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S.E. Cupp brings her distinct outlook and a searing honesty on contemporary issues, with a focus on the white-hot intersection of politics, the media and policy.

S.E. Cupp brings her distinct outlook and a searing honesty on contemporary issues, with a focus on the white-hot intersection of politics, the media and policy.


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S.E. Cupp brings her distinct outlook and a searing honesty on contemporary issues, with a focus on the white-hot intersection of politics, the media and policy.




Coronavirus: Leadership Matters; States Step Up; Stay Indoors; Trillion Dollar Triage

The coronavirus crisis has staying indoors, working from home and social distancing as a new normal ... SE Cupp argues President Trump is failing the ultimate test ANY president has been given so far, but she believes it's not too late for him to step up. Former Republican Governor Tim Pawlenty & The Washington Post White House reporter join SE to discuss. California is one of the few states that has directed residents to stay put and not venture out for anything other than...


Coronavirus: A National Emergency, A Global Pandemic & A 2020 Election Wrench

SE Cupp asks medical experts Dr. Seema Yasmin & Dr. James Phillips what immediate impacts Trump's national emergency declaration will have, and what to do if one person close to you is sick. This crisis is without a doubt the biggest test of Trump's presidency-how will the Coronavirus response, and criticism, fare on the campaign trail? After another rough primary Tuesday, Sanders announced this week he ain't going anywhere. Good or bad for Democrats in November? No school can mean no meals...


Coronavirus & WH Credibility; Biden vs. Sanders and Super Tuesday II; Warren & Sexism

The Coronavirus has unleashed a wave of panic across the country, and the misinformation and contradictions coming from the Trump administration are fueling the fire. Ann Kurth, the Dean of Yale's School of Nursing, and former VA Gov. Terry McAuliffe join SE to discuss the White House response to the outbreak. Bernie Sanders attacks Joe Biden for his "establishment" ties, but Biden's Super Tuesday performance proved the establishment appeals to a lot of voters-Sanders' Wisconsin Campaign...


2016 Déjà vu?; Battle of the Bernie Bros; Nevada Primary Preview; Bloomberg's Baggage; Trump's Campaign of Confusion

Moderate Democrats are having a tough time accepting Bernie Sanders as the front-runner. But he's electable, and Trump is vulnerable, so SE has a word of caution to the Never-Sanders sector of the Democratic party who should learn the lesson of 2016's Never-Trumpers. CNN's David Axelrod joins Unfiltered to discuss. And, a candidate can't ALWAYS be held responsible for EVERYTHING their supporters do or say, but some of Sanders' supporters took it to another level in a feud with a powerful...


All Eyes on New Hampshire; Bernie's Big Haul; Black Voter Outreach; Romney's Lonely Vote

We've already had an election integrity scandal in the first primary contest. The Senate just acquitted the President. We came to the brink of war with Iran, 11 Democrats are STILL in the 2020 race... SE Cupp shares why this chaos is NOT fair to Americans. After the Iowa Caucus chaos, Democrats scramble to build momentum in New Hampshire. Between his staggering fundraising numbers and his steady rise in the polls, Bernie Sanders is seeing all the right signs, but can he win it all? African...


Trump's Legal Team Responds; Battle Over Trial Witnesses & Evidence; 2020 Candidates Benched By Impeachment; Warren vs. Sanders

The President has filed his formal response to the Impeachement summons. In the weeks between the House impeachment and the Senate trial, a LOT of new information has come out-will the GOP's "see no evil, hear no evil" strategy thus far work? What's the latest on the trial proceedings? CNN Political Analyst Rachael Bade discusses the latest with SE Cupp with analysis on the Senate Republicans in the spotlight from Bill Kristol. Former Democratic Sen. Barbara Boxer on the battle royale over...


