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Shot@Love is the first motivational dating show of its kind. It teaches you how to be successful in online dating while inspiring the listeners to go for it. You can find love, and are worthy of it. Shot@Love with Kerry Brett - Me, Exposed- Introduction to Shot@Love Podcast with celebrity photographer Kerry Brett.


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Shot@Love is the first motivational dating show of its kind. It teaches you how to be successful in online dating while inspiring the listeners to go for it. You can find love, and are worthy of it. Shot@Love with Kerry Brett - Me, Exposed- Introduction to Shot@Love Podcast with celebrity photographer Kerry Brett.




Power in Perseverance With Author & Motivational Speaker Keisha Stubbs

This week’s episode is all about persistence. If you want something, you have to go after it with everything you’ve got, which couldn’t be truer when finding love. Today, we’re joined by Keisha Stubbs, who shares her inspiring story of love, loss, and redemption. From hitting rock bottom to rising to the top, Keisha is a testament to the power of persistence and the importance of never giving up on finding love. When finding love, anything is possible if you’re willing to put in the work....


Spring Forecast - Planets Align For Love With Astrologer Jill Jardine

Today's topic is a breath of fresh air "Why Spring is the Best Time to Start a Relationship." With the arrival of spring just around the corner, people are excited to embrace the season of new beginnings. As the sun shines and days grow longer, the outdoors bloom with the possibility of new connections. People are happier, hearts more open, and the spring air is filled with the promise of love. Our resident astrologer, the fabulous psychic healer Jill Jardine, shares the best dates toput a...


Banging Dating Advice With William Hung, American Idol Viral Sensation

Today's topic is how to genuinely put yourself out there because people who do – have success, especially when finding love. And this week's guest has no problem in that department! He shows up as himself and handles rejections graciously. Get ready for … William Hung! William Hung became an instant celebrity with his rendition of Ricky Martin's song "She Bangs" during American Idol, which went viral. When he didn't get the golden ticket or hear "you're going to Hollywood," he stated, "he...


Everything Singles Need To Know! With Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus Author Dr. John Gray

Have you ever wondered why men don't call back, disappear into thin air, or can’t commit? Today, we will uncover the most common mistakes women make and how to avoid them. In honor of Valentine's Day, "aka" (National Single Awareness Day), and Shot@Love's 3rd anniversary, we have the greatest guest imaginable. Dr. John Gray! Dr. John Gray is the most well-known relationship expert in the world! He's the author of the highly acclaimed, widely popular, and most trusted relationship book of all...


Fail It Till You Nail It When Dating! With "Failure Guy" Ben Currier

This week's topic is finding the key to unbreakable confidence. You must put yourself out there– when looking for love, you can fake it until you make it or fail it to nail it! We all have failures of epic proportions and go through several failed relationships, which are inevitable, but they can also provide valuable opportunities. Today's guest is Ben Currier, the World’s #1 Biggest Failure and host of the podcast The Failure Guy. Ben was fired repeatedly and couldn’t figure out why he...


Move On! With Moms Moving On Author Michelle Dempsey-Multack

Today's topic is Moving on! Moving on is a time to level up, learn how to step into our power to create the life we want, and go for it! Michelle Dempsey-Multack, knows all about Moving On; she’s written a book about it and host's the podcast Moms Moving On sharing her advice as a Divorce & Co-Parenting specialist. You can embrace this time and realize nothing is holding you back. It's time to decide what we want to change while consciously choosing to build a better life for ourselves....


Doing Dating Right With Doing Relationships Right Host & Author Jennifer Hurvitz

There is a difference between giving up and realizing when you’ve had enough—today’s guest is Jennifer Hurvitz, and she understands the power of ending a relationship that isn’t serving you. In fact, she’s written a whole book about it called Midlife Priceless, and yes, I said priceless, not midlife crisis. In the past, Jennifer stayed too long in her marriage, put up with far too much in previous relationships, and recently found the courage to leave her last relationship. She shares why...


Sober Dating Is A Superpower! With "Drinking Games" Author, Sarah Levy

Today’s guest is Sarah Levy; she’s a writer in recovery and author of the new book “Drinking Games.” At the age of 28, Sarah, on paper, looked like she had it all together, a great job – and a successful life that was on track. The truth was she felt empty and alone, suffered from blackouts, and repeatedly put herself in dangerous situations. Sarah thought using alcohol helped heal her broken heart, empowered her to date, and quenched her thirst for validation. But drinking only numbed her...


Are You Dating? Great News! 2023 Astrological Forecast With Astrologer Jill Jardine

In this new calendar year, what are we going to do differently? And what tools do we need to get from where we are to where we want to go? When we show up differently, what shows up for us is different. Today, we discuss the astrological forecast for the new year with well-known astrologer Jill Jardine. Jill will explain why love is in the cards for you in 2023 while sharing her predictions about romance and identifying the best times to date, how to set the tone for the upcoming year, and...


Life-Changing Results Discovered In Unusual Places With Dating Coach, Lori Mendelsohn

Do you want to change your dating life and are looking for love - then change your location! Or you could drive to your closest city and change the radius on your dating app, try out a new neighborhood hot spot, or do what this week’s guest Lori Mendelsohn did. Lori Mendelsohn packed up her two dogs at age 66 and moved from Wisconsin to Maine. As a result of this bold and brave move, she started dating someone new and tripled her business. Lori shares how changing her environment changed...


