Tony Guaraldi Brown Returns!

Tony, aka TGB Art, returns to discuss the evolution of personal projects on the way to completion, personal vs professional work, and the life epiphanies we gather along the way. Throughout it all, Tony ties everything to his ongoing project, and the reshaping of it as he reshapes his life. #aikidoyourself Follow Tony on FB & twitter @tgbArt, and on instagram @tony_guaraldi_brown. Subscribe to Storycraft on iTunes, Stitcher, Spotify or wherever you listen, and please rate & review kindly...


Jennifer Lynn Simpson

In a breath of fresh air to all the comics talk lately, the engaging and talented Jennifer Lynn Simpson joins me for a great talk about her new album "All I Know", available everywhere, the long road of pursuing dreams, the benefits of appreciating the journey and one's place on it, and the powerful influence your creative community has to get you, and keep you heading in the right direction. Plus, naturally, we go deep behind the scenes on her creative process and the way her particular...


Odin Abbott reveals how Odin Makes a YouTube show

YouTube Pop-Prop-Maker extraordinaire Odin Abbott breaks down the process behind his currently exploding YouTube show, and we peel back the fundamental personal layers of making things for decades. We simultaneously explore our decades long acquaintance only to find it's roots at a classic, but sadly departed, Northern California comic book shop. This epic chat was years in the making, doesn't disappoint in scope or entertainment value, and has some super fun reveals within! Watch &...


Working through grief 2, making art of it!

In another solo episode I tackle loss and family turmoil in the most practical terms possible, to share how I have been coping over the last handful of months. Although this is an intensely personal and somewhat emotional episode, I believe what I share could be helpful for all kinds of trauma, and all kinds of creators. Plus, I recommend a great book on entrepreneurial thinking and talk about combining intermittent fasting & stress! Subscribe to Storycraft on iTunes, Stitcher, Spotify or...


Bon Voyage Mike Dubisch, see you soon - plus, selling art on ebay

In a hilarious, emotional, insightful and info packed episode, Mike Dubisch says goodbye to Phoenix and our regular think-tank sessions on the show. It's not a full goodbye, but indeed a huge change from what was, and in turn we discuss the way life changes affect our work, as well as using life's big hurdles to catapult yourself to mixing metaphors... waitaminute-- Support Mike Dubisch at forbiddenfutures.net, and by keeping up with him on the socials. Subscribe to Storycraft on iTunes,...


Creator origins with Jack La Pick

Voiceover artist Jack La Pick chats with me about formative high school pressures, drama class & our early creative inspirations, the sometimes underwhelming realities of professional creative work, and finding your lane-- all through a healthy dose of hilarious anecdotes. Look for Jack to return in the near future! Subscribe to Storycraft on iTunes, Stitcher, Spotify or wherever you listen, and please rate & review kindly before sharing with your creative community. Please follow the...


Social skills are hard! With returning guest Stevie Rae Brown

Stevie Rae Brown (aka Stevie Spade) returns to talk about breaking into a new stand-up comedy scene after moving to Seattle in the spring, and how its hard to be a human with feelings. We also have a nice heart to heart about the emotional perils of doing conventions when you're down, and have an illegal amount of laughs. (I looked it up.) Subscribe to Storycraft on iTunes, Stitcher, Spotify or wherever you listen, and please rate & review kindly before sharing with your creative...


Discussing the Crumb Documentary 25 years later

Seamus Smith & I talk Robert Crumb the man and artist through the lens of "Crumb", the mind-blowing documentary from 1994 by Terry Zwigoff. Even after 25 years, and having built my own art career in the meantime, I was still floored by revisiting this film, and stunned at how much artists are alike at their core, even when they go through hell to grow up like Crumb did. Subscribe to Storycraft & Repeat Viewing on iTunes, Stitcher, Spotify or wherever you listen, and please rate & review...


William Stout

Legendary illustrator & Production Designer William Stout shares captivating tales of his epic career and adventurous life. He's a huge inspiration to me, and throughout this conversation, he exhibits why, while simultaneously revealing all the wisdom you need to see your own creative career from a different perspective, and truly go after what you love. Film fans will also get loads of amazing behind the scenes anecdotes and reveals about huge movies such as Conan the Barbarian, Masters...


J Gonzo

Self-publishing comic book creator & brilliant designer J. Gonzo (La Mano Del Destino) and I share a blisteringly sharp conversation about the DNA beneath our work, writing deep characters without getting too highbrow, genre, ancient history, banking on yourself, and so very much more. Find out more about Gonzo and his amazing work at jgonzodesigns.com and make sure to read his terrific comic La Mano del Destino! Subscribe to Storycraft on iTunes, Stitcher, Spotify or wherever you...


