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Interior Landscapes, Still Life Paintings, and the Absence of Curation with John Lee

What does the journey of a responsive painter focused on interior landscapes and still life paintings entail? How do you cultivate an awareness of the world around you in a way that can come to life in your art? My guest is artist and painter, John Lee. In my conversation with John, we cover his journey into artistry, how his ideas for projects from, his perspective as an art instructor, what he’s been working on during his break from teaching, the insufficiency of labels, and so much...


Discover How to Sell Your Art Online and Grow Your Audience, with Jenni Waldrop

What does it take to sell your art online successfully? Do you need to hire someone else to do it or are there tools and resources out there to empower artists like you to run your business effectively? My guest, Jenni Waldrop has built a successful online business herself and now works to help others do the same. In our conversation, Jenni opens up about how she got started, lessons she has learned along the way, what you need to do to start building an online store, and a whole lot more....


When's the next episode?

A quick message for Savvy Painter listeners! Next week, I'll be back with a brand new episode with Fuzzy and Birch founder Jenni Waldrop. For show updates, sign up to my mailing list here:


Paint Brush Care, Techniques, and Q&As with Trekell Art Supplies

As I’ve been promising, here is my special conversation with Brian Trekell and Courtney Bridges from Trekell Art Supplies. In our conversation, we cover a ton of ground. Everything from how Trekell got started, what inspired Brian to get into the paint brush making business, a bunch of technical questions you sent in for Brian and his team, some history behind paint brush making, and so much more! It’s a ton of information but I know artists like you will appreciate the detailed...


How to Crush the Inner Critic, Get Over Perfectionism, and Get Out of Your Own Way So You Can Create Your Best Work

I’m trying something new on this special episode! I want to tackle some of the common questions that I get from many of my listeners and fellow artists like you. On this episode, we will cover mindset mastery and how understanding and exploring your mindset can help you succeed and thrive as an artist. I also touch on an important topic, battling the inner critic as well as the significance of scheduling the important things in your life including downtime and studio time. I’m excited to...


Narrative Painting and Discovering Your Artistic Voice, with Gabriella Delloso

I’ve heard from many of my fellow artists about the struggle to find their artistic voice. Have you struggled with finding yours? What has helped you in your pursuit? My guest is narrative painter, Gabriella Delloso known for her homage portraits, she paints historical representations of women artists using herself as a model. In our conversation, Gabriella shares how she found her artistic voice, her evolution from freelance illustration work to painting full time, stories about her mom...


Constantly Learning and Refusing to Quit with Figurative Artist, Vonn Sumner

What is it that keeps you going as an artist? Where do you find your “Can-do spirit?” Is it a constant struggle for you to stay motivated and energized in your work? Don’t worry, you aren’t alone! My guest is figurative artist Vonn Sumner. In our conversation, Vonn talks about growing up in Palo Alto, CA where he was exposed to a lot of art, specifically bay area figurative artists. Vonn also talks about his decision to study at UC Davis and his experiences there with the artist, Wayne...


Enriching Relationships with Fellow Artists, with Karen Offutt

What has your journey as an artist been like? Have you benefited from rich and vibrant relationships with fellow artists? Or have you struggled to find your tribe of peers who you can collaborate and travel the journey with? My guest, Karen Offutt was kind enough to open up in our conversation about the impact that her fellow artists have had on her, struggles she’s endured along the way, how she’s navigated relationships with galleries, how parenthood has impacted her art career, and much...


An Exciting Journey as a Self Taught Artist, with Erin Spencer

What does it look like to build a career as a self taught artist? What are the unique challenges and thrilling rewards of forging a path on your own? Can you really succeed and thrive as a self taught artist? My guest is self taught, landscape and cityscape artist Erin Spencer. Her work is greatly influenced by her time spent in Holland. In our conversation, Erin and I talk about her early start selling her art on Etsy, struggling with the imposter syndrome, making the time to paint with a...


Paint Colors, Techniques, Best Practices, and more! Special Q&A Session with Gamblin

Have you been experimenting with your paint colors lately? Do you have questions about different colors and the best way to mix them? You are in luck! As I’ve been promising, our special color episode with Gamblin featuring Scott Gellatly and Robert Gamblin is here! In our conversation, we go over the pigments used in modern paints, the emotional content of a color, what makes student grade paints, “student grade,” the best paints to use for plein air painting, and so much more. You don’t...