A Memoir Of Love: How To Embrace New Chapters With Novelist Elin Hilderbrand

Today's episode is titled "A Memoir of Love: How to Embrace New Chapters with novelist Elin Hilderbrand”. Elin Hilderbrand is the author of 28 best-selling books and the queen of the beach read. She’s in town working on her last revisions for book #29! Her muse is the magical island of Nantucket, and her novels include stories of romance, friendships, ex-wives, passionate affairs, and matchmaking. People often wonder how much of Elin's real life is behind these pages - if you think the...


When In Doubt, Don't Send The Text! With Redo Love Founder, Flora Ong (Part Two)

Today, we welcome back Flora Ong, the incredible dating coach and founder of Redo Love! And she discusses how to stop responding to low-effort behavior. Engaging in low-effort behavior creates more of the same. It also shows others what we will accept or tolerate. Unfortunately, we avoid cutting off low-effort behavior because we don't want to feel empty or lonely or have to look within ourselves to figure out why we were accepting this kind of behavior from the beginning. Flora shares how...


Stop Living Off A "Meme Or A Dream" With Redo Love Founder, Flora Ong

Today we’ll discuss dating faux pas with Flora Ong, dating coach and founder of Redo Love. Flora feels one of the most unattractive things you can do is tell people who you are instead of showing them. People with a lot of unhealed trauma tend to live behind what Flora calls “a meme and a dream." Flora shares tips around communicating better, trusting yourself, and learning why you attract the kind of people you do. She also shares what she’s learned from multiple failed dating episodes,...


Avoid An Inquisition & Loss Of Interest With Date Detective Randy "Moose" Gomez

Today's topic is how to avoid questions that lead to interrogations. Getting to know someone is one thing but placing a person in the hot seat can be stressful and off-putting. Many ask Q&A-style questions because they need to know, but in the early stages of dating, you're on a need-to-know basis. There's a better way to gain information, and that's by listening! This week's guest will lend his expert ear and share strategies for gathering data. His name is Randy "Moose" Gomez, and he's the...


Love Can Find You With 14th & 2nd Author, Charlie Cifarelli

This week I have the privilege to highlight the incredible story of Charlie Cifarelli. Charlie had everything in life he set out to achieve until one day; his world fell apart over a national story about a dog named Star. What started as a journey to save a dog, in turn, would save him. Star taught Charlie everything he needed to learn about love. Charlie went from having a transactional life with value on useless things and realized what he thought he wanted didn’t make him happy. We look...


Dating Fatigue: How To Cope And Conquer With Business Coach Michelle Oliver

Today's topic is how to avoid dating fatigue. Are you burned out from swiping, uninspired by conversations over text, or feeling hopeless when it comes to dating? This week's guest is going to shift our mindset, and her name is Michelle Oliver, she's a business coach, and she's going to show us how we can reframe our thinking so we can cope and continue on our journey (that doesn't need to be so difficult) of finding love. Michelle will share strategies around being open to the unexpected,...


Hungry For Love? With LunchDates Executive Matchmaker Jill Vandor

Finding that connection and being in a relationship is one of the most critical things in our lives. The million-dollar question is, how do we find that? Or is there another way to find love other than a dating app? Today we’ll find out! This week's guest is Jill Vandor, she’s a dating and relationship coach, love extraordinaire and executive matchmaker at LunchDates - Boston's locally owned matchmaking service that is celebrating 40 years in business. She's been responsible for...


Cosmic Kick Off Of Cuffing Season With Astrologer Jill Jardine

Today's guest is Astrologer and psychic healer Jill Jardine, and today she'll discuss why the fall is the perfect timeto fall in love. Autumn has arrived, and you knowwhat that means it’s Cuffing Season! The search to shack up is on! Many are looking for a new love interest to stay warm during these colder months. The fall equinox is an incredible time to take things to the next level if you're single, and Cuffing Season is when singles are more inclined to settle into a serious...


Single & Loving It! How To Use This Sexy Solo Time As Your Superpower With Breakup Coach Janice Formichella

Today, we're discussing breakups, broken heart, and moving on – and this week’s expert is Janice Formichella. She’s a breakup coach, writer and host of the podcast the Ex-Philes (with a PH, not an F). When you're in the process of a painful breakup, you forget how much power you have and how much is in your control. Believe it or not, you are in charge of how you’ll handle moving forward and can choose how you feel each day. It's common to feel sorry for yourself, and many of us lose our...


Find Love In 60 Seconds With Bravo's Great Love Debate Host Brian Howie

Let’s face it, Dating can be discouraging and feeling hopeless is (ALL TO) common. Often, we don’t know what we’re doing on these dating apps. So, Today’s goal is to find the hope that we’ve lost. With that said, I’m excited to announce this week’s guest Brian Howie. Time Magazine named Brian - America’s #1 Dating Enthusiast, and he’s the creator of The Great Love Debate, A Live show featured on Bravo. The premise of the show is to sell hope. The Great Love Debate World Tour is just that …...