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Complete strangers. No script. Listen as I, Christian Carrion, engage in spontaneous conversation with people from all over the world. Visit

Complete strangers. No script. Listen as I, Christian Carrion, engage in spontaneous conversation with people from all over the world. Visit


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Complete strangers. No script. Listen as I, Christian Carrion, engage in spontaneous conversation with people from all over the world. Visit





My guest cancelled on me, so I shared my Zoom link with millions of people on Twitter, promising to talk to the first person to click on it. This episode is the unedited result of that effort.



I talk with a bus driver and youth pastor from eastern Kentucky. We discuss driving, youth group, my home church, the effects of the pandemic on his congregation, Bonnaroo, how he got involved in his church, going through the motions, emotional intelligence among teenage boys, the positive effects of participating in team sports, high school theater, improv, alcoholism, his turning point, prayer in school, spilling the tea, keeping up with slang, his podcast, Food Network, rating...



** Support me on Patreon! ** I talk with an author from Portland, Oregon. We discuss current everyday life in Portland, living in Los Angeles during the 1992 riots, broadcasting, 9/11, Rodney King, biased journalism during the 1965 Watts riots, desensitization, the ability of the human brain to process all the bad things in the world, perspective, rioting as social change, the shortcomings of history education in America, his time in film school, how he...



I talk with an aspiring professional e-sports player originally from Portugal, but attending college in Denver, Colorado. We discuss our COVID-19 tests, the finer points of Super Smash Bros, online learning, stress related to buying too many games, having parents that enabled our childhood hobbies, Nintendo, Mother 3, game analysis, the path to e-sports stardom, Dance Dance Revolution, gaining emotional intelligence, empathy, self-awareness, the end of Mario’s last relationship, regret,...



I talk with a theatric percussionist who is from Australia, but is currently stuck in Singapore due to the coronavirus pandemic. We discuss audiobooks, Hallmark products, travel difficulties, quarantine, her life as a music student, the internet, Kanye West, accents, jet lag, missing her cats, feline obesity, overthinking, strategies for avoiding stage fright, feminism, empowerment, listening, giving advice, telling stories of sexual assault through percussion, conveying emotion with drums,...



I talk with a home-based IT professional from Texas. We discuss his start in the industry, the Apple II, the struggle of locating replacement vintage computer parts, taking things apart, (not) putting things back together, creativity, the job market, the decline of broad knowledge, the value of experience, the skill of walking non-technically inclined people through troubleshooting, communication, patience, puzzles, IT through the lens of the pandemic, remote technology, mistrust of the...



I talk with a sales manager, former professional poker player, and Tetris master from Illinois. We discuss gratefulness for quality interpersonal relationships, javelins, manufacturing guidelines, Olympic sponsorships, the differences in equipment for male and female athletes, the greatest sport in the world, internal and external battles, how he got into professional poker, how to stay awake at a casino table for 60 hours straight, Diet Coke habits, the hospitality industry, the importance...



**Now part of the Apocalypse Podcast Network! Find your next favorite podcast at Apocalypse** I talk to an improv comedian from Belgium. We discuss his art, comedic and dramatic improv, groupthink, the unusually confrontational nature of improv, the state of federal funding for artistic endeavors in Belgium, the difficulties of working in improv professionally, Whose Line Is It Anyway, the film Don't Think Twice, getting recognized on the street, shyness, being the front...



I talk to a night auditor and quiz master from Norway. We discuss feline affection, his pub quiz, how to write good trivia questions, the Norwegian competitive quizzing scene, Jeopardy, the lack of quiz bowl in Connecticut schools, our adventures as overnight hotel workers, logical reasoning, guest satisfaction, the time Norten reassembled a cat's jaw in the hotel lobby, the time I cleaned up an overflowing whirlpool tub with a vacuum cleaner, pet policies, Forbes, why I started this...



I talk to a flight attendant and former child actress from Los Angeles, California. We discuss technical issues, uniforms, the creeping desire to be famous, getting older, taking pride in adulthood, my game show career, the death of Phone-A-Friend, her experience as a contestant on Let's Make A Deal, receiving our prizes, broken sofas, my experience playing Hollywood Squares against someone who didn't know how to play tic-tac-toe, crying, Jeopardy, seeing The Daily Show live, Stephen...