Fueling a Passion for Art, with Kelli Vance

What is it that fuels your passion for art? Can you trace your passion back to an early age or is it something that was awakened in you later in life? How do you continue to fan the flame? My guest is artist Kelli Vance. Kelli is a figurative artist from Texas, she got her BFA from the University of North Texas and her MFA from the University of Houston. Kelli’s current paintings of women explore spirituality and invite the viewer to decipher their meaning. In our conversation, we discuss...


The Ebb and Flow of Art Sales, with Kenny Harris

How do you as an artist navigate the ebb and flow of art sales? Is there a method to the madness or is it all guesswork? What lessons have you learned in your career to help you navigate this important topic? My guest, artist Kenny Harris joins me on this episode as we discuss the ebb and flow of art sales and many other topics. Throughout our conversation, we touch on self-promotion, personal development, questioning assumptions, Kenny’s marriage to fellow artist Judy Nimtz, and much...


The Benefit of Being Part of an Art Community and Taking Risks, with Julie Beck

The results are in and I am happy to announce the three winners of our art competition. Take a look at the end of this post for images and links for our second and third place winners. Our first place winner is Julie Beck. Julie is an artist from upstate New York who currently lives and works as an art instructor in Boston. In our conversation, we discuss the benefit of being part of an art community, why it’s important to take risks, how she signs her paintings, and much more! I can’t...


Cityscape and Landscape Art, with Adam Harrison

What does the process of creating cityscape and landscape art entail? How do those artists choose their locations? What does it even look like to create a portable studio? My guest, Adam Harrison is a cityscape and landscape artist who paints on location and lives in Santa Monica. Adam’s paintings range from four to six FEET! In our conversation, we talk about Adam’s process and strategy, how he connects with the public who live around his various locations, and so much more! I can’t wait...


Abstract Painting and the Freedom to Create, with Allison Gildersleeve

What is the evolution like for an artist that focuses on abstract painting? How can the work of abstract painting provide additional avenues that encourage a freedom to create? My guest, Allison Gildersleeve was generous with her time and candor as she opened up about her journey as an artist and her work with abstract paintings. We also discussed her time working in Vermont and Sweden, why she paints with layered images, navigating her career as a parent, and so much more! I can’t wait...


Art Critique, with Melinda Cootsona

What does it take to whether an art critique and come out the other side ready to continue to create? How do you receive criticism and move forward? I had the pleasure to sit down with the artist, Melinda Cootsona. In our conversation, Melinda opened up about how she transitioned from her work in interior design to painting, how she organized her very first open studio, why it’s important to put yourself out there early, her work with cold wax, and so much more! I know that artists like...


Figurative Art and Choosing Women as Subjects, with Amber Lia-Kloppel

How are women represented in figurative art? Can you tell the difference between figurative art created by a woman and a man? What is it about women painting women that stands out? Figurative artist, Amber Lia-Kloppel was kind enough to sit down with me and discuss these questions and so much more. In our conversation, we also touch on her time at the New York Academy of Art, why she chooses women as her subjects, voyeurism, confrontation, navigating motherhood as an artist, and so much...


Mural Art, with Ralph Gilbert

Have you ever been involved in creating mural art? Do you know the intricacies and details involved with creating artwork on such a large scale? What about commissioned mural artwork in public spaces? My guest, Ralph Gilbert was kind enough to open up and share about his experience creating mural art and winning several commissioned art projects. He also goes on to share about his personal artwork, how poetry influences his art, his creative process, habits that have helped him succeed,...


From Freelance Artist to Art Instructor, with Jane Davies

What is it like to move from working and earning a living as a freelance artist and begin a career as an art instructor? What impact does that transition have in the creative process? My guest, Jane Davies was kind enough to open up and share parts of her journey and how she left her work as a freelance artist behind to throw herself into the role of an art instructor. Jan has some helpful insights and lessons to share about her journey and how she grew and evolved as an artist over time...


An Evolving Approach to Selling Art, with Jose Trujillo

What is the best approach to selling art? Have you found it more effective to be your own advocate or to connect with galleries and agents who promote your art for you? My guest, Jose Trujillo was kind enough to open up in our conversation about his journey and his evolving approach to selling art. We also discuss Jose’s artwork, how he got started as an artist, what it takes to connect with an audience, the importance of consistency, and so much more! I know artists like you will get a...


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