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Welcome to St Louis In Tune! Thank you for joining us for fresh perspectives on issues and events with experts, community leaders, and everyday people who are driving change and making an impact that shapes our society and world. The show is co-hosted by Arnold Stricker and Mark Langston.


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Welcome to St Louis In Tune! Thank you for joining us for fresh perspectives on issues and events with experts, community leaders, and everyday people who are driving change and making an impact that shapes our society and world. The show is co-hosted by Arnold Stricker and Mark Langston.




Honest Aging: Adapting to Your New Normal

In this episode, guest Dr. Roseanne Leipzig, an internationally recognized physician in geriatric medicine, discusses her approach to transforming aging individually and as a society over her 40-year career. She talks about her recent book 'Honest Aging: An Insider's Guide to the Second Half of Life', and addresses popular questions and misconceptions about aging. Dr. Leipzig will be appearing at the St. Louis Jewish Book Festival. [00:00] Introduction and Guest Presentation [02:54] Understanding Aging and Ageism [04:30] The Impact of Perception on Aging [05:13] Personal Experiences and Insights on Aging [06:22] Understanding Normal vs Non-Normal Aging [09:34] The Importance of Geriatric Medicine [14:13] Making Difficult Decisions as You Age [17:16] The Importance of Communication in Aging [20:49] Understanding Dementia and Memory Loss [24:05] Conclusion and Final Thoughts This is Season 6! For more episodes, go to #geriatriccare #aging #johnshopkinsuniversitypress #healthandaging #secondhalfoflife #healthcareprofessionals #geriatrician #drrosanneleipzig #tipsonaging #icahnschoolofmedicine xQsB3P3IY8k07iqWPFSK


Humans of St. Louis

Social worker and photographer Lindy Drew is the co-founder and lead storyteller of Humans of St. Louis, where she combines photography with oral history to create intimate, revealing snapshots of St. Louis locals. The interview delves into the process and philosophy behind the project, highlighting specific interactions with St. Louis's residents and the release of a hardcopy compilation of Drew's work called 'Humans of St. Louis.' She discusses the inception of the project, her approach to social storytelling, challenges during the book's creation, and the consequential impact of her work on the community. Lindy will be appearing at the St. Louis Jewish Book Festival. [00:00] Introduction and Hosts' Banter [01:44] Guest Introduction: Lindy Drew [03:12] Lindy's Journey from Science to Social Work and Photography [04:08] Lindy's Travels and Experiences Abroad [06:36] The Birth of Humans of St. Louis [10:38] The Art and Process of 'HOSTLing' [12:46] The Impact and Significance of Storytelling [17:49] Lindy's Personal Experiences and Observations [21:28] The Role of Audience in Storytelling [27:06] Closing Remarks and Upcoming Events [29:42] Exploring Vacant Buildings and Artwork [29:51] Gifts for the Kids of the World [30:28] Behind the Scenes: Creating HOSTL - Humans of St. Louis [31:05] The Journey of Building a Social Media Presence [31:42] The Evolution of HOSTL - Humans of St. Louis [32:58] The Challenges of Publishing a Book [34:42] The Process of Creating the Book [37:33] Choosing the Cover of the Book [40:52] The Impact of the Book and Future Plans [42:58] The Story of Lewis Greenberg [48:41] The Role of Social Work in Storytelling [51:53] The Future of Humans of St. Louis [56:09] Conclusion: The Impact of Humans of St. Louis This is Season 6! For more episodes, go to #humansofstlouis #lindydrew #brownschoolatwashingtonuniversity #hostl #photography #storytelling #streetphotography


Charity Woodrum: Resilience Through Poverty, Family Dysfunction and Unspeakable Tragedy to Become an Astrophysicist for NASA

