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Shot@Love is the first motivational dating show of its kind. It teaches you how to be successful in online dating while inspiring the listeners to go for it. You can find love, and are worthy of it. Shot@Love with Kerry Brett - Me, Exposed- Introduction to Shot@Love Podcast with celebrity photographer Kerry Brett.


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Shot@Love is the first motivational dating show of its kind. It teaches you how to be successful in online dating while inspiring the listeners to go for it. You can find love, and are worthy of it. Shot@Love with Kerry Brett - Me, Exposed- Introduction to Shot@Love Podcast with celebrity photographer Kerry Brett.



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From Life-Saving Miracle to Hallmark Movie: Heather Krueger’s Story of Survival and Self-Empowerment

What happens when a life-saving act intertwines with a whirlwind romance and public attention? Discover Heather Krueger’s remarkable story of survival and transformation. Diagnosed with stage 4 autoimmune hepatitis just before her 25th birthday, Heather was in desperate need of a liver transplant. A stranger's selfless act saved her life and led to a rapid and intense romantic relationship, capturing the media's attention and inspiring a Hallmark movie. Heather shares the stark differences between the fairy tale portrayed and the real emotional and psychological hurdles she faced during her recovery. Journey into the emotional complexities of Heather's life as she navigated profound gratitude and obligation toward her donor-turned-husband. The pressure of public validation and the need to maintain a facade of hope took a heavy toll on Heather's mental health and self-esteem. Listen as Heather bravely opens up about the struggle to differentiate genuine love from a sense of indebtedness and how the swift progression of their relationship left her little room to process her trauma or make grounded decisions. Despite the turmoil, Heather's dedication to raising awareness about living liver donations became her beacon of purpose. Heather's story is one of survival, resilience, and empowerment. Hear how she overcame the unexpected challenges of her deteriorating relationship, physical scars, and societal pressures, all while finding strength in honesty, humor, and faith. Heather’s journey from a fairytale romance to self-discovery and empowerment is a moving testament to the power of hope and the human spirit. Her candid reflections offer inspiration and guidance for others facing their own life-altering challenges.


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Let's Get Honest: Is It Lying, A Liability Or A Limiting Belief? With Coach Laurie Gerber

Have you ever felt honesty could make or break your most important relationships? Our guest, Laurie Gerber, a seasoned life and relationship coach, discovered that. Laurie's journey from near-marital collapse to deep, connected intimacy is nothing short of inspiring. Initially seeking help for her career, Laurie was redirected to confront her crumbling marriage after a serious argument and her husband's growing interest in her assistant. This pivotal moment pushed her to align her actions with her heart's true desires, ultimately saving her marriage and transforming her life. We then peel back the many layers of lying within relationships. Beyond outright deceit, we dive deep into lies of omission, misrepresentation, and the common avoidance of confrontation. Laurie and I discuss the delicate balance between sharing personal experiences and empathizing with others' feelings. We also highlight how understanding one's past choices can pave the way for healthier future relationships. By embracing honesty and authenticity, Laurie provides hope and practical tools for anyone looking to break free from negative patterns and build stronger connections. Lastly, we tackle the complexities of finding a long-term partner and navigating relationship liabilities. Laurie shares actionable advice on maintaining self-worth, steering clear of a scarcity mindset, and embracing authenticity in dating. We challenge misconceptions about what makes someone undesirable and discuss how to manage personal liabilities, whether being a single parent or living with an illness - those are not liabilities but limiting beliefs. Laurie's journey, including her experience delivering a TED talk and embracing radical honesty, encourages listeners to confront their vulnerabilities and foster a culture of acceptance and truth. Tune in for a transformative discussion that could change how you approach your relationships forever. To find out more about Laurie Gerber, go to


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From 'Wolf of Wall Street' Ex-Wife to Empowered Psychotherapist: Dr. Nadine Macaluso's Story of Resilience and Love

In this week's Shot@Love episode From 'Wolf of Wall Street" Ex-Wife to Empowered Psychotherapist: Dr. Nadine Macaluso's Story of Resilience and Love, we talk all about surviving toxic relationships, trauma bonds, narcissistic abuse, and healing. Have you ever found yourself trapped in a story that wasn't your own? Today, Shot@Love features Dr. Nadine Macaluso, whose life once sounded like a plot from a Hollywood movie; in fact, it was. But behind the glittering facade of a marriage to the notorious "Wolf of Wall Street," Jordan Belfort, lay a reality far removed from the glamorous image. From a model navigating the gritty streets of Brooklyn to a psychotherapist and author, Dr. Macaluso's narrative is one of profound transformation and resilience. She shares her journey of self-discovery, the intense dynamics of her past relationship, and how she used her experiences to fuel her passion for helping others in their own quests for healing. The struggle to find one's voice amidst the chaos is a journey many can relate to. Dr. Macaluso’s account spills light on the often unseen trauma bonds underpinning some relationships. Her insights into the trials she faced during her marriage and the challenges of managing a turbulent household while nurturing a career are both sobering and inspiring. In this raw conversation, we also dissect the cultural shifts that have propelled women from a place of competition to one of mutual support—celebrating the newfound strength in women's solidarity through movements like #MeToo and the push against victim-blaming. But beyond the past lies a blueprint for the future. Dr. Macaluso offers hope and guidance on how to rebuild life after escaping abuse and trauma. She discusses the power of setting boundaries, the role of recovery, and the significance of trust in forging authentic relationships. Her story is more than an echo of her former life; it's a testament to the courage it takes to step into the light of self-truth and to love oneself fiercely in the aftermath. Join us as we embrace Dr. Macaluso's message of empowerment, hope, and the enduring quest for love and safety in our relationships. To learn more about Dr. Nadine Macaluso, follow her on Instagram @therealdrnadine or visit her website, You can also purchase her best-selling book Run Like Hell on Amazon. For more episodes of Shot@Love, you can listen to Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and other platforms.


