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Podcast platform for radio art, creative sound documentaries and field recording

Podcast platform for radio art, creative sound documentaries and field recording




Podcast platform for radio art, creative sound documentaries and field recording






Bucharest Sketches

Bucharest Sketches is the fifth in the series of field recordings albums by Toni Dimitrov dedicated to a city. After the field recordings from Athens (released on Green Field Recordings), Milan and Ioannina (released on Auriculab), and Belgrade (released on Silber Records), this time the sketches are recorded in Bucharest during the stay in Romania for a field recording residency in the Danube Delta, Sonic Future Residencies, in the summer of 2019. You can hear the Bucharest streets, parks,...


Obama Landing in Hiroshima

Obama Landing In Hiroshima. A Tour Day Off Author: Lukatoyboy 2016 It was back in 2016, spring, May, 27th, my first and so far only tour in Japan. During some unscheduled days, I went to Hiroshima on the day when Barack Obama was visiting. The timing couldn't have been more perfect, as the train from Tokyo arrived just some minutes before the helicopters appeared. I joined the crowds and start recording. Some hours later, I watched the actual speech from a small gas station on one of the...


Stories Untold

At present times I perceive that an ultimate hybridization of living and non living sensory stimuli our daily cognizance has to put up with is only a surface noise of de-personalized (and certainly unfinished) collective morphology we comply to. Opposing that, I choose to create poetry reflecting upon commonplaces of unfading human struggle to understand depths of grief and devaluation of life. And as a field of resonance surrounding those I am driven by hopeless pursuit of the embodiment of...



Înspre is a musical composition which evolved slowly during the making of Dinspre. It took quite a while to write and perform, but it’s rare to prepare and experiment with a bunch of instruments, all available from a local music high school. It’s about things collapsing around us and then growing back up. An existential piece. Înspre is the second part of a composition representing an intimate study of the peripheral and the insular, the open and confined, the controlled and the...



Dinspre is about the harshness and loneliness of these remote locations I’ve visited, it collects a bit of something which most people seem to be running away from at the end of the day. I’ve spend time observing sonic gestures and tonal imprints of various places in the outskirts of Iași, from cellars, yards, highways, open fields, bridges, to construction sites, abandoned warehouses and industrial plants etc. Big cities will always change their limits but they’ll be outlined and fragmented...


Tokyo. All the Sounds That I Can Feel

Tokyo. All the Sounds That I Can Feel From Deep Surroundings Author: Simina Oprescu The diversity of Tokyo’s sounds can make a string of connection about the Japanese noise culture. They seem influenced by it every day, by this constant knitting of different textures and tonic profiles. Mostly it is a mechanical profile, almost nothing organic but the voice of the whole humans gathered in one. Everything is wrapped in and comes through this artificial-synthetic medium, like poor speakers...


Letea Harp

Letea Harp From the Wind Notes Author: Michal Kindernay The sound image of the rural surroundings of Letea. Very still and hot days of late June were followed by a sudden strong wind and the sound of the landscape took form of protracted noisy tunes, where the sound of the whole fauna and village life was drown out. Listen closely the wind whistles in the trees and hidden overtones of wind in the strings between the fences. Sound composition created during the SONIC FUTURE RESIDENCIES...


The House of Horses

The House of Horses From “Inverted Houses” Author: Michal Kindernay In little poor but picturesque village between canals, the ancient forest and the sea – Letea, the animals are the main and most common inhabitants. Because of constant depopulation, disappearing of traditional living, jobs and consequences of climate change, the village is changing dramatically, many buildings lost their carers and are neglected, abandoned. Now, the animals take over the people's dwellings. Listen to the...


Letea Soundscapes

Letea Soundscapes. Ambient trip through Danube Delta Author: Toni Dimitrov, 2019 An ambient/soundscape piece containing field recordings from the whole trip to the Danube Delta and a nice subtle ambient melody. From the rain on the ferry on Danube, the traffic in Tulcea, the birds at Letea mornings, the canals in Sulina, to the forest, the wild horses, frogs, mosquitoes and the rich quietness of the delta. It is a meditative soundscape that compresses whole two-week experience into five...


