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Shot@Love is the first motivational dating show of its kind. It teaches you how to be successful in online dating while inspiring the listeners to go for it. You can find love, and are worthy of it. Shot@Love with Kerry Brett - Me, Exposed- Introduction to Shot@Love Podcast with celebrity photographer Kerry Brett.


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Shot@Love is the first motivational dating show of its kind. It teaches you how to be successful in online dating while inspiring the listeners to go for it. You can find love, and are worthy of it. Shot@Love with Kerry Brett - Me, Exposed- Introduction to Shot@Love Podcast with celebrity photographer Kerry Brett.




Love, Peace And Surrender: Why Patience Pays Off With Art Of Peaceful Living's Sid McNairy

This episode is an enlightening one! Today, we have a truly exceptional guest with us. He's not just a spiritualist and teacher; he's the Architect of The Art of Peaceful Living. Meet Sid McNairy, a remarkable individual who has dedicated his life to helping others connect with their highest and best selves through the power of meditation, yoga, and self-discovery. Sid found his path to healing, during the process of finding love and peace, which resulted in transforming his life. Now his passion is empowering others to fine discipline and peace in their lives. Sid willtake us through the process of surrendering, while sharing the power of finding balance, being ok with where you are right now. And show us how to find grounding within yourself, and why you need to discover who you are first before you seek love from another. With a background in coaching college football and coaching NFL players, Sid’s journey has involved battles both physically and mentally. After struggling with feelings of not being accepted and making decisions against his heart, Sid found solace in yoga and meditation, which helped him heal his past and find inner peace. Now a renowned figure in the wellness industry, Sid has written several books, and he’s also a sought-after speaker who inspires audiences around the world with his trainings and presentations on wellness, and self-discovery. Kerry Brett and Sid McNairy have a conversation around why it’s important to find peace within yourself before finding love with another person. Topics include; To find out more about Sid McNairy go to


What To Say: When Deciding Or Sliding Into A Committed Partnership With Relationship Coach Christina Morelli

Today, we’ll uncover the complexities of relationships, love, and everything in between. And we've got one impressive expert in the house today! Meet Christina Morelli, and she’s not just any guest; she's a relationship coach extraordinaire and a virtuoso in the art of love. She’s also a woman on a mission to help others navigate the intricate world of connection. Christina will be our compass this week, shedding light on her passion for preparing others for a committed partnership. And she’ll share how to have those crucial conversations before jumping headfirst into something new. And most importantly, what to say when deciding or sliding into a relationship. Christina Morelli is a relationship and personal coach working with individuals and people in partnership to create healthy, rewarding, and fulfilling relationships. Her practice fosters self-awareness and provides the relationship education and skills we were never taught. The mission is to educate the world on increasing relational and emotional intelligence, happiness, and personal healing. Kerry Brett and Christina Morelli discuss their journeys and both of their passions for understanding social psychology and interpersonal relationships. Topics include; · The Lack of Relationship Education: Christina discusses how most people are never formally taught how to have relationships. · The Search for a Better Way Christina emphasizes the desire to find a better way to navigate relationships without experiencing repeated failures. Communication plays key role in building successful relationships. · Valuing Intuition and Non-Negotiables Christina talks about the importance of valuing intuition in relationships. · The realization of non-negotiables in relationships and avoiding settling for less. · The shift from trying to fit someone into a mold to finding compatible partners. Misconceptions About Communication: Christina discusses the misconception that communication and compromise are the keys to successful relationships. · The importance of self-awareness in communication and compromise. · Comparing relational intelligence to financial or technical intelligence. Dating Yourself and Self-Value: Christina shares the concept of "dating yourself" and why it's important. · How treating yourself well establishes deep and unshakeable self-value. It's the difference between liking someone for who they are and how they make you feel. Being a Partner and Not Just Finding One: Christina emphasizes the need for personal growth and self-awareness before seeking a partner. · The importance of asking, "What kind of partner am I going to be?" rather than just seeking qualities in a partner. · How relationships require two autonomous individuals coming together with agency. The Stages of Relationships: Christina explores the different stages of relationships based on neuroscience. · Biological responses drive the initial lust stage. · The attachment stage with norepinephrine and dopamine. · Transitioning into the oxytocin stage, characterized by deep intimacy and trust. The Blueprint for Successful Relationships: Christina highlights the value of creating a blueprint for a relationship. Why is it important to understand who you want to be as a partner, what you want your partnership to look like, and what you want in a partner? · The flexibility to adapt as priorities and needs change over time. Imago Dialogue for Effective Communication: Christina introduces the Imago dialogue as a structured framework for communication. · The roles of the sender and receiver in resolving conflicts. · How Imago dialogue minimizes emotional conflicts and fosters productive conversations. To find out more about Christina Morelli, go to