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Mastering the Five Stages of Dating: Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus's Dr. John Gray

Today, we'll take a deep dive into the dating world with the one and only Dr. John Gray. He is the mastermind behind the global sensation 'Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus,' with over twenty books, including his most recent 'Beyond Mars and Venus. Dr. John Gray's insights have captivated audiences worldwide, from Oprah to Barbara Walters. Stay tuned as we discuss the timeless wisdom of Dr. John Gray's classic Mars and Venus on a Date, uncovering the five stages of dating as your success comes down to attraction, uncertainty, exclusivity, intimacy, and engagement. Whether you're single, separated, or newly jumping into the dating pool, this episode is for you! Dr. John Gray is the most well-known relationship expert in the world! He's the author of the highly acclaimed, widely popular, and most trusted relationship book of all time: Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus. USA Today listed his book as one of the ten most influential books of the last quarter-century. In hardcover, it was the bestselling book of the 90s. Dr. John Gray's books have been translated into over 45 languages in more than 100 countries and continue to be bestsellers. This episode shines a light on the five stages of dating to help you navigate the intricate dance of modern dating; Dr. Gray and I dissect the expectations and pressures influencing how men and women approach the quest for connection. We explore the importance of reciprocity and emotional bonding and how physical closeness can sometimes lead us astray from forming deeper, more meaningful relationships. Tune in as we delve into the art of communication, the significance of small acts of love, and how these elements are crucial in understanding and appreciating the unique language of love between individuals. As our conversation culminates, we offer insights into the delicate process of building commitment. Dr. Gray imparts his wisdom on the critical role of maintaining individuality and balance in a growing relationship. Whether finding love for the first time or fostering an existing flame, this episode equips you with the tools to converse with depth, deepen emotional connections, and foster a lasting commitment. Prepare to transform your perspective on dating and engage with love in more profound and enriching ways. Please subscribe and leave a review supporting Shot@Love; you can listen for a free on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and all major podcast platforms.


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Love Strategies & Finding Strength in Heartbreak With Dr. Gary Lewandowski Special Episode

Unlock the transformative power of breakups with relationship scientist Dr. Gary Lewandowski, who joins us to offer a fresh perspective on the end of love affairs. Through the lens of his book "Stronger Than You Think" and the innovative tool StayGo, Dr. Lewandowski guides us through heartbreak's hidden opportunities, drawing on the Japanese art of kintsugi to illustrate finding strength in our fractures. The dialogue promises empowerment, emphasizing personal growth and liberation that often go unrecognized amidst the anguish of a split. As we navigate the aftermath of a relationship, Dr. Lewandowski shares groundbreaking findings on how rediscovering oneself can be self-care. We discuss the study, revealing a surprising twist: the comfort found in re-engaging with pre-relationship interests outweighs that of new pursuits. This episode probes the complexities of identity and the intertwining that occurs within a partnership, highlighting the importance of a diversified self. We also tackle the weighty decisions that come with potentially ending a relationship, underscoring the gravity of such crossroads in life. Turning the spotlight on the enigmatic dance of attraction and power within relationships, we scrutinize the halo effect and its deceptive sway. Dr. Lewandowski and I dissect the allure of physical beauty, its fleeting promise, and the stability found in more profound, more compatible matches. Finally, we dive into maintaining an equitable power balance and how authenticity and self-reflection can foster healthier, more balanced connections. This episode promises not just insights, but practical wisdom for those seeking to understand the heart's journey through love and loss.


