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True horror fan Dan Cummins attempts to terrify his wife Lynze with two new alleged-to-be-true tales each week. Demonic possession, poltergeists, shadow people, and more! Subscribe and listen in the dark to your new weekly nightmare.

True horror fan Dan Cummins attempts to terrify his wife Lynze with two new alleged-to-be-true tales each week. Demonic possession, poltergeists, shadow people, and more! Subscribe and listen in the dark to your new weekly nightmare.


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True horror fan Dan Cummins attempts to terrify his wife Lynze with two new alleged-to-be-true tales each week. Demonic possession, poltergeists, shadow people, and more! Subscribe and listen in the dark to your new weekly nightmare.






The Haunted House of Lunahuaná

"And then Julian felt the temperature drop and that same cold air on his right ear. And now… something new… a finger touching his back.A faint, white glow surrounded him. Something was behind him. He slowly turned around, tears running down his face, lip trembling, coming face to face with a white, womanly figure." Peru! Oh Peru! We have not travelled to this part of the world yet, making this a whole new area of spoops. A couple of teenage kids get far more than they bargained for when they...


The Legend of Danvers Asylum

Patient seemed incredibly lucid, showing no signs of psychosis. Charming, even. I asked about what she was seeing that no one else could see. “It was just a few weeks ago when it started,” she said, still in a neutral, lucid tone. "The odd rashes began coming and going, I felt something… moving… under my skin. I went into the bathroom so I could have the best possible light. It looked like… and now you’re really gonna think I’m crazy - it looked like a tiny little hand pushing against my...


Found You

"And then it started cutting back and forth between channels, fast enough that sentences began to form from the snippets of the on-screen words of various programs. Programs he didn’t recognize. I..Will…Find…You. He held his breath. Holy shit." Dan is telling one of the best stories in his first sharing this week. A game of hide and seek, kind of. What if demonic possession didn’t always take the shape of speaking in unknown languages, cursing at priests, sharing knowledge one shouldn’t...


The Monster in the Mirror

"And it was like the man could sense his fear. His grin got wider, green eyes shining with an evil amusement. If he ran, would the man run after him? Chase him? He’d just have to find out. " The Legend of Old Green Eyes has our taking a journey down south to Georgia! There is a local legend of an unknown soldier who was decapitated after being struck by a cannonball haunting the old battlefield of The Battle of Chickamauga. When a group of professional actors assemble to recreate this...


The Widow Ghost

This episode contains themes of drug use and suicide; it is explicit in every way. Take care while listening to Lynze's first tale. "According to legend, the Lai Thai is a jealous and vengeful female spirit - the ghost of a sexually insatiable, adulterous, cruel woman in life who is now crueler and more selfish in death. She roams the earth as a malevolent spirit - haunting the dreams of male villagers at night - always looking for another husband to take with her into the grave. It’s said...


Erratic Behavior

"Night after night for several weeks, the sound of scratching built in frequency, intensity, and volume.Eventually it felt as if at any moment - some great and terrible beast might suddenly rip a hole in the floor, wall, or ceiling and come crashing into the room.And then, for ten days in late 1960, things would escalate far beyond the sounds of scratching." Ursula and Sabina Video: This week feels like Dan really went for it, hard. One incredibly terrifying tale of...


It Feeds

"C whirled around, momentarily picking his eyes up from the floor, and he found himself staring straight into the mirror. And directly BEHIND him, he saw a dead man. A dead man who was weirdly blurry around the edges. As C watched, frozen and horrified, blood began to pour out of a hole in the man’s chest, spattering the floor, the walls, and even against C’s clothes" Our first tale is about The Hammersmith Ghost Murder Case! Starting in November 1803, the British citizens of Hammersmith...


Mr. Fun

"Take my hand, Kira. You don’t want to make me mad do you? I’ve waited too long already” “Please,” Kira whispered, frozen in place, “you’re scaring me.” “I know,” said the man, flashing a predator’s toothy grin - “That’s why you come here, right? To be scared? Being scared is fun. That’s why you all went on the rides! But you didn’t go on mine. And no one can scare you like I can, Kira? Nothing will scare you like what I can SHOW you? Once you SEE what can BE - NOTHING ELSE WILL MATTER.” Dan...


Still Screaming

"The mysterious man now noticed their headlights and turned to face them. He was hunched over, collar up, shielding himself from the rain. It looked like he was wearing some kind of long, shabby black coat.While continuing to stare at them, he took a few steps forward, and Sarah flinched back into her seat.Something was off. Who was this guy?No normal person would be standing on the overlook at this time of night, would they? Where was his car?" Dan has two truly creeptastic tales for you...


