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In the drudgery of daily life, it’s easy to forget that all around us (and within us!), awesome things are happening. Each week, author and show host Megan Tietz and co-hosts Kelly, Rebekah, and Laura serve up fresh doses of sparkly small things and provide thoughtful answers to listener questions all with an eye on helping you make your inner awesome shine.

In the drudgery of daily life, it’s easy to forget that all around us (and within us!), awesome things are happening. Each week, author and show host Megan Tietz and co-hosts Kelly, Rebekah, and Laura serve up fresh doses of sparkly small things and provide thoughtful answers to listener questions all with an eye on helping you make your inner awesome shine.
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In the drudgery of daily life, it’s easy to forget that all around us (and within us!), awesome things are happening. Each week, author and show host Megan Tietz and co-hosts Kelly, Rebekah, and Laura serve up fresh doses of sparkly small things and provide thoughtful answers to listener questions all with an eye on helping you make your inner awesome shine.




Ep. 179 Five Clever Clutter Solutions

Whether you are decluttering your house from attic to basement or if you just want to keep your kitchen junk drawer tidy, we are here to keep you company and keep you inspired while you work! This week, join Meg and Rebekah as they give you a list of five clever clutter solutions to help guide you through a decluttering project from start to finish with practical advice on how to get started all the way to keeping your home neat and clutter-controlled! All of that plus fascinating reading...


What's hot in planners for 2019

Get our your favorite gel ink pens and fire up that washi tape, Awesomes! In this episode of Extra Awesome, Meg is joined by the Awesome community's own Alisha Johnson - creator of the Sorta Awesome Planner Peeps Facebook group and all-around guru for all things planners and more! In this bonus episode, Alisha fills us in on what's hot in planners for the upcoming year (hint: it's all about customization!) as well as which planners people love most. All of that plus the most inspiring social...


Ep. 178 The truth about personality, organization, and productivity

Have you ever wondered why some people are naturally gifted with the power of organization? And why do some people struggle so much with procrastination when they want to be productive? The truth is our personality type holds the key to understanding how and why we organize our lives the way we do! Join Meg and her sister Emily this week for an in-depth discussion on how your Myers Briggs personality type can bring freedom and understanding to your organizational systems! All of that plus...


Let's Talk Curly Girl!

Awesomes, the Curly Girl Method is having a moment! Tune in to this edition of Extra Awesome to hear Meg and Rebekah talk all about the awesome of having curly hair including their history with their hair, what products, techniques, and haircuts they are loving right now, and where to find more information about all things Curly! You can find Meg on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram! Find Rebekah on her blog, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram! Visit for show notes on...


Ep. 177 Breakthrough to the true you 2019!

Awesomes, what if the secret to tapping into your truest, most authentic self could be found in one simple daily practice? Join Meg and author Michelle DeRusha to kick off 2019 with a conversation about exploring our inward lives and discovering the person we were meant to be! All of that plus two cozy comforts to get you through the winter months in Awesome of the Week! THANK YOU TO OUR SPONSORS: Madison Reed: Find your perfect shade and get 10% off your first color kit at...


Ep. 176 All the Awesome of 2018!

The year of the Awesome is drawing to a close, and we've gathered together to toast the best of 2018! Tune in to our annual year-end tradition of choosing our favorites of the year in reading, listening, and watching, plus hear Meg, Kelly, and Rebekah pick their awesome of the year. Find us on social media so we can hear YOUR Awesome of the Year, too! Happy New Year, Awesomes! THANK YOU TO OUR SPONSORS: Grove: For a FREE 60-day VIP membership and a bonus gift when you sign up and place an...


Ep. 175 Let's invite Enneagram to the holidays!

If there's one thing the Awesomes have been VERY into in 2018, it's the Enneagram! And there's no better time to think about how this personality system can help us understand ourselves and others better than at the holidays. This week, join Meg and Enneagram coach and guru Beth McCord of as they invite you to understand what each Enneagram type brings to the holiday season, what challenges each type faces, and the essential message that each of us need to hear now and...


Ep. 174 Confessions: year-end edition!

Gather 'round, Awesomes! It's time for a brand-new edition of the episodes you love best - confessions! Rebekah joins Meg this week for their time-honored tradition of opening up all their closets and shaking loose those skeletons. From library angst to scandalous skinny-dipping to unpopular holiday opinions, we're confiding it all in you, our dear Awesome friends. Plus a brilliant use of Chatbooks and a hilarious but racy new podcast fave in Awesome of the Week! THANK YOU TO OUR...


Ep. 173 The surprising awesome of the teen years

Eye rolls, doors slamming, and sulky silence. Is this what comes to mind when you think of teenagers? Meg and Kelly are here to invite you to think again because this week, they are exploring all the awesomeness of the teenage years! From celebrating how much more responsible teens these days are to how all of us can help support teens on their own journey to becoming an Awesome, we are serving up fresh insights and fun takes on what makes these years really pretty great! All of that plus...