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Embracing Eclipse Energy & The Magic Of Mercury In Retrograde With Jill Jardine

Ever wondered how celestial events can shake up your love life? Prepare to be enlightened as we're joined by Jill Jardine, an esteemed astrologer and psychic healer, whose insights on recent eclipses and Pluto's monumental shift into Aquarius will leave you contemplating the cosmic forces at play in your personal relationships. Discover the secrets to navigating these transformative times and how to harness the power of astrology to clear past blockages and invite new beginnings, setting the stage for a period of deep personal growth that could redefine your connections with others. As the planets dance through their retrogrades and transits, we're here to guide you through the cosmic quicksand. With Mercury throwing curveballs in communication and travel, we share firsthand experiences and practical tips for thriving during these phases. Anticipate a summer pulsing with love and social vibrancy, thanks to Venus glowing in Taurus and Mars charging into Aries. And if you're on the hunt for romance, we've got you covered as Jill is your celestial wingman. Jill's optimism is contagious, offering a glimpse into how the planets are aligning to spice up your social calendar as we approach the warmer months. But it's not all about the stars; sometimes, the magic lies in the mundane. The Swedish concept of death cleaning might not sound like a love potion, but creating space in your home can open doors to new opportunities. We share how decluttering and aligning your space with feng shui can energetically invite potential partners into your life. Plus, we look at the holistic ties between physical movement, a spring-cleaned liver, and a decluttered mind. Join us as Jill Jardine imparts her wisdom and anecdotes, inspiring you to embrace change, step into a vibrant social scene, and find the love that aligns with the stars.


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Love & The Law Of Attraction With Author Michael Losier

This episode is all about mastering deliberate attraction! Join us as we welcome Michael Losier, renowned author of the Law of Attraction, who has empowered millions worldwide with his wisdom. Discover how to swiftly navigate through resistance and fear on your journey to finding love. Learn Michael's 3-step process for deliberate attraction and how to banish doubt, allowing love to flow effortlessly into your life. Gain clarity on what you desire, and confidently place your order with the universe. Michael emphasizes the power of language, urging us to eliminate words like 'don't,' 'not,' and 'no,' and reset our vibrations to manifest incredible relationships and find the love we truly deserve. Dive into practical tips with Michael Losier and Kerry Brett as they discuss: To find more insights from Michael Losier, visit and connect on Clubhouse (@Michael Losier) or Instagram (@michael_losier_loa). Don't miss out on his transformative book, "Law of Attraction," or book an appointment at to assist you on your journey towards love and fulfillment.


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Shot@Love Live Recap: Where Are The Men?

Shot@Love host Kerry Brett interviews comedian Laurie Hurd Ferreira about the launch party they hosted last week – Shot@Love Live to bring singles together to make new connections and find love. The event was a success and Kerry and Laurie give you the play-by-play recap of the event and share what they learned about singles live events. · The episode promises insights into their recent Shot@Love Live event, filled with love, laughter, and unexpected twists. · The event aimed to bring those serious about finding love. Kerry also discusses Laurie's inspiring journey from sobriety to the spotlight. · Kerry and Laurie discussed the highs, lows, and everything in between of their electrifying in-person experience. Event Successes: Sold-out Event: The event was a success, with a packed room and five couples finding love. Positive Feedback: Over 80 women attended and had a fantastic time, enjoying food, drinks, and laughter. Building Community: Attendees made new friends and connections, fostering a supportive community. Comedy Highlight: The comedy segment was a hit, showcasing the healing power of laughter. Pushing Comfort Zones: Attendees stepped out of their comfort zones, leading to personal growth and new experiences. Positive Experience for Men: Despite the low turnout of men, those who attended had a great time and landed dates. Challenges and Lessons Learned: Despite extensive promotional efforts, Kerry and Laurie faced challenges in attracting male attendees. Only a few men showed up despite initial commitments. Kerry and Laurie learned about the difficulties of finding men organically and post-COVID challenges. Despite setbacks, they are determined to make adjustments and continue their mission. Promotional Efforts: Kerry Brett's press efforts included articles and interviews on Newsbreak and Kiss 108 radio. Despite transparent promotions and comped tickets, attracting male attendees remained challenging. Future Plans: Kerry and Laurie plan to organize a brainstorming session with attendees to find solutions. remain committed to fostering connections and creating meaningful events. Pros and Cons of Singles Events: Pros include free food and drinks, meeting new people, trying new experiences, and supporting local businesses. Cons include the possibility of not finding love, but attending events offers entertainment and socialization opportunities. Conclusion: Attendees had a chance to win prizes and support local businesses while mingling with other singles. Attending singles events offers opportunities for personal growth and potentially finding love. Kerry and Laurie encourage listeners to stay tuned for future events and continue supporting Shot@Love's mission of bringing people together in pursuit of love.


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Setting The Stage For Love & Laughter 😂 With Comedian Laurie Hurd Ferreira

Shot@Love Episode Show Notes: "Setting The Stage For Love & Laughter" Introduction Host: Kerry Brett celebrates Valentine's Day and Shot@Love’s four-year anniversary. Exciting guest: Laurie Hurd Ferreira discussing her journey from businesswoman to standup comedian and revitalizing the local performing arts scene. Laurie's Story Laurie shares her journey, starting with modeling, marriage, and motherhood. The challenges of divorce and the impact on her life. Struggling with alcoholism, reaching a breaking point, and deciding to seek help. The power of sobriety: Laurie's transformation and the positive impact on her life and family. Sobriety is a daily commitment; one day at a time. Laurie emphasizes the importance of wanting sobriety and putting in the work. Sobriety as a gift: improved relationships and a better life. Overcoming Fear Laurie's advice for those afraid to make a change: Fear is often behind our decisions. Taking the first step, breaking stereotypes, and embracing change. Comedy and Transformation Laurie's journey into comedy as a result of overcoming challenges. Comedy as a platform for sharing relatable stories and connecting with others. The gift of finding one's purpose and joy. The Live Event: Shot@Love Live Announcement of a new live event for Shot@Love community on March 7th at Tosca in Hingham. An evening of laughter, connections, networking, and surprises. A unique opportunity for singles to meet in person, enjoy comedy, and build new relationships.


