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Welcome to Speaking of Travel, an IHeart Radio show and a global podcast. Host Marilyn Ball speaks to people from around the world about their inspiring and uplifting travel experiences and is having an impact in bringing awareness to the travel and tourism industry that is oriented around sustainability and education. No Passport Required!

Welcome to Speaking of Travel, an IHeart Radio show and a global podcast. Host Marilyn Ball speaks to people from around the world about their inspiring and uplifting travel experiences and is having an impact in bringing awareness to the travel and tourism industry that is oriented around sustainability and education. No Passport Required!


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Welcome to Speaking of Travel, an IHeart Radio show and a global podcast. Host Marilyn Ball speaks to people from around the world about their inspiring and uplifting travel experiences and is having an impact in bringing awareness to the travel and tourism industry that is oriented around sustainability and education. No Passport Required!






Connie Berry Writes From A Place Of Passion, History And The British Isles

Connie Berry’s dream of becoming an archaeologist ended when she learned there was more to it than discovering the tombs of lost pharaohs. Instead, she created the Kate Hamilton Mystery series, set in the UK and featuring an American antiques dealer with a gift for solving crimes. Her sense of place and love of the British Isles sets the tone for adventure and mystery. Connie shares how she first fell in love with the British Isles and what part the setting plays in her novels. Also on...


Andy Teirstein’s Work Is Inspired By World Traditions And Travel

Andy Teirstein composes for film, opera, and movement theater and he finds inspiration in the folk roots of modern culture and as a folk fiddle and banjo player. His new album, “Restless Nation,” reflects, musically, on his many travels. Andy's early life reflects an eclectic background comprised of music, clown work, exploration, and acting. A vagabond by nature, his travels have helped bring strangers together, shatter stereotypes and open our minds to limitless possibility. The Village...


Becoming A Mindful And Savvy Traveler With Marilyn Ball And Richard Crawford

Marilyn Ball, host of Speaking of Travel, and Richard Crawford of the Amazon Prime show, Leave No Trace TV, share current travel stories and tips to help you become a savvy traveler and equip you with skills to make travel easy. Even pre-pandemic, there was a surge in consumer consciousness and places were being built on sustainability. Ricky shares tips for choosing certified sustainable accommodations and what standards we should look for. Marilyn and Ricky also explore sustainable...


Travel Industry Rebounds With Stronger Strategic Partnerships And Economic Empowerment

Mark Collins, partnerships manager with RomanticAsheville.com, is at the center of creating successful partnerships in the travel and tourism industry and shares how cooperation and partnerships are used to achieve business and community goals. Mark shares how the resiliency of the travel industry over these past few years has helped turn us more into sustainable tourists, with an aim to travel with a light environmental footprint, to support local communities and to help protect culture...


Doing Good Feels Good And Generates A Ripple Effect Of Goodness

Diana Ralston is the founder and executive director of Can’d Aid, a national nonprofit that is creating a movement rallying people to become catalysts for change in their own communities through an unconventional approach to giving back. Diana’s many years of experience in the nonprofit sector and her entrepreneurial approach is changing the way people think about philanthropy. Can’d Aid's roots were founded along with Oskar Blues Brewery during a natural disaster with a fundamental belief...


The Gulf Coast Is Not A Sacrifice Zone For Pollution

Dayna Reggero of the Climate Listening Project is collaborating with Gulf Coast locals to help protect the place they love from oil and gas development through filming and making art to lift up the truth tellers. The Gulf Coast is not a sacrifice zone for pollution with already existing oil and gas development and now with 24 proposed LNG gas export terminals. This will be very harmful for the fragile environment and will be a hardship for the people living there. The Gulf Coast is home to...


Speaking Of Travel And Leave No Trace TV Series With Richard Crawford

Richard Crawford, host of the Amazon Prime TV show, Leave No Trace, shares his recent journey to Australia and what it's like to travel today, addresses some of the challenges for sustainable tourism, and provides tips for becoming a more mindful traveler. Richard is passionate about the health of our planet and helps us highlight the importance of conservation, sustainable travel and eco-tourism and inspires our actions through environmental stewardship. In his television show, Richard...


Hilde Lysiak Wrote Her Memoir And Inspires Others To Pursue Their Passions

At 15, Hilde Lysiak believes you can accomplish anything, regardless of age or gender. In her memoir, Hilde on the Record, she shares her journey in finding her voice and discovering what is most meaningful in her life. At age seven she launched a newspaper and realized kids can plunge into the world and take action. Today she feels like her own world is just beginning. Hilde is an American journalist and is a gifted young woman with an open-mind who is bringing her energy, ideas and...


Sardinia Is Historical, Stunning And Rich In Traditions Of Ancient Roots

Sonya and Frank DiPalma recently spent time in Sardinia, Italy, as part of Sonya’s research for a book about the Homeless European Land Project (HELP) which provided refuge for about a dozen displaced persons in the late 1950s thanks to actress Hope Lange and actor Don Murray. HELP served as a model for the United Nations for resettlement of refugees and it also influenced the creation of the Peace Corps. Frank planned the trip around the island from Cardedu, Oristano, Simaxis, Sorso, Porto...