In this compelling discussion, Sandy Cummings, acclaimed journalist, and Charity Woodrum, aspiring astrophysicist, share the process of creating a documentary about Woodrum's life, Space, Hope, and Charity: The Remarkable Journey of Charity Woodrum. The film follows Woodrum's journey from growing up in poverty in rural Oregon to pursuing her dreams of studying astrophysics, surviving personal tragedy, and finding strength from unexpected support from mentors, old friends, and complete strangers. Sandy shares her process in capturing Charity's story, emphasizing the power of storytelling and the importance of mentorship, particularly for women in science. Charity discusses the importance of mentorship, finding joy again despite the grief, and her ongoing project 'Woody's Stars', a mentorship program and enrichment fund for students historically excluded from STEM. The film is an official selection of the St. Louis International Film Festival. [00:00] Opening [00:50] Introduction of the Guests - Laying the Foundation of What You Will Hear [01:03] Sandy Cummings: A Renowned Journalist and Filmmaker [01:58] Charity Woodrum: From Rural Oregon to Astrophysics [02:20] Charity's Journey: Overcoming Tragedy and Pursuing Dreams [03:03] The Making of the Documentary: Capturing Charity's Story [04:23] Charity's Vulnerability and Strength on Camera [05:53] The Filmmaking Process: From Interviews to Editing [06:30] The Impact and Reception of the Film [06:52] Synopsis of the Film: Charity's Journey [10:46] The Power of Support and Kindness in Tragedy [20:36] Charity's Current Work in Astrophysics [21:49] Woody's Stars: A Program for Encouraging Women in STEM [24:17] Coping with Grief and Finding Purpose [29:22] Closing Thoughts: The Power of Small Acts of Kindness This is Season 6! For more episodes, go to #nasa #charitywoodrum #sandycummings #sliff #stem #womeninscience #universityoforegon #womeninnasa #astrophysicist #astrophysics #woodysstars #documentaryfilm #inspiringstories #spacehopeandcharity


The Most Fortunate Unfortunates: A Comprehensive History of the Jewish Orphans Home of New Orleans

Marlene Trestman provides a deep insight into the history of the Jewish Orphan's Home of New Orleans and the lives of those who grew up there. As a former client of the Jewish Children's Regional Service, Marlene discusses her personal journey from being orphaned at a young age to becoming a successful academic and legal professional. Her new book Most Fortunate Unfortunates: The Jewish Orphans' Home of New Orleans serves as a comprehensive history of the orphanage and profiles hundreds of former residents, detailing individual stories and experiences. Alongside her personal anecdotes, Marlene also shares the inspirational life story of Bessie Margolin, a resident of the orphanage who later became a New Deal Attorney and Supreme Court Advocate. She will be at the St. Louis Jewish Book Festival on November 15. [01:15] Introduction to Marlene Trestman and Her Connection to the Jewish Orphan's Home of New Orleans [02:37] Marlene's Career and Authorship [03:10] Marlene's Personal Experiences with Bessie Margolin [05:46] Introduction to Bessie Margolin's Life and Career [08:40] Discussion on Marlene's New Book Title, Most Fortunate Unfortunates: The Jewish Orphans' Home of New Orleans [11:14] Unique Aspects of the Jewish Orphan's Home of New Orleans [13:57] Impact of Anti-Semitism on the Home's Operations [19:16] Role of the Home in Supporting Widows and Orphans [21:30] The Home's Reach Beyond New Orleans [23:04] Research Process and Findings [27:06] Marlene's Personal Reflections and Takeaways [29:52] Conclusion and Marlene's Upcoming Appearance at the St. Louis Jewish Book Festival This is Season 6! For more episodes, go to #jccstl #antisemitism #marlenetrestman #orphanage #jewishorphanage #neworleans #jewishchildrensregionalservice #jewishorphanshomeofneworleans #lsupress #isidorenewmanschool #bessiemargolin