Love Is Always In The Cards With DearWiseWomen, Donna Bernard and Jeri Isaacs

Is Love written in the cards? Today’s guests think so. Meet thedynamic duo known as “Dear Wise Women.” Think of them as a blend of Page 6's intrigue, the mystique of The Horoscopes, and the sage wisdom of Ann Landers. These remarkable sisters, Donna Bernard and Jeri Isaacs, possess a remarkable talent –the ability to guide you through your life’s journey through the power of playing cards. Every one of us has a birthdate, and within that date lies insights into ourpersonality, potential partner and even our destiny. Ever wonder why some connections feel soprofound or feel that you’ve known someone your whole life? Donna and Jeri know why and have all the answers, and it comes down to the day you were born. They’re share how they use cards as a tool to gain insights into your preferences, a way to look for compatibility, and help guide you in the right direction when searching for love. It’s, fun, it never disappoints and it’s always in the cards. Jeri Isaacs & Donna Bernard, known as DearWiseWomen, are Astrological Advisors and NEWSBreak Contributors with a popular column on the NEWSBreak app. They take an in depth look at the Birthday Cards of Celebrities, Politicians, and Athletes in order to explain thepersonality traits associated with different cards. DearWiseWomen offers personalized sessions exclusively for their fanbase. They also host a podcast Dear Wise Women on 360 Network for Women and co-moderate a Clubhouse room discussing family dynamics and relationships, embracing an ancient personality identification system. Their mission is to provide advice and wisdom with humor, and they started their blog, "," in May 2021, analyzing famous relationships. Kerry discusses common relationship questions, including finding soulmates. Jeri provides examples of how they guide people in the process of finding love. Spotting Red Flags: Donna talks about how she helps people identify red flags and provide warnings about potential issues in their relationships. Matching and Compatibility: Jeri explains how they determine if two people are a good match and how they guide individuals in playing their cards right from the beginning. Card Interpretation (Using Kerry as an Example): Kerry's card combination: Ace of Spades, 9 of Spades, and 7 of Diamonds. Donna and Jeri both discuss how the cards combined with birthdays help guide individuals in various aspects of life, aligning goals, and values. Understanding Card Suits: Jeri explains the four suits: hearts, clubs, diamonds, and spades, and what they signify. Self-awareness and Personal Growth: The importance of self-awareness and understanding strengths and weaknesses in finding a successful relationship. Communication and Success:How the cards aid in improving communication, which contributes to success in both business and relationships. Timing and Auspicious Moments: Can the cards help identify the right time to meet someone? Discusses timing in relationships. Using Cards to understand one's personality. Communication for Success: How improved communication, guided by the cards, can lead to success in business and relationships. Dating Tips Inspired by Dear Wise Women: Seek Guidance: Call Donna and Jeri for insights using the card system based on astrology. Learn from Past Relationships: Dear Wise Women can help identify past relationship issues and guide you towards finding the right partner. Trust Your Destiny: Remember that your destiny is written, listen to your intuition, and know that it's always in the cards.


Fall In Love This Fall: Why The Planets Have Your Back, Astrologer Jill Jardine's Celestial Guide For Finding Love

It's game time for Fall romance, and it's time to step onto the field of Love like never before! Today, we've got the one and only Astrologer and Psychic Healer, Jill Jardine, to guide us through the cosmic plays of the season! Autumn isn't just about the falling leaves; it's about falling head over heels, too! As the season changes and temperatures drop, many are looking to heat up and searching for a cozy companionship. That's right, it's Cuffing Season! Are you ready to find a new flame as the cool weather blows in? Grab your scarfs and get your sweaters and pumpkin spice lattes ready because Love is in the air! Jill Jardine is an astrologer, therapist, psychic healer, and spiritual advisor. She's also a former radio personality on WATD 95.9 and the host of the podcast Cosmic Scene with Jill Jardine. She's also a Reverend in Sanskrit Mantra, and chanting mantras can shift outcomes and is an invaluable tool. For over 30 years, she's helped thousands of people find power and confidence within themselves and help with important decisions. Jill unveils the celestial roadmap of Love for the Fall of 2023 and shares astrological insights to inspire and empower you to find Love this Fall. Topics include; To book a reading with Jill Jardine, go to or follow Jill Jardine on Facebook and Instagram@soulmappingjilljardine. And listen to Jill's podcast Cosmic Scene with Jill Jardine, where all podcasts are found.