Ep. 172 How I told my sister I'm pregnant

Surprise! Meg's sister Emily is back on Sorta Awesome this week, and one of them has a big announcement! Content warning: pregnancy, babies, and other topics that might be sensitive for some of our Awesomes or the little ones who sometimes listen along. The big news plus tech-y happiness and an Advent album in Awesome of the Week! ShoeDazzle: Go to and get 50% off your first order when you sign up as a VIP Dignify: Beautiful throws and blankets that do good in the...


Ep. 171 Sorta Awesome Holiday Gift Guide 2018

Awesomes! It’s the most WONDERFUL time of the year, that time of year when we cozy up right next to you and help you solve your biggest gift-giving questions! Join Meg, Kelly, and Rebekah for the annual Sorta Awesome Holiday Gift Guide! The 2018 version of the gift guide will help you tackle the toughest parts of your holiday gift-giving including just the right picks for your mother-in-law, your college-aged brother, and gifts that will work for a whole family. All of that plus stocking...


Ep. 170 Our first faves

Do you remember the first novel you loved so much you read it over and over? How about the first song you couldn't stop listening to or the first movie you raved about to all of your friends? For most of us, those moments in pop culture that introduced us to our first FAVORITES tell us a lot about who we were back then and how it influenced us to this day. This week, join Meg and Knox McCoy - author and co-host of The Popcast with Knox and Jamie - as they do a deep dive into their own...


Ep. 169 Can we not?!

Some things are undeniably awesome, and some things are definitely not. This week, Meg is joined by Kelly and Rebekah to hash out some stuff that just has to go! Tune in to hear an airing of cultural pet peeves that will leave you high-fiving in agreement and also wondering whether or not Meg is a monster behind the wheel. All of that plus loads of good stuff for November in Awesome of the Week! When you shop Amazon this holiday season, support Sorta Awesome by shopping through our...


Ep. 168 True confessions: home life edition

Life doesn't always go as planned, and that's why we look for the awesome in every circumstance! This wasn't the show we had planned to bring you this week, but we hope you'll enjoy the awesome of a throw-back group show (Meg, Kelly, Rebekah, AND Laura!) that you may not have heard before. Tune in to hear an episode that previously was only available to Homemaking Bundle customers and to our Super Star Awesome Supporters - all of our true confessions about home life and parenting! From...


Ep. 167 Bad boys, love triangles, and swoon-worthy romance

This week, giggles abound and confessions flow freely as co-host Rebekah joins Meg to discuss romance in pop culture! From Westley and Buttercup to Monica and Chandler and all kinds of couples in-between, you'll hear their favorites from TV shows, movies, and music. All of that plus sweet-tooth inspiration and new favorite denim in Awesome of the Week! Become a Sorta Awesome SUPER STAR for access to exclusive episodes and a delightfully private Hangout Group by going to...


Cathedrals, the Enneagram, and finding your sweet spot

Awesomes, welcome back to another episode in the Extra Awesome series! We are so excited to welcome writer and speaker Annie F. Downs to Sorta Awesome. Tune in to hear Annie and Meg talk about the challenges of settling into your sweet spot when it doesn't look the way you thought it would, plus lots of Enneagram talk, yoga thoughts, and spiritual reflections mixed in, too! Find Annie's newest book Remember God on Amazon and everywhere you shop for books! You can find Meg on Facebook,...


Ep. 166 The Awesome List Fall 2018

Who loves a Top Ten List? YOU DO, RIGHT?! Hurry up and hit Play on an episode loved by Awesomes everywhere - the Top Ten List for Fall 2018! Join Meg and Kelly this week as they give you all the scoop on everything home, kitchen, and closet for the season ahead including a take-anywhere casserole, secret menu Starbucks, and the perfect fall cardigan! All of that plus change-your-life cookbooks and a brilliant writer in Awesome of the Week! Sampling of Awesome List links: Slow Cooker Creamy...


Ep. 165 Ultimate Guide to Making Netflix Awesome!

Hey you, wanna be Netflix buddies? We promise we won't make it weird! Come hang out with Meg and her sister and Sorta Awesome regular Emily Harris as they do a deep-dive into all things Netflix! Tune in to discover who still has Netflix DVD subscriptions, whether or not the infamous Netflix algorithm works, and how to make the most of Netflix snacking! All of that plus lovely lashes, podcast binging, and wild mushrooms (?!) in Awesome of the Week! THANK YOU TO OUR SPONSORS: Grove: For a...


Ep. 164 How to be smart, strong, and social at every age!

As the late Dr. Maya Angelou taught us, "I did then what I knew how to do. Now that I know better, I do better." As we continue our exploration of living a life more awesome in 2018, tune in to hear Meg and special guest Chris Ann Brekhus of the beautiful boutique LoveFeast as they revisit their 20s, 30s, and 40s, and share what they wish they knew then that would have helped them to become smarter, stronger, and more social! All of that plus fun readers and easy chicken in Awesome of the...


Ep. 163 10 Mantras for Happier Parents

Is it possible to find the happiness we are craving in our daily lives? KJ Dell'Antonia - writer and contributor to the New York Times - says YES! And her new book How To Be A Happier Parent shows you specifically how to create an awesome home life for both parents and kids. Join KJ in this conversation with Meg as they explore ten mantras that parents (or grandparents, aunts and uncles, and teachers) can remember to get started on the path to building strong, happy relationships with kids!...