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Love Horoscope for 2024: Finding Cosmic Connections 💫 in the New Year With Jill Jardine

Welcome to a brand-new episode of Shot@Love! New Year, New Goals, New You! I'm thrilled to start this year with an extraordinary guest, Jill Jardine, a host of Cosmic Scene and a renowned Psychic Healer. Jill sets the stage for the new year to come and shares with us the upcoming astrology, lucky days to date, and Pluto's influential power, urging us to gear up for a warp-speed year ahead. Welcome to the cosmic party that 2024 ushers in. As we transition from holiday festivities to a Mars-driven focus on work, Jill guides us through the energies shifting from Sagittarius to the practicality of Capricorn. January presents pivotal lunar events—the new moon on 1.11 and a significant full moon in Leo on January 25th, promising opportunities for fruitful beginnings and expansive love. Brace for the sun's move into Aquarius, heralding the Age of Aquarius, but remember, self-care takes precedence before embracing the accelerating Aquarian energies. But it's not just about the stars; Jill shares how these cosmic movements will impact relationships, offering insights into zodiac signs poised for significant changes and highlighting auspicious periods for new and existing relationships. We discuss celestial events influencing romantic energies, how to align with astrological forces to enhance dating experiences, and the essential aspects of navigating relationships, ensuring harmonious communication and understanding. Join Jill as she decodes the cosmic party that 2024 brings, unveiling how the Leo full moon on January 25th invites us to let our love light shine while also preparing for surprises ahead. Jill shares insights on the impact of these cosmic currents on long-term commitments and offers practices and advice for singles seeking love amidst these celestial shifts. Additionally, she sheds light on utilizing personal astrological charts effectively in the dating scene of early 2024, setting the stage for an accelerated, transformative year where it's time for each of us to shine brightly.


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Dating Etiquette for 2024:💘 Is Chivalry Dead? Dating Insights With Brian Alves

Join dating aficionado, renowned podcaster, videographer Brian Alves, and host Kerry Brett as they share their journey through the maze of modern romance. With Brian's unmatched expertise in the world of love and a reach of 250,000 listeners weekly on the DV Show – Video Production Just Got Easier Podcast, this episode promises a whirlwind of wisdom and wittiness. Episode Highlights It's all about first impressions: Explore the profound impact of initial encounters and unearth top-notch tips for leaving an indelible first impression. Communication: Effective communication strategies emphasize the importance of active listening and genuine engagement on those pivotal first dates. Navigating conversational terrain: Brian shares his go-to conversation topics and how he maneuvers through potentially sensitive subjects, ensuring smooth sailing through any dialogue. Body language decoded: From door-holding debates to the silent language of attraction, discover the significance of body language in forging connections without words. The texting artistry: Brian's secrets behind becoming a master texter, infusing personality and humor into messages while fostering genuine connections. The bill-paying conundrum: We share a timeless debate of splitting or covering the bill. Gain insights and etiquette pointers on this hotly contested topic. Honoring boundaries: Recognize cues and signals, ensuring respect and engagement while sidestepping the pitfalls of distracted interactions. Punctuality and planning precision: From differing perspectives on planning efforts to the significance of punctuality, Brian and Kerry provide invaluable advice on this contentious subject. Post-date feedback: Ghosting or honest communication? Explore the dos and don'ts of follow-up interactions after a date, navigating the delicate post-date landscape. Embracing awkwardness: Laugh off the awkward with Brian's anecdotes, showcasing graceful navigation through uncomfortable situations, turning them into opportunities. Key Takeaways: Patience pays off: Understanding someone might need time, perhaps three dates, to open up. Embrace authenticity: Be flexible, vulnerable, and resilient; authenticity triumphs over missteps. Be present and caring: Show genuine interest, put away distractions, and cultivate kindness; it's the cornerstone of a successful first date. So grab your favorite seltzer and buckle up for Shot@Love's whirlwind ride, where Brian Alves brings unparalleled expertise, humor, and authenticity to unravel the enigma of modern dating!


