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An interview style podcast with people in the Custom Home Furnishings industry.

An interview style podcast with people in the Custom Home Furnishings industry.
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An interview style podcast with people in the Custom Home Furnishings industry.




134 - Donna Skufis - I'm An Education Freak!

I'm talking with Donna Skufis of Dondar Designs. Donna shares the story of her business, how education is important to her - both learning herself and sharing her knowledge and why she made some of her choices. Donna is on Facebook. Resources; You can watch some of Donna's videos on The Workroom Channel's YouTube Channel The Sew Much More Podcast is sponsored by; The Workroom Channel Scarlet Thread Consulting The WCAA


133 - Heather Taylor - Go Afraid! Take Your Fear With You!

Heather Taylor owns and is the sole operator of Custom Textiles, a workroom located by her farmhouse in the Northwest Hills of Connecticut. She has been producing residential and business window dressings since 2003. Heather is on Facebook. Speaking with Heather was truly an honor. I admire her strength and resilience as well as her creativity. Resources; The Custom Workroom Conference Kim's Upholstery A Monster to Love Dean Fountain's Workroom Racks or call Dean at (904) 334-3694


132 - Michele Williams and Ceil Review the Year and Look Forward

Michele Williams and I talk about how we like to finish up our year and what we do to start the new year. I love my conversations with Michele! With our personalities being so different, I really enjoy talking with her about how we do things. Resources; Gretchen Rubin's 4 Tendencies Quiz Brene Brown's Dare To Lead The Sew Much More Podcast is sponsored by; The Workroom Channel Scarlet Thread Consulting The WCAA


131 - Opportunity Thinking Series - Donna Skufis and the Story of Jewel's Tape

Donna Skufis’s passion for creating beautiful and unique window treatments and soft home furnishing has propelled her talents into a thriving 33-year-old business. At the start she was retail; selling, fabricating and installing; but is now strictly a wholesale fabricator. Her love of challenges has encouraged her to take on more difficult even almost impossible projects. These projects showcase her engineering abilities. Teaching others how to fabricate window treatments and soft home...


130 - Rerelease of Sarah O'Neil's Podcast - Tomorrow Isn't Promised

While many workrooms and designers started out in our homes and because we had a skill, Sarah O'Neil started her business, Storibook Designs out of a need to make a life change and to find joy every day. She no longer wanted a job, she wanted to feed her soul! Sarah talks openly and honestly about the challenges of anxiety and the tools she uses to get through the difficult times. Thank you to my sponsors who make it possible for me to continue to bring the podcast to my...


129 - Deborah Williamson - What Ever You Want, You Can Achieve

Deborah M. Williamson, owner of Treatments For Your Panes, a Shop at Home retail business servicing the Greater Rochester Area and beyond. She has been sewing for 50 yrs. beginning her career in the Dressmaking/Alterations segment. Deborah’s journey began to change when they moved to Rochester from Buffalo, NY due to her husband’s job transfer. As one of the pioneers of a Planned Community of new homes east of Rochester, what better opportunity to learn how to make window treatments and...


128 - Judy Soccio - Fail Big!

Judy Soccio is a storyteller. But instead of using words, she weaves her tales with fabric and trim. I listen to clues from my clients – and from their homes – to create inspired window treatment designs that honor the home’s history while acknowledging the 21st-century lifestyles of the current homeowner. Her theatre training and fascination with history give her broad latitude to find the right details for each project. Her pursuit of continuing professional education and certification...


127 - OPPORTUNITY THINKING SERIES - Taking Stock and Making Changes

In this episode, Jeanelle Dech coaches Ceil as she takes a hard look at the time, effort, and costs associated with producing a weekly podcast. Ceil started the podcast because of her passion for the industry and her desire to give back, and now must face the reality of the podcast’s sustainability. With Jeanelle’s help, Ceil is able to identify opportunities for improved efficiency in producing the podcast to lessen the impact on her profitable business activities. Jeanelle and Ceil also...


126 - Lonnie Vanderslice and Kelly Wilson - Supporting Women in Their Community

The Sew Much More Podcast is sponsored by; The Workroom Channel Scarlet Thread Consulting The WCAA Kelly Wilson, a lifelong autodidact, has always had a passion for living "outside the box". A combination of varied job experiences from NYC to LA and an eclectic higher education has created the rich foundation for Kelly’s life. As a result of the economic downturn, in 2005 after 17 years of exploring the world “unschooling” her two daughters, Kelly found herself in the job market....


125 - Hallie Meschter - I'm All In Now!

The Sew Much More Podcast is sponsored by; The Workroom Channel Scarlet Thread Consulting The WCAA Hallie Meschter is the owner of Sew Hallie, LLC, a custom window treatment workroom serving interior designers in the Washington DC metro area. What started as a passionate, self-taught hobby two decades ago when her children were young, turned into a side hustle when Sew Hallie was launched in 2007. To help offset college costs for those children, Hallie felt she had to “get...