Take Your Broken Heart & Make It Into Art: Turning Challenges Into Creativity, Author Cindy House

On today’s episode, we’re joined by Cindy House, the author of 'Mother Noise,' whose real-life story reads like a riveting novel. Cindy shares how her journey through the shadows led her to write her inspiring memoir. She survived a harrowing heroin addiction, overcame personal storms such as a difficult divorce, and weathered times of despair. But most importantly, she navigated the complexities of sharing her troubled past with her son. She’s a testament to the power of recovery, second chances, and sheer determination. Cindy transformed her experiences into artistry and literary success, and she’ll share why we should make art out of the worst things that happen to us. And she’ll encourage us to turn our life’s challenges into creativity because we can all craft a new ending and create a life filled with love. Cindy House is an essayist, short story writer, artist, and regular opener for David Sedaris on his tours across the country. She studied at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and 2017, earned an MFA from Lesley University. She lives in New Haven, Connecticut, with her son. Cindy House shares her inspiring journey through addiction, personal challenges, and recovery, highlighting her transformation into an accomplished writer and artist. She brings a wealth of wisdom and experiences to the conversation. Topics include; · Cindy shares her harrowing experiences, from battling heroin addiction to overcoming personal storms like a difficult divorce. She emphasizes the importance of not hiding or denying one's past, as facing discomfort leads to personal growth. · Understanding Addiction: Cindy dives into the challenges of her 20s, lost to addiction. She sheds light on the complexities of addiction that others might not understand. · The Importance of Mentorship: Cindy speaks about the impact of mentors, especially David Sedaris, in her life. She highlights how having even one person believe in you can transform one's life. · Finding Meaning Beyond Suffering: Inspired by Tim O'Brien's book The Things They Carried, Cindy emphasizes believing in something beyond suffering. This belief can be a guiding light through difficult times. · Embracing Change: Cindy's story exemplifies that it's never too late for change, personal growth, or pursuing dreams. Her experiences show that transformation is always possible. · Cindy opens up about her divorce when her son was young, explaining that it was as challenging as overcoming her addiction. She offers advice for those facing similar struggles. · Turning Challenges into Creativity: Cindy advocates making art from life's challenges. She discusses the healing power of expressing oneself through creative outlets and writing about difficult experiences. · Cindy explains how sharing her story has been a healing process for her. Vulnerability can foster connection and provide a sense of closure. · How love and fulfillment can be found in various aspects of life, not solely through romantic relationships. Teaching, performing, and spending time with loved ones make life meaningful. · Strength in Connection: Finding strength often involves leaning on mentors friends, or connecting with something that inspires you, such as a book or a song. The episode ends with these takeaways: embracing new stories, letting go of self-imposed limitations, and finding inspiration and hope in various forms to navigate life's challenges. You can purchase Mother Noise in bookstores and on Amazon. To learn more about Cindy, go to and follow her on Twitter or Instagram @cndy_housea.


Turning Endings Into New Beginnings: 5 Break Up Lessons With Janice Formichella

Are you struggling to move forward? Or are you still in communication with your ex? Maybe you've found yourself in the position of being an option or, worse, a backup plan. Today, we dive into the dynamic world of the “No Contact Rule,” a radical self-care move that empowers you to break free. Breakups happen to all of us, even breakup coaches. This week, we’re joined by Janice Formichella, a seasoned breakup coach and host of the podcast “Breakups, Broken Hearts, and Moving On.” Get ready as Janice shares her 5 Breakup Lessons, hidden truths behind breakups, and why breaking the chains is your ticket to a brighter future. If heartache has you in its grip – you're exactly where you need to be. Tune in for insights, inspiration, and the roadmap to mending that broken heart. I’m Kerry Brett, and Shot@Love starts now. Janice Formichella is a breakup coach passionate about helping people from all backgrounds beat their breakup, overcome loneliness, and make the end of a relationship the start of a powerful new beginning. Today, she shares 5 Break Up Lessons from her life. Why healing is a roller coaster, why the no contact rule is your secret weapon, how routines help, and why you should keep the details of the breakup on a need-to-know basis. Kerry Brett and Janice Formichella cover a lot of ground – topics, including; Janice’s Journey to Helping Others with Breakups: Janice's personal experience led her to help others navigate breakups. · Emphasize that breakup pain can be eased and the process shortened. · Importance of Giving Yourself Grace · Acknowledge the difficulty of the initial weeks after a breakup. · Taking time off is crucial for self-care during this challenging period. Lesson 1: Acknowledging the Loss: · Losing something that isn't good for you can still hurt. · Breakups occur for a reason; it's essential to acknowledge this fact. Lesson 2: Keeping Positivity from Past Relationships: · Recognize and retain positive aspects from past relationships.· Janice's affirmations and routines helped maintain self-esteem. Lesson 3: Letting Go of Hurtful Words: · Discard hurtful words spoken in moments of pain and anger. Lesson 4: Dealing with Negative Emotions: · Breakups bring out anger, disappointment, and regret. · Avoid self-destructive behavior and cope positively with emotions. · Journaling and expressing emotions creatively can help. Lesson 5: Setting Boundaries and Moving Forward: · After a breakup, staying friends or continuing favors is unnecessary. · Setting boundaries and focusing on self-care is crucial. The No Contact Rule: · After clarity on reasons for the breakup, begin the No Contact Rule. · Journal about the qualities of a new partner or write a letter to your future self. · No Contact helps create space for a new future. Leaving the Past Behind: · Avoid engaging in discussions about the breakup or damage control. · Care less about others' opinions and focus on moving forward. Avoiding Revisiting Old Memories: · Don't dwell on old memories or hypothetical scenarios. · Delete or archive old text messages, screenshots, and block numbers. · Emphasize the importance of self-love and acceptance. To learn more about Janice Formichella, follow her on Instagram @janiceformichella and tune into her podcast Breakups, Broken Hearts and Moving on all platforms.


