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At ScreenFish, we believe that the truths of God's story can be seen in unexpected places, especially within the world of film and television. We're looking for those connections wherever possible. Welcome to the conversation. Welcome to ScreenFish.

At ScreenFish, we believe that the truths of God's story can be seen in unexpected places, especially within the world of film and television. We're looking for those connections wherever possible. Welcome to the conversation. Welcome to ScreenFish.
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At ScreenFish, we believe that the truths of God's story can be seen in unexpected places, especially within the world of film and television. We're looking for those connections wherever possible. Welcome to the conversation. Welcome to ScreenFish.






5.16 Discovering Identity in DETECTIVE PIKACHU

With POKEMON: DETECTIVE PIKACHU, Nintendo gets back into the movie game with their first live-action adaptation of the popular franchise. When Tim Goodman gets the news that his absentee father has passed away, he returns to his home to search for answers. However, after Tim discovers his father’s partner, a wise-cracking Pikachu, he quickly discovers that there may be more to the story than he first believed. As the two venture out to solve the puzzle of his father’s disappearance, Tim and...


Infinity Warm-Up Chapter 22: AVENGERS: ENDGAME

After the Decimation took the lives of billions of people with the snap of a finger, the remaining Avengers are doing everything possible to find Thanos and save the world. When a long-lost ally arrives unexpectedly, they may have finally found the key to setting things right--if it's not already too late. This week, the Warm-Up crew assemble to talk about what it means to fail, broken heroes and how Tony Stark has changed over the years.


1on1 with Alexandra Barreto (LADY HATER)

A veteran onscreen (and off), Alexandra Barreto (THE FOSTERS) steps behind the camera for the first time with her comedic short, LADY HATER. Premiering this week at the Tribeca Film Festival, LADY HATER pokes fun at the confusion surrounding issues of feminism and identity. In this 1on1, Steve speaks to Alexandra about the cathartic experience of writing, the dangers of putting people into 'boxes' and what sort of conversations she hopes the film sparks amongst its audience.


1on1 with Kelly Asbury (UGLYDOLLS)

Directed by veteran animator Kelly Asbury (SHREK 2, GNOMEO AND JULIET), UGLYDOLLS tells the story of Moxy, an odd but lovable toy that discovers what it means to celebrate differences when she steps into the town of Perfection. In this 1on1, Steve speaks to Kelly about what it takes to bring toys to life, the joy of animation and the meaning of perfection.


5.15 The Power of SHAZAM!

As an orphan, 14-year old Billy Batson struggles to connect with foster families as he bounces from home to home, searching for his mother. When he suddenly receives the limitless power of Shazam, he finds a new calling as a superhero... but can a broken teenager handle this sort of responsibility? What makes him worthy of the challenge? This week, Derek Wong and Mira Ibrahim join us to talk about what sets Billy apart, the dangers of deadly sins and the meaning of power.


1on1 with Celia Au (IN A NEW YORK MINUTE)

Starring Celia Au, IN A NEW YORK MINUTE premieres this weekend at the Newport Beach Film Festival. Based on a Chinese short story, follows three strangers as they accidentally find that the solution to their problems lies in a single pregnancy test. In this 1on1, Steve speaks to Celia about the family atmosphere on set, how to break the cycle of shame and what it is about love that can change people so deeply.


1on1 with Van Jones (THE REDEMPTION PROJECT)

In THE REDEMPTION PROJECT, Van Jones attempts to bring criminals and their victims together in order to find answers (and, in some cases, peace and grace) long after their tragic events have taken place. In this 1on1, Steve speaks to Van about why a show like this is so necessary in our culture, how he knows someone is ready to meet their attacker or victim, and what it takes to be redeemed.


5.14 Raising HELLBOY

This week, That Shelf writer Victor Stiff joins us to bring the apocalypse with HELLBOY, the much maligned reboot by Neil Marshall. Starring Stranger Things’ David Harbour and Milla Jovovich, HELLBOY finds himself torn the world of monsters and humanity as he attempts to prevent the ancient Blood Queen from unleashing… well… hell on earth. Rated a distasterous 11% on Rotten Tomatoes, the film has a tonne of detractors but is it really a sign of the End of Days? Or is there something...


1on1 with Raymond Cruz (THE CURSE OF LA LARONA)

Returning us to the scare-filled universe of THE CONJURING, THE CURSE OF LA LARONA is set in 1970s Los Angeles where the legendary ghost is stalking the night -- and the children. Ignoring the eerie warning of a troubled mother, a social worker and her own kids are drawn into a frightening supernatural realm. Their only hope of surviving La Llorona's deadly wrath is a disillusioned priest (Raymond Cruz) who practices mysticism to keep evil at bay. In this 1on1, Steve speaks to Cruz about...


