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Two sisters, Ally & Leah, dish on their shared love for reality tv! Between the two of them they have all your favorite shows covered, but the one that brought them together is.... Love After Lockup. Join Ally & Leah every Tuesday as they spill it, sister!

Two sisters, Ally & Leah, dish on their shared love for reality tv! Between the two of them they have all your favorite shows covered, but the one that brought them together is.... Love After Lockup. Join Ally & Leah every Tuesday as they spill it, sister!
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Two sisters, Ally & Leah, dish on their shared love for reality tv! Between the two of them they have all your favorite shows covered, but the one that brought them together is.... Love After Lockup. Join Ally & Leah every Tuesday as they spill it, sister!




MTV's The Challenge War of the World's 2 Episodes 14 & 15

In this week’s episode, you are getting the 2 for 1 special! The sisters are recapping last week’s episode of The Challenge: Declaration of Independence and the Finale: Part One! In their recap of last week’s episode, Ally and Leah cannot contain their excitement about all the irony, from Cara saying how much she loves the challenge to Paulie saying how he is “at his peak.” Equally as is exciting is getting to see Jordan saw his arch nemeses out of the air during the Mine the Cart...


90 Day Fiancé: We Need to Talk Season 7 Episode 5

This week on Spill it, Sister, we need to talk, about the latest episode of 90 Day Fiancé. Ally and Leah are back from Thanksgiving break ready to spill all the hot tea! The sisters talk timelines when it comes to having kids, and why Natalie might feel like she needs to hurry up and get pregnant with Mike’s super tall babies. We learn about Mike’s... interesting... view on aliens and what this means for their future children. Ally describes for us a much better honeycomb altar than...


90 Day Fiancé: You Don't Forget Your Past Season 7 Ep. 4

On this week's episode of Spill it, Sister, Ally & Leah break down episode 4 of 90 Day Fiance: You Don't Forget Your Past. The sisters start off with their overall thoughts on the season and couples so far, and one couple they hope will not be on the show, we have enough Michaels as it is. We kick of the show with Sarah meeting Juliana for the first time, and she is DEFINITELY not jealous of such a tall, exotic, gorgeous, sexy, talented, intelligent, well-traveled woman. The sisters discuss...


Love After Lockup: To Con a Convict; Wedding Crashers & Cheaters Season 2c ep 38 &39

In this week’s episode, the sisters are covering the season finale of Love After Lockup, which includes 2 full episodes and the insane Life After Lockup preview, so buckle up, it’s a long one folks! Ally and Leah discuss the dynamics of Alex and Glorietta’s “relationship” and whether all of this was just staged in an attempt to land Alex a record deal. Speaking of songbirds of our generation, we get another lovely rendition of Leah singing as Alex, and needless to say, Alex nor Leah will be...


MTV's The Challenge: War of the World's 2 episodes 12 &13

On this week of the girlfriend's guide to The Challenge, Ally and Leah are giving you two for one! The last two episodes of The Challenge were an emotional roller coaster and the sisters are here to scream and laugh about all of the drama right along with you! We start off with our weekly dose of salt from Cara, as she opts out of the engagement party for the happy couple Jordan and Tori. The betrayal heard around the world happens as we discuss our favorite OnlyFans star, Rogan, and how he...


90 Day Fiancé: What Am I Worth To You Season 7 Ep. 3

Ally and Leah are back to recap 90 Day Fiancé and somehow after only 3 episodes, we realize some people just aren't that likable. **Listen until the end for a major spoiler** Anny and Robert go to the thrift store and out for dinner when Anny has to learn money doesn't grow on trees. We meet Mike and Natalie this week along Uncle Beau. Ally like's Mike but Leah is not here for his financial struggles. Anna and Mursel infuriate us and we can't figure out her kids are the struggle of the...


Love After Lockup: Blinded by Love Season 2c Ep. 37

We’re back with an all-new episode of Love After Lockup this week and dare we say this was the cringe we’ve all been begging for? Lacey and Shane are in the bakery cake tasting for their upcoming wedding when we learn Shane is a cake tasting connoisseur with a refined palette. It turns out seahorses made from a candy mold is the way to Shane’s heart. Like all great couples do when wedding planning Shane takes this opportunity to ask Lacey if she’s spoken to her ex-fiancé, John. Cake tasting...


90 Day Fiancé: They Don't Know Season 7 Episode 2

Ally and Leah are loving season 7 of 90 Day Fiancé and are here to break down the latest episode, They Don’t Know. Ally expresses her true feelings for Tania with nothing held back. The sisters agree that popping champagne or anything else in an airport is a real big no-no. That along with Tania's minions busting into their hotel room is almost too much to handle. The sisters get to meet Juliana and agree that she is likable, however, there is something deeper going on with this...


Love After Lockup: Truth & Consequences Season 2c Ep. 36

**Hey listeners we had to record this recap remotely due to Ally traveling so the audio may sound a little different than usual** Ally and Leah are recapping the latest episode of Love After Lockup: Truth & Consequences. As usual, the sisters start off my serving you the latest piping hot tea from social media before deep-diving into the episode. Lacey, Shane, and John are finally all together and the sisters have some questions about how they all ended up on a different parking lot...


