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In the drudgery of daily life, it’s easy to forget that all around us (and within us!), awesome things are happening. Each week, author and show host Megan Tietz and co-hosts Kelly, Rebekah, and Laura serve up fresh doses of sparkly small things and provide thoughtful answers to listener questions all with an eye on helping you make your inner awesome shine.

In the drudgery of daily life, it’s easy to forget that all around us (and within us!), awesome things are happening. Each week, author and show host Megan Tietz and co-hosts Kelly, Rebekah, and Laura serve up fresh doses of sparkly small things and provide thoughtful answers to listener questions all with an eye on helping you make your inner awesome shine.
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In the drudgery of daily life, it’s easy to forget that all around us (and within us!), awesome things are happening. Each week, author and show host Megan Tietz and co-hosts Kelly, Rebekah, and Laura serve up fresh doses of sparkly small things and provide thoughtful answers to listener questions all with an eye on helping you make your inner awesome shine.




Ep. 145 Parenting hacks for the most AWESOME summer yet!

Time to dig out the beach towels and pop on your sunglasses because ready or not, summer is here! Join Meg, Kelly, and Rebekah as they share their top hacks to stop the summer blues before they even start with their very best parenting hacks for an awesome summer! From screen time to sibling squabbles, they cover it all - plus loads of good stuff in Awesome of the Week! CLICK HERE TO TAKE OUR AWESOME LISTENER SURVEY! THANK YOU! THANK YOU TO OUR SPONSORS: Smith & Noble: LIMITED TIME OFFER!...


Ep. 144 Grieving with Hope with Adriel Booker

As we contemplate all the ways to make home life more awesome in the month of May, we turn our attention to family life and to the specific pain, hope, and healing that comes with pregnancy loss. Today, Meg is joined by author and speaker Adriel Booker whose new book Grace Like Scarlett draws upon these very issues. Tune in to hear a compassionate, honest, and uplifting conversation about how we can navigate these losses with hope. THANK YOU TO OUR SPONSORS: Smith and Noble: LIMITED TIME...


Ep. 143 Everything you need to know about gifts and giving!

Oh, how we love all love to give gifts and get them, too, right? Or no? Most of us know that giving gifts and opening gifts from our friends and loved ones SHOULD be fun, it is all too often fraught with disappointment and frustration. Tune in to hear Meg and Rebekah help you know all the ins-and-outs of all things gifts! THANK YOU TO OUR SPONSORS: Smith and Noble: LIMITED TIME OFFER! 25% off of custom window treatments at Daily Harvest: Use promo code AWESOME...


Ep. 142 Easy and awesome ways to celebrate the everyday!

Why wait for a big holiday to celebrate? There are so many ways to celebrate the little moments of life, and this week, Meg and Kelly share their ideas plus TONS of inspiration from the Awesome community! All of that, plus Awesomes of the Week! THANK YOU to our sponsors! TULA: skincare essentials to care for all skin types and ages packed with probiotics! Go to and use code awesome at check-out for 20% off your purchase! Modcloth: sweet summer styles at any size! Go to...


Ep. 141 The Four Tendencies plan a party with Gretchen Rubin

April is all about CELEBRATING here at Sorta Awesome as we mark three years of serving up all that is awesome for you! We can't think of a better way to celebrate this week than by welcoming bestselling author and beloved happiness guru Gretchen Rubin to Sorta Awesome! Tune in to hear Meg ask Gretchen about The Four Tendencies - the personality and preference framework that Gretchen created to help people understand motivation - and how each of those Tendency types might show up for...


Ep. 140 Let's open a time capsule of awesome!

Awesomes, in April we are CELEBRATING! Sorta Awesome just turned three years old, and this whole month, we are devoting the whole show to the theme of celebrations. If you like to get sentimental and reflective on your birthday, you will LOVE this deluxe-length episode featuring Meg, Rebekah, and Kelly opening up the time capsules of their lives and sharing with you who they were and what they were into through the years! THANK YOU TO OUR SPONSORS: Magic: 24/7 personal...


Extra Awesome: 100 ways to be more awesome with money with Erin Odom

In this newest episode in the Extra Awesome series, Erin Odom returns to Sorta Awesome to talk about her brand new book that is FILLED with 100 tips, tricks, and hacks to help you achieve your financial goals! Tune in to hear her and Meg get super honest about the highs and lows of budgeting including their shared health care epiphany and how the secret to saying goodbye to the Joneses! Find Erin on her blog The Humbled Homemaker. You Can Stay Home With Your Kids! 100 Tips, Tricks, and...


Extra Awesome: Laura Tremaine has 10 Things To Tell You

April is going to be AWESOME on Sorta Awesome, and we are kicking things off with a SPECIAL FRIDAY EDITION of Extra Awesome featuring Laura Tremaine! That's right, Laura is back to fill us in on what she's been up to in the past few months, and you guys, she has some things to tell you! Tune in to hear Meg and Laura dish all the scoop on mind-blowing books, social media breaks, and lingerie that will change your life! Hear part 2 of this episode by becoming a Sorta Awesome...


Ep. 139 Resurrection: new life on the other side of a faith shift

It's been one year since Meg and Kelly opened up about the good, the bad, and the ugly of their spiritual journeys. In this episode, you'll hear them share about ALL the changes a year can bring! Special thanks to our sponsors: Smith and Noble: 25% off of custom window treatments at Magic: 24/7 personal assistant support at your fingertips. Go to and your first request is free! Modcloth: 15% off of your order of $100 or more at...


