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On the Social Mission Revolution podcast, we explore some of the greatest under told stories of businesses and of everyday people who are making their Ultimate Impact on the world through Social Mission. They share their stories, their inspirations, their successes and heartaches on the way to making that difference that we all long to make.Are you ready to explore what your own Social Mission might be? Connect with Andrea at




On the Social Mission Revolution podcast, we explore some of the greatest under told stories of businesses and of everyday people who are making their Ultimate Impact on the world through Social Mission. They share their stories, their inspirations, their successes and heartaches on the way to making that difference that we all long to make.Are you ready to explore what your own Social Mission might be? Connect with Andrea at






Miriam El Houli - saving the world one book at a time.

Miriam El Houli is the author of the award-winning book "The Olive Tree", a fictional story of life in occupied Palestine. A story told through the eyes of a 16-year-old girl, Nizma, who tries to bring hope for a compassionate and better future with her naive but optimistic mindset. There’s a lot she doesn’t understand but she definitely knows that something is not right and it needs to be changed to move forward. She wants to cultivate Hope, Love, and Care where there’s Death, Pain, and Tears. Miriam's goal as a writer is to save the world, one book at a time. Her passion is to write books with a message to improve humanity. Books that make us think about the world in a new way, opening up our perspectives and allowing us to walk in the shoes of those who experiences are different from ours. Having experienced the horror of war first-hand in Lebanon, she hopes her books can help us understand that war is not the answer. More than just an author, Miriam is the Mum of 5, the founder of "Eve's Skin" premium skin care products, the co-founder of "Mica Minerals" make-up brand and a business coach. To connect with Miriam, visit Instagram and Facebook - @mariam.elhouli Support the show


Cathy Dimarchos - What Impact Do You Want to Have?

Cathy Dimarchos asks, "What impact do you want to have?" Whether it be a business or an individual, understanding the difference you want to make is the starting point. Cathy is a business Alchemist who works with leaders and companies to improve their Impact in everything they do. She also works on her personal impact in Tanzania, improving people's lives through providing leadership training for all ages. What is the impact you want to have? To connect with Cathy, visit Support the show


Vera Entwistle - Camp Quality

Vera Entwistle is the founder of Camp Quality. She shares with us the difficult beginnings through to the joy of the smiles and laughter of children who have been diagnosed with cancer. Camp Quality creates an opportunity for them to forget for a while the struggles of cancer treatment and be children once again. This program is now approaching its 40th anniversary. An episode that will inspire and motivate you to take your idea of becoming a Social Mission Revolutionist and keep going. It will touch your heart and may even bring a tear to your eyes. For more information on Camp Quality visit Support the show


Erin Baudo Felter - Okta for Good

Erin Baudo Felter, is the Vice President, Social Impact and Sustainability at Okta, a software company. Her goal is to shift the relationship between corporations and society to be focused more on thriving, to be focused more on care and communities, and an awareness of stakeholders beyond simply shareholders, right, and the idea that we exist to do more than simply make profits. Erin leads the program Okta for Good program, which embodies Okta's core vision of enabling everyone to safely use any technology. Okta for Good takes this core vision a step further, harnessing the power of technology to drive stronger connections and a positive impact for organizations, individuals, and communities. Okta supports non-profits to implement a formal digital strategy and overcome resourcing challenges, both in skills and technology, to help to better aid the wider community. To find out more about Okta for Good, visit or email Support the show


Dat Le - Changing the way food is shared

Dat Le became passionate about food being served with love after the death of his mother. He missed the meals that were her way of ensuring the family was loved. Dat became aware of food insecurities that people feel for a variety of reasons. He wanted to fill that gap. In collaboration with his food-loving friends, they started a business that allows great cooks, like his mother, the opportunity to thrive in their own business, making the meals of their culture and backgrounds. they provide a platform for a home delivery service of home-cooked meals. Through this, they endeavour to reach out beyond business and provide ways to fill the gap for those with food insecurities. Their business Kitchko also supports communities in their times of need through financial support and providing of home cook meals. To connect with Dat and find out more, visit Support the show


