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Welcome to Speaking of Travel! Host Marilyn Ball speaks to folks about their inspiring, uplifting & dreamy travel experiences. And today it's even more important than ever to dream big and make plans to travel again! So sit back and be carried away to places from around the world and from right here in your own backyard. No Passport Required!

Welcome to Speaking of Travel! Host Marilyn Ball speaks to folks about their inspiring, uplifting & dreamy travel experiences. And today it's even more important than ever to dream big and make plans to travel again! So sit back and be carried away to places from around the world and from right here in your own backyard. No Passport Required!


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Welcome to Speaking of Travel! Host Marilyn Ball speaks to folks about their inspiring, uplifting & dreamy travel experiences. And today it's even more important than ever to dream big and make plans to travel again! So sit back and be carried away to places from around the world and from right here in your own backyard. No Passport Required!






Impact Travel Alliance Inspires, Educates And Builds Awareness For Travelers

Impact Travel Alliance Founder and Executive Director Kelley Louise shares new insights into how we can actively participate in advocating for more impactful initiatives around sustainable tourism. Kelley explains how important it is to take a holistic approach to empowering communities and protecting our environment so everyone is connected. Also, find out what's in store for travelers moving forward and what we should keep in mind as we get back out and begin exploring again. ITA is at...


Falling In Love With Italy Is Easy With Private Italy Tours

Find out how 2021 is shaping up in Italy and plan your trip with Mark Gordon Smith, founder of Private Italy Tours. Mark’s unwavering commitment to providing unique and unforgettable experiences is stronger than ever. Mark is creating a not-for-profit that will focus on Arts Education and the restoration of works by female artists of the Renaissance in Italy and of the Dutch Golden Age and he is creating an archive to house scientific analysis information and all of the photos and videos...


Novelist Jenny Cressman Transports You To Cuba Without Leaving Home

Jenny Cressman is the author of the Cuban Kisses series. The stories and characters are fictional, but Jenny has drawn on her own background and experiences (travel and otherwise) to create an authentic feeling. Many people have commented that the setting is so authentic and transportive, it's like taking a mini-vacation. For Jenny, Cuba is always on her mind and she's looking forward to the time she can lead a group there again, or even slip away on her own to do more writing. Jenny helps...


The World Wanderers Changed Gears From Backpackers To Digital Nomads

Amanda Kingsmith and Ryan Ferguson are The World Wanderers and have a passion for travel, living life to the fullest, and finding happiness in all corners of the world. Through their popular blog and podcast, they share their amazing experiences with other travel enthusiasts and explain how travel has changed and impacted their lives in a positive way, how travel has shaped their view of the world, and what it means to be truly happy. Amanda and Ryan have traveled to six continents, 50+...


Justine Abigail Yu Stirs Consciousness And Uplifts Voices For Global Social Justice

Justine Abigail Yu is a communication strategist who works to change our world for the better. She is a leader, a mentor and a strong woman not afraid to do the work necessary to be an advocate for social justice and healing. Justine has worked with organizations operating in North America, Central America, East Africa, and Southeast Asia. Her expertise lies in growing enterprises from the ground up through strategic digital marketing, compelling storytelling and genuine community...


Train Travel Is An Affordable, Scenic And Comfortable Way To Travel

Long-time train enthusiast Bill McClement volunteers as a passenger train host with the NC Train Host Association, a group of ambassadors who ride state-supported AMTRAK trains. Bill provides a history of AMTRAK's 50 years and gives us a rundown of the events leading up to its formation and where it has gone from its beginning. Learn why rail travel makes you feel truly transported.


Become Immersed in Japanese Culture And Travel With Novelist Jonelle Patrick

Jonelle Patrick is the author of five novels set in Japan and has been writing about Japanese culture and travel since moving to Tokyo in 2003. She explores how books transport readers past gatekeepers to immerse us behind-the-scenes to other countries and cultures. Jonelle explains how reading fiction opens our eyes to a lot of things we might walk right past in our travels. Who knows... you might not know those clusters of handsome guys you see walking around Tokyo's red light district...


Visit Winnipeg And Explore Canada’s Most Awesome Capital

I don’t know if I want to let this secret out of the bag, but Winnipeg has world-class performing arts, is a foodies dream come true, and you can go see polar bears swimming over your head. This place celebrates human rights, and is quietly moving from the center of the continent to the center of our attention. Vogue calls Winnipeg, “an absolute must-visit destination,” and National Geographic listed it as “one of the best trips on earth,” while Conde Nast Traveler named Winnipeg as one of...


Ray Blakney Is A Bootstrapping Entrepreneur Who Embraces His Travel Passion

Ray Blakney was raised in Turkey and lives in Mexico with his growing family. Seeing the world outside his office walls and embracing his travel bug is a priority for Ray. His stories of hiking the Incan Trail, driving through Tuscany in a Ferrari and sleeping under the stars in the Saharan desert and almost being killed by a camel named Jimmy are epic. Ray credits being positive, creative, open-minded and a much better problem solver to his travel experiences. Find out how following his...


