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Two lifelong fans take you through the most important, controversial and entertaining events in Pro Wrestling history. With a casual approach to Pro Wrestling coverage, Scottish Smarks ditch the hearsay and popular online bias and get back to what truly matters, being entertained by dudes in tights.

Two lifelong fans take you through the most important, controversial and entertaining events in Pro Wrestling history. With a casual approach to Pro Wrestling coverage, Scottish Smarks ditch the hearsay and popular online bias and get back to what truly matters, being entertained by dudes in tights.


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Two lifelong fans take you through the most important, controversial and entertaining events in Pro Wrestling history. With a casual approach to Pro Wrestling coverage, Scottish Smarks ditch the hearsay and popular online bias and get back to what truly matters, being entertained by dudes in tights.






Bonus: WWE Untold - Sting's Last Stand

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Ep 29: WWE Royal Rumble 2020

Well well well, what can we say? The Royal Rumble 2020 represents a watershed moment in Scottish, and British, wrestling history. Drew McIntyre has done it! A Scotsman will headline Wrestlemania for the first time ever (no, we know, Roddy Piper was Canadian...) Join Chris and Tony on a special edition of the Scottish Smarks podcast, delving into the latest WWE pay-per-view, and trying to express how proud we feel as our fellow countryman finally reached the upper echelons of professional...


Ep 28: WWE Royal Rumble 2015

The 2015 Royal Rumble is one of those shows that sometimes flies under the radar but could potentially be one of the most interesting shows of all time. It was the first Rumble of the WWE Network era, the results of which led many people to #cancelWWENetwork because, in the words of Vince McMahon, “Santa Claus didn’t come”. In episode 28, Christmas comes extra early, as the Scottish Smarks delve into what has been described as the worst Rumble match of all time, as well as the lacklustre...


Ep 27: WWE Unforgiven 2006

In 2006, the Ruthless Aggresion era was in full swing and the brand split was in full effect. The Raw roster was boosted by the reformation of De-Generation X and some of today’s household names were just starting out on their main event level careers. In September, the Raw brand presented Unforgiven, headlined by two future hall of famers, Edge and John Cena. Join the Scottish Smarks as they take in a pay per view from an era that is sometimes neglected. Chris and Tony discuss their...


Ep 26: WCW Great American Bash 1990

In the mid to late 80s, the competition between the WWF and WCW was represented by the figureheads of each company, Hulk Hogan and Ric Flair. However, on the 7th July 1990, at The Great American Bash, there was a passing of the WCW torch from The Nature Boy to one Steve Borden aka Sting. Join Chris and Tony in the first episode of 2020 as they cover a lacklustre show from the first summer of the 90s, which saw a brand new world heavyweight champion crowned, propelling Sting into the...


Bonus: The Underrated Collective - Part 1

It’s a special Christmas 2019 edition of the Scottish Smarks, a BONUS episode! Instead of our usual Pay-Per-View review format, we will be taking 5 underrated talents each, explaining our reasons why we feel they are underrated, and give our match recommendations. Hope you enjoy. Merry Christmas folks! Support the show (


Bonus: The Underrated Collective - Part 1

In this special Christmas 2019 bonus episode, Chris and Tony deviate away from the standard Pay-Per-View review formula, and ask one another "who are some of your favourite underrated talents?" We pick 5 wrestlers each and discuss our reasons behind them, plus there's a bit of discussion and some match recommendations. Merry Christmas folks! Support the show


Ep 25: TNA Sacrifice 2007

WWE has always been, and probably always will be, the benchmark for professional wrestling in terms of audience size and longevity. The only viable alternative to the McMahons in the 2000s and 2010s was a little known company called Total Nonstop Action Wrestling, or TNA. In our 25th episode, Chris and Tony take a dive into the brand that was started by Jeff Jarrett after WCW folded, and helped launch the careers of many of today’s top names. Covering the Sacrifice pay per view from 2007,...


Ep 24: WWF Judgment Day 2000

The year 2000 is somewhat of an overlooked year in the history of the WWF. Wrestlemania was underwhelming, Stone Cold Steve Austin was sidelined, and many of the pay per views seemed to blend in together with few truly standout shows...and then there was Judgement Day. Join Chris and Tony this week after a small hiatus to discuss one of the semi-forgotten gems of the Attitude Era. Topics this time include Gerald Brisco’s run as the Hardcore Champion, the state of the internet and what was...


Ep 23: ECW Heatwave 1998

In the summer of 1998, the Monday Night Wars were in full swing and the Attitude Era was on the horizon, but for those who preferred something a bit more gritty, there was now another alternative. Extreme Championship Wrestling. ECW presented Heatwave 1998 in the shadow of the two big guns, and set their stall out to be different, innovative and thought provoking. This week, the Scottish Smarks give their own views on their first original ECW review. Join Chris and Tony as they chat...


