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A podcast where queer people talk about the pursuits, crafts, and hobbies they love and what it means to be queer in those communities, with Kaylee and Alexis. New episodes every other tuesday!

A podcast where queer people talk about the pursuits, crafts, and hobbies they love and what it means to be queer in those communities, with Kaylee and Alexis. New episodes every other tuesday!
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A podcast where queer people talk about the pursuits, crafts, and hobbies they love and what it means to be queer in those communities, with Kaylee and Alexis. New episodes every other tuesday!




Taking the Minutes 1: Virtual Photography with Alexis

In this very first Taking the Minutes episode, Alexis discusses her most recent favorite hobby: Virtual photography! Learn all the tips and tricks for best capturing your catgirl MMO characters in action. Taking the Minutes is a special monthly episode series in which the podcast hosts discuss things they care about, made possible by our Patreon support. View Alexis' showcase pictures: Support Setting the Record Queer on Patreon:...


22: VR Game Development with Andi McClure

Andi McClure, representative human at Mermaid Heavy Industries, a company that is not run by space mermaids, and of course has more than one human being on its staff, joins the podcast for episode 22 to discuss virtual reality video game development. She discusses the history and evolution of VR dev and how it differs from traditional game development. Find more about Mermaid Heavy: Find Andi's older games: Learn about the LÖVR engine: View a...


21: Mariachi with Isabella

Episode 21 is about mariachi, a musical style, social activity, cultural staple, and professional pursuit. In it, we speak with Isabella, a woman with a near-lifetime of experience, about the wide world of mariachi, the life of a professional, and advice for how best to run through the streets looking for a gig. Follow Bella on Twitter: View the performance showcase on video: Support Setting the Record Queer on Patreon:...


Rewriting the Record

In this STRQ special episode, hosts Kaylee and Alexis each pick up one of the practices our past guests have done. They spend a month following their chosen guest's advice and try to make their way in new creative fields! First, you'll hear from them before they begin, talking about their chosen methods and what they expect, and then you'll hear from then a month later to talk about how their Rewriting the Record went. This episode would not have been possible without Setting the Record...


20: Animation Post-Production with Therisse Amunatigui

In this episode, we talk to music PA at Cartoon Network, Therisse Amunatigui, about making music, music production, and gritty reboots of beloved cartoons. Follow Therisse on Twitter: Find Therisse's music on Bandcamp: Support Setting the Record Queer on Patreon: Feedback? Ideas? Contact us! Twitter - @strqueercast Email - Discord -...


19: Songwriting with Mikaela Moody

In this episode, we talk to songwriter and British-ism master Mikaela Moody about her work, songwriting process, and sitcom opera design desires. Find Mikaela's music on Bandcamp: Follow Mikaela on Twitter: Follow Mikaela on Instagram: Support Setting the Record Queer on Patreon: Feedback? Ideas? Contact us! Twitter - @strqueercast Email -...


18: Variety & Charity Streaming with Skybilz

In this episode, we sit down with positivity beacon and microphone master Skybilz to talk about her streaming career. From speedruns to Magic: The Gathering, Sky brings a unique and well-beloved presence to anything she broadcasts! Follow Sky on Twitch: Follow Sky on Twitter: See the performance showcase clips: 1, 2, 3 Support Setting the Record Queer on Patreon: Feedback? Ideas? Contact us! Twitter -...


STRQ LIVE at Tora-Con 2019 - Anime Fandom Roundtable

At Tora-Con 2019, we brought together three talented members of the anime fandom: KJ, an artists' alley crafter; Gwen/Sam, a competitive cosplayer; and Alexandra, an artists' alley booth runner. KJ's Twitter: KJ's Instagram: Gwen's Twitter: Alexandra's Instagram: Listen to this episode in STEREO at! Support Setting the...


17: Special Effects Makeup Artistry with Taylor Brooke

CONTENT WARNING - Graphic descriptions and images of gore. In this episode, we learn to love latex and fear foam with Taylor Brooke, a professionally trained special effects makeup artist, while host Kaylee learns to become a sound designer! Follow Taylor on Twitter: Find Taylor's books on her website: See the performance showcase pieces (CW applies): The performance showcase ends at 40:41. Support Setting the Record Queer...


16: YouTube Media Analysis with The Princess and The Scrivener

In this bi besties content creator double feature, we talk to Princess Paige and Scrivener Sarah of YouTube channel The Princess and The Scrivener. Tune in for a discussion of the mouth-feel of comments, the best Disney movies, and the tricks of the trade for media analysis and YouTube creating. Subscribe to P&S on YouTube: Follow P&S on Twitter: Follow Paige on Twitter: Follow Sarah on Twitter:...


