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The Influence of Dreams & How to Start Painting, with Suzanne Unrein

Do your dreams impact your creative process? Have you ever explored this aspect of intersection between your imagination and your art? Does your approach to starting a painting differ from your peers? My guest, Suzanne Unrein took the time to explore these fascinating topic and much more throughout our conversation. Suzanne is a California native and current New Yorker. Her paintings and works on paper explore a vibrant world of humans and animals. Her work is characterized by vibrant...


Exploring the Role of Truth in Art, with Vincent Giarrano

What comes to mind when you consider the phrase, “Truth in art?” Do you think of artists who have a bold message in their artwork or do you think of more subtle approaches? It was my pleasure to speak with the artist, Vincent Giarrano. Vincent received his BFA from the State University of New York at Buffalo and his MFA from Syracuse University. In our conversation, we touched on the vital role of truth in art and how that concept has shaped him as an artist. We also discussed what it means...


Happy Holidays! Here's to an exciting 2019

Happy Holidays! Last week we celebrated over 2 million downloads of the Savvy Painter podcast! None of this would be possible without you. I'm so grateful that you choose to tune in, that you share your stories, and continually support this podcast. This is a recap of just a few of the behind the scenes highlights of the year and what that means for 2019. If you're in the L.A. area, hopefully we can meet :) And if you've been curious about painting in Italy with JSS in Civita... I have...


The Process behind Encaustic Art, with Lisa Kairos

Have you ever seen encaustic art and found yourself drawn in? There is something about encaustic artwork that grabs the viewer in a way that is different from other techniques. My guest, Lisa Kairos is an accomplished encaustic artist who was kind enough to open up about her process. In our conversation, we also touch on the positive impact that motherhood has had on her development as an artist, why she loves to write, books that have helped her grow, and much more. I can’t wait for you to...


Diving Deep into the Creative Process, with Cecil Touchon

How often do you get the chance to do a deep dive into the creative process? Sure, you may have enjoyed the ability to do this when you were in school or early in your career but have you thought about it lately? It was an honor to sit down for a wide-ranging conversation with the artist, Cecil Touchon as we explored the creative process. Cecil creates collage and paintings out of typographic elements; his paintings are called Post-Dogmatic paintings. I know that artists like you are going...


Exploring the Language of Painting, with Maggie Siner

What does it look like to explore the language of painting? How do you understand the language? What does it take to become fluent in it? I had the incredible honor of sitting down and discussing this fascinating topic with the artist, Maggie Siner. Maggie grew up in New Jersey and currently resides in France. She began her studies at the Art Students League of New York in 1968, graduated from Boston University (BFA) in 1973 and from American University (MFA) in 1976. I can’t wait for you to...


Striking Landscape Paintings, with Marie Thibeault

Have you ever viewed a landscape painting that stayed with you for days after your viewing? Many people have had that type of response to Marie Thibeault's amazing artwork. In our conversation, Marie opened up about the inspiration for her artwork, what she wants people to take away from viewing her paintings, her process when approaching the canvas, and so much more. I was thrilled to dive deep into the topic of landscape paintings with an artist like Marie and I know you will get a lot out...


Going Deeper Than The Surface, with Nicolas Uribe

It can be a challenge in the art world to stand out and appeal to art collectors and stay true to who you are as an artist. Have you faced these struggles in your art career? My guest Nicolas Uribe is familiar with this challenge in his career and was kind enough to explore the topic in our conversation. Nicolas graduated with Honours from School of Visual Arts in NY. He has had numerous solo exhibitions both in the US and South America and has exhibited his work in Mexico, Spain, Egypt,...


Following Your Intuition, with Jordan Wolfson

What role has your intuition played in your development as an artist? Have you always followed it or has it been a struggle to give yourself that permission? My guest, Jordan Wolfson has embraced his intuition and followed it down some fascinating creative corridors. In our conversation, Jordan opens up about how he got started as an artist, what his process looks like, the contrast between language and art, how he honed his skill set, and so much more. I can’t wait for you to get a glimpse...


A Glimpse Inside the World of An Artistic Director, with Christina Steinbrecher-Pfandt

What does an artistic director do? How do they curate and plan a multifaceted event like an art fair? I had the pleasure to sit down with renowned artistic director, Christina Steinbrecher-Pfandt. In our conversation, Christia opened up about how she got started organizing art fairs, what the whole planning process looks like, what artists can expect when they get featured in an art fair, how digital images are impacting the art scene, and so much more. I can’t wait for you to get to know...