Chamber Music Isn't a Trivial Thing But Does Inspire a Trivia Night

Nina Ferrigno, one of the founders of The Missouri Chamber Music Festival (MOCM) talks about the upcoming season (Season 14 in 2024) and Trivia Night on November 10 entitled “Game Changers” which will feature categories inspired by some favorite board games! Tickets are $25 per person or $200 for a table of eight. Bring your own refreshments; bottled water is provided. Click this link to secure your space. MOCM invites nationally recognized professional musicians to historic Webster Groves, Missouri, and St. Louis venues to perform a series of chamber music concerts each June. Diverse programming, including new and commissioned works, is a defining attribute of the festival. Adult instrumentalists are also encouraged to attend the Adult Chamber Music Intensive. #mocm #chambermusic #webstergroves #trivianight #mochambermusicfestival #adultchambermusicintensive


An Evening of Puppies, Italian Food, Wine, Bourbon and A Motivational Speech & Sculpting a President Without Recognition

[00:55] Award-winning Television and Radio Personality Monica Adams is teaming up with Trattoria Marcella, Clayton Winehouse, and Yuppy Puppy Pet Spa - Yuppy Puppy Forever Rescue to host the first annual "An Evening with the Real Monica Adams" to benefit rescue animals. The event will take place November 4 from 6-8p at Clayton Winehouse, 7911 Clayton Road Clayton, MO 63117. Food from Award Winning Italian Restaurant Trattoria Marcella, Wine and Bourbon Tastings courtesy of Clayton Winehouse, a motivational speaking engagement from Monica Adams, and a live and silent auction with 100 percent proceeds benefitting Yuppy Puppies Forever Rescue. Yuppy Puppies Forever Rescue is a rescue/adoption facility for orphaned dogs to have a second chance and is under the umbrella organization of Yuppy Puppy Pet Spa, located in O’Fallon and Cottleville, MO. Monica launched The Real Monica Adams show in the spring of 2023 helping her viewers live a more balanced life. [31:20] Selma Hortense Burke was an American sculptor and a member of the Harlem Renaissance movement. She is best know for a bas relief portrait of the 32nd President of the United States, Franklin D. Roosevelt. This relief was the inspiration for the dime but Burke was never given credit for the design. The recording of Selma Burke was done by Booker T. Jones. This is Season 6! For more episodes, go to #yuppypuppies #dogrescue #monicaadams #claytonwinehouse #trattoriamarclla #yuppypuppypetspa #selmaburke #dime #basrelief #sculptor


Seeking Forgiveness: The Unique Struggles of Interracial Adoption

Lea Rachel comes from a literary background, with published authors on both sides of her family tree. She has been writing short stories since the time she was a little girl. Her first novel The Other Shakespeare earned an honorable mention in The Wishing Shelf Book Awards. Lea’s most recently published book, Seeking Forgiveness, tells the story of interracial adoption from the standpoint of a white woman who adopts a Black son and finds that she has no idea what in the world she is doing. A semi-autobiographical narrative memoir, Seeking Forgiveness draws deeply from Lea Rachel’s personal experiences with adoption and the raising of an interracial family. She will be appearing on November 12 at 7:00 p.m. at the St. Louis Jewish Book Festival with other authors from Missouri. This is Season 6! For more episodes, go to #interracialadoption #adoption #stlouisjewishbookfestival #interracialfamily #learachel #seekingforgiveness #diversefamilies


The Immigrant - New Jewish Theatre 25th Season

Director Rebekah Scallet and actor Bryn McLaughlin joined St. Louis In Tune to discuss the upcoming play, The Immigrant. Based on the true story of Haskell Harelik, the playwright Mark Harelik’s grandfather, who came to America in 1909 - it focuses on his grandmother’s family photo album which documented his grandparents and father’s lives growing up as a Jewish family in the tiny town of Hamilton, Texas. Taken in by a local couple, over the next 30 years, he makes a home and raises a family in this tiny town. A religion meets religion, culture meets culture, fear meets fear and love meets love. This play highlights a little-known part of Jewish immigration history - the Galveston Movement. Performances are October 12-29 at the New Jewish Theatre. #newjewishtheatre #immigrant #galvestonmovement #jewishimmigration #playwright #markharelik #hamiltontexas #acting #directing This is Season 6! For more episodes, go to #