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Golden Dating Doctors Guide: 👩‍⚕️👨‍⚕️Prescription For Finding Love At Any Age

Get ready to be swept off your feet for this dynamic duo: The Golden Dating Doctors, Dr. Gloria Horsley and Dr. Frank Powers! These two aren’t just experts but are proof that love knows no age limits. They share their secrets to senior dating in their new book, Open to Love. Picture this: psychologists and seniors who stumbled upon each other’s hearts on Silver Singles after enduring personal losses. Their love story isn’t just inspiring; it’s a testament to the endless possibilities of love, even when it seems out of reach. They share the highs and lows of dating, shining the pathway to success in finding love at any stage of life. This episode is for those seeking love and anyone who’s ever doubted that their best days are behind them and why you should never stop believing! Kerry Brett, Dr. Gloria Horsley, and Dr. Frank Power cover much ground around dating. Topics include; Dr. Gloria Horsley and Dr. Frank Power's book Open to Love will be available on Valentine's Day in 2024. Listen to their podcast Open to Hope for more inspiring stories of finding love. Follow on Instagram @opentohopefoundation.


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How To Be The CEO Of Your Love Life, Not An Unpaid Intern With Love U's Evan Marc Katz

Today, we're joined by the trailblazer himself, Evan Marc Katz. Back in 2003, Evan made history as the world’s first dating coach, specializing in helping smart and successful women find lasting love. With four published books and a Love U podcast with over 2 million downloads, Evan's impact and expertise haven’t gone unnoticed. He’s been featured in hundreds of media outlets, from Today to the New York Times and The Wall Street Journal. CNN once called him a serial dater, but Evan’s journey would serve a higher purpose–to decipher the male mind, decode their actions, and uncover what they truly want. His mission? To empower women to raise their standards and never settle for anything less. This episode is for the incredible women who’ve got it all–except love. Throughout our conversation, we'll discuss Evan's coaching philosophy and learn how to break free from the cycle of attracting the wrong men. It's all about finding not just anyone but the right one for a fulfilling, long-term relationship. Evan's community-building efforts have seen over 13,000 women graduate from Love U, and today, he'll share how to become the CEO of your love life. And put us on the path to finding high-quality, commitment-oriented partners. Kerry Brett and Evan Marc Katz cover a lot of ground. Topics include; · Evan's journey into coaching stemmed from his dating failures; necessity is the mother of invention. His passion for finding love turned into decoding male actions and helping women understand what men truly want. · Empowering Women: The mission is to elevate women’s standards and help them avoid settling for less in relationships. · Challenges for Smart, Successful Women: The Smartness Factor: Discussing if being highly intelligent creates relationship challenges. · Tripped Up by Intelligence: How intelligent women might face difficulties in dating. · Diverse Backgrounds: Addressing successful women's challenges in various fields such as science, business, and academia. · Balancing Success: Exploring the downsides of dating someone equally successful. · Money and Happiness: Delving into advice for women dating someone who earns less. · Expectations and Emotional Availability: Understanding men’s responses and emotional availability in relationships · Dead-End Relationships: Avoid investing time in unfulfilling or ambiguous situations ships. · Identifying Red Flags Early: Recognizing and gracefully exiting unsuitable relationships without guilt or pressure. · Breaking Negative Patterns: Actionable steps to break the cycle of attracting the wrong partners. · Chemistry's Role: Exploring the significance of chemistry beyond common interests. · Why chemistry alone doesn’t sustain a relationship in the long run. · Balancing Act: Distinguishing between settling and compromising in relationships. · Identifying Long-Term Compatibility: Understanding signs that indicate a partner is suitable for the long term. · Advice for individuals who've struggled despite trying various methods. · Addressing the complexities of modern dating and simplifying approaches. · Identifying common limiting beliefs and encouraging women to leave their comfort zones. · Practical methods for women to boost self-worth and confidence in their dating journey. To find out more about Evan Marc Katz, go to To find out the Seven Mistakes You're Making In Dating, go to


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Tis The Season To Swipe: Maximizing Mistletoe Moments With Dr. Christie Kederian

Dr. Christie Kederian is a nationally renowned relationship expert specializing in helping clients create the lives they want and find the love they deserve. With an extensive career as a professional matchmaker and relationship expert for eHarmony and, Christie has helped hundreds of people find love and improve relationships. She is a "Triple Trojan," receiving her Bachelor's, Master's & doctoral degree at the University of Southern California in Psychology and Marriage and Family Therapy. Christie has been a featured expert in ABC, NBC, KTLA, The Wall Street Journal, Los Angeles Times, Cosmopolitan, and many more. She is also a professional speaker and provides training with the California Association of Marriage and Family Therapists. Kerry Brett and Dr. Christie Kederian cover a lot of ground. Topics include: How to navigate dating during the holidays. How relationships impact who we are as people. Dr. Christie's online and offline dating strategies for dating during the holidays. What Dr. Christie's learned about compatibility from working at eHarmony. How to avoid falling into the scarcity mindset. How to reset when you get discouraged with the online dating process. Dr. Christie's Criteria Sandwich and why you should clarify your core values. Dr. Christie's Silver Bullet Swipe and why you should focus on the main thing you want in another person.


