parking lot dispute via Knit


Trump's Midterm Campaign Blitz; Dems' 2020 Vision; Trump Turned The GOP Into A Party Of One; The Khashoggi Killing & Cover-Up

Trump is on the offensive for GOP candidates with just 17 days left in the midterm campaign; Democrats are seeing stars in 2020, but have some already burnt out?; US is pulling out of longstanding nuclear arms treaty with Russia; Conservatives are providing cover for the President; Saudis claim Khashoggi died in fistfight gone awry, Trump thinks it's a credible explanation via Knit


Saudi Journalist Disappearance; Midterms & Anger Management; Trump's Full Court Press; FLOTUS On Family Separation Policy

America's close relationship with Saudi Arabia is put to the test over the disappearance of journalist Jamal Khashoggi, as Trump weighs options - SE speaks to GOP Rep. Adam Kinzinger & Democratic Rep. Jim Himes about the implications; First Lady Melania Trump says she was "blindsided" by her husband's zero-tolerance family separation policy; Midterm strategies for both parties focus on fear and anger; Trump is on a media blitz to try to tip the scales ahead of election day; Woman in Georgia...


Justice Brett Kavanaugh Sworn In As Protestors Gather Outside Supreme Court; Senator Ernst On Her Kavanaugh Vote; Men, #MeToo & The Media

SE has the latest on the confirmation and swearing-in of Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh, as protestors gather on the steps of the Supreme Court; Republican Senator Joni Ernst tells SE why she voted for Kavanaugh's confirmation and what the contentious battle will mean for the midterms. via Knit


FBI Launches Kavanaugh Probe, Confirmation Vote Pushed Back; Ford-Kavanaugh Battle Divides Voters; Rod Rosenstein In The Hot Seat; Trump Wants A Kim Summit Sequel

President Trump orders week-long FBI investigation into allegations against Judge Brett Kavanaugh; With America divided on the Kavanaugh confirmation battle, will the probe change any minds?; Elon Musk forced to step down as chairman of Tesla; Previewing Trump's meeting with Deputy AG Rod Rosenstein; The Trump Doctrine at play in North Korea and on display at the UN via Knit


Kavanaugh Accuser Agrees To Testify; Trump Declares War On FBI & DOJ; The Midterm Effect; US-Iran Tensions Escalate Following Terror Attack; Ted vs. Beto

Christine Blasey Ford agrees to testify in front of the Senate next week on her sexual assault allegations against Judge Brett Kavanaugh; SE explains why nobody wins in the Kavanaugh confirmation mess; How independent voters could sway the midterms; Sen. Ted Cruz and Rep. Beto O'Rourke take potshots in a fiery first debate; Was Rod Rosenstein being serious or sarcastic when he suggested secretly recording Trump?; Terror attack on a military parade in Iran has the US on the cusp of a...


Tropical Storm Florence: Latest On The Ground; Trump's Puerto Rico Blame Game; Manafort Flips; Major Shakeups At CBS Over #MeToo Scandal; Crisis in Syria

The latest on the scene as Tropical Storm Florence slams the Carolinas; SE speaks to Puerto Rico Gov. Ricardo Rosselló about Trump's false claim that "3,000 people did not die" from Hurricane Maria; A potential bombshell in the battle over SCOTUS nominee Brett Kavanaugh, as he's hit with a sexual misconduct allegation from years ago; Paul Manafort pleads guilty and agrees to cooperate with Mueller; Rep. Adam Kinzinger tells SE why we need a strategy in Syria and what it should look like. via...


West Wing Mystery; Obama On Offense; SCOTUS Seat Showdown; Rep. Boyle On Newest Attacks In Syria

SE blows the whistle on the NYT whistleblower: "Tell us what you know or resign"; President Obama hits the campaign trail, but is it in time for midterms?; Were the SCOTUS hearings as "unprecedented" as many Senators claimed?; Airstrikes continue to terrorize the Idlib province in Syria via Knit


Remembering Senator John McCain

SE attends the Washington funeral of Sen. McCain and covers the highlights, including Meghan McCain's impassioned eulogy; SE speaks to McCain's longtime friend & speechwriter Mark Salter, remembers his maverick political legacy, discusses his military service and outsize impact on US foreign policy, and deconstructs his legendary relationship with the media via Knit


Trump Silent On McCain; SE Talks To GOP Sen Tim Scott & Dem Rep Jim Himes About Trump's Mounting Scandals; "Warmest Regards" For Kim Jong-Un

President Trump stays silent on McCain family announcement that Sen. McCain is ending his cancer treatment, but he took the time to tweet "warmest regards" for Kim Jong Un; Democratic Congressman Jim Himes tells SE why impeachment shouldn't be on the table yet for Trump; Republican Senator Tim Scott defends the party amid Trump's mounting scandals; The North Korea soap opera isn't over yet, and the worst may be yet to come in Syria via Knit


Our new home on CNN

Starting on Saturday, August 25th, find us at our new home on CNN. That's right, Saturday's at 6pm on CNN. via Knit


Trump Tries To Avert Midterm Mess; Rep. Collins Won't Step Down Despite Federal Charges; Rudy's Russia Probe Strategy; Laura Ingraham's Primetime Racism; A Special Farewell

President Trump tries to avert a midterm disaster; GOP Congressman Chris Collins seeking reelection despite insider trading charges; Omarosa has Trump tapes; Rudy Giuliani tries to give Mueller a deadline in the Russia probe; Laura Ingraham abandons the dog whistle and uses a bullhorn instead on Fox News; Farewell HLN, Hello CNN via Knit


Win-Win? Both Parties See Ohio Special Election As A Victory; Heated Exchange In Manafort Trial; Sitting GOP Congressman Arrested For Insider Trading; Paul Ryan's Legacy: Riding Into The Sunset Or Fading Away?

The OH-12 special election is too close to call, but that hasn't stopped both parties from claiming it as a broader victory; The judge in the Manafort trial butts heads with prosecutors once again; Republican Congressman Chris Collins is arrested on insider trading charges, pleads not guilty; With his retirement approaching, Speaker Ryan does a series of exit interviews and reflects on his legacy via Knit


What Does The Ohio Election Tell Us About Midterms?; Rick Rolls On Manafort; Infowars Gets The Boot; Trump's Walk Of Fame Shame

Tight race in Ohio's GOP-leaning 12th district tests Trump's influence once again; Paul Manafort's former right-hand man is on the stand for the second straight day; Infowars gets booted from Facebook, Youtube, and other major platforms, sparking debate about the thin line between free speech and hate speech; A mounting silly and/or symbolic campaign to get Trump's Walk of Fame star removed via Knit


President Trump Vs. King James; Trump's Media Attacks Go Too Far; Rick Gates Testifies In Manafort Trial; Rand Paul's Russia Invitation; Ohio Special Election Preview

President Trump rails against the media precisely because the media is dangerous to people who wield misinformation; Trump takes on NBA star LeBron James; Sen. Rand Paul invites Russian lawmakers to DC; Manafort's right-hand man drops some bombshells from the stand; The shifting story on that Trump Tower meeting; Final special election of the year takes unpredictable turn in Ohio via Knit