Unsung Hero: Irena Sendler's Remarkable Story of How She Saved 2,500 Jewish Children During the Holocaust

In this podcast episode, Megan Felt, the program director at the Lowell Milken Center for Unsung Heroes, shares her involvement with the Irena Sendler project and the mission of the center. Megan discusses her personal connection to the project and how she and her classmates discovered the story of Irena Sendler, who saved over 2,500 Jewish children during the Holocaust. She talks about their research journey, their correspondence with Irina, and the special bond that developed between them. Megan also highlights other unsung heroes featured at the Lowell Milken Center and the impact the center has had on students and teachers. The Lowell Milken Center for Unsung Heroes [00:01:57] Megan Felt explains the mission of the Lowell Milken Center for Unsung Heroes and how they collaborate with teachers and students worldwide to discover and share stories of unsung heroes. Discovering Irena Sendler's Story [00:03:47] Megan Felt recounts how she and her classmates discovered the story of Irena Sendler, a woman who saved over 2,500 Jewish children during the Holocaust, and their journey to research and connect with her. Irena Sendler's Heroic Actions and Persecution [00:08:55] Megan Felt details the courageous actions of Irena Sendler and her collaborators in rescuing Jewish children from the Warsaw Ghetto, as well as the persecution and torture she endured at the hands of the Nazis. Irena's Rescue of Elzbieta [00:12:16] Irena's collaboration with others to rescue Elzbieta, a five-month-old baby, from the Warsaw Ghetto during the Holocaust. Meeting Irena and Becoming Caretakers [00:13:26] Elzbieta grows up knowing Irena's story and later becomes her caretaker at the end of Irena's life. The Trip to Poland and Meeting Irina [00:17:18] The team raises funds to go to Poland and meet Irena, where they are greeted by her and experience a powerful moment of connection. The Lowell Milken Center's establishment [00:24:31] Megan Felt discusses the founding of the Lowell Milken Center and its expansion over the years. Ralph Lazo's...


Jazzy Folk Music with a Country Twist - Folk Song Soul Style - Folkiness, Greasy Honky Tonk with a Little Jazz: You Decide

This show highlights indie singer-songwriter Devon Cahill and her upcoming appearance with Norbert Leo Butz. Devon was a guest in the studio and discussed her upcoming special guest performance on September 29 at The Sheldon. Norbert Leo Butz is headlining the show and will be releasing his new album Special Notes from Home. Devon talked about her Indie folk song soul style singing and ukelele playing and gave us a performance of a song on an upcoming album. This is Season 6! #devoncahill #ukelele #indiefolksong #norbertleobutz #thesheldon


Gordon Parks: The Renaissance Man Who Defied All Odds

Kirk Sharp, the Executive Director of the Gordon Parks Museum, discusses his background and involvement with the museum. He shares becoming the Executive Director and highlights the importance of continuous learning and growth. The conversation then shifts to the impact of Gordon Parks on the community, focusing on his approach to photography and his use of the camera as a weapon against poverty, racism, and discrimination. We also discuss Parks' personal connection to Fort Scott and his accomplishments in various fields. The episode concludes with information about the annual Gordon Parks celebration and contact details for the museum. Involvement with the museum [00:02:01] Kirk discusses his background in healthcare and how he became involved with the Gordon Parks Museum. Lack of awareness about Gordon Parks [00:04:00] Growing up, not many people in the community knew about Gordon Parks and his impact. Resistance to filming in Fort Scott [00:06:11] Resistance from businesses and some community members to filming "The Learning Tree" in Fort Scott. Gordon Parks' use of photography as a weapon [00:09:57] Discussion on how Gordon Parks harnessed poverty, racism, and discrimination in his work. Gordon Parks' technique of building personal relationships [00:11:06] Explanation of how Gordon Parks took time to connect with people and be invited into their lives before taking their photographs. Gordon Parks' approach to photojournalism [00:17:45] Insight into Gordon Parks' respect for his subjects and his focus on capturing photos that tell a story. The importance of Gordon's work [00:18:10] Discussion on how Gordon Parks harnessed his work for the subject matter, not for his own ego. Gordon's perseverance and overcoming obstacles [00:19:12] Exploration of the challenges and barriers Gordon Parks faced in his life and the message of perseverance and moving forward. Gordon's self-taught musical talents [00:20:50] Insight into Gordon Parks' ability to play the piano by ear and his unique technique of writing down slashes and numbers to represent the keys on the keyboard. Gordon Parks' talent and drive [00:26:50] Discussion about Gordon Parks' natural talent and drive to excel in any field he pursued. Gordon Parks' extensive contacts and friendships [00:28:09] Overview of the influential people Gordon Parks had connections with, including presidents, celebrities, and civil rights activists. The legacy and impact of Gordon Parks [00:30:09] Explanation of the importance of honoring Gordon Parks' life, and accomplishments, and promoting cultural awareness and diversity through his work. Contacting the Gordon Parks Museum [00:36:08] Gordon Parks Museum CenterGordon Parks Museum Center