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Let The Dating Begin! Loves New Venture With Lola Founders Paul English & Rachel Cohen

Get ready for some exciting news! Today, we’ll hear all about Lola, a brand-new dating app exclusively launching in Boston. I think it’s safe to say that intentional daters are tired of mindless messaging, time-consuming chats, and the frustration of virtual dating pitfalls. Lola is designed to get you on real dates with real people on your schedule. Lola is about to revolutionize your dating experience by creating genuine connections, scheduling dates at your convenience, and eliminating the clutter of multiple conversations. Imagine conversing solely with only those you're interested in meeting face-to-face. Get ready to say goodbye to endless swiping, catfishing, and ghosting and say hello to dating because Lola is putting dating back into dating apps. This week, we have the privilege of hearing from the masterminds behind Lola, its founders, Paul English and Rachel Cohen. Paul English is an entrepreneur, philanthropist, the founder of six start-ups, and the co-founder of the travel industry giant Rachel Cohen has a background in Human Resources for renowned fashion and luxury brands such as David Yurman and Diptyque Paris. Together, they combined their expertise to create a dating app that focuses on matching based on availability. They'll share why Lola stands apart from traditional dating apps and how it could redefine your dating journey. And they’ll also share with us their story and what’s in store for us with Lola. Kerry Brett, Paul English, and Rachel Cohen cover a lot of ground around what’s working in online dating and how Lola plans to create a new community and change the dating culture. Topics include; · The benefit of a dating app centered on matching based on availability. · Their Journey to love and the inspiration behind Lola: · Paul and Rachel shared their serendipitous meeting on Bumble four years ago, sparking a conversation that eventually led to identifying the common problems in existing dating apps and, later, falling in love, getting engaged, and launching Lola. · Rachel discusses the experiences that fueled their passion for addressing these dating app challenges, emphasizing the need to reinvigorate hope for the discouraged. · Rachel highlights Lola's calendar-based matchmaking system. Introduces the 4-day timeline, benefitting users and empowering women to take control of their dating schedules. · Fast-tracking dating: Paul explains from a male perspective why immediate in-person meetings can revolutionize the dating landscape, expediting genuine connections. · Rachel sheds light on how Lola caters to single parents or individuals with restricted availability, maximizing dating opportunities. · Paul draws from his tech experiences to simplify and enhance Lola's user interface, ensuring it's both familiar and efficient. · How Lola plans to filter out non-intentional daters. · Lola's review feature, offering constructive feedback while eliminating non-genuine or uninterested users. · Why Lola values quality over quantity: addressing the trend of excessive conversations Lola's commitment to quality interactions rather than volume. · Enforcing rules for genuine engagement: Paul advocates for a no-nonsense approach to discourage habitual cancellations. · Anonymous feedback system: the benefit of anonymous post-date feedback, aiding users in self-improvement and finding better matches. · Rollout plans and recruitment events: Insights into Lola's rollout strategy, inviting potential users to join and engage. To learn more about Lola, visit and follow on Instragram @lola_dates.


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Dating After Cancer: Runway To Romance With Cancer Disruptor & Model Christine Handy

Dating after cancer: Runway to Romance –Navigating Love's Catwalk with Cancer Disruptor Christine Handy. Get ready to be inspired by an incredible guest who is the epitome of strength, courage, and true beauty, both inside and out. Meet Christine Handy, a 40-year veteran in the modeling industry, a devoted mother, a best-selling author, a breast cancer survivor, a cancer disruptor, and a breastless model for Victoria's Secret. Being a breast cancer survivor, having four mastectomy’s resulted in her ultimately losing her chest–she learned – it was up to her how she felt about herself. And that the only place beauty comes from is within. Today, she shares secrets about finding self-love and, most importantly, keeping it. And why it’s important to feel confident and love yourself before stepping into the dating world. Christine’s commitment to working on herself, rebuilding her self-esteem, and feeling worthy of love led her to find it. We must remind ourselves and remember that our self-esteem and self-worth are at the core of all the decisions we make in life and love. Christine Handy is an international model, cancer survivor, motivational speaker, and inspiration to all. Christine Handy is an international print and runway Model for brands such as Guess, JCREW, Target, Pepsi, and Victoria’s’ Secret. Christine is the author of the book Walk Beside Me, a fictional depiction of Christine’s life. Christine became a keynote speaker after her book was published in 2016. Christine is a mentor, a breast cancer advocate, a public figure, a Social Media Influencer, a Nationally recognized Humanitarian, and a Mother of two sons. Christine serves on the board of three non-profit organizations: EBeauty, People of Purpose, and the Break Free Foundation. Christine’s first novel is currently being adapted into a film called Hello, Beautiful. Kerry Brett and Christine Handy's discussion covers a lot of ground. Topics include; · Christine's remarkable journey · Modeling industry realities: A glimpse behind the scenes of the modeling world and its impact on self-worth. · Health journey begins: Christine's life as a self-proclaimed athlete and the initial signs of her health challenges. · Diagnosis and despair: How Christine faced the devastating news of her aggressive breast cancer diagnosis. · The power of community: The importance of showing up for others and building a support network. · The path to self-love · Self-indulgence to selflessness: Christine's journey of self-discovery and becoming selfless. · Loving yourself enough to fight: The central theme of Christine's book, "Walk Beside Me," and the importance of self-love in her healing process. · Christine's strategy for not letting the pain show on her face and her advice for those suffering. · Overcoming fear of dating after illness: Christine's initial apprehension about finding love post-divorce and illness. · Rediscovering confidence · Challenges during the pandemic: Christine's experience with MRSA during the pandemic and its impact on her confidence. · Realization of self-sabotage: How Christine recognized that she was the one holding herself back. · Embracing New Challenges: Christine's determination to fight for her confidence and accept new opportunities. · Dating and Career Advancements: Christine's experience in the dating world while advancing her modeling career. · Resilience in the Face of Adversity: Christine's strength and resilience after a negative experience. · Current Success: Christine's achievements as the first breastless model for Victoria's Secret and finding love. · Inclusivity and hope: Christine's mission is to help people feel less alone. To learn more about Christine Handy, go to or follow on Instagram @christinehandy1.