The Art Of Acceptance: Embracing The Unexpected With Author of Acceptance, Emi Nietfeld

Today’s episode is a story of acceptance – the art of finding strength and wisdom when life doesn’t go according to plan. Joining us is Emi Nietfeld, a true inspiration who went from homelessness to Harvard University. Emi saw a way out of her hopeless life and became fixated on her dream of an Ivy League education, only to discover that Harvard didn’t quite meet her expectations. After graduation, she secured a coveted job at Google seemingly guaranteeing a life of success and stability. Emi reveals that healing and growth can’t be gained from a relationship, a prestigious college, or a high-powered job. Why the traumas of ourpast won’t define us– and proves that it’s the journey, not the destination, but the transformation we experience along the way that truly matters. Emi Nietfeld, is the author of Acceptance, named one of the best books of 2022 by NPR and Amazon. After graduating from Harvard College, in 2015 she worked at Google, an experience she wrote about in her viral New York Times Essay, “After Working at Google, I’ll Never Let Myself Love a Job Again.” Her writing has appeared in The Atlantic, Teen Vogue, Slate, and many other publications. She lives in New York City with her family. Emi shares invaluable tips on navigating through failed relationships, job setbacks and missed opportunities. To find out more about Emi Nietfeld follow on Instagram @eminietfeld or website or purchase Acceptance available in both hardcover and paperback.


The Power Of Forgiveness: Scaling The Glass Cliff Podcast & Author Kim Sinatra

Today, we have a remarkable guest, the one and only Kim Sinatra, who’s renowned for her role as the former general counsel and executive vice president at Wynn Resorts in Las Vegas. But Kim’s story goes far beyond her professional achievements. In one fell swoop, her life took an unexpected turn, leading her to a heart-wrenching breakup with her boss, shattering her long-standing career and ending of her marriage. Instead of succumbing to despair, she used the power of forgiveness as a superpower. She shares how she broke the shackles of her past, refusing to be defined by her circumstances, and how forgiving others and herself, she rewrote a new narrative. This week, Kim shares her inspiring journey and how she transformed from feeling like collateral damage to scaling the glass cliff. Kim Sinatra builds companies and culture, working for gifted entrepreneurs scaling big ideas and making things happen. She’s been a C-Suite executive in industries leading gaming, entertainment, and hospitality companies. She’s a trusted advisor to boards and CEOs navigating complicated legal, financial and expansion issues. More than a lawyer, Kim is a leader in business development, mergers, acquisitions, financing, and governance activities in both private and public companies. She is the founder of Sinatra + Co, the former executive vice president and general counsel for Wynn Resorts, and the former executive vice president and general counsel for Caesars Entertainment Inc.


Skin Deep: Finding Love & Looking Fabulous With Reverse Founder, Janice Pringle

Are you looking to enhance your dating life? What if how your skin looks on the outside affected the way you feel about yourself on the inside? And what if having increased confidence could hold the key to finding love? Today we'll explore the impact of beauty on relationships with Janice Pringle, owner of the groundbreaking serum, Reverse. Janice understands the transformative power of feeling youthful, having experienced it firsthand after her divorce. Her journey led her to find love and marry a man 11 years younger – inspiring her to create a new career path. Driven to capture the essence of youth, Janice developed Reverse—A revolutionary beauty line that boosts confidence and helps you feel fabulous. Stay tuned as Janice reveals her secrets to starting over, finding love, and looking your best. Say goodbye to feeling single like a Pringle—This is a conversation you don’t want to miss! Meet the founder of Reverse Beauty, Janice Pringle - a natural skincare enthusiast who’s on a mission to help everyone achieve healthy, youthful, and radiant skin. After meeting her now-husband, she realized the clock was ticking, and her quest for eternal youth began. After a year of experimentation in her kitchen, she found the perfect natural formula that gave her the glowing skin she had been searching for. And thus, Reverse Beauty was born - a brand dedicated to the power of natural ingredients in achieving beautiful skin. As a former healthcare & pharmaceutical industry professional, she understood the importance of natural ingredients and the impact of skincare on overall health. Her passion for natural skincare stems from losing her father to skin cancer, motivating her to be even more dedicated to skin care. This episode is for you if anyone wants to look and feel better. To learn more about Reverse and purchase this serum go to or follow on Instagram @reversebeauty8.