St. Louis KinderChronicles: Celebrating 150 Years of Susan Blow's Kindergarten Legacy

150 years ago, Susan Blow opened the first public kindergarten in the United States at the Des Peres School in the Carondelet area of St. Louis. Author and historian NiNi Harris and Esley Hamilton, architectural historian and retired preservation historian for Saint Louis County Parks & Recreation discussed their upcoming talk on Susan Blow, the first kindergarten, and the historic Des Peres School. It was the site of the experimental kindergarten class conducted by St. Louisan Susan E. Blow, the “Mother of the Kindergarten Movement.” The success of that kindergarten helped transform public education. This is Season 6! For more episodes, go to #kindergarten #earlychildhoodeducation #schooling #stlouishistory #susanblow #carondelet #Froebel #desperesschool #carondelethistoricalsociety


Consistency and the Power of Showing Up: The Heartbeat of Your Fitness Journey

In this podcast episode, Arnold Stricker and Mark Langston interview Jordan Gonzales, the owner and founder of Big Fitness. They discuss the importance of staying healthy and cover various topics related to fitness and personal growth. Jordan emphasizes the significance of clarity, discipline, and focus in achieving goals. He shares practical tips for setting specific goals, staying consistent, and changing one's environment to support behavioral change. He also discusses the role of neuroscience in personal training and addresses the importance of exercise, hydration, and fresh food consumption for overall health. [03:05] The journey of becoming a fitness business owner - Jordan Gonzales shares his background in sports and fitness, his decision to start his own gym, and the guiding goal he wrote on his business card. [08:12] Clarity is Key - The importance of identifying core values and how they guide daily actions for personal growth and improvement. [08:59] Barriers to Action - Exploring the reasons why people struggle to prioritize and follow through on important tasks or habits. [13:27] Granular Execution - Breaking down a complex goal (such as training for an Ironman) into a detailed and actionable plan for better execution. [15:40] The importance of specific goals - Jordan discusses the significance of setting specific goals and how they affect compliance and behavior. [17:05] Consistency and commitment to a plan - An emphasis on the need for consistency and commitment to a plan, even if it doesn't show immediate results. [23:31] The pulse and bringing change into life -An explanation of the concept of the "pulse" and how it relates to bringing desired changes into one's life, particularly in the context of fitness. [24:20] The importance of consistency -Consistency is crucial in maintaining a high level of fitness and reaching fitness goals. [25:01] Using the guitar as an example -Jordan shares a personal experience of learning to play the guitar and how consistency led to improvement and the influence others have on behavior and interactions. [31:58] The importance of consistency Part II - Consistency is key in achieving goals and bringing something to life. Missing a day or two won't make a big difference, but inconsistency over time can hinder progress. [33:00] Changing routines and environments - Changing routines and environments can help break habits and triggers. It's important to change the way we do things to avoid falling back into old patterns. [35:23] The power of environment and social influence - Our environments and the people we surround ourselves with have a significant impact on our behaviors and habits. Changing our environment and being around people who support our goals can lead to positive changes in our lives. [39:37] The Neuroscience of Accessibility - Discussion on the importance of understanding neuroscience and how it can improve the quality of life. Huberman Lab and Huberman Podcast by Andrew Huberman - Website, Podcast [40:27] The Role of Personal Trainers - Exploration of the role of personal trainers in addressing deeper issues and helping individuals enjoy every moment of their lives. [41:18] The Mind and Purpose - Explanation of the Toltec tribe's teachings on the mind and the importance of defining one's highest possible virtue for clarity and purpose. Book:


Suddenly Last Summer: The Director's Vision

Director Tim Ocel highlights his vision for Suddenly Last Summer, the upcoming production at the Tennessee Williams Festival St. Louis (TWSTL) as well as his approach to directing theatre and opera. The Tickets are available at MetroTix. Since 2016, the Festival has attracted thousands to its readings, panel discussions, concerts, exhibitions, and productions, has reached hundreds of young people through its educational programming, and has garnered 13 awards from the St. Louis Theater Circle most recently being nominated for six St. Louis Theater Circle awards for 2022’s The Rose Tattoo. Founded in 2015 by Carrie Houk, the annual theatrical celebration of the artistry and influence of St. Louis native Tennessee Williams, widely considered to be America’s greatest playwright. This is Season 6! For more episodes, go to #tennesseewilliams #twstl #timocel #stlouistheatre #suddenlylastsummer


Festival of Nations - 2023

Mark your calendar for August 26–27, 2023 at Tower Grove Park in St. Louis, Missouri for a celebration of music, flavors, art, and culture from around the world at the annual Festival of Nations. Arrey Obenson, President and CEO of the International Institute of St. Louis (IISTL) discusses the Festival of Nations and how the IISTL has played a prominent role in assisting refugees and immigrants in the St. Louis metropolitan area. This is Season 6! For more episodes, go to #festivalofnations #iistl #towergrovepark #declarationofindependence #refugee #immigrant


Best Cover Band 2023-Mr. Blue Sky: A Tribute to Electric Light Orchestra - Part II

Jeff Faulkner from Mr. Blue Sky was back in the studio to discuss the upcoming concert at Chesterfield Amphitheater on September 8 and how the fan base is growing by leaps and bounds. Mr. Blue Sky was voted the best cover band in 2023 in St. Louis magazine's A-list. Tickets may be purchased at Eventbrite. We also discuss what makes up a successful tribute band. Later, we go through cover songs that were better than the original version. Which ones will be covered? :) This is Season 6! For more episodes, go to #mrbluesky #elo #electriclightorchestra #coldplay #skyfullofstars #jefffaulkner #tributeband


Smile Smarter

Charles Fuszner, DMD has been a dentist for over 40 years and was a professor at Washington University-Saint Louis dental school and currently is associate professor of comprehensive care at A.T. Still University dental school. He provided some valuable information on dental health applicable to anyone at any age. Key points are listed below. Take care of your teeth! [00:00] Introduction [01:52] Return to Civility [02:34] Interview with Charles Fuszner, DMD [05:58] How early should a child see the dentist? [11:46] DMD versus DDS - What's the difference? [13:22] Pre-teen, teenage years, and when to take care of wisdom teeth [18:18] Markers to remember about dental health from toddler to young adulthood [23:54] Dred Scott Heritage Foundation Stamp Petition Drive [24:54] Saint Louis In Tune Information [26:23] Markers to remember about dental health from toddler to older adulthood 3. Cavity-prone years (ages 12-18) [29:04] How you can gain a lifetime advantage with your teeth [31:42] Care for adult teeth (ages 21-50) [35:42] Signs to watch for as you age (ages 50+) [38:28] DO NOT CHEW ON THESE (if you want to keep your teeth) [41:16] Diet and your dental health [45:03] How dental issues impact our health and vice versa [49:45] Advancements in dentistry [51:29] The impact of heredity on your teeth [52:54] Word of the day [53:45] Humor This is Season 6! For more episodes, go to Medical Disclaimer We have made every effort to ensure that all information we provide has been tested for accuracy, however, we make no guarantees regarding the results that you will see from using this information. We disclaim liability for incidental or consequential damages and assume no responsibility or liability for any loss or damage suffered by any person as a result of the use of the information provided to you from us. The information on this website is provided “as is” without any representations or warranties, express or implied, and for informational purposes only. This website’s content is not medical advice nor is it intended to replace medical advice. The information on this website is not intended to diagnose, prescribe, or treat any disease, condition, illness, or injury. Before implementing any information we provide to you, you should seek advice from a licensed medical professional. #dentist #teeth #dentalhealth #dentalschool #dentalissues #Periodontaltherapy