124 - Denise Hooper - It's A Privilege to Be In People's Home

The Sew Much More Podcast is sponsored by; The Workroom Channel Scarlet Thread Consulting The WCAA Denise Hooper began her career in 2002 working in a home-based workroom. In 2007 she founded Dream It Window Coverings working out of her home. She started as retail workroom but slowly grew to a wholesale business. In 2015 she limited her operation to a " To The Trade" commercial workroom. "Out of the Box" thinking and solving challenging problems are her specialty when...


123 - Stacie Faulkner - I Was Born With A To-Do List In My Hand

The Sew Much More Podcast is sponsored by; The Workroom Channel Scarlet Thread Consulting The WCAA Staci Faulkner is the owner and operator of Staci Faulkner Designs in Ruston, LA, and has been involved in the interior design business for 23 years. Staci’s mother taught her to sew by hand not long after she learned to walk, and began to sew on machines at the age of 5. Creating clothing and other project with fabric became a way to earn money in junior high and high school, and...


122 - The Opportunity Thinking Series - Emily Pettit on Adding Teaching To Her Business

This Episode of the Podcast is sponsored by; The Curtains And Soft Furnishings Resource Library Emily Pettit is the owner of Emily Jane Creations located in the Spartanburg, South Carolina area. Emily worked as a nurse for 30 years prior to her current career as a soft furnishings fabricator specializing in slipcovers. She has been married to Eric Pettit for 40 years, has two grown children and two grandchildren. She took classes under Jeanelle Dech at the Custom Home Furnishings School...


121 - Kathy Healey - There's No HR Department!

Kathy Healey is a sewist who lives with her family in Rochester, New York. In her home-based business, called, Healey Wear, Kathy creates custom window treatments, garments and home dec items. She also alters garments to provide her clients with a perfect fit for their ready-to-wear clothing. Kathy earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Consumer and Family Studies from Buffalo State College and a Master of Science degree in Health Education from SUNY Brockport. You can find Kathy on...


120 - The Tables Get Turned and Susan Woodcock Interviews Ceil DiGuglielmo!

Ceil DiGuglielmo is the owner of Sew Much More Custom Sewing. As a to the trade window treatment and soft furnishings workroom, Ceil loves collaborating with designers to bring their vision to completion for their clients. Passionate about education and technology in her industry, Ceil regularly attends conferences, seminars, and classes to keep up with industry standards and hone her skills. She is a Window Fashion Certified Professional Workroom. As a member of the WCAA, she has served...


119 - Kathy Hamilton - I Light Up When I See The Possibilities

Kathy Hamilton Window Alternatives Business Profile Kathy is the owner of WINDOW ALTERNATIVES LLC. Her entrepreneurial spirit drove her to open Window Alternatives 30 years ago specializing in window coverings and offering full interior design services. Kathy graduated from the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York with a degree in fashion design. She worked as an apparel designer after her graduation for six years, traveling to key fashion and manufacturing facilities in...


118 - Opportunity Thinking Series - Steve and Sue Landis And Running A Family Business

This series is sponsored by The Curtains and Soft Furnishings Resource Library What does it mean to enter the family business and keep it going for 70 years??? We find out today with Sue and Steve Landis of Merril Y Landis, LTD. Sue Landis has over thirty-five years of leadership experience serving as Christian Education Director, Sunday School teacher, Inductive Bible Study and Women’s Ministry leader. Her professional career has been diverse. Sue was happy to be a stay-at-home mom...


117 - Terri Booser and Rachel Barrera - Partners After Owning Their Individual Businesses

Knowing two heads are always better than one, Rachel Barrera and Terri Booser combined their individual businesses to form Sugar & Spice Draperies and Shades, LLC. With their extensive knowledge, experience and talents, they create a dynamic duo to design and fabricate unique and highly crafted window treatments throughout the Metropolitan Houston area. Rachel Barrera has been in the custom soft furnishings industry, encompassing design fabrication and installation for 14 years. From 2000...


116 - Best of Advice Episode 2

The Sew Much More Podcast is sponsored by; The Workroom Channel Scarlet Thread Consulting The WCAA In this Best Advice Episode, I've included; John and Kristen Vince Kathryn Dillon Doshie Witcher Penny Bruce Sharon Gizzi Robin Matthews Cynthia Blescachek Cathy Tucker Jana Platina Phipps Kate Greunke LuAnn Nigara Nancy Letts Susan Kostelecky Ravi Pankhania Jill Ragan Scully Elki Horn Deborah Cronin Caterina Meadows


115 - Susan Woodcock Talks About the Custom Workroom Conference

Are you going to the Custom Workroom Conference??? It's coming up fast! What is it??? Well, listen in as Susan Woodcock and I talk about why this is such a great conference for workrooms to attend. We talk about everything you need to know about attending the conference. Why should you be there? We have lots of answers for that question. You won't want to miss the WCAA Totally Rad 80's Party! You can register here! This will be my first time teaching at CWC and I hope to see you there!