Episode #009 Janet Billig-Rich

Welcome to the music biz. Well, the music biz back in the late Eighties and the Nineties. Meet Janet Billig-Rich, artist manager, record label exec, and nowadays a TV and movie music supervisor, producer, and an all around wonderful lady. Janet worked with everybody from Hole to Nirvana, from Bad Brains to Smashing Pumpkins, Dinosaur Jr to The Breeders and Guided By Voices to Lisa Loeb, and the list goes on. But somewhere in there she took a big turn and got involved in co-producing one of...


Episode #008 Isabelle Legeron

On the eve of the 2018 Berlin RAW wine fair I sat down with Isabelle Legeron to discuss her path to becoming one of the main advocates and activists in the world of low intervention wines. Hear me ask fundamentally stupid questions and enjoy her very patient and eyeopening answers!


Episode #007 Erika Anderson

Fiery rocker and Gesamtkunstwerk Erika Anderson, who makes stellar records under the name EMA visited me in the room above the wine bar between her two opening slots in Berlin for Depeche Mode earlier this year. We spoke about he coming up in the Mid West, moving to the Bay Area and now living in Portland, Oregon, where things are just as complicated as everywhere else these days.


Episode #006 Krist Novoselic

Former grunge rocker Krist Novoselic is very active in trying to bring real change to the US electoral system and its many flaws. Listen to him going really deep into the weeds of it all. Not a grunge cast. Sorry!


Episode #005 Joe Sacco

Let's go to the comics. In this episode I'm talking with Joe Sacco, who is responsible for some of the greatest comic art and journalism out there.


Episode #004 Ryan Lott

On the eve of the release of his band Son Lux's new album, Ryan Lott talks about growing up as a musical child prodigy, about how a "freak pastor" helped him to sink to the depth of pop music, and how modern dance to this day informs the music of his band...


Episode #003 Jonathan Taplin

Tour manager in the sixties, movie producer in the seventies, investment banker in the eighties, academic and tech entrepreneur since the nineties, and now the author of a really compelling book, Jonathan Taplin has a lot to talk about. Let's hear it.


Episode #002 Mary Mancini

I first met Mary Mancini because she is married to Kurt Wagner of the band Lambchop. I have known both of them since the mid Nineties. When we first met she ran a punk rock record store and all ages venue. Something for the kids. Now she runs the Democratic Party of Tennessee. Let's find out what the difference is.


Episode #001 John Niven

John Niven is the Scottish novelist most famous for his book "Kill Your Friends" about an obnoxious character in the British music industry of the Nineties... Here we talk about his background, his many other books, screenwriting for Hollywood and Putin.