Mike and Kraig talk Moebius art tips - part 2

Mike & Kraig dive back in to finish the second half of Moebius "18 tips to aspiring artists", and the results are a very engaged and nuanced look at the craft of comics, as well as the core of creativity. Moebius has given us a perfect roadmap, although it starts out lofty, to attain truly captivating, relatable results. This one was yet another delight to record, and left me with a lot to ponder about my own work. Hope it offers you the same! Subscribe to Storycraft on iTunes, Stitcher,...


Kraig & Mike on Moebius art tips - part 1

Last week, an old transcribed lecture from master cartoonist Moebius, made it's way around the web once again. Mike Dubisch and I decided to sit down and address all 18 tips, point by point, since Moebius is one of our mutual favorites. The conversation turned out to be illegal levels of fun, hilarious, and thought provoking all at once, even if we lean on Moebius for some of that. Find the Moebius art tips at openculture.com or by searching Xurxo Penalta-moebius-william-stout. Subscribe...


Ben Gleib Returns, and he's running for President!

Disclaimer: This is not a campaign endorsement. Really, the title says it all. Previous guest and friend of the show, comedian Ben Gleib returns to reveal why he's running for the highest office in the land, why he might be a very interesting choice, and just what the hell it's like to do what he's doing. Go to Gleib2020.com to find out more about the campaign. Follow Ben online @bengleib, listen and subscribe to his podcast Last Week on Earth wherever podcasts are sold for...


Mike & Kraig - Art is Practical

Favorite sometime co-host Mike Dubisch and I talk about working through hardships, the misnomer that art isn't practical, the art market, and it's history. Plus we reveal a number of drawing tips & tricks, and share some truly excellent nerdy laughs. Subscribe to Storycraft on iTunes, Stitcher, Spotify or wherever you listen, and please rate & review kindly before you share it! Please follow the show on twitter @storycraftpod, and follow me there and on instagram @kraigcomx.


Storycraft Chronicles 4 - Working through Grief

In a very personal episode, I go solo to share a very big change my life just encountered, and how I am attempting to cope with it while still producing creative work. (WARNING: this is an extremely emotional episode.) Thank you very much to all the friends who have reached out personally. I don't have enough words to express my true gratitude. Subscribe to Storycraft on iTunes, Stitcher, Spotify or wherever you listen, and please rate & review kindly before sharing far and wide. Please...


Natalie Ngo

Prolific self-publishing comic book writer and convention queen Natalie Ngo joins me for a lively, hilarious chat about running a creative business, how to structure your business with the aim of actually making money, the ins and outs of conventions, and the ins and outs (so to speak) of modern dating. Follow Natalie on the socials @goldenassgwen & @ngobrainer, and follow theadventuresofgoldenass.com. Subscribe to Storycraft on iTunes, Stitcher, Spotify or wherever you listen, and please...


Mike Wellman

Writer, Retailer (owner, the Comic Bug), and all around one of my favorite people in comics, Mike Wellman joins me to chat about the ins and outs of being in our community. We talk about the realities of life in comics, or simply life AND comics, community, cons, childhood inspiration and much more! Follow Mike Wellman on Facebook, @atomicbasement1, and visit the Comic Bug in Manhattan Beach or Culver City. Subscribe to Storycraft on iTunes, Stitcher, Spotify or wherever you listen, and...


TJ Storm

TJ Storm, Martial Arts Hall of Famer, Performance Capture Pioneer, and all around action film guy, sat down with me to talk about his path into the movies, fighting vs filming, and working with great directors. We also nerd out to a hilarious degree over kung fu, and kung fu movies. This episode is very close to my heart, just for that, and its a terrifically fun time! Follow TJ @stormzeye on instagram, @tjstorm01 on twitter and on his school's site, mindseyetribe.com. Subscribe to...


Michal Sinnott - Born That Way

A couple months ago, filmmaker and actress Michal Sinnott blew my mind when she described her incredibly unique and powerful film project, Born That Way. We reenact that so you can join in as we discuss the film, it's personal roots, family influence on creative work, long gestating projects, and the lesson we learn about ourselves on the creative journey. This is one of the most inspiring conversations I've had the honor to share, and I' very proud to say it is equally...


Mike Dubisch's Forbidden Futures

Longtime pal and sometime co-host Mike Dubisch returns after a long stretch to reveal his quarterly art & fiction magazine "Forbidden Futures" in a lively and idea packed episode. We also chat about our comics obsession, whether or not it is responsible, and whether or not we care if it's responsible. Plus, we get really practical about "getting hired" in comics. Subscribe to Storycraft on iTunes, Stitcher, Spotify or wherever you listen, and please rate & review kindly before sharing with...