Live An Awakened Life With Strategist, Entrepreneur And Author Dr. Sheri Rosenthal

Dr. Sheri Rosenthal is one of the most sought after retreat strategists for coaches, speakers, authors and travel professionals and the owner of Journeys of the Spirit Travel®, a boutique agency specializing in the planning and management of group travel. Through vast experience and her love for travel, Sheri created a totally online business she can run from anywhere in the world. Through her Wanderlust Entrepreneur Community and her signature course, The Retreat Blueprint Program, she has...


Johanna Garton Shares The Inspiring Story Of Mountaineer Christine Boskoff

Writer Johanna Garton provides a gripping and powerful tribute to human endurance and one of the greatest unknown stories in mountaineering in her book, "Edge of The Map," a story of resiliency, seeking to find your passions, travel and adventure. Christine Boskoff, who disappeared while climbing in China in 2006, was the only American woman to summit 8,000 meter peaks. She ran a mountain guiding company and lived her life in a world which was almost exclusively male and found herself under...


Neale Bayly Is A Motorcycle Rider, Philanthropist, Adventurer And Master Storyteller

Neale Bayly has a lifetime of storytelling adventures and travelled in over 80 countries, more than 50 of them on a motorcycle, as a photojournalist, two-time Tele award winning television producer-host, and as a humanitarian. He formed Wellspring International Outreach to benefit sick and abandoned children in Peru, South Africa, and Kenya. Today, Neale is still just as passionate about motorcycles, travel, and philanthropy as ever and is working on his next documentary to bring the old...


Land Remote Jobs And Work From Anywhere With Mike Swigunski

In his best-selling book, "Global Career: How to Work Anywhere & Travel Forever," Mike Swigunski shares what he's learned from years of trial and error about how to travel long-term and advance your career. Mike is the founder of GlobalCareer.io, an international job board for remote workers. Mike explores the future and explains how in today's world, the workforce is remote. But he explains how the real future of work will be more flexible and likely to be one where workers are focused on...


Black Tomato Provides Reassurance To Book A Much-Deserved Getaway

Brendan Drewniany, Director of Communications at Black Tomato, a luxury travel company in the US and the UK, shares some innovative approaches to create handcrafted travel experiences designed for your new travel memories. Find out what the newest trends are in travel and where to go in 2021 to shake up your bucket list!


Flash Fiction Changes How We Tell Stories With Writer Nancy Stohlman

For over a decade, Nancy Stohlman has been writing, publishing and teaching flash fiction around the world. Much of her creative process is finding the sweet spot as a writer, performer and innovator and she teaches at the University of Colorado Boulder. Nancy tells us about her new book on the writing of flash fiction, "Going Short: An Invitation to Flash Fiction," and her future Flash Fiction Retreats for 2021/2022. Flash fiction is changing the way we tell stories and Nancy is an...


Embracing Humanity Through Music, Medicine and the Peace Corps

While in the Peace Corps in Malawi, Africa, and living in extreme circumstances, Dr. Jack Allison found inner resources allowing him to not only thrive, but to give the best of what he had to those who needed it the most. And he never intended to write the #1 hit song in Malawi or be described by Newsweek as more popular than Malawi’s own president. Since 1967 Dr. Allison has raised $160,000.00 with his music, and he & his wife, Sue Wilson, have given away all of those monies to various...


Unexpected Travel Twists In 2020 Challenge And Excite Patrick Fitzsimmons

Patrick Fitzsimmons knows going beyond his comfort zone and taking risks reap rewards. His transition to what was the beginning of a well-planned career move and life style choice became a challenging and exciting chapter of his life. When Patrick was last on Speaking of Travel, he had recently returned from a trip of a lifetime to Patagonia and had certainly added some challenge and excitement to his life. But nothing compared to what was to be an even more challenging and exciting chapter...


The Coca-Cola Trail Provides A New Look At A Trusted Friend

Author Larry Jorgensen conducted extensive research in current and former Coca-Cola communities to create The Coca-Cola Trail, a journey to discover the history of the world's most recognized product. Discover why Larry decided to research and write this book and what contributed most to the early growth and popularity of Coca-Cola and how did the bottling of Coca-Cola get started. His new book, "Return to the Coca Cola Trail More People and Places in the History of Coca Cola" further...


Sara Barrack Thanks Travel For Her Confidence Moving Through Life

Sara Barrack was a child traveler and learned not to be afraid of trying something new and that experiencing new things is a joy. She shares why traveling was a great way to see how one handles life when things don't always go smoothly and why as an adult she is confident in herself, whether traveling or not. Sara explores the profound influence of traveling early in life and the perspective travel elicits. For her, friendships forged while traveling have a certain elevated quality and its...


Jennifer Dougherty Provides Humor To Help Bounce Back From Being Bummed Out

Feeling bummed out you can't travel right now? Stressed about the upcoming holidays? You'll love this show! Jennifer Dougherty is a health/life coach and a comedian who uses humor to help people make a comeback. She explains how you can spark a revolution of positive change in your life with humor and be a happier person. Setbacks happen to all of us. Jennifer explains how to turn a setback into a comeback. These are no doubt uncertain times, so learn why humor gives us the strength to keep...