Trump's Power Trip; Impeachment Limbo; Airstrike Story Switches; New CNN Iowa Polling; Bloomberg's 2020 Bet

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi will finally send the impeachment articles to the Senate next week to kick off the trial in the Senate. There's been little evidence so far that Trump has felt chastened at all by his own impeachment. In fact, he might even be emboldened... example 2: the Soleimani strike & the subsequent spin. Will an impeachment trial & a War Powers resolution do anything to constrain Trump? Sen. Bob Casey joins SE to discuss. Is Iran a rational actor? It's a decades-old...


[BONUS] Iran Flareup Puts Iraq's Fate In The Balance

Cooler heads prevailed in the faceoff between the US and Iran, for now. But both countries still have forces fighting in a hot war in Iraq, so there's no separating the Iran tensions from the decade-and-a-half conflict in Iraq. Iraqi parliament voted to expel US troops from the country following the Soleimani strike, and Trump campaigned on getting America out of Iraq. So what should our role be in the Iraq War, and how will rising tensions with Iran factor into the future of Iraq? Joining...


Trump-Iran Faceoff; Impeachment Standoff; Biden's Electability; Sanders' Surge; Rise of Hate

Trump starts 2020 on the brink of an impeachment trial in the Senate and on the brink of war with Iran. Rep. Debbie Dingell joins SE Cupp to discuss where Democrats stand on the impasse between the House and Senate on impeachment & Trump ordering the strike on Soleimani without Congressional approval. General Wesley Clark, former NATO Supreme Allied Commander, discusses the consequences of Trump's controversial foreign policy move from a military and national security standpoint. Is Biden's...


Impeaching A Shameless President; Andrew Yang Sits With SE To Talk Economy & 2020; Pelosi vs. McConnell; Democratic Purity Tests

Trump is incapable of shame, and yet... SE Cupp truly believes Democrats think impeaching him will somehow provoke some introspection, will change his behavior-Republican Rep. Adam Kinzinger joins to discuss what's happened in Washington since impeachment. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell & House Speaker Nancy Pelosi in a standoff over the Senate trial-SE and her panel discuss the list of Republican Senators that COULD conceivably vote to convict; The "wine cave" Democratic debate...


So Much For Impartial Impeachment; Dems Float Impeachment Sequel; Texas Turning Blue?; Warren on the Attack

Next week, the House will officially vote on articles of impeachment. With the Senate up to bat, McConnell and Graham are unconcerned with impartiality, while Democrats float the idea of a second impeachment. Trump's anti-Semitism Executive Order is causing controversy. In a hypothetical head-to-head, Trump edges out Biden by just one percentage point, well within the margin of error-can Biden turn Texas blue? With Iowa less than 2 months away & after seeing some stalled momentum recently,...


Impeachment Endgame; Broad or Narrow Articles, That Is The Question; "No Malarkey" Biden; Boss Bloomberg

The Mueller Report and the Ukraine hearings were appetizers, but now dinner has been served. After years of alluding, threatening and in some cases promising to impeach the President, Speaker of the House Pelosi has formally asked that articles of impeachment be brought against President Trump. What we have to look forward to? A Senate trial in the coming month in which a Republican majority will decide whether or not to convict the President. Join SE as she speaks with "Primary Colors"...


Impeachment Opinions in DC & at Home; Make-Shift Moderate?; Warren's Lofty Promises; Politics vs. Public Health; "Ok Boomer"

Enough is enough...12 witnesses, 2 weeks of public hearings & 1 thing's clear: there's a preponderance of evidence laying out a pretty straightforward assertion: that the President mounted a coordinated effort to pressure Ukraine into publicly announcing an investigation of his domestic political rival in exchange for a White House meeting and badly needed military aid. House Dems will spend next week preparing the impeachment report and the topic is sure to come up over Thanksgiving dinner...