Marco Caratelli Preserves The Atmosphere Of Medieval Siena With Fine Painting

Born in Siena, Italy, a small medieval city in the heart of Tuscany, Marco Caratelli paints traditional Sienese art reprographics, replicating the work of the Sienese painters of the Middle Ages and the Renaissance. Every piece Marco creates is different, special and unique. Marco specializes in the egg-yolk tempera technique, as described in the famous manual on painting by Cennino Cennini (14th century). He reproduces the world-renowned "Biccherne" panels which were painted, wooden covers...


Taking A Tour Is A Great Way To Discover A City

Georgette Blau, founder of On Location Tours, offers the only TV and movie-themed bus and walking tours in NYC and Boston. Discover why her tours are a unique part of tourism and the phenomenon of TV and movie tours. Georgette founded On Location Tours in 1999 and it has quickly become one of the East Coast’s most popular tourist attractions serving over 100,000 tourists and locals annually. On Location Tours provides an opportunity to straddle fiction and reality so you feel as though you...


An African Safari Opens Your Mind And Awakens Your Senses

Toby Brown, the U.S. partner, director of marketing, and head safari coordinator at Outdoor Africa, shares how traveling to this special place of the world provides amazing and life-changing experiences. Toby began 2022 with trips to Tanzania and South Africa and was thrilled to be back to places so near and dear to his heart. Whether you are planning your first safari or a return visit, the team at Outdoor Africa provides deep-seated connections to help you plan a trip created uniquely for...


Richard Crawford Of Leave No Trace TV Begins Season Two

The Speaking of Travel + Leave No Trace Series With Richard Crawford, continues. Like many modern-day explorers, Richard has the unique ability to blend adventure with a conscious effort to use his show, Leave No Trace TV, as a platform to raise awareness of environmental issues and sustainability that challenges our world. His passion for the environment leads him on some very impressive adventures. Richard shares his most recent adventures to Belize and Fogo Island for season two of...


The Joy Of Riding Is Reason Enough To Own A Motorcycle

I’ve heard from many people over the years that riding a motorcycle gives you the total blending of your mind and body and you can actually have a meditative and somewhat spiritual experience. Michael Gouge, editor of Blue Ridge Motorcycling Magazine and senior lecturer of mass communication at UNC Asheville, shares how motorcycling is a stress reliever and a confidence builder and helps boost your wellbeing. Also Kyle Ellison, founder of Wai Mauna SUP Tours, explains how paddle boarding...


Grow Abroad Asheville Fosters International Cooperation, Community Outreach And Lifelong Relationships

Katie Wilson, Director and CEO of Grow Abroad Asheville, is a born teacher and life-long learner with a purpose to connect people, places and ideas. Grow Abroad Asheville helps create future agents of change and global citizens. “It is my purpose on this planet to connect people, places, and ideas. I believe in the necessity of empowering one another and believe it is done through fun, play, and support." Katie shares how Grow Abroad Asheville provides opportunities for intercultural...


Humanitarian Aid To Cuba Helps Support The People And Provides Hope

Jenny Cressman is an author and occasional travel agent living in Canada who specializes in Cuba. Jenny shares how her recent trip provided an insider’s look at the resourcefulness and resiliency of the Cuban people. Jenny shares how one of the key reasons for this trip was to deliver some humanitarian aid – mainly basic “medicine-cabinet” items such as ibuprofen, acetaminophen and naproxen. And some interesting news on the medical front regarding what the Cubans are doing to stay safe....


Sierra Club Partners With The Climate Listening Project To Help Save The Gulf Coast

Dayna Reggero is a documentary film director and founder of a collaborative storytelling effort called the Climate Listening Project. Kelly Sheehan is the Senior Director of Energy Campaigns for the Sierra Club, where she leads a national effort to advance climate justice and a transition off of fossil fuels. With huge strides being made in the quest for climate action and the general wellbeing of the planet, Dayna and Kelly highlight what it will take for the population in the Gulf to have...


Building Environmental Awareness And Embracing A Green Lifestyle With Richard Crawford

The Speaking of Travel + Leave No Trace Series continues with Richard Crawford, host of the Amazon Prime series, Leave No Trace. Richard reviews principles of ecotourism and provides knowledge on how to create a sustainable way to travel. As we get out and begin traveling again, it's time for all of us to know the difference between green, eco-, and sustainable tourism. Richard shares how important it is to pay attention when you travel after the pandemic and think about choosing certified...


James Parton Is Inspiring Collective Action To Protect Global Ecosystems

Nineteen-year-old James Parton is a photographer and filmmaker and is creating a movie about ecology and the connectedness of global ecosystems. The project focuses on less known issues and brings them into the spotlight to help provide solutions for all of us. James plans to show what we can do to help combat these situations. His stories are uplifting and inspiring as he creates a collective community to help make a positive change. Also on Speaking of Travel, Garrett Martin, an...


Ecology Project International Is Building A Brighter And More Sustainable Future

Juan Carlos Zuniga is a biologist and the program manager of the Costa Rico site for Ecology Project International (EPI). He shares how their hands-on, science-focused programs around the world are life-changing. Founded as a nonprofit organization in 2001, Ecology Project International creates positive long-term environmental impacts through its science education programs, conservation initiatives, and engagement with local communities and partners. EPI's travel programs are designed to...