I talk to an artificial intelligence expert from India. We discuss the fundamentals of machine learning, future applications of artificial intelligence, the Indian education system vs. the American education system, learning English, setting children up for success, our first computers, learning how to use the internet, the quarantine in India, the draw of tourists to Lancaster County, Indian snack foods, veganism, the team Akshay works with, the dangers of AI, surveillance, fear, the...



I talk to an Afro-Uruguayan foreign trade investigator and aspiring actress from Argentina. We discuss the stress of her job, her move from Uruguay to Argentina, my damn cat, breaking into the theater and television industries, Afro-Uruguayan representation in Argentinian media, racism in South America, racism in Connecticut, microaggressions, Tinder, my short-lived acting career, making people laugh, the time I was the President of the United States, loneliness, how she chose her current...



Angel is a self-made entrepreneur and beauty queen from the Philippines. We talk about our home studio setups, the struggles of growing up without much money, the love of learning, history class in the Philippines, preparing for a beauty pageant, competitive PowerPoint battles, my love of being embarrassed, how she started her own business, philanthropy, Filipino business role models, her podcast, Steve Jobs, asking permission, confidence, outsourcing, being a fun manager, the moment I...



I talk to an unemployed beer deliveryman who moved from California to Florida a week ago. We discuss new changes of pace, minimalism, lack of respect for professional authority, taking pride in a job, buying electronics on Craigslist, stolen bikes, how to steal from Sunglass Hut, working in loss prevention, being homeless, drug addiction, sympathy, empathy, Dillon's childhood, how his mother saved his life at five days old, an accident which left his arm partially paralyzed, depression,...



(NSFW) I talk with a sex worker and adult content creator from Sweden. We talk about porn-stardom, her exhibitionism, losing her virginity at 14, the myth of sexual liberation in Sweden, the stigma of sex work, the economics of making internet porn, avoiding the statistics, amateur porn vs. big-budget adult entertainment, representation, community, making fetish videos, crushing, mental health struggles, Twitter DMs, separating business and pleasure, drawing the line, Raspberry Pi, Nintendo,...



I talk with a professor and fellow storyteller from Lancaster, Pennsylvania. We discuss the social dynamic between John and his son, meeting his wife, Rocky Horror, neuromythology, teaching, storytelling, regretting the childhood view of reading as a chore, movies taking the place of literature, bad sequels, the gradual decline of The Simpsons, adventures in Las Vegas, Lancaster drivers, Boston drivers, LA drivers, what I originally wanted to do with my life, why I don't want to be a...



I talk with a wildlife biologist and bee researcher from Montana. We discuss weather patterns, macro-vertebrates, the difficulties of studying bees, snuggling, how and why she became a biologist, the concept of zero, parasitic bumblebees, the murder hornet in America, the love of birds, Connecticut's parakeet infestation, feline depression, whether honey is vegan, trickery, the transition from homeschooling to public school, religious doubt, true science, being friends with the popular kids,...



I talk to a recent college graduate from Ohio. We discuss her podcast, the awkwardness of recording alone, adding the adobo, virtual graduation, the memories created during quarantine, limbo, rebelling against pop culture, How It's Made, Jeopardy, my game show career, the water cycle, buzzer strategies, pub trivia, Cory Anotado's Game Show Gauntlet, quiz culture, the first time meeting someone who matches your nerd energy, the ownership of video games as personal victory, Bratz, the Game Boy...



RIP George Floyd. I talk with a supermarket worker from Scotland. We discuss working during the pandemic, studying psychology, student debt, being a good listener, empathy in our childhood, the introduction of the internet to our households, post-Industrial Revolution optimism, the midnight Keystone to Lancaster, BBC Ceefax, the love of analog technology, growth in relationships and marriages, self-awareness, organized religion as control, the Catholic Church, "guarantee culture" in America,...



I talk to an actor, broadcaster and former game show host from Texas. We discuss technical difficulties, Celebrity Sweepstakes, drunk and indignant celebrities, getting slapped in the face by Joey Bishop, the disappearance of the master tapes of his most popular series, how to handle Tina Sinatra swearing at you on live TV, how he lucked into his first hosting gig, working with Burt Reynolds, being known as the patron saint of unsold game show pilots, my first interview ever, living with...