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Everyone has a story to share. An idea-generator, Dr. Judy Oskam explores how people deal with change and embrace creativity. Judy is a Professor of Mass Communication at Texas State University.


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Everyone has a story to share. An idea-generator, Dr. Judy Oskam explores how people deal with change and embrace creativity. Judy is a Professor of Mass Communication at Texas State University.






Wendy Conklin - Life Whimsy

Do you want to live a more CREATIVE life? On this episode, I talk with Chair Whimsy founder Wendy Conklin. She is a designer, an artisan, an educator and an entreprenista. A visionary thought leader, Wendy is leading a MOVEMENT to live more creatively. Her brand includes custom chairs, online courses, business retreats and more. Wendy's new book is entitled Life Whimsy: How to Think, Play and Work more Creatively. WENDY'S BIO Many people dream about making their passion project their...


Reena Philpot - Sales Mentor

Show Notes I couldn't believe could get paid for visiting people. Reena Philpot is an accomplished business owner and expert salesperson. She loves connecting with people and, after hearing her story, you will too. Reena' s approach to sales is all about helping others. I just wanted everybody to fall in love with helping other people. Reena (pronounced Re-nay) went from her telemarketing job - making calls in a closet - to a successful career in sales. Today she teaches owners...


Geoff Girvitz - Dad Strength

Geoff Girvitz is a father, a business founder, and the host of the Dad Strength Podcast. He has learned to work with his Unique Strengths to build an intentional, meaningful life. Geoff is the owner of Toronto-based Bang Fitness. He's also a Tiny Habits Certified Coach. Geoff built Dad Strength as a community for purpose-driven dads who want to have regular conversations about the stuff that matters—as fathers and as men. During our conversation, we talk about the important role Dads play...


Season Preview

Happy New Year - I want to share a quick preview of some of my upcoming episodes. Dad Strength PodcastBang Personal TrainingSelling with Charm Podcast.Corrie LeggeParenting Aging ParentsMy new friend, Reena Philpot, sets goals for the year with her family. She also has a 'word' of the year. My word for 2023 is GRATEFUL. Listen to this short preview and you'll hear why. If you've a story to tell, or know someone who does - please send me an email at I wish you the...


Julie Bouche - The Journey Blueprint

Are you on a JOURNEY? What's your relationship between your body, your mind and food? Are you working through challenges related to food, health and body image? Society and social media send mixed messages that can impact our mindset and behavior. JULIE BOUCHE has traveled this journey. and now helps others. JULIE is an Intuitive Eating Coach and Tiny Habits Certified Coach. She helps people interested in transforming their mind, body and relationship with food. Julie uses an intuitive,...


Juni Felix: You are Worth the Work

JUNI FELIX was born into a whirlwind of trauma, abuse and poverty. Her mother was adopted from Tokyo when she was 4 years old. Juni says her mother never healed from her adoption abandonment wound. She watched her Mom struggle with loss her entire life. Juni spent her entire childhood on suicide watch over her mother. Today, Juni Felix is an advocate and champion for mental health, helping others begin their own healing journey. JUNI calls trauma 'bad code in the brain." During our...


Yolanda Nagy - Eatin' & Sippin' Locally

Yolanda J Nagy is the founder of Eatin' and Sippin' Locally LLC. She's a Farmers Market Consultant and Social Media Manager. A native Austinite, Yolanda showcases the best Texas markets, vendors and helps them build their business. She also writes for Edible Austin, a magazine dedicated to the Austin local scene. Yolanda helps Farmers Markets and vendors connect with their customers through social media. Her podcast, Eatin' and Sippin' Locally, features local farmers' markets and shopping...



Mother's Day Spotlight On this episode, I'm super excited to share this interview with my MOM - Joan (pronounced Jo Ann). She talks about what it was like to be a woman in the 1950's. During our conversation, Mom and I discuss the importance of family, travel, love and the power of choice. Resilient My folks were from Cedar Rapids, Iowa and met in high school. They started out with little money, worked hard and had to start over again in their 60's. I've always admired their...


Brittany Power - Tiny Habits for Moms

Mom, Fitness Expert, Tiny Habits Coach Brittany Power is a powerful woman. She is a mom of six ---3 sons from a previous marriage, 2 stepdaughters & a toddler. Throughout her life, Brittany has used her struggles as life lessons. A Leukemia cancer survivor, she experienced the life changing loss of her younger brother and watched her Dad disintegrate from Alzheimer’s. Brittany knows life is tough but women are tougher. Her success started with a rock bottom moment that was transformed...


Sugar Free Living - Andrea Spyros & Juni Felix

Do you struggle with sugar? Are you on a journey to live a healthier life? This is the interview for you. On this episode I talk with Certified Tiny Habits Coaches Andrea Spyros and Juni Felix. Juni Felix is a bestselling author of You are Worth the Work – Moving Forward from Trauma to Faith. She's a member of Dr. BJ Fogg’s Stanford University Behavior Design Teaching Team, a C.S. Lewis Institute Fellow, and a radio and podcast host. Learn more about Juni at Behavior...