Signs, Lines, & Lanes: The Relationship Roadmap Defined With Dating Coach And Comedian, Paul Roseberry

Are you settling for a better-than-nothing relationship? This week’s guest is standup comedian and dating coach Paul Roseberry, and he shares tips on how to avoid being trapped in relationships that don’t fulfill your needs. Paul brings in an objective perspective – as he’s someone with a hawk’s view because it’s easier for someone who’s not emotionally involved to see what’s happening. When emotions run high, logic becomes less. Are you wondering if you’re in a relationship or a situationship? He’ll share telltale signs to help us differentiate between genuine connections and temporary arrangements. And discuss how the way present yourself matters as it influences the type of relationships you attract and why no one will overpay if they don’t have too. And how to make sure you’re not undervalued or taken for granted. Paul Roseberry is a Los Angeles based nationally headlining stand-up comedian and relationship coach both in person and as host of the podcast “Best Dating Advice... EVER!”. Paul’s comedy and relationship perspectives are designed to take a look at life from a bird’s eye view and make connections that most of us may otherwise never notice. Both of these crafts aim to make life more fun for just about anybody! Becoming a dating coach was not a conscious intention at first and began with helping one co-worker to repair a breakup during a lunch break. After this, the word began to travel and other co-workers and even his real estate clients began approaching him for advice. After hearing consistent praise from everyone who sought his help, Paul decided to take on paying clients and his success rate continued. Already a fan of public speaking and a lover of scalable, reproducible modules, Paul created his podcast to reach a wide net of listeners and offer firm solutions to common dating and relationships problems in bite size, easy to use practices. Paul’s “Super Power” is recognizing that today’s men are in need of positive role models who can reinforce the value of masculinity, build confidence on a personal level and bring awareness of a man’s role in a balanced and healthy relationship and he believes he’s just the guy to deliver this message! Using organization, logic and reason, Paul builds a road map to navigating relationships that makes them as simple as driving, as long as you understand the signs, lines and lanes. To find out more about Paul his website is and media links: Instagram: @Paul_Roseberry_Comedy Facebook:


The Logic Of Love & How To Use Science To Find It! With Love, Factually's Dr. Duana Welch

Are you tired of repeating the same patterns and pulling in the wrong type of person? Do you keep ending up with someone emotionally unavailable or unhealthy for you? Today’s guest is here to help! Dr. Duana Welch, best-selling author, and relationship coach, shares how you can intellectually and logically find love that lasts. Duana experienced this struggle firsthand, having married two alcoholics despite not drinking herself. But she didn’t let that hold her back. Instead, she turned to her own book, “Love Factually,” and used the ten proven steps from “I Wish to I Do” to find happiness with her new husband. Now, she helps others break free from toxic patterns and make better choices by using social science to see clearly. Get ready to learn how to find the love you want by using the power of science. Duana Welch has been a professor at universities in Florida, California, and Texas for 20 years and has contributed to NPR, PBS, Psychology Today, Redbook, and Huffington Post, to name a few. Her first book, Love Factually: 10 Prove Steps from I Is to I Do, is now out globally in five languages; Its revised and updated edition released in 2022. Love Factually for Single Parents is specifically geared toward finding the right partner for readers and their families and the Love Factually Single series. All of Duana’s books rely on science rather than opinion to help others find and keep the right partners. She is an expert for Paired, the couple’s relationship app, and she’s all things heart, soul, and science. Duana has written a series of books filled with relationship advice but only writes books she needs. Today she shares with us the advice we need.


Art Of Surrender: Keys To Finding Love With "Magic Of Surrender" Author, Kute Blackson

Did you know that in the process of finding love one of the most powerful thingsyou can do is surrender, surrender to the timing, surrender to your past mistakes and surrender to the process. Today’s guest is Kute Blackson and he’s a renowned transformational speaker, and national best-selling author of the book You.Are.The.One and Kute has a new revelation for us–a new book The Magic of Surrender, a guide that will help you navigate through these challenging times. Prepare to tap into your true greatness, and yes find love. When you let go of the constraints of when and how? Love will arrive in your life! Kute will show us how to dismantle the barriers that have held you back for far too long. Get ready tounlock a world of freedom, and infinite possibilities, which is all on the other side of surrender. Kute Blackson, was born the son of the “Miracle Man” of Ghana, by the age 8 he was speaking to hundreds of thousands, and by the time he was 14 years old he was an ordained minister. By the age of 18 his soul told him not to take over his father’s ministry in the UK, and with a little over 1,000 dollars in his pocket he left to pursue his dreams in America and has never looked back. Kute has been recognized as the “Mindfulness guru that billionaires go to for advice” by Inc Magazine. He has been featured on The Larry King Now Show, Dr. Drew, NPR, Fox and Friends, Mind Body Green, and many more. The “Magic of Surrender” has been endorsed by Jack Canfield, Les Brown, John Gray, Anthony William, Barbara de Angelis, and Martha Beck to name a few. Kute’s work has changed thousands of lives around the world, so get ready to be highly motivated and experience the transformative power of his depth, and practical wisdom. Why a relationship is a mirror manifestation of yourself. Are you open and available for love? What do I need to change within myself that I need to shift to pull in someone different? How to shift the focus of looking at past relationships as failures, their helped People create the same experiences over and over again until we learn – all lessons are repeated until learn. You can’t become someone different if you’re in victim or in blame. When you go into surrender you can get honest with yourself. Relationships are feedback and if you don’t like what you are seeing change yourself. How to stop the scarcity mindset and feeling desperate around finding love. How to stop attracting a relationship from a need base. Unconscious payoffs for not changing or transforming. How to accept and tell the truth to yourself about what needs to change in your life. To find out more about Kute Blackson's work, retreat and books go to See below for his links. Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: YouTube: LinkedIn: Life changing event to Bali:


Fashionably Empowered: Making A Statement In Life and Love With Intimacy & Style Makeover Expert Karina Solomon

This week’s guest is Karina Solomon, and she’s a relationship, intimacy and style makeover expert. Today we’re talking about something that goes beyond clothing. Karina’s approach to styling involves redefining who we are and dressing congruently with how we feel about our new and improved selves. She believes that when we feel confident on the inside, it shows on the outside. This episode is all about creating the life you want and dressing the part to match. Whether you’re looking to make a statement at a networking event or feel like a million bucks on a date, Karina’s tips will help you help get noticed. Get ready to take some notes because you won’t want to miss the valuable insights Karina has to share. Karina Solomon is the author of Sassy, Sexy and Starting Over. She guides divorcées, and others after any life transition to clear their past and design an irresistible future. Karina teaches the keys to confidence from the bedroom to the boardroom. Her communication, coaching, and facilitation style is bold and edgy, and infused with humor. She seeks to empower both men and women to be their authentic, unadulterated selves. Karina is a credentialed teacher with over two decades of experience providing image makeovers and relationship coaching for men and women to facilitate her clients in becoming the best version of themselves, especially when starting over.


How To Use Chat GPT To Create A Winning Dating Profile With Love Factually Author, Duana Welch

Are you tired of swiping through countless profiles and having no connection? Do you struggle to come up with funny one liner’s or grab the attention of others? Today we learn how to make the most of your profile using Chat GPT! Dr. Duana Welch, the author of Love Factually, has been using Chat GPT to assist her clients in creating profiles that help them stand out in a crowd. From catchy opening lines to interesting taglines and everything in between, Chat GPT can help generate ideas, spark creativity, and offer suggestions making you the talk of the town. With its advanced capabilities, Chat GPT helps you create a write up that reflects your personality while showcasing your best qualities so you can bring in the one, you're meant to have. Dr. Duana Welch is the first dating-and-relationship coach and author to use science rather than opinion to help men and women all over the world find and keep the love of their lives. She’s a favorite guest on this podcast, a former psychology professor, an expert for the couples’ relationship app Paired, a writer for Psychology Today, and the author of the famous book now out in five languages: Love Factually: 10 Proven Steps from I Wish to I Do. Already great at profiles—or hate writing? No worries: by the end of today’s podcast, you’ll know how to leverage Chat GPT to boost your creativity and—if you’d rather not create your ad yourself--do the heavy lifting for you. Hate technology? No problem: you can DIY if you don’t want to deal with AI. It’s all here, now. Kerry Brett and Dr. Duana Welch dive into the exciting world of Chat GPT and learn how it can help you find love, and Dr. Duana Welch shares what she knows about this cutting-edge technology to find your person and create a profile based on science, not opinion, no matter who you are. To find out more about Dr. Duana Welch's work go to


From Cosmic Scene to Love Scene: Astrologer Jill Jardine's Guide to Finding Your Match

Today’s topic is the power of manifestation: The magic of Mantras and Metta. We’ll learn how Sanskrit chants can help you find your match. If you’re looking for love, then this episode is for you. Joining us today is the amazing Astrologer Jill Jardine, and her new course Sanskrit Mantras for Love, is changing lives, and she shares her strategies with us. So, get ready to align your chakras, raise your vibration, and find your soulmate. Because when you radiate positivity, confidence, and authenticity, you become irresistible to others. We also discuss how to recalibrate and raise your vibration because it’s time to attract your perfect match. Jill Jardine is a professional astrologer, therapist, psychic healer, and spiritual advisor. She’s also a former radio personality on WATD and the host of the podcast Cosmic Scene with Jill Jardine. Jill has been a reverend in Sanskrit Mantra, and for over 30 years, she’s helped thousands of people find power and confidence within themselves while helping guide others with important decisions. We’ve got some incredible tips guaranteed to help you attract the partner of your dreams. At least one of these powerful techniques will resonate with you–or you can try all three. We also discuss the importance of inner knowing and having blind trust. To find out more about Jill Jardine, go to


The Art Of Meeting Life-Changing People With London's Premiere Dating Coach Johnny Cassell