Nikki Langman - Rethink Addiction

Nikki Langman speaks openly about her personal journey with addiction so that others can receive the help they need to overcome their own battle. Recognising that she could make a difference in the lives of others who haven't yet found the help they need, Nikki has become the spokesperson for the Rethink Addiction campaign. In this episode, we explore her story and the struggles of addiction. Listen to this to understand a little more about what addicts are going through and how you may be able to help them recover. To connect with Nikki visit to support the Rethink Addiction campaign, click here. Support the show


Alex Dekker - Alex Makes Meals

Alex Dekker is a 21-year-old impact entrepreneur and change maker, reimagining food relief in Australia through Alex Makes Meals, an organisation started just two years ago. Over the last two years of service. Alex Makes Meals has prepared and delivered over 400,000 meals for Victoria's most vulnerable. Nominated as the Victorian Young Australian of the Year 2021 as part of the Australia Day Councils’ highly lauded Australian of the Year Awards. To find out more visit Support the show


Rachel Whitworth - Hello Good World

As consumers we want to support businesses that are making difference, but how do we find the ones that are in alignment with our values? Rachel Whitworth is a crusader for change and is passionate about using business as a tool to help work towards the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. Founder of Hello Good World, a platform where you can shop by the Sustainable Development Goals. Rachel builds strategies, marketing campaigns and technologies to bridge the gap between consumers and business for good. Make your purchases and make a difference at Support the show


Master Paul Mitchell - Building People Not Fighters

Traditionally, most martial arts teach fitness and self-defence, but early in his instructing taekwondo life, Master Paul Mitchell decided to build people, not fighters. With all the senseless violence in Australia (one million recorded incidents of bullying every week in Australian Schools), he thought our country would be a better place to live, with more respectful and resilient, children who give back to society in a meaningful way. This podcast will inspire parents, teachers and community leaders to teach children the respect, courtesy and discipline . To connect with Master Paul Mitchell Facebook: Instagram: Book: Personal: Support the show


Scott Carson - The Business of Smiles

Scott Carson is in the business of making you smile. His methodology is in the simple gesture of sharing socks. Yes, socks. Taking time to talk with people in the street, offering them encouragement and a conversation brings a smile to Scott's face. As we rebuild our lives, after pandemic lockdowns, building community through connections is what we need. The simple reminder that you are worthwhile is sometimes all it takes. This is Scott's social mission. Socks with a smile. To purchase a pair of socks to bring a smile to someone's face, visit www.ihopeyouaresmiling. com You can find Scott on social media and through The Campfire Project. Support the show


Dark Joseph Ravine - Kindness for Success

Dark Joseph Ravine believes that when we are kind we can make a difference in someone's life and this will bring us more successful in life. His business Kindness for Success promotes his values in life of spreading kindness. He likes to start his own trends and is a believer in being his unique authentic self. His goal is to make the world a better place. Official Website: Kindness Mission Website: Support the show


Frank McKinney - Philanthro-Capiltalism

Frank McKinney is a sought Speaker, 7 x best-seller author, and real-estate artistry. However, the work that feeds his soul is as a philanthro-capitalist, Frank has built 29-nine self-sustaining villages over the last 19 years in Haiti, providing 13,000+ children and their families with homes, schools, clinics, community centres, churches, renewable food and clean water, and means to support themselves. Passionate about making a lasting difference in people's life, Frank says, "If you change the world for one person, you change the world. " An episode that will have you aspiring to find your spiritual highest calling. Find out more about - the Caring House Project. - Aspire! How to Create Your Own Reality and Alter Your DNA Support the show


Sarah Britz and Jenn Donovan - Buy from a Bush Business

Drought, fire and floods. All have had a devasting effect on people living in the bush. Add to that covid when tourism was brought to a screeching stop, country businesses have been suffering; Sarah Britz and Jenn Donovan developed a concept to help support their communities. Spend With Us was created to help promote those who were doing it hard. While those in the city wanted to help our country cousins, Sarah and Jenn offered us a way. Spend With Us is now a thriving community that promotes products, people and places throughout Australia. Find out more about Spend With Us Shop Australian ⋆ Unique Gifts & Experiences ⋆ Buy From The Bush ⋆ ( Spend With Us | Facebook Online Marketplace (@spendwithusaustralia) • Instagram photos and videos Support the show