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Capturing Hearts: From Art Direction To Online Connection With Joe Heroun

In this week's episode, meet Joe Heroun, a man who’s mastered the art of capturing attention. He’s a multifaceted talent in the world of photography, fashion, art direction and design. Joe’s been the creative force behind iconic magazine covers for decades and was a driving force at the Improper Bostonian Magazine. Today, his mission is to help men elevate their style and up their dating game. He’ll share secrets to online appeal and what’s behind the perfect image for the digital age? How to enhance your image through clothing, from the timeless white tee, layering up, or choosing the right accessories. What makes a lasting impression visually, and how to be yourself in front of the camera. And what it takes to look put together in a photograph. Because in the world of dating, appearances matter. Kerry Brett welcomes the incredibly talented Joe Heroun. It's an engaging conversation between Kerry and Joe as they dive into photography, art direction, and dating. Whether you are looking to upgrade your dating profile or want to enhance your style, this episode is packed with practical advice and creative insights. Joe's expertise extends beyond the world of magazines and media. Today, he's on a mission to help men elevate their style and enhance their dating game. This episode is filled with valuable insights, dating tips, and secrets to online appeal, all brought to you by an industry veteran. Key Talking Points: Joe's message is clear: it's not just about what you wear but how you wear it, and confidence and authenticity play a vital role in making a lasting impression in dating. Tune in to discover how to make a memorable impact in your dating journey. To learn more about Joe Heroun's work, go to or follow him on Instagram @jheroun.


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Figuring Out Future Fakers And Fast Forwarders With Natalie Lue, Author Of "Mr. Unavailable And The Fallback Girl"

In this special episode, I’m honored to welcome Natalie Lue, someone who has profoundly influenced the lives of countless individuals, including myself. Natalie Lue, a beacon of inspiration, joins us today. As a podcaster, speaker, artist, and renowned author, her remarkable works, particularly "Mr. Unavailable and the Fallback Girl," have left an indelible mark. Natalie's narrative is a testament to the transformative power of self-discovery. Natalie's story is a tale of metamorphosis. In 2005, a debilitating illness and a tumultuous breakup with an emotionally distant partner ignited a spark of self-realization. Her experiences became the cornerstone for her incredible journey, which encompasses five best-selling books, the creation of Baggage Reclaim, an archive of over 16,000 enlightening blog entries, and a podcast that has touched the lives of millions of women across 140 countries. Her unwavering mission is to help others overcome abandonment, rejection, trauma, and the damaging effects of people-pleasing, emotional unavailability, and feelings of inadequacy. Natalie Lue's impact extends far and wide. Her candid, compassionate, and humor-infused approach to relationships has gained her a global following. She's been recognized by esteemed outlets like The New York Times, NPR, and the BBC. Her books, including "Mr. Unavailable and the Fallback Girl," "The No Contact Rule," "The Dreamer and Fantasy Relationship," and "Love, Care, Trust & Respect," with over 140,000 copies sold, have been pivotal in reshaping perspectives. Her podcast, "The Baggage Reclaim Sessions," has surpassed 2 million downloads. Furthermore, Harper Horizon published her latest book, "The Joy of Saying No," in October 2022. Natalie's expertise is not confined to the world of self-help and relationships. She's also the founder of the kids' lifestyle blog, Bambino Goodies. For the past 13.5 years, she has dedicated herself to full-time blogging, leaving behind a career in advertising. Natalie has shared her insights on relationships at numerous conferences worldwide, and her current focus encompasses subjects like people-pleasing, boundaries, mindfulness, and creativity. Kerry Brett and Natalie Lue dive into a rich and enlightening conversation. Natalie's remarkable ability to unravel complex relationship dynamics and her skillful articulation in "Mr. Unavailable and the Fallback Girl" are highlighted. If you've ever grappled with feelings of unworthiness or questioned your value in the world of dating, this episode is a game-changer. Natalie's unparalleled ability to identify and address relationship issues with unfiltered candor. Unpacking the enigma of "Mr. Unavailable" and the emotional turmoil it entails. The enduring impact of the book "Mr. Unavailable and the Fallback Girl." How Natalie's work resonates with women worldwide, illuminating shared pains. The societal conditioning that often leaves women with the short end of the stick in toxic relationships. The imperative of never settling in matters of the heart. A sobering glimpse into relationships with "Mr. Unavailable." The importance of recognizing and navigating "Future Faking." The phenomenon of "Fast Forwarding" and its fleeting intensity. Connect with Natalie: Stay connected with Natalie Lue on Instagram @natlue or visit her website at You can find all her empowering books on Amazon and access her podcast, "The Baggage Reclaim Sessions," on all major podcast platforms.