1on1 with Milla Jovovich and David Harbour (HELLBOY)

Julie Levac and Steve Norton come to you live from the red carpet of the Toronto Premiere of Hellboy, interviewing Milla Jovovich and David Harbour.


1on1 with Cheryl Haines (AI WEIWEI: YOURS TRULY)

Artistic director Cheryl Haines steps behind the camera with her feature length documentary, AI WEIWEI: YOURS TRULY, a documentary that focuses on Ai Weiwei and his latest art instillation that points to prisoners of conscience all around the world. In this 1on1, Steve speaks to Cheryl about what it is about art that inspires fresh thinking and dialogue, how she believe's Weiwei might want his legacy to be perceived and the power of the simple act.


5.13 The Mystical Science of DUMBO

You’ve seen a horsefly. You’ve seen a dragonfly. You may have seen a house fly… but you’ve never seen an elephant fly… in live action that is. With the release of DUMBO, Disney continues it’s string of live-action remakes of it’s own animated properties (the first of in the next 4 months alone). Directed by Tim Burton and starring Colin Farrell, Danny Devito and Michael Keaton, the film is offers a different spin on the material but does it still carry the same endearing charm as the...


5.12 Let's Talk About US

This week on the show, we dive into the shadow realm to talk about US, Jordan Peele’s latest mind-bending sci-fi horror. Starring Lupita Nyong'o and Winston Duke, US follows the Wilson family as their beachfront vacation is disrupted by a home invasion. Even more terrifying? Their attackers look exactly like themselves. But does the film give us good vibrations? Or is this one vacation we'd like to forget? Tethered together for this episode is ScreenFish film analyst, Chris Utley and...


1on1 with Anupam Kher (HOTEL MUMBAI)

Julie Levac comes to you live from the red carpet of the Toronto premiere of Hotel Mumbai on March 20, 2019. Hear Anupam Kher discuss why Hotel Mumbai is one of the most important films of our time.


Infinity Warm-Up Chapter 21: CAPTAIN MARVEL

With the release of CAPTAIN MARVEL, the MCU finally gets it's first female-led superhero film! And it's quite a debut! Kree warrior Veers is a powerful soldier with a mysterious past. However, when she crash lands on Earth after a battle with the villainous Skrulls, she quickly discovers that she may have more ties with the inferior humans than she'd first believed. Hosted by Daniel Collins this week, the Warm-Up crew talks about what it means to have a female take the lead, what separates...


1on1 with Kim Nguyen (THE HUMMINGBIRD PROJECT)

Directed by Oscar-nominated director Kim Nguyen (WAR WITCH), THE HUMMINGBIRD PROJECT stars Jesse Eisenberg, Alexander Skarsgard and Salma Hayek and takes a look at the lucrative world of high-frequency stock trading. In this 1on1, Steve speaks to Kim about the challenges of writing about the technology industry, the tension between high speed and slowing down and what his characters are looking for in the film.


1on1 with Nathan Catucci (director, IMPOSSIBLE MONSTERS)

With the release of his first feature film, IMPOSSIBLE MONSTERS, writer/director Nathan Catucci explores what happens when fantasy rules reality. In this 1on1, Steve speaks to Catucci about the relationship between art and expression, the meaning behind the title of the film, and why he's so fascinated with dreams.


5.11 Problems and Praise in GREEN BOOK

When the name GREEN BOOK was read aloud as the winner of Best Picture at the 91st Oscars last week, it erupted a firestorm of controversy. While some pronounced the film as outdated and problematic in its portrayal of racial issues in today’s culture, others defended the film and authenticity. This week, we welcome back ScreenFish’rs Chris Utley and Shelley McVea to challenge the film’s arguments about stereotypes, the merit (or not) of its depiction of dignity and its responsibility to get...


5.10 Deconstructing THE LEGO MOVIE 2

With the release of LEGO MOVIE 2: THE SECOND PART, Emmet, Wildstyle and the crew find themselves in the worst possible scenario—when everything isn’t awesome. When an attack from DUPLO invaders further disrupts their post-apocalyptic world, Emmett must travel to the far outreaches of the Systar System in order to rescue his friends from the unmalicious queen Watevera Wanabi. This week, Steve welcomes back Heather Johnson and Alan Sharrer to talk about the film’s understanding of growing up...


Infinity Warm-Up Chapter 20: ANT-MAN AND THE WASP

After nearly 10 months, the Warm-Up Crew returns! As the Road to EndGame begins, the team has reassembled to tackle the rest of the journey after the 'Snap Heard Round the World'. This month, they check-in with ANT MAN AND THE WASP (who were suspiciously absent during the Infinity War). Steve welcomes back Riley and Mackenzie to talk about the film's depiction of love, commitment and 'quantum phasing'.