Lush Dusk

Lush Dusk. Field Resilience Author: George Vlad, 2019 Lush Dusk is an exploration of equanimity in the face of setbacks, disappointment and adversity. Negative emotions are detrimental to creativity for me, but in this situation I managed to channel these and ended up using them as fuel for my listening and composition. The lush setting and feral life of Letea village made my job easier by offering an escape from conflict. Sound piece created during the SONIC FUTURE RESIDENCIES organized...


Safe Place

Safe Place. The Time of Wind and Waters Author: beepblip "Terrans tend to feel they've got to get ahead, make progress. The people of Winter, who always live in the Year One, feel that progress is less important than presence." — Ursula Le Guin, The Left Hand of Darkness They say time stretches out in a place where the pace of technological progress has not caught up with the people's ambitions. For a newcomer, the village of Letea, on the brink of the ancient Letea Forest connected to...


Nobody Asked

Nobody Asked. Stories from Letea Village, Danube Delta Author: Ana Teodora Popa, 2019 Isolation people experience in a village this small is deafening, if you dare to listen. Talking about feelings is considered a sign of weakness, and mental health is the last concern when survival is the main priority in a small, poor village, during drought season. Daria and her neighbor are widows. This means horses will most likely occupy their houses after they pass away. This is the natural course...


This grid this structure

The piece deals with an embodied dematerialization of a grid, a structure. Through a hypnotic process the listener is guided to embody the struggles of Ailanthus Altissima, The Tree of Heaven entangled in the fences of Bucharest and to exit this limitation mentally. Articolul This grid this structure apare prima dată în SEMI SILENT.


Gare de l’Est

One of my favorite objectives in my short trip to Paris was to record the sound of TGVs. I was always fascinated by the idea of being a train-spotter and in my recording-visit to the Gare de l’Est, I had the chance to catch three TGVs and two “regular” trains that sounded and looked like TGVs… I recorded some of the train station’s ambiance, but mostly the trains. Have a good listening at precisely 12.55 pm! Articolul Gare de l’Est apare prima dată în SEMI SILENT.


Fuga Lolelor

The revitalization of an ancient Transylvanian Saxon custom Articolul Fuga Lolelor apare prima dată în SEMI SILENT.


Sister of a ball boy, a poem by V. Leac

The poetry of V. Leac seems suspended somewhere in between humor, absurdity, and a light and tender perplexity in the face of those minuscule exceptional instances in one’s life. Every next step is a trustworthy transgression toward an uncertain, promising and yet deluded future. In the shape of a musical/sonic performance, we take upon ourselves to read his poetry, with warm loudness and other means tangible while standing on our toes: a performance in the guise of a duo of voices for a...


Ode to your frugal love affairs

This sonic poem – in the absence of words – could be a participatory review for the abundance of dating apps rooted relationships with short expiration date. It contains reactions to matches on such apps, reflections to the essay The Agony of Eros by Byung-Chul Han, memory exhumations and sharp intimacy technicalities. The voice-voices disclose fragility as virtue and pain as spectacle as much as criticism and joy and pleasure as heart fitness. Articolul Ode to your frugal love affairs...


Omnia 2020

A personal and slightly emotional reading of the past, present and a possible future of the National Center of Dance in Bucharest. Articolul Omnia 2020 apare prima dată în SEMI SILENT.


Apophenia (binaural)

The material you are about to hear is an immersive acoustic experience containing footage from and around HOIA BACIU forest. It focuses on the POIANA ROTUNDĂ area, labelled as the nexus for series of events, often depicted as peculiar. Six audio segments carefully selected: details of all sorts; tactile illusions; collages; arrangements or unprocessed sound, mixed together. Some brutal, some seamless, blending the raw with the subjective. Articolul Apophenia (binaural) apare prima dată în...


Eight Over Two: A Soundtrack

We track. We follow movement, note the progress or existence of something, we signal through sonar and bio sonar, radio and Morse, radar and scanners, heart monitors and surveillance. In so doing, we listen but also compose an acoustic space of our trailing, create sonic debris of our pursuit, a spontaneous audible record. Articolul Eight Over Two: A Soundtrack apare prima dată în SEMI SILENT.