The Love of Literature & Telling Stories Through Art, with Susan Lichtman

Does literature have an influence on your artwork? Where do you draw your inspiration? How can we tell stories through our art in a compelling and engaging way? My guest is Susan Lichtman, an accomplished artist and educator who has been shaped by her love of literature. In our conversation, Susan opens up about how she got started as an artist, the role storytelling plays in her artwork, how she constructs a painting, projects she is currently working on, and much more. I can’t wait for you...


Gouache Portraits & Telling #MeToo Stories, with Diana Corvelle

What does the process of creating gouache portraits look like? Where did the idea come from to create these portraits alongside the #MeToo stories of women who have survived sexual harassment and assault? I can’t wait for you to get to know the talented artist, Diana Corvelle! In our conversation, Diana and I discuss what inspired her to start this series on #MeToo stories, how she grew up encouraged to pursue a career in art, why she loves working with gouache, how politics can shape art,...


Exploring Embroidery Artwork, with Cayce Zavaglia

Where does the inspiration come from to explore embroidery artwork? What is the process like going from the canvas to the embroidery and back again? How do the two mediums complement and contrast? I put all these questions to my talented guest, Cayce Zavaglia. In our conversation, Cayce opened up about how she got into embroidery artwork, what led her to the theme of family portraits, what it was like returning to Australia, how failure is a close link to success, and much more. I know...


Landscape Painting and the Value of Staying Put, with William Kocher

What does it look like to stay put and get to know a location inside and out? What insights and lessons can you learn from this helpful discipline? How does staying in one location impact your growth as an artist? It was my privilege to explore these questions and a lot more in my conversation with artist, William Kocher. We also touched on how William got his start as an artist, why it’s important to connect with a community of artists, what colors William enjoys using, why we need art as a...


Creating Accessible Art, with Bartosz Beda

What does it look like to create accessible art? How does that topic become a passion project for an artist? What comes to mind when you think of “Accessible art?” My guest, artist Bartosz Beda is working on a project that centers on this very topic! In our conversation, Bartosz opens up about what led him to his career as an artist, where his residencies and fellowships have taken him, the role themes play in his artwork, why he started Execute Magazine, and much more! There are some many...


Honing Your Craft and Replenishing Your Creativity, with Aubrey Levinthal

As an artist, you’ve likely struggled with honing your craft and finding ways to replenish your creativity over the years, I know I have! That’s why I loved my conversation with Aubrey Levinthal and I know you will too! In our conversation, Aubrey opens up about how she got started as an artist, her experience in art school, how she’s honed her craft, what she does to replenish her creativity, and so much more! I know many of you will also enjoy images of Aubrey’s artwork, located at the end...


Large Scale Paintings and Trusting Your Instincts, with Palden Hamilton

What captures an artist’s imagination to create large-scale paintings? How do you tap into the boldness that's necessary to follow your instincts and create something that feels impossible? My guest is Palden Hamilton, a representational painter from Baltimore, Maryland. He studied at the Art Institute of Chicago where he earned his BFA. In our conversation, we talk about chaos and order, finding your voice, what materials Palden uses to paint on, his upcoming large-scale paintings, his...


Plein Air Artwork and Studying the Landscape, with Matt Smith

What goes through the mind of a plein air artist? How do they study the landscape and come up with that one viewpoint that draws them in? Do the habits for success come quickly or do they unfold slowly over time? My guest, Matt Smith is an accomplished plein air artist who has spent much of his developing years in Arizona. In our conversation, Matt opens up about artists who have influenced and mentored him, how he studies the landscape, what it takes for an artist to find their voice, the...


Observational Art and Finding Your Way, with Elana Hagler

What comes to mind when you think of observational art? Are there specific artists that you think of? Have you dabbled in observational art? My guest is art educator and observational artist, Elana Hagler. In our conversation, Elana opens up about her journey as an artist, early influences in grad school, how she struggled to find her way post-grad school, what she looks for when she starts a project, the role of art in our world today, and much more! I can’t wait for you to hear from...


Expanding Your Painting Skills, the Drawback of Viewing Art Digitally and more with Claudia Rilling

On your journey as an artist, have you experienced a season where you wanted to expand your painting skills? What helped you in that season? What would you suggest to others who are in that season right now? My guest, Claudia Rilling was kind enough to open up about this topic as it relates to her own career as an artist. In our conversation, we also touch on Claudia’s search for direction, her time studying under Israel Hershberg, the technical details of her time in the studio, what...