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Jim and Teal delve into the weeds of movies and the film-going experience.

Jim and Teal delve into the weeds of movies and the film-going experience.


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Jim and Teal delve into the weeds of movies and the film-going experience.




Blow the Man Down: Jim and Teal Go Fishing for Some Stuff to Watch

Blow the Man Down! Good Cod almighty! A person might just go stir crazy cooped up in the house all day with nothing to watch. Don't worry, Jim and Teal have got you covered. Well...Jim does anyway. Teal is still trying to find his grove with this whole self-distancing thing. Jim was craving a film mission. And for his sins, Teal gave him one. And when it was over, Jim never wanted another. Leviathan is the name of a pretty bad late 80s Alien under the sea movie, and it is also the name of a...


Quaran-Streaming - Jim and Teal Get You Through The Lockdown

Quaran-Streaming while social distancing doesn't have to be hard. Jim and Teal discuss some of the things they are watching while on lockdown. Also, if you are a film lover now is a great time to invest in the Criterion Channel. While you are indoors, you can get an entire film education by watching the greatest movies of all time right on the Criterion streaming service. And since we love lists, and we know you do, Jim and Teal continue their journey through the Academy Award Best Picture...


S. Craig Zahler Drags Jim and Teal Across Concrete

S. Craig Zahler, the B-movie action schlock genre movie director whose been stirring up the critics these past few years is the main subject of this week's episode of Stuff We've Seen. After Teal's glowing review of Dragged Across Concrete, Zahler's latest, Jim decided it was time to crack open that free week of Cinemax and see what the fuss was all about. Hear Jim and Teal dive into this film, and talk about Zahler's other two movies, Brawl in Cell Block 99, and Bone Tomahawk. But...


Best Films of the Decade: Jim and Teal reveal their top 10 movies from 2010-2019

This episode is the one you've been waiting for, and craving for. Teal is back, and he's ready to reveal his top ten films of the past decade. Along with Jim, the two tackle their lists, and share their experiences of seeing these films that stand above all others in the past ten years. First, Jim decided to test Teal's knowledge of films nominated for Best Picture and Director by the Academy for the decade of the 1960s. Teal said he wasn't an Oscar completionist, but Jim wanted to test...


Better Call Saul: Teal is MIA

Better Call Saul. It's the prequel series to Breaking Bad, and it just launched its 5th season. Jim is a huge fan of the show starring Bob Odenkirk, Rhea Seehorn, and Jonathan Banks. Hear how he came to watch the show, and why he was a fan of Saul before he broke some bad. But wait...why is Jim talking about television at all? Doesn't Teal only want to talk about movies? Aha! Surprise, surprise! Teal is MIA. Well...not really. He's on assignment. Tune in and find out the crazy reason Teal...


1917 and Jim and Teal's Top Ten Films of 2019

Jim and Teal each reveal their top ten films of 2019 (Teal only has a top nine), but first there is some business to take care of. Teal caught up with 1917 and gives Jim his take. Jim wasn't a superfan of the Academy favorite. So what does Teal think? You'll want to listen to this. Then it's on to the top films of 2019. Most of the films on the lists were talked about on the podcast throughout the year, but Jim and Teal still have a few surprises up their sleeves. Have a listen. And maybe...


The Lighthouse, Ford V Ferrari, and Post Oscar Nominations

Jim and Teal kicked off this episode with a discussion about the state of this year's Academy Awards more than a week after the nominations were announced. Jim provided his thoughts on Judy, the Renee Zellweger film about Judy Garland. Then Teal gave his review of The Lighthouse, which Jim saw a few months ago. Teal also caught up with Ford V Ferrari, and Jim recommended another quirky 70s scifi film from the Criterion Channel's month-long salute to 70s Science Fiction.


Academy Award Nominations 2020: Oscar's so Jim and Teal

The nominations for the 92nd Academy Awards were announced this morning, and Jim and Teal got together to discuss. If you haven't yet heard all of the nominations, get ready for some fun. It's always a good time hearing Teal's reactions (he stayed away from hearing them ahead of time.) Which movies and performances made the cut, and which ones did not? Overall, Jim and Teal were pleased with the results, but there are still a few inclusions and omissions that have them scratching their...


Little Women: The Great White Hype

Little Women. Is it the second coming of Christ or just the upteenth version of the classic book back on the silver screen? To hear it from some critics, it's the former, not the latter. Jim went in with open arms, but left the theater with them decidedly folded. So what's with all the non-stop critical buzz? Could it be some people on social media have an agenda? Jim throws on his conspiracy theory hat as he discusses Little Women with Teal. Next up is Uncut Gems, which both Jim and Teal...


Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker. No Time for Haters

For the last new episode of 2019 Jim and Teal tackle the latest Star Wars film, The Rise of Skywalker. To get a different perspective on the movie, The Willennial joined the Podcast. Did anyone love it? Did anyone hate it? Jim provided a message for Last Jedi Twitter apologists who think the film is far better than it is. And don't even get Jim started on Rogue One. This is a fun-filled hour of Star Wars, but get ready for some spoilers. If you haven't seen the movie yet, and are planning...