Maci Wescott - Digital Marketer and Messaging Strategist

Maci Wescott is a digital marketer and messaging strategist who brings words and solutions together like magic. She works with clients on their copy, brand and launch planning. I've experienced Maci's expertise first hand. Maci dives deep to get to know her client and their business. But that's not where she started. Listen in and you'll hear how Maci took an unpaid internship that changed her career. Since taking that leap, Maci has worked on more than 200 launches, some resulting in...


Friendship: Wendy and Grace

Listen in as three good friends meet over margaritas and talk about family and the meaning of friendship. I've wanted to do an interview with my two friends - Wendy Conklin and Grace Capwell - for some time. Wendy is the founder of Chair Whimsy. Grace Capwell is a strategic communications leader. Over the years we've shared our experiences as women......moms, wives, daughters, aunts and sisters. We're all different ages and in various stages of our lives. We met when our children were young...


Lea Lane - Places I Remember

Travel - Just do it Talking with Lea Lane is like having coffee or a glass of wine with a dear friend. Interesting, educational and just plain fun. Over the years, Lea's been to more than 100 countries. During the pandemic she started her award-winning podcast, Places I Remember with Lea Lane. Lea Lane has written more than a thousand travel pieces and columns, and contributed to Fodor’s guidebooks and Unofficial Guides. She’s authored eight books, including award-winners Solo Traveler,...


Dr. Cassandra LeClair - Reclaiming My Voice

I'm honored to share this interview with my Texas State University colleague Dr. Cassandra LeClair. She's an author, professor, communication consultant, and motivational speaker. Dr. LeClair's story is powerful. For many years as a child, Cassandra was the victim of sexual abuse. For decades, she never told a soul. She shares the heartbreaking story of her abuse in her book Being Whole: Healing from Trauma and Reclaiming My Voice. Cassandra's mission is to educate individuals about how...


Pam Danyluk - Personal & Professional Development Coach

Pivot (verb) to make a significant change in position, strategy, or process On this episode, I had the pleasure of interviewing Personal and Professional Development Coach Pam Danyluk from her office in Canada. Pam Danyluk is an engineer-turned-coach, with a life story full of pivots. Her personal experience with CliftonStrengths shifted the way she approaches not only her career, but the rest of her life as well. In addition to coaching individuals and teams, Pam has helped hundreds...


Andrea Spyros - 5 Tips to Improve Your Public Speaking

Improve your public speaking skills In this episode, you'll learn 5 simple tips to help you become a more effective communicator. Andrea Spyros, Behavior Design expert and Tiny Habits Certified Coach, shows leaders and their teams a simple, science-based system to solve challenges with ease. Her keynotes and workshops help organizations break through the Myth of Motivation to see real results in all areas of operation. Andy talked about her entrepreneurial journey and how she builds...


Natalie Pappas - Tiger Lily Stories

Adoption, Culture and Family On this episode I was honored to interview Natalie Pappas. She was adopted from the Hunan Province of China when she was two years old. I was there on that September day. My husband and I adopted our oldest daughter from the same orphanage. A life changing event. Natalie Pappas created the online project Tiger Lily Stories to provide a space and a platform for adoptee voices and stories. During our conversation, we talk about race, adoption and Asian American...


Andrea Spyros - Creating Community

Andrea Spyros, Behavior Design expert and Tiny Habits Certified Coach, shows leaders and their teams a simple, science-based system to solve challenges with ease. Her keynotes and workshops help organizations break through the Myth of Motivation to see real results in all areas of operation. Spyros admits that she never really 'fit the mold.' She says her journey was messy. You'll love her honesty and humor. I think that's what makes her an effective, authentic communicator. For Andy,...


Jack Lowe - Fit for Life Foundation

On this episode you'll hear my interview with entrepreneur, author and fitness enthusiast Jack Lowe. I reached out to Jack after reading an article on the Ageist media site. I'm fascinated by his successful business career and what Jack calls his "end of career story. " At almost 80 years old, he's on a mission to change the idea of aging. Early this year, Jack Lowe released his new book Get Fit for Life: My Journey with Fitness, Health and Aging. You can find the book on Amazon. With a...


Personal Perspective - COVID

Show Notes On this solo-episode, I talk about change and creativity on a personal level. As a mom, teacher and coach - I share what I’m learning so it might help others. Please note, these opinions are my own. FYI - Given what we’ve all gone through these many months, this topic might trigger strong emotions about COVID. Despite being fully vaccinated and careful over the past year and a half - I tested positive for COVID this week. This is has given me additional insight and perspective...