15: Video Game Art and Animation with Aura Triolo

Turtles, tentacles, and gremlins, oh my! In this episode, we talk to Aura Triolo, artist and animator for games like Clockwork Empire and Dungeons of Dredmor and intra-polycule Tetris Attack league competitor, about her work in all facets of video game development. Follow Aura on Twitter: See Aura's animation samples: Tentacle monster, cannon turtle, cloud gremlin, tetris attack Support Setting the Record Queer on Patreon:...


14: Satire Journalism with Quinn Brown

Master of electronic mail and the three principles of internet satire, Quinn Brown is a freelancer for The Hard Times, a punk-themed satire magazine. In episode 14, we talk to him about the world of freelancing, how to write effective satire, and the differences and similarities in the tastes of gasoline and batteries. See Quinn's articles: Contact Quinn: Listen to The Hard Times Podcast Network's shows:...


13: Tattooing with Jackie Siu

Tattooing is a fascinating and unique combination of traditional and nontraditional art. In this episode, we talk to Jackie Siu, a tattooist at Paper Crane Tattoo Studio, about her experiences in the craft. Follow Jackie on Instagram: Paper Crane's website: Show notes: See the performance showcase tattoos here. Support Setting the Record Queer on Patreon: Feedback? Ideas? Contact us! Twitter -...


12: Kickstarter Game Development with Emma "Eniko" and Eric-June "Critterdust"

With games like Earthtongue, Bravely Bound, Lore Finder, and Snake on their resumes, Emma "Eniko" and Eric-June "Critterdust" bring a wealth of knowledge about game development to the podcast. In this episode, we talk to them about the recently Kickstarter-backed Lore Finder, a queer cosmic horror metroidvania and their other projects. Kitsune Games' website: Eniko's twitter: Eniko's patreon: Critterdust's...


11: Webcomics with Olive Brinker

We sat down with Olive Brinker, author of beloved webcomic Rae the Doe, to discuss comics, writing puns, and what it's like living life as a ghost. Olive's twitter: Rae the Doe on Patreon: Read Rae the Doe: Show notes: Performance showcase comics: 1, 2, 3, 4 Read Second-Hand Soup here! Rae the Doe fanart Support Setting the Record Queer on Patreon: Feedback? Ideas? Contact us! Twitter - @strqueercast Email -...


STRQ LIVE at Awesome Games Done Quick 2019 - Speedrunning Roundtable

At Awesome Games Done Quick 2019, we gathered three incredibly talented speedrunners to talk about their craft and community: Arael, staff for Power up With Pride; Brossentia, head of the Kusogrande bad video game speedrunning tournament; and SeraphIV, PUWP staff, graphic designer, and game developer. Arael's twitch: arael's twitter: Brossentia's twitch: Brossentia's twitter: SeraphIV's twitch:...


Minisode 1: Sounding the Research Queer

We were unable to record a full episode this week due to being at Awesome Games Done Quick 2019. In this minisode, Alexis discusses her recent audio research project! See Alexis' linear-feedback shift register emulation at


10: Crossover Special! Variety Podcasting with Sara "SunhatZhenya"

To ring in a new year of setting records queer, we partnered with The Wonder Yeerks, an Animorphs rewatch podcast, for a pair of crossover podcast episodes! In STRQ episode 10, we interview Sara of The Wonder Yeerks, Fearbaiting, and more about what it takes to be a variety podcaster. Listen to our guest appearance on The Wonder Yeerks here: Sara's twitter: Fearbaiting...


9: Roller Derby with Hammer Abby and Allie Gator

In this episode, Setting the Record Queer goes outside! We talk with Emily "Hammer Abby" and Wendy "Allie Gator," players, podcasters, and announcers in the Madison roller derby league, about the evolution and current state of derby, the best Mario Kart items to add to derby, and which roller derby movies deserve their screen time. Emily's twitter: Wendy's twitter: Madison Roller Derby's website: SSRD Podcast:...


8: Improv and Sketch Comedy with Christian Borkey

We got comedian Christian Borkey teaches us how to be funnier podcast hosts! In the episode, Christian talks about what it's like to perform, design, and produce comedy in all forms in the bustling Chicago comedy scene. Christian's twitter: Christian's instagram: Christian's facebook: Show notes: See pictures of Christian's puppet Marzi at Read the lyrics from the performance showcase at...