Imagine stepping outside your door and meeting someone new and life-changing, no matter where you choose - whether it’s an art show, an exhibition, or even a car show. The possibilities are endless, and the world is your playground. Today's guest believes it is up to you to choose where you play – his name is Johnny Cassell, London's premier Elite Dating Coach, and Men's Lifestyle Strategist. Johnny believes your social network is the key to your success in any area of life, and he shares strategies for creating the right social circle to meet quality people. We dive into the power of familiarity and association and how it impacts interactions with others. And why breaking patterns of people's expectations can lead to new exciting experiences. So, get ready to shake things up and learnhow to take your social life to the next level with Johnny Cassell. Johnny Cassell is the best-selling author of Elite Seduction – Actionable Tools for Love, Seduction and Dating. Johnny helps men from all over the world attract the type of women they truly desire. He’s personally coached over 2,000 men including CEO’S of some of the world largest companies, celebrities and royalty. He’s racked 100,000 coaching hours and lead over 200 international workshops. He’s been featured twice on the cover of Times Magazine, appeared in the Sunday Times, The Evening Standard, The Express, The Daily Mail, Cosmopolitan, The Metro, BBC Radio to name a few. Johnny recently appeared on the UK hit reality show Made in Chelsea and he’s also the host of the Johnny Cassell Podcast. To find out more about Johnny Cassell go to or follow on Instagram at @londondatingcoach.


5 Secrets To Lasting Love With Go-Giver Marriage Co-Authors, John & Ana Mann

Today’s topic is the 5 secrets to lasting love and this week’s guests are the dynamic duo of John David Mann and Ana Gabriel Mann, a married couple who have mastered the art of sustaining love. They’ll share the secret sauce in their book The Go-Giver Marriage. Their success came down to one word: giving – And they harnessed the power of generosity to keep their love burning bright, even in the face of adversity. They share real-life examples of how these secrets played out in their relationship, while giving us a glimpse of how it can play out in ours. It's not enough to know the secrets, it's about practicing them too. And with practice comes improvement – it doesn’t make your love perfect, but it does make your love better. Because there is no point in finding love if we can’t keep it. Get ready to take some notes and fall in love, with this couple and story. John David Mann is the co-author of more than thirty books, including four New York Times bestsellers and five national bestsellers, with over 3 million books sold in 38 languages. His works include The Go-Giver (co-authored with Bob Burg), which won the Axiom Business Book Award, and cited on Inc.’s “Most Motivational Books Ever Written” and Hubspot’s “20 Most Highly Rated sales books of all Time”; The Go-Giver Leader was listed on Entrepreneur magazine’s “10 Books Every Leader Should Read” and Forbes magazine’s “8 Books Every Young Leaders Should Read." Aside from his books, John has written for notable publications like the Financial Times, CNBC, Huffington post, Ivey Business Journal and Wired. Ana Gabriel Mann is a Psychotherapist, who holds a master’s degree in clinical psychology and is also a life and relationship coach, teacher, speaker, and mediator, she is the creator and lead facilitator of the Go-Giver Marriage Coaches training program and co-author of the Go-Giver Marriage. John and Ana will talk about the spirit of generosity, because the more you give, the more you have. To find out more about John David Mann go to and to learn more about Ana go to


Ghosted? Tips For Dealing With The Disappearing Act: Coping With Ghosting Host Gretta Perlmutter

Today, we’re diving into the scary world of ghosting, which is all too familiar to many of us. Ghosting is the ultimate silent treatment and is the practice of someone ending a relationship without explanation and withdrawing from all communication. It's painful, cruel, and can be psychologically damaging. A brutal rejection leaves us confused, hurt, and alone. But fear not because this week's guest is leading a crusade to combat this emotional epidemic. Meet Gretta Perlmutter, the host of Coping with Ghosting, A podcast that helps people navigate heartbreak with hope and courage. Gretta is a mindset coach with a master's degree in communications and a heart full of compassion. Her goal is spreading kindness and understanding, and she'll share her strategies with us today. If you’ve been ghosted one too many times and are struggling to make sense of it all, this episode is for you! Gretta is on an anti-ghosting mission, helping people handle heartbreak and loss while teaching others how to move on confidently. She started a movement of compassion due to getting ghosted one too many times, leaving her alienated, upset, and angry. Gretta blamed herself for being ghosted and spent time trying to figure out what she did wrong. She questioned her self-worth and wallowed in self-pity. The positive was – the more she got ghosted, the quicker she got over it and learned that ghosting is not personal. She discovered hurt people - hurt people and cultivated compassion for her ghosts. Gretta shares how she realized ghosted had less to do with her and more to do with other people’s issues. She also shares what's worked for her in the past and how to move forward while becoming stronger and more resilient than before. Kerry Brett and Gretta Perlmutter cover all things ghosting and feature the song Ghosting by artist Gustavo Zaiah, whose song is the theme song for the Coping with Ghosting podcast and is available for purchase on Amazon. Topic includes: Breaking the silence: strategies for confronting ghosting. Don’t ghost yourself; how to go from haunted to healed. Ghostbusting 101: tools and techniques for dealing with ghosting. Understanding why people disappear. The impact of ghosting and how to fight back. How to empower yourself and move on from ghosting. To learn more about Gretta Perlmutter, you can find more information on her website www.copingwithghosting. Follow her on Instagram @copingwithghosting and listen to her podcast, Coping with Ghosting, on all platforms where podcasts are found.