Penetentia - Sometimes the Worst Crime is Doing Nothing

Writer and director Chris Lawing discusses Penetentia; the film dedicated to the memory of what his father fought for as an attorney. Penetentia is about a young associate lawyer who lands a job at a prestigious law firm, but as a former convict, acquitted felon, and at the top of his class he is challenged as he attempts to forge a new identity. The challenge comes when he takes a pro bono case for an old friend who filed a few grievances against a local prison. The struggle between corruption, power, and abuse and fighting the good fight defines who he is as a lawyer. The film is part of the 23rd Annual Whitaker St. Louis Filmmakers Showcase and will be shown at the Hi-Pointe Theatre Sunday, July 23 at 7:00 pm. Click here for tickets. [00:00] Introduction [00:57] Return to Civility [01:46] Interview with Chris Lawing [26:35] Information on St. Louis In Tune [28:09] The Dred Scott Heritage Foundation Commemorative Stamp Petition [29:15] 23rd Annual Whitaker St. Louis Filmmakers Showcase [33:45] Word of the Day [34:52] Humor This is Season 6! For more episodes, go to #filmfestival #stlouis #whitakerstlouisfilmmakersshowcase #chrislawing #attorney #probono


Operation Foodsearch

Founded in 1981, Operation Food Search (OFS) is a hunger relief organization that provides free food, nutrition education, and innovative programs proven to reduce food insecurity. With a strategic focus aimed at ending childhood hunger, OFS empowers families and increases access to healthy and affordable food. The agency provides food and services to 200,000 individuals on a monthly basis – one-third of whom are children – through a network of 330 community partners in 42 Missouri and Illinois counties. Kristen Wild, President & CEO of Operation Food Search discussed the strategies for meeting the immediate needs, building nutrition IQ, and championing change for those who are in need. [00:00] Opening [01:15] Return to Civility [02:01] Interview with Kristen Wild [25:42] Information on Saint Louis In Tune [27:05] Dred Scott Heritage Foundation Stamp Petition [28:37] Follow-up thoughts on Operation Foodsearch [32:15] Word of the Day - Oneirology [34:42] Patriotism versus Nationalism [48:26] Humor This is Season 6! For more episodes, go to #operationfoodsearch #foodinsecurity #patriotism #foodbank #foodpantry


The Forever Park -Forest Park Forever - "Keep ON the Grass"

Forest Park Forever (FPF) is a private nonprofit conservancy that partners with the City of St. Louis to restore, maintain and sustain Forest Park to ensure that Forest Park is beautiful and welcoming — now and forever. FPF is supported by generous members, donors, and volunteers. Dominik Jansky, Director of Communications & Marketing for Forest Park Forever discusses some history of the park and current and future projects that will continue to make Forest Park one of the most beautiful urban parks in the world as well as the #1 City Park in the United States (USA Today Reader's Choice Awards). This is Season 6! For more episodes, go to #forestpark #forestparkforever #slam #themuny #mohistory