Marriage Story: Are Jim and Teal Splitting Up?

It had to happen one of these days. There was going to be one episode that found Jim and Teal at major odds with each other over a movie. And it looks like the film that did it was Noah Baumback's Marriage Story. Who loved it and who did not? Okay, so it is not all fisticuffs, but there is definitely a disagreement over this new film which has social media buzzing. Take a listen and see where Jim and Teal both stand on Netflix's latest original offering. One of the best films of the year,...


The Irishman, The Farewell, and The Ones We've Lost.

On this episode, Jim begins the podcast with a tribute to a few Hollywood notables who passed in 2019 that he and Teal had not acknowledged yet. Two of these artists have some personal ties to both Jim and Teal. The first is actor Seymour Cassel, who Jim and Teal both worked with on the 1992 independent feature, In The Soup. And then next they talk about legendary documentary filmmaker, D.A. Pennebaker, who Teal worked with on Depeche Mode: 101. On the last episode, Jim mentioned seeing...


Maclunkey: Greedo Special Deluxe Anniversary Edition

Greedo did not shoot first. He was the innocent victim of a corrupt, self-serving, two-bit smuggler that drops his shipments at the first sign of an Imperial Destroyer. Jim and Teal get into the whole Maclunkey debacle of the latest tinkering to their childhood memories. Also, in this episode: Jim sees most of the Midsommar director's cut. Find out what his thoughts are. Mild spoilers from 25-36min mark. If you haven't seen Midsommar or the director's cut, and don't want any spoilers, skip...


Cambria Film Festival 2020: Love is in the Air

This week Jim and Teal were joined by Al Fraser, program director and co-founder of the Cambria Film Festival in Cambria, California. Fraser came on to discuss the upcoming festival happening February 6-9, 2020. What makes this film festival unique is the theme--romance movies. Films from around the globe compete in this annual weekend event, that has become popular in the mid-coastal region of California. In this episode you'll find out about Fraser's interesting journey from...


Parasite: The Korean Upstairs/Downstairs Film That Feels Very American

This week Jim and Teal get off track from the get-go, and begin the Podcast with a discussion on James Cameron's Director's Cut of Aliens. Next Jim talked about another Herschell Gordon Lewis film, The Gore Gore Girls, which Jim claimed was the best worst film he's ever seen. Next Jim mentions The Lighthouse, which he insists Teal must see. And then it is on to the main event, Boon Joon Ho's Parasite. Jim and Teal both saw it, and they have a lot to say. The conversation has *Spoilers* that...


Marvel Wars: The Scorsese Strikes Back

Film-making great Martin Scorsese kicked off a bit of controversy with his stance on Marvel films and their place in cinema. What do Teal and Jim think of the dust up? What do you think Teal and Jim think? This controversy launches the boys into a discussion of what is cinema, and what is happening to the cinematic experience. And since it's October, Teal and Jim would be remiss if they didn't talk a little bit about horror movies. This episode, the two talk gore films, with the low-rent...


Much Ado About Joker

This episode focuses on the film Joker. Spoiler Alert! If you haven't yet seen the film, you may want to skip this one until you have. This week Jim and Teal are joined by listener, Sarah Bobara, who is on to provide her unique perspective on the film. Despite some technical audio difficulties, Jim presses on with some more of his infamous theories on what the ending of the film means. Enjoy!


Los Angeles Overnight: More tales From the Streaming Underground

Jim and Teal are back with more tales from the streaming service underground. A few weeks back, they discussed a couple of hidden gems, Buzzard and Los Angeles Overnight, both available to stream on Amazon Prime. At that time, Teal had not seen Los Angeles Overnight, but now he has, and the boys spend some quality time discussing this quirky low-budget Los Angeles Neo-Noir. Also on the program, Jim discusses another early 80s sex comedy, The Beach Girls. Is there a reason no one has ever...


Inappropriate 80s movies: Jim and Teal are Up The Creek.

This week's episode is a tribute to those trashy teen sex comedies of the early 80s; It's 90 minutes long! Jim and Teal begin the program with a shout out to a new listener. Then they dive right in to the 80s experience by discussing a documentary on Amazon Prime called At The Drive-In, about the popular Mahoning Drive-In, in LeHighton, PA. In the past few years, the Mahoning has become a legendary spot for Drive-In enthusiasts to catch their favorite films of the 70s, 80s and 90s on...


Buzzard (2015): And Other Movies From The Streaming Underground.

Jim and Teal are back this week with an episode filled with recent streaming action. First: Jim mentions a couple of quick hits, Operation Finaleand Northern Soul. Then Teal presents his hidden gem of the week, Buzzard (2015.) This low-budget indie from director Joel Potrykus scratches Teal where he itches. Jim feels the pressure to match Teal with an Amazon Prime streaming oddity of his own. His pick? Another bizarre low-budget indie called Los Angeles Overnight. Is this bizarre caper...