Robyn O'Connell - Your Wishes Funeral Advocacy

Suddenly and unexpectedly Robyn O'Connell was faced with the heartbreak of losing a baby from SIDS. The last thing she ever thought her young family would have to face was planning and paying for a funeral. Her church came to their rescue and paid for it for them. Young families, financially, have little extra funds when a crisis hits. 40 years later, Robyn started a charity in her daughter's name - the Rebecca Jane Foundation, which contributes to (and often fully pays for) the funerals of babies when their parents cannot afford to do so. Robyn, a funeral director, started her business "Your Wishes Funeral Advocacy" to help support the charity. She helps people plan ahead for the funeral that they want. This episode is filled with important messages that we all need to consider. To get in touch with Robyn Your Wishes Funeral Advocacy - www.ywfa, The Rebecca jane Foundation - Support the show


Sarah Rhodes - Going Plastic Free

Living a plastic-free life isn't always easy. Sarah Rhodes has created a community for people so that they can support each other and come up with new ideas on sustainable living and becoming plastic-free. Through her business, Plastic Free SEA, she consults and runs workshops with businesses and corporations. An action plan is created to get your workplace greener and healthier for your team and customers. Customers are focused on sustainability and choose to support businesses and make their purchase decisions accordingly. When your business is the one that ticks all of their boxes, it is the one they choose. To get in touch with Sarah visit Support the show


Natasha Lam - High End Hammy Downs

As a mother, Natasha Lam was frustrated with having to dispose of good quality clothing that her children had grown out of. An idea was born with High End Hammy Downs to give parents an easy way to swap clothing with other families. the amount of clothing that goes into landfill every year is massive, this is a way to prevent this and save families money. High End Hammy Downs is a Digital clothes swap that matches families with hand me downs that fit their child. To connect with Natasha and High End Hammy Downs visit: Kids second hand clothes and uniforms | High End Hammy DownsHigh End Hammy Downs (@highendhammys) • Instagram photos and videosHigh End Hammy Downs | LinkedInHigh End Hammys | Facebook Support the show


Lillian Brummet - Conscious Disscussions

Being conscious about positively impacting the world shapes Lillian Brummet's world. In this episode, Lillian and Andrea talk about some simple ways people can become involved in Social Mission and make a difference in people's lives. Lillian and her husband Dave's business ventures in Brummet media are focused on giving others the place to shine and make their impact on the world. Connect with Lillian at Amazon Author Page: Brummet's Website: Brummet's Conscious Blog: LinkedIn: Support the show


Belle Chapman - Forever More Foundation

Belle Chapman is a family photographer with a social mission that will touch your heart. As a child, she was touched by the loss of her father to cancer. The only thing she had left was photos. Now, as a photographer, she wants to make sure that families have memories that they can cherish and photos that will remind them of the love they share. Be inspired by this beautiful episode. To connect with Belle visit: Support the show


Troy Gray - Charity TV Global

How can you do something that helps others, have an growing experience that takes you out of your comfort zone and have the most amazing advenuttre of a life time? In this episode I speak with Troy Gray, the founder of Charity TV Global and Producer of Adventure Allstars.T roy's vision has developed a unique model where people are given guidance to fundraise for their favourite charity. They are then rewarded with staring in the ground-breaking travel TV series Adventure All Stars. Now viewed in 25 countries, this show encourages people around the globe to make a difference. To find out more and connect with Troy visit Support the show


Alan Stevens - The Campfire Project

In Alan Stevens's work with corporates and in businesses, many men were telling him they were confused with their role at home. They had been taught that their role was to be the provider. Baby Boomers and Gen X, in particular, learnt that lesson well but now they were being told they weren’t fulfilling their roles at home. That they were emotionally and physically absent. Men were becoming confused as to what how they are supposed to respond in many circumstances. Alan has created The Campfire Project where men can have deep conversations and allow healing to occur. To connect with Alan, visit: Receive Alan's free course on "How to Persuade and Influence Behaviours of Others" Support the show