Living Dead Girl

"A strange and satisfied smile then appeared on his face and he asked, “Did you play with Masha?” He paused and then added, “Maybe she’s bored.” At that moment, the familiar sound of Masha’s music box rang through their home and Elvira jumped up in fear. Yuri also seemed afraid and he too stared at the doll in disbelief. Anatoly was unfazed. He was smiling now. “See…” he said calmly, “she’s just bored.” He then went over to the sofa to sit by the doll while his father held his trembling...


The Monster Under The Bed

"And then soon, they went from concerned to outright scared when Kristine walked into the kitchen one day to see Natalia pouring Pine-Sol into Kristine’s coffee. Kristine says she ran over and stopped her immediately, hoping, praying, that Natalia was just messing around. But then when she asked Natalia what she was doing, she said that Natalia replied, “I’m trying to kill you.” " Dan takes us down a strange and peculiar story hole this week. His two stories are a bit off the beaten path. He...


Scared To Death

TW: There are some pretty graphic sexual true crime details in this one if you want to skip it. "But then a week later, Remy fell into another trance. And she started speaking to her husband in that same foreign voice - a voice that was angry this time... And then this voice gave him the names — AND the phone numbers — of four different people Teresita knew who could identify this jewelry as belonging to Teresita. And then the voice, after urging him again to PLEASE contact the authorities -...


"You Found It."

"Then, as he backed up a step, he saw the top of Victor’s head crane up towards the ceiling, and he heard Victor say, “Hey, were there always chairs on the ceiling?” Andrew’s blood ran cold. The ceiling? What the Hell was he talking about?" Can a house come alive and lure you in? And try to make you stay? In Dan's opening episode story, he tells the tale of two childhood friends, Andrew and Victor. The pair begin work on a very old, Victorian house and the odd occurrences start from the...


Cult of the Undead

"He crawled up on top of where she lay. He sat down on her chest and stared into her eyes. And she could now see he wasn’t a little boy at all. He was something… else. Something dark and dead - a ghost of some kind. A monster. She actually told mom she thought he was a monster. And this little monster placed his hand on her chest this time, just below her neck and she felt the cold again. Colder than before. And she felt the fear. It was heavier than before." Dan brings a whole new kind of...


New Orleans Cannibal

This weeks episode is EXTRA special!! Dan and Lynze recorded on the road, from one of the most haunted cities in America, NEW ORLEANS!! Dan and Lynze love NOLA, which is no secret. This week the pair was on the road and wanted to try out recording an episode while away from their recording studio in Coeur D'Alene, ID. As the world starts to reopen, Dan will be touring again for stand up, so now seemed like the perfect time to test out the traveling recording kit! If you're considering...


Ernie Rivers' Poltergeist

"One of the most intense incidents was when Ernie sat doing his schoolwork at the dining room table and he thought he saw movement from the side of the stove. He thought he saw a dark figure moving past him. A dark figure in the room with him. He soon caught the motion again out of the corner of his eye, and then, following it, he watched one of the pepper shakers from the top of the stove start to levitate before rapidly floating over and landing beside him. " Known as the Project...


The Legend Of Moll Dyer

"She could go in there, she told herself. She could go in there and see what was happening…. Angela got up and crept out to the hall. Standing in front of her daughter's door, she heard something… It was almost two in the morning. And then she heard it more clearly - a low, heavy chanting. And then that same laugh, the laugh from before. Angela felt sick all of a sudden. Some sweat slipped down Angela’s back. She reached out her hand to open the door and as she curled her fingers around the...


Haunted From The Grave

"In 1947, three supervisors all turned up missing one afternoon. They were found unconscious and locked in a small boiler room in the southeastern part of the plant. None of them could explain exactly what had happened to them. But all three agreed they’d been approached by a man they didn’t know shortly before they blacked out. A man whose skin appeared badly burned and who angrily shouted at them “to push some steel.” What if your workplace was haunted? What if the ghost haunting your work...


The Worley Hospital

"Something was moving towards them - coming from down the hall. Carlos swore he could see something back in the shadows. Whipping their flashlights around - they DID see something. They all three saw a small, dark, evil creature quickly approaching them from no more than twenty feet away…" This weeks Scared To Death is truly unlike any other episode! Dan and Lynze welcome a VERY special guest, Mustafa Gatollori from A&E's Ghost Hunters! The episode begins with Dan sharing the tale of the...


“Hold Him Down!”

"After having spent a night in room 314, a doctor and his wife mentioned an encounter with something paranormal at checkout one morning. The doctor had been awakened several times by a gentle tickling sensation on his feet in the middle of the night. In his sleepy state he was convinced that the comforter or the sheets were somehow responsible for the sensation of something lightly brushing his feet. But then, the final time it occurred, he looked down to distinctly see a little girl...