Ep 22: WWF In Your House 16: Canadian Stampede

In 1997, the WWF stumbled upon one of the most uniquely paradoxical angles of all time. Bret Hart vs Steve Austin switching between babyface and heel roles depending on whether they were in the USA or Canada. It was a goldmine of a storyline which culminated at the In Your House : Canadian Stampede pay per view. This week, the Scottish Smarks explore the show in great detail, including the excellent main event featuring 10 hall of fame level talents. There’s also a discussion about the...


Ep 21: WWF Wrestlemania X-Seven

On April 1st 2001, the WWF presented the greatest overall professional wrestling card of all time. A truly spectacular and revered show that set the benchmark for all pay-per-views to come. This week the Scottish Smarks, Chris and Tony, are joined by Jamie, the host of the excellent Twenty Minute Tims podcast, to break down Wrestlemania X-Seven. Jamie gives us his memories of being a young Scottish fan that was lucky enough to attend the Showcase Of The Immortals, and his own insight into...


Ep 20: WCW Starrcade 1997

“Hogan’s a colourful guy, but his nightmare’s black and white”.... In 1997, WCW presented their annual Starrcade event, showcasing Hollywood Hogan vs Sting in a main event for the ages. On the back of an 18 month build, WCW had the makings of a true classic. But why did it fail? Chris and Tony break down everything that happened in the infamous main event, the controversy surrounding the refereeing situation, and try to fathom out Sting’s “MAMACITA” moment. There’s discussions involving...


Ep 19: The First & Last WCW Monday Nitro

"Shane McMahon has screwed his old man, and now the fight at Wrestlemania means so much more" A departure of sorts for the Scottish Smarks this week, as Chris and Tony delve into two separate time period in wrestling, to cover the first and last episodes of WCW Monday Nitro. Which of Hulk Hogan's theme songs is the best? Why was Mongo McMichael allowed to sit in the commentary booth alongside Eric Bischoff? Was Steve Borden the ultimate company man for WCW? How awesome are Omaha...


Ep 18: WWF Summerslam 1994

In 1994, the Deadman arose...twice, to compete Summerslam! This week on the Scottish Smarks, Chris and Tony are back to discuss all things WWF. Was Diesel’s entrance music the worst of all time? Was 1994 the best year in wrestling for Scott Hall? Did Vince make a mistake moving Randy Savage into a hosting role? There’s also a pretty emotional debate about 5 star ratings, subjectivity, online peer pressure and the opinion of a certain Mr Meltzer. Support the show...


Ep 17: AEW All Out

On August 31st 2019, AEW presented their flagship show, All Out, almost a year to the day after the ground breaking All In pay-per-view. This week the Scottish Smarks break away from classic material and cover a modern day show, a show which would see Chris Jericho crowned as the inaugural AEW champion. Are the elite booking themselves as Supermen? Will PAC consider signing on full time for AEW? Are the Jurassic Express the greatest tag team of all time? What is Orange Cassidy’s...


Ep 16: WWF Invasion 2001

“Are you telling me that the WWF Title is now in enemy hands?” At the height of the Attitude Era, WCW folded and were bought over by the WWF. A few months later, the WWF presented their Invasion pay-per-view. A one-dimensional show that certainly divided opinion at the time, and still does all these years later. In this episode, Chris and Tony revisit this pivotal time in the pro wrestling world. We discuss RVD’s impressive debut, the decline of X-Pac’s creative in 2001, and a very...


Ep 15: WWE Battleground 2013

In 2013, the WWE presented its inaugural Battleground Pay-Per-View, a name that would only last for 4 years before being dumped from the creative table. In this episode, Chris and Tony cover a variety of subjects from the early 2010’s, including the potential for a certain Mr Reigns to be a top level heel, the potential for a Mr Wyatt to go right to the top, and the low status of mid card titles within the company. We also mark out for the Rhodes Brothers, as is the norm, give our thoughts...


Ep 14: WWF Breakdown 1998 - In Your House

Ten months after Bret Screwed Bret, Stone Cold Screwed Stone Cold, in the WWF’s first trip to Canada since the infamous Montreal Screwjob. In this episode, the Scottish Smarks give their thoughts on a VHS childhood favourite, Break Down : In Your House from 1998. We discuss potentially the greatest cage match of all time, the worst middle finger of all time, and the problem of buying a WWF T-shirt in the late 90s. There’s also an in depth discussion about WWE video games from this era,...


Ep 13: WWF Wrestlemania 8

Wrestlemania VIII hailed from the Hoosier Dome in March 1992, featuring a hoos hoo of professional wrestling. It was the continuation of feuds and storylines from our previous episode, when we covered the 92 Rumble. Find out what the Scottish Smarks thought of the DOUBLE MAIN EVENT, Shawn Michaels’ PPV debut as a singles competitor against a bull fighter, and Drew McIntyre’s mother singing the national anthem. We also get a brilliant story from Chris showcasing the classy nature of Bret...