Ep. 138 10 Awesome ways to be smarter, stronger, and more social!

It's more than a tagline - it's a way of life! Join us this week for an inspiring conversation with some Sorta Awesome favorites on how to be smarter, stronger, and more social! All of that, plus Awesome of the Week! Special thanks to our sponsors: Audible: Go to or text SORTAAWESOME to 500-500 for a free 30-day trial membership! Omax3: Go to today to get a box of Omax3 Ultra-Pure FOR FREE! CBS All-access The Good Fight: Hurry to...


Ep. 137 Coming out conversations with Brett Trapp of Blue Babies Pink

At the end of 2017, Sorta Awesome co-host Kelly named Blue Babies Pink - Brett Trapp's story of growing up gay and Christian in the South - as her Awesome of the Year. Today, we are honored to welcome Brett to Sorta Awesome! Join Meg and Kelly in this conversation with Brett about how we can all show up in excellent ways when it comes to coming out conversations. You won't want to miss Brett's wisdom, humor, and candor! Special thanks to our sponsors: RX BAR for kids: 100% whole food...


A Wrinkle in Time: tesseracts, tears, sacrifice, and stars

Why is everyone talking about Madeline L'Engle's modern classic A Wrinkle in Time? If you loved the book, should you see the current Ava Duvernay film adaptation? Should you take your kids to see it? Why on earth did Meg not read this book until she was forty years old? In this episode in the Extra Awesome series, Meg and co-host Kelly talk all things A Wrinkle in Time, including how this novel aligns itself perfectly with the Year of the Awesome! Show notes: Madeline L'Engle, A Wrinkle...


Introducing The Bible Series: Son of God

Award winning producers, Mark Burnett & Roma Downey, bring you the story of Jesus on audio! Experience his journey like never before through the voice of a master storyteller. Narrated by Roma Downey and scored by Hans Zimmer, this compelling and powerful 7-episode podcast event will take you on the journey of Jesus’ life from his baptism, to his teachings, crucifixion and ultimate resurrection.


Ep. 136 Confessions: embarrassing moments edition!

We immediately regret this decision. SPECIAL THANKS TO: Rover - Get a $25 credit toward your first book at CODE: sortaawesome Daily Burn: SIXTY DAY FREE TRIAL at Daily Harvest: Use promo code AWESOME for three FREE Daily Harvest cups at You can find Meg on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram! Find Rebekah on her blog, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram! Visit for show notes on this and every episode. And...


Ep. 135 How to chat with your girlfriends about race

Wanna know something about being an Awesome? We don't mind getting awkward if it will lead to awesome! Conversations about race and racial dynamics can be awkward, difficult, and painful. Thankfully, we're bringing in a woman who can help us learn to transform those uncomfortable chats into powerful conversation by connecting, engaging, and feeling. Krystle Cobran brings her warm, compassionate wisdom to Sorta Awesome in this episode, and you do NOT want to miss what she has to...


Ep. 134 10 secrets of friendship REVEALED

Do you ever wonder how you became an adult who still struggles to make friends? We are here to reveal to you ten secrets to help you be the friend that everyone will want to get to know better! From figuring out how to approach people to build a friendship to knowing what to say to a friend when times get tough, we've got insights for every situation. Plus, our amazing and fierce friend Osheta Moore is here to join Meg with some Awesome of the Week! Become a Sorta Awesome listener...


Ep. 133 Fresh tomatoes, yellow t-shirts, and life-changing conversations with Simran Sethi

What if the person you think is the most different from you is the person who might end up being your most powerful teacher? That's the question Meg explores with author, podcaster, educator, and activist Simran Sethi in this episode of Sorta Awesome! Tune in to hear Simran share her wisdom on how to take the most important first step in connecting with others, even and especially those who we disagree with the most. All of that plus Rebekah joins Meg for Awesome of the Week! Be part of...


Ep. 132 Why are you like that? Relationships and the Enneagram with Leigh Kramer

We've all been there - looking at another person, shaking your head, wondering WHY ARE YOU LIKE THAT?! Join Meg and Kelly in finding the answers to that question when they sit down with Leigh Kramer to discover how the Enneagram explains it all! This episode is extra long - skip to 19:40 to dive right into the Enneagram awesome! Share the #SortaAwesomeLove and win! Get Meg's 21 Days of Awesome Affirmations series delivered to you daily when you become a Super...


Ep. 131 Cleanse, clog, and consciously communicate with Mary Shores

The way we talk to ourselves matters - and science proves it! This week, Meg is joined by author, speaker, and entrepreneur Mary Shores to talk about how important it is that we are conscious of how we are speaking to ourselves. They also discuss Mary's theory that all of our choices either bring cleansing to our lives or they clog the pathway of our hopes and dreams. Tune in for all of this, plus Meg and Kelly share those Awesomes of the Week! You can find Meg on Facebook, Twitter, or...


Extra Awesome: Getting vulnerable with Jamie Ivey (If Only You Knew)

Chances are you have a skeleton or two tucked away in a closet gathering dust - we all do! But what if the stories you've kept yourself all these years might actually hold the key to unlocking the path to vulnerability and trust in relationships? Join Meg as she chats with author and podcaster Jamie Ivey about the importance of vulnerability in relationships and HOW to open up and talk to others more authentically. Jamie's book If Only You Knew Find Jamie at You can find...


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