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Love, Peace And Surrender: Why Patience Pays Off With Art Of Peaceful Living's Sid McNairy

This episode is an enlightening one! Today, we have a truly exceptional guest with us. He's not just a spiritualist and teacher; he's the Architect of The Art of Peaceful Living. Meet Sid McNairy, a remarkable individual who has dedicated his life to helping others connect with their highest and best selves through the power of meditation, yoga, and self-discovery. Sid found his path to healing, during the process of finding love and peace, which resulted in transforming his life. Now his passion is empowering others to fine discipline and peace in their lives. Sid willtake us through the process of surrendering, while sharing the power of finding balance, being ok with where you are right now. And show us how to find grounding within yourself, and why you need to discover who you are first before you seek love from another. With a background in coaching college football and coaching NFL players, Sid’s journey has involved battles both physically and mentally. After struggling with feelings of not being accepted and making decisions against his heart, Sid found solace in yoga and meditation, which helped him heal his past and find inner peace. Now a renowned figure in the wellness industry, Sid has written several books, and he’s also a sought-after speaker who inspires audiences around the world with his trainings and presentations on wellness, and self-discovery. Kerry Brett and Sid McNairy have a conversation around why it’s important to find peace within yourself before finding love with another person. Topics include; To find out more about Sid McNairy go to


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What To Say: When Deciding Or Sliding Into A Committed Partnership With Relationship Coach Christina Morelli

Today, we’ll uncover the complexities of relationships, love, and everything in between. And we've got one impressive expert in the house today! Meet Christina Morelli, and she’s not just any guest; she's a relationship coach extraordinaire and a virtuoso in the art of love. She’s also a woman on a mission to help others navigate the intricate world of connection. Christina will be our compass this week, shedding light on her passion for preparing others for a committed partnership. And she’ll share how to have those crucial conversations before jumping headfirst into something new. And most importantly, what to say when deciding or sliding into a relationship. Christina Morelli is a relationship and personal coach working with individuals and people in partnership to create healthy, rewarding, and fulfilling relationships. Her practice fosters self-awareness and provides the relationship education and skills we were never taught. The mission is to educate the world on increasing relational and emotional intelligence, happiness, and personal healing. Kerry Brett and Christina Morelli discuss their journeys and both of their passions for understanding social psychology and interpersonal relationships. Topics include; · The Lack of Relationship Education: Christina discusses how most people are never formally taught how to have relationships. · The Search for a Better Way Christina emphasizes the desire to find a better way to navigate relationships without experiencing repeated failures. Communication plays key role in building successful relationships. · Valuing Intuition and Non-Negotiables Christina talks about the importance of valuing intuition in relationships. · The realization of non-negotiables in relationships and avoiding settling for less. · The shift from trying to fit someone into a mold to finding compatible partners. Misconceptions About Communication: Christina discusses the misconception that communication and compromise are the keys to successful relationships. · The importance of self-awareness in communication and compromise. · Comparing relational intelligence to financial or technical intelligence. Dating Yourself and Self-Value: Christina shares the concept of "dating yourself" and why it's important. · How treating yourself well establishes deep and unshakeable self-value. It's the difference between liking someone for who they are and how they make you feel. Being a Partner and Not Just Finding One: Christina emphasizes the need for personal growth and self-awareness before seeking a partner. · The importance of asking, "What kind of partner am I going to be?" rather than just seeking qualities in a partner. · How relationships require two autonomous individuals coming together with agency. The Stages of Relationships: Christina explores the different stages of relationships based on neuroscience. · Biological responses drive the initial lust stage. · The attachment stage with norepinephrine and dopamine. · Transitioning into the oxytocin stage, characterized by deep intimacy and trust. The Blueprint for Successful Relationships: Christina highlights the value of creating a blueprint for a relationship. Why is it important to understand who you want to be as a partner, what you want your partnership to look like, and what you want in a partner? · The flexibility to adapt as priorities and needs change over time. Imago Dialogue for Effective Communication: Christina introduces the Imago dialogue as a structured framework for communication. · The roles of the sender and receiver in resolving conflicts. · How Imago dialogue minimizes emotional conflicts and fosters productive conversations. To find out more about Christina Morelli, go to