MTV's The Challenge War of the Worlds 2 : All is Fair in Love and War Season 34 Ep. 11

War of The Worlds 2: All is Fair in Love and War season 34 Ep. 11 On this week of the Challenge, we open to Team UK feeling the effects of Georgia going home. The plan continues to follow the path that Paulie and Cara have built for those bravest to follow the “Death Angels” Theo has proclaimed his hatred for everyone in the house and has no desire to work with anyone. Jenny appears to finally find a voice when she tells Rogan how weak Kayleigh is and she has zero intention of carrying...


90 Day Fiance: I Want to Kiss You Season 7 Ep. 1

Season 7 of 90 Day Fiance is here and the sisters couldn't be more excited! We recap the new couples and all the chaos they bring to the table. Ally & Leah can't help themselves and have to make a couple of bee puns when they discuss Anna and Mursel. These two love bugs stole the sisters' hearts, but not as much as Omar did! We meet Michael and discuss the... circumstances... under which he met his girlfriend Juliana who the cutest kid in the world, Max, points out is only 12 years older...


Love After Lockup: Love or Con? Season 2c Ep.35

Ally & Leah recap the latest episode of Love After Lockup "Love or Con?" In this week's recap, we start off by talking about the cast social media chaos before breaking down the episode. The sisters have a few questions about prison releases and how Lacey is up at 6 am post Max and Erma's hangover to fight with Shane over John. John is a free man and is ultimately curious about the weather. In other throuple news, we meet the angel we've all been needing! Juliana, makes her appearance...


The Challenge, War of the Worlds 2: Infinity War Ep.10

This week on Ally & Leah's recap of The Challenge, the sisters will be discussing all of the insane drama that was "Infinity War." As usual, they will also make sure you are up to date on all the latest social media drama! We finally get to see the Turbo exit and it was, not what we expected! Nany is the MVP of this episode because she is calling out Ashley for being the cause of all of this. We see the further fall out of the Cara/Paulie vs. Tori/Jordan alliances and it is clear that...


Love After Lockup: Dangerous Engagements Season 2c Ep. 34

Ally & Leah have a special reason to celebrate on this episode and they are (literally) poppin' bottles! So grab some bubbly and buckle up to watch this week's dumpster fire. The episode starts with the sister's recap of all the social media drama, on our insta: @spillitsisterpodcast and other cast member's pages. Shane, Lacey and her boobs are out to play this week while Shane puts his best effort into a proposal to Lacey. The vodka tonic drinks are flowing and this whole interaction...


The Challenge, War of the World's 2 : The Royal Rumble Ep. 9

Welcome back to the girlfriend's guide to the Challenge, where sisters Ally & Leah are giving you all the dirt you really want to know about season 34 of the Challenge. The sisters open up the episode with some great hair care advice from a current cast member! Georgia and Theo try to amp up Team UK to become a "cohesive" team... Rogan pledges his loyalty to his Queen... Paulie We see the power couples wrestling on the ground for major cloudt and Turbo declares Tori and Cara the winners...


Love After Lockup: Love the Way You Lie Season 2c Ep. 33

Welcome back to the Spill it, Sister recap of Love After Lockup, Season 2c Ep. 33: Love the Way You Lie. Ally & Leah break down the episode and bring you all the latest tea from the crazy world of Love After Lockup social media. Angela litters the parking lot of the jail while going through Tony's phone, where she finds out he's been chatting with someone named Michelle (or Michael?) Shout out last season of Love After Lockup! We got some tea on our insta which indicates that there have...


The Challenge, War of the World's 2: Saving Private Esther Ep. 8

Welcome back to the girlfriend's guide to the challenge, where sisters Ally & Leah are giving you all the dirt you really want to know about all things The Challenge. The ladies are recapping the latest episode of War of the Worlds 2: Saving Private Esther, as well as bringing you all the latest social media updates and tea. Ally expresses her further heartbreak this episode when Rogan decides to team up with Para, or is it Cauli? Leah learns a new term for liars and her life will never be...


Love After Lockup: Snitches Get Stitches Season 2c Ep. 32

Love After Lockup never disappoints us when it comes to the cringeworthy moments. Angela and Tommy are pulled over on the side of the road while Angela has a breakdown over her text from BFF Federal Marshal. Tony was discovered by police at the gym while trying to keep his #weddingbod hot for Angela. We get a lovely shot of Glorietta and Alex's hotel room where we see an empty bottle of Patron and a disturbing amount of Mr. bubbles bottles. Ally and Leah debate on who grossed us about...


The Challenge, War of the Worlds 2: Zero Dark Turbo Ep. 7

Ally and Leah are recapping this week's episode of The Challenge, Zero Dark Turbo. Overall we thought the episode was a bit of a let down when it came to the Turbo v. Jordan drama. All we know is, WE STAN TORI! We learn about what a face pack is and pray that Josh will someday give it up with Georgia, it's not going to happen Josh, stop trying to make fetch happen! Ally and Leah discuss strategies for this week's challenge and decide that would have been really good at the job Ashley had,...


Exclusive Interview w/ Lacey from Love After Lockup

Ally & Leah are so excited to chat with Lacey from Love After Lockup! We start off hearing from Lacey about her background and let her know how awesome we think her dad is. She let's us know about her next career move and how she got into cam modeling in the first place! We play a couple rounds of bang, marry, kill with Love After Lockup and Teen Mom 2 cast. Lacey reveals the most interesting place she's ever done the deed, and it's a doozy! We discuss how she got cast for the show and...