Attract Love With Five Essential Shifts: Love & Dating Coach Lisa Shield

You have the power to transform your life and write your own love story, and today we'll hear from a special guest who did just that. Lisa Shield is a world-renowned love, dating, and relationship coach whose journey to love didn't start as a fairy tale. It began as an unhappily married fashion photographer who entered the dark room and emerged into a lighted hallway when she realized the stories we tell ourselves dictate who we become. We make it up, all of it. Lisa decided that if she was making it up, she might as well make it good. And that she had the power to change her life, take control of the narrative, and write a new story. She divorced, changed the portrait of a woman who was always sad, left a dysfunctional relationship, and embarked on a path of self-discovery. In two years, she went on 95 dates. On the 96th date, she met her husband, who encouraged her to become one of the first love coaches twenty years ago. Lisa Shield is a love, dating, and heart-opening ninja with two decades of experience. She is a pioneer in the field of love coaching. Lisa earned a master's degree in Spiritual Psychology and is a certified life and relationship coach. She has been a featured expert in The Huffington Post, Buzzfeed, LA Times, ABC News, and Cosmopolitan, to name a few. Last year, twelve of Lisa's clients were married, and she officiated four of those weddings. She and her husband, Benjamin, have been together for over 20 years and live with their two dogs in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Today we discuss what men want in a woman, and Lisa shares her wisdom while encouraging us to take power back and take control of our love life. Kerry Brett and Lisa Shield cover a lot of ground and topics, including: Tips around the importance of being present on the first date. Small acts of kindness, caring, and being a great listener can go a long way on the date. Getting emotionally naked is the most challenging part, but if you let your guard down will gain an extra point on the date. Look for your final five. Throw away the list that everyone has and create a relationship inventory that will lead you to your final five. And remember, he doesn't have the final five; you can't date him. Men want to be hunters, and if we have a checklist and put them in a box, men are very sensitive to a woman who want to take away their freedom and clip their wings. We must move away from looks; are we choosing someone from our heads or hearts? There is a difference between being a strong, successful woman and being competitive. Stop creating rules; every hoop you put up is another restriction on men. Men don't like jumping through hoops. Men want women who make their world bigger because you're in it. No man is going to allow women to put them on a shortlist. You must understand that a man's bandwidth is smaller than a woman's. There is a big difference between genuine emotion and drama. We have to learn how to talk to men without getting passive-aggressive. Lisa’s five shifts to find love. To learn more about Lisa Shield, visit, Instagram @lisashieldcoaching, and on Facebook under lisashieldcoaching. Listen to her podcast Finding the Guardian of Your Soul on all platforms where podcasts are found.


Get Lucky In Love With Lola: Kayak Co-Founder Paul English

This week we will learn about Lola, a new dating app launching in Boston and New York this summer. Today's guest is Paul English the founder of six startups and co-founder of Kayak, a travel industry giant he sold to Priceline for 1.8 billion dollars. Paul is passionate about finding a better way and uses his creativity to solve problems. Years ago, when online dating himself - Paul could identify issues and became compelled to solve the frustrations many faced with existing dating apps. It was a match on Bumble with Rachel Cohen, who became his girlfriend, and now the couple is taking on a new challenge with the upcoming launch of their dating app, Lola. Through Lola, Paul and Rachel plan on creating a new way to connect. Paul shares the vision and inspiration behind Lola, and learn about the exciting possibilities that lie ahead for this new dating app. Paul English is the founder of Boston Venture Studio and he’s also an entrepreneur, and philanthropist who has previously co-founded and successfully sold six startups – Kayak, Lola, Moonbeam, GetHuman, Boston Light, and Intermute. Paul is also the founder of four nonprofits – Summits Education in Haiti, Embrace Boston, The Winter Walk for Homelessness, and The Bipolar Social Club. Paul is the subject of Tracy Kidder's book "A Truck Full of Money" and you can hear an interview with Paul on "How I Built This" with Guy Raz and view his video from TEDxBoston in 2022. I’ve watched and listened to it all and I can’t tell you how special this man is! Kerry Brett and Paul English discuss the common struggles many have with online dating and how Paul plans on changing the online dating culture and improve and simplify the over dating experience. How Lola will filter out terrible daters. How Lola will use A1 to give the users better matches. Lola will be very safe for women. Lola will have a component built into the app that will find a place in the middle for you to meet. How Lola will use machine learning to help find you a better date. Lola will cut down catfishing. Lola will filter out people who don't practice good behavior.