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Classical music & Wine. Jill Mott & Emily Reese.

Classical music & Wine. Jill Mott & Emily Reese.
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Classical music & Wine. Jill Mott & Emily Reese.




Scores & Pours Ep 09: Theme and Variations

Jill talks about two wines from Chinon in the Loire Valley that must follow strict rules in order to be called "Chinon," and talks about the variation in the two despite the appellation laws. Emily talks about the type of composition called "Theme and Variations" using one from Ludwig van Beethoven and another from American composer Charles Ives. See a playlist and support Scores & Pours on Patreon.


Scores & Pours 08: The Waltz, The Minuet and The Riesling

Jill and Emily explore the delights of the sophisticated and the... less sophisticated... in this episode of Scores & Pours. You can support Scores & Pours and see a playlist on Patreon.


Scores & Pours Ep 07: Old World and New World

Jill and Emily taste Syrah from France (Old World) and Australia (New World), and Emily talks about two late 19th-century symphonies by Antonín Dvořák, one written in his native Bohemia and one written in the U.S.


Scores & Pours Ep 06: Meet the New Kids! Stainless Steel and Trombones

Learn about how stainless steel revolutionized the world of wine and trombones added new colors to symphonic music much later than you'd expect. Help Scores & Pours succeed by supporting us on Patreon.


Scores & Pours Ep 05: One Piece, Three Recordings

Jill gets asked at least once a month, "What makes a wine great?" The answer is hard to define but definitely possibly. Every time Emily recommends a classical composition to folks, it's followed up by, "Look for the recording that includes this conductor with this orchestra." Why? We come at the wine question by blind-tasting one, sipping without knowing its exact origin/grape to pick apart its attributes honestly, as opposed to confronting with bias. We also take one work/composition and...


Scores & Pours Ep 04: Interpreting the Past

When we listen to classical music, we don't always hear what the composer may have intended with the advent of newer instruments and naturally, interpretation from the performer. However, can we still encounter music as the composer may have wanted us to hear it? Same goes for historically influenced wine (think ancient wines!)... Can we taste wines that accurately depict the past? Tune is as we discuss Historically Informed Performances of both classical music + wine! See a playlist and...


Scores & Pours Ep 03: Tone Poems

A tone poem in classical music has a story to go along with the music, and having context can be pivotal to a greater understanding of the music itself. Can tone poems in wine exist? Is terroir in and of itself a tone poem, or can there be a deeper story to give wine more breadth and substance? In this episode we'll dive into Richard Strauss' Don Quixote alongside a white wine from Asturias. See a full playlist and support Scores & Pours on Patreon.


Scores & Pours 02: B-Sides

B-Sides in music are thought of as the extras or the flip side of a hit that was lesser known. Colloquially however, the B-Side has come to represent the extras and also the deeper cut of a subject that can bring greater value and depth to a given subject, especially art. Listen in as we discuss some favorite B-Sides within classical music and wine! Lesser-known listening and drinking are on your horizon.


Scores & Pours 01: Evocation of the Sea

Join us for our inaugural episode of Scores & Pours: Evocation of the Sea. Jill Mott & Emily Reese discuss whether or not you can hear the ocean in classical music and taste it in wines from seaside vineyards. You can see a full playlist, find links to musical scores and see a photo of a wind machine on Patreon. See you on Instagram.