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We run the risk of ruining our childhoods by revisiting fondly remembered films.Hosted by Robert Johnson and Christopher Webb

We run the risk of ruining our childhoods by revisiting fondly remembered films.Hosted by Robert Johnson and Christopher Webb


New Zealand


We run the risk of ruining our childhoods by revisiting fondly remembered films.Hosted by Robert Johnson and Christopher Webb






46. Footrot Flats: The Dog's Tale

It's New Zealand Special time again, so Rob has chosen the feature length adaptation of the much loved comic strip FOOTROT FLATS: A DOG'S TALE. Is it a slice of heaven, or a giant pile of dog poo?


45. Sliding Doors

What would happen if you missed your train and your life split in two? Would you cut your hair and quote Monty Python? Or would you bring out some rather whiffy candles? That's what Rob and Chris are here to decide as we talk about the 1998 'what if' rom-com, SLIDING DOORS.


44. Harry & The Hendersons (w. Rob Marland)

If you go down to the woods today, be sure of a big surprise. And that big surprise is ... special guest Rob Marland from the fantastic My Mum Has Seen A Movie podcast. Together, we compare foot sizes and discuss the 1987 sasquatch favourite HARRY & THE HENDERSONS.


43. Batman Returns

Welcome to our 2019 Christmas Special, where we take a look at the ultimate Christmas action movie. No, not THAT one; we're looking at the festive kinky filth-fest that is BATMAN RETURNS. Keaton, Pfeiffer, De Vito, and Walken In A Winter Wonderland. Merry Xmas, Sag-Podders!


42. Face/Off

JOHNSON/WEBB ... Yes, Rob and Chris lovingly smear their hands over each other's faces, as they discuss the 1997 head-exchange action classic FACE/OFF. This podcast is just under 1 hour long, so if you listen to it twice, you'll have enough time to eat a peach.


41. Killer Klowns From Outer Space (w. Fran Jolley)

Our 3rd annual Halloween Special [insert spooky sound effect] has been made even more special by having a special guest: music journalist and patron of the very helpful Comedy Podcast Devotees site, Fran Jolley. He's chosen everyone's 2nd or 3rd favourite scary clown movie (or 4th if you include the 'It' mini-series) KILLER KLOWNS FROM OUTER SPACE, for us to enjoy. Rob and Chris had never seen this before, so there's plenty for us all to experience.


40. Short Circuit

If it's input you're after, then look no further. Rob & Chris are aliiiiiiive as we trundle back to 1986 and see how the robot right-to-life adventure SHORT CIRCUIT stands up. It's just a cute story about a charming robot and his boffin pals. Surely nothing offensive or problematic .... oh!


39. Tales Of The Unexpected (2019)

As Roald Dahl Day rapidly approaches, we're doing exactly what we did last year and are each choosing an old episode of TALES OF THE UNEXPECTED. Bet you didn't see that coming! Rob has chosen the glove-heavy antics of LIGHT FINGERS, while Chris has opted to listen to spiders singing and flowers screaming in THE SOUND MACHINE.


38. The Fugitive

We've unshackled our chains, shaved our beards off and applied vast quantities of Grecian 2000 to tackle the 1993 action movie adaptation of THE FUGITIVE. As well as the normal top-notch blather, Rob tells a disturbing tale from his past which reveals why he has such a connection to Dr Richard Kimble.


37. Big Trouble In Little China (w. Marek Larwood)

For our 2nd birthday, join us as we ride the Porkchop Express into San Francisco's Chinatown region with Kurt Russell and various kung fu experts. Also along for the ride is our incredibly special guest, Marek Larwood.


36. Young Sherlock Holmes

The game's afoot, lemon entry, etc. It's time to see where it all began for little Sherlock and his chum Watson in the 1985 romp, YOUNG SHERLOCK HOLMES. Does it go down in a Silver Blaze of glory, or is it a big load of Reichenbach Falls? Why not find out for yourselves, listeners.


35. Yellowbeard

We talk about the 1983 not-Python sea-fairing epic YELLOWBEARD to see if it's stood the test of time. Is it the epic comedic magnum opus of our time, or is it the Expendables of shit comedy? Tune in and find out. [WARNING: this episode was recorded in a heavy rainstorm, so there may be a bit of background noise. Sorry!]


34. The Tall Guy

Take a deep breath, prepare for the worst, the laziest podcasters in the uniiveeeeeerse! Yes, we're back. Again. Sorry we're late. We hope our revisit of Richard Curtis' 1989 comedy THE TALL GUY will in some small way make up for it. Music kindly provided by The Sonic Jewels.


33. Class

Rob has taken us back to 1983, where we visit the raunchy goings-on of Andrew McCarthy and Jacqueline Bissett in CLASS. Is it an 80's Graduate or a rehash of Animal House? Can't say. But there's a very young John Cusack hanging about, and that bloke who says "Darn it" in Speed. Our theme music is kindly provided by The Sonic Jewels.


32. Drop Dead Fred

Everyone's favourite puerile kids' comedy about mental cruelty, manipulation and paranoid schizophrenia. Yes, it's the 1991 movie DROP DEAD FRED, starring Rik 'we love you Rik' Mayall and Phoebe 'which one of you bitches is my mother' Cates. Have fun, snot-faces!


31. Raising Arizona

COENS ... CAGE ... COLETTA (Anne) ... COLLINS (Phil). Yes, Still Any Good is back - and this time it's personal. Well, it's the personal choice of one of our beloved listeners. Did we think that RAISING ARIZONA was a Coen classic, or just a big ol' pile of quirky baby-shit? Why not listen and find out.


30. Home Alone

An episode once thought lost, has been found... Yup, it’s our incredibly overdue HOME ALONE episode. Sorry we’re late. Let’s hope that at this drab post-festive time of the year, listening to Rob & Chris banging on endlessly about a 28 year old kids’ film will give you all some much needed belated Christmas spirit.


29. White Men Can't Jump

Summer's here and the time is right for getting a bouncy ball and trying to throw it into a little hoop with a net on it. We're heading back to 1992 to take a look at the Snipes/Harrelson/Perez b-ball hit WHITE MEN CAN'T JUMP. Will it be a [insert basketball phrase], or just a load of [basketball term goes here]? Warning: podcast contains a squeaky chair and some remarkable Rosie Perez impersonations.


28. Spider-Man (1977 TV Pilot)

As a tribute to the late Stan Lee, we've gone back to the first live-action adaptation of his work. If you don't include a cheap cameo in a weird kids' TV show. In the feature length pilot of what became THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN, we really do see Peter Parker do whatever a spider can. But only if the spider in question wore massive collars on its shirt, live in a grotty attic, and keep trying to borrow $46 from everyone.


27. Creepshow

What happens when two masters of horror decide to work together? Well, when it's Stephen King and George A Romero, you get a zany anthology featuring Leslie Nielsen, a tiny Ted Danson, and an un-bald Ed Harris ... dancin'. Yes, get under the duvet, it's the 1982 horror comic CREEPSHOW. Music as ever is kindly provided by The Sonic Jewels.