Impeachment: A Tale of Two Realities; Public Hearings Week 2 Preview; 2020 Party Foul; Trump's War on Expertise

Three credible witnesses testified publicly this week in the first round of impeachment hearings: Former WH Comms Chief Anthony Scaramucci weighs in on GOP spin & smears, then Democratic Rep. Karen Bass of the Judiciary Committee discusses what we can expect with next week's hearings. The first votes go down in Iowa in less than three months... enter another 2020 primary shake-up: Deval Patrick. Speaking of Iowa, some Democrats are wondering why the state has to be the first in the nation-is...


Impeachment & Election on a Collision Course; Bloomberg to the Rescue?; RIP GOP Dignity; Public Hearing Preview; Whistleblower Fight

You can sum up the environment in Washington with this analogy... Two giant freight trains were bearing down on Trump all week: Impeachment & 2020 Trouble. The GOP is reeling from testimony transcripts and Tuesday's election losses, but Democrats have to keep their eyes on the 2020 prize. Not just any Democrat can't beat Trump, which brings us to Michael Bloomberg, who's gearing up for a potential run. Several GOP lawmakers exchange dignity for Trump support-will it work for Jeff Sessions?...


Impeachment Update: Process & Politics; Trump's 2020 Strategy; The 2020 Dem Catching Iowa Momentum; Fox News Firewall; A Chat About The Call?

It's official: The impeachment inquiry was formalized with a vote in the House this week. A member of the House Oversight Committee joins SE to talk next steps. Speaking of impeachment, what about the politics? Former VA Governor & Former DNC chairman Terry McAuliffe discusses the potential political fallout. The 2020 Dem primary race is heating up in Iowa & Trump's reelection campaign seems to be leaning into impeachment instead of running from it. For the second time in less than a month-a...


Trump's Stunts-Over-Substance Impeachment Strategy; Dems Plan Public Hearings; Kellyanne Conway's Bully Pulpit; Syria & the 2020 Election; Rudy's Butt-Dial for the Ages

White House struggles to form cohesive messaging strategy amid the impeachment inquiry. Former GOP Congressman Sean Duffy & SE have a spirited debate about the dangerous precedent being set by Team Trump. Democrats are planning to hold public hearings next month: Foreign Affairs Committee Member Rep. Abigail Spanberger discusses next steps. Kellyanne Conway berates a reporter for mentioning her husband in an article. Trump's Syria decision becomes a key issue for 2020 Democrats, Rep. Seth...


GOP's Breaking Ranks; Dems' K.I.S.S. Impeachment Plan; Bernie's Back With a Squad Nod; Clinton vs. Gabbard; 2020 Electability

Defending the President's indefensible actions has become the norm for Republicans, but have they finally found their breaking point? John Kasich joins SE to discuss the GOP outrage over Trump's decision to withdraw from Syria & how it affects impeachment. Howard Dean talks about Democrats sticking to a simple strategy on impeachment. Earlier today, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez announced her endorsement of Bernie Sanders. Is that the boost he needs or is it actually a win for Elizabeth...


Trump Tests the Constitution; Biden On Offense; Major Fox News Exit; Impeachment Polls; GOP Outrage on Syria

When it comes to Congress and the separation of powers, Trump is not a fan. Rep. Debbie Dingell discusses how the President has been bypassing Congress on impeachment, and what House Dems plan to do to stop the obstruction. If polls are any indication, Trump's attacks on Biden haven't put a dent in his frontrunner status. In a move that sent shock waves through cable news, Shepard Smith announced Friday it was his last day at the network. Republican lawmakers are outraged over Trump's Syria...


Trump's Deny, Normalize, Attack DNA; Barr & Pompeo's Precarious Positions; Fox News Firewall & more

It's week two of the Democrats' impeachment inquiry and it was yet again an eventful one with House testimonies, State Department text messages and floods of Trump tweets. Rep. Brendan Boyle shares with SE that there are "at least two dozen" Republicans in the House concerned with the recent revelations surrounding the impeachment inquiry. Mike Pompeo defies House subpoena deadline to turn over Ukraine documents and damning text messages detail Trump admin pressure on Ukraine. The...