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Welcome to Stuff You Should Do! A podcast about well.. stuff you should do! Join me and my expert co-hosts in providing you with the crucial information you need to get out there and start doing!

Welcome to Stuff You Should Do! A podcast about well.. stuff you should do! Join me and my expert co-hosts in providing you with the crucial information you need to get out there and start doing!


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Welcome to Stuff You Should Do! A podcast about well.. stuff you should do! Join me and my expert co-hosts in providing you with the crucial information you need to get out there and start doing!








Stuff You Should Do Podcast #25: Be A Mom

We're at the quarter century mark everybody! Thanks for coming along on the journey with me! This episode is for all my moms out there who feel like they're feelings during pregnancy should be hidden. My co-host, Marta Spirk, is here to tell you that you're not alone and these feelings are NATURAL! Marta is the host of the Mom Does It All podcast and it's the perfect place for moms who need a community to go to for all their pregnancy ups and downs! In episode 25 we talk about getting to...



What's up everybody?? Have a friend or family member that is struggling with their credit?? ITS NOT TOO LATE!! That's why my guest, Chiquita Williams, is here! She is a personal credit consultant who has improved her credit score by OVER 200 POINTS in the last nine months! Tune in as she drops some gems that will help dispel the rumors around credit, how your score is calculated, credit tips and much more! Check it out! Want to reach out to Chiquita? Check out her website!...


#23: Invest In Yourself

It's the Jordan episode and boy do we have a treat for you all! In #23 I sit down with a young man I've been tight with since we got smoked in basic training by our training instructors, Gary Jackson. Gary is a ForEx trader, motivational speaker, Airman, and many other things, but today we focus on investing in yourself! We talk kindness, goal setting, how to network effectively and much more. G dropped plenty of gems!! Catch up with Gary via social media! Facebook: Gary Jackson Jr....


#22: Shoot Dope Pics

THE DEUCE DEUCE IS LOOSE!!! Check out the one and on Rob Volio of Bobby V Photography! In this episode we talk about photography, equipment, editing software, Chik-Fil-A and much more! Tune in!! Wanna see Rob's awesome feed? Follow him on IG @bobby_v_photography OR click this link! Just made a Patreon page and I'm definitely NOT begging for your $$ BUT if you like the content and wanna show your appreciation for what I do.. click the link below...


#21: Microblading

What's up everybody?! Episode #21 comin' at ya! Ever heard of Microblading? If not sit tight and enjoy this episode! Lynkeshia White is the owner of Glam Brow Studio based in Dallas, Texas! We get into the ins and outs of microblading, setting goals, the death of the word FLEEK, and a whole lot more! Thanks for listening! Check out Big Cuz's work on social media! Facebook: Glam Brow Studio Instagram: @glam_browstudio


#20: Become A Lawyer

Welcome to another episode of Stuff You Should Do! In #20 Symone Redwine joins the podcast and shares her experiences with law school and becoming an attorney! We talk law school, expungement, which lawyers not to hire and more! Make sure you tune in! Find Symone on IG @symoneredwine & don't forget about her expungement website!


#19: Start A Non-Profit

Welcome to episode #19 Doers! In this episode my co-host (Britany Ferrell), and I talk about her non-profit, Health Resource Partners, otherwise known as HRP (don't pronounce it HERP). We also hit on what made her start, her experiences in Ghana, being gifted a cock and more! Tune in! Contact Britany: Personal IG: @britanyferrell Non-Profit IG: @health_resource_partners In a giving mood? Head on over the to donate to the cause! Keep up with The Stuff on social...


#18: Start A Blog

What's going on everybody?? Welcome back to another episode of The Stuff! In #18 my homegirl Alix and I talk about her blog, Live With Alix. We also talk about how to get started, some blogging, basics, HBCUs, your grandma and more! Tune in! Become a supporter of this podcast:


#17: Lift Like A Girl

WELLLLCOOOME to another episode of the pod! In episode #17 I sit down with an all natural female bodybuilder, Roxanne Daneen (AKA roxx_the_foxx). We talk about Roxanne's health and wellness journey, her ups and downs along the way, recipes, workout routines, mental health, Taco Bell, and much more! This one's a great one! If you enjoyed the episode don't be afraid to contribute a little bit on Anchor. Any amount is appreciated and please subscribe and share with your friends! Check out Roxx...


#16: Stop Making New Year’s Resolutions

HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYBODY!! 2018 is in the books and 2019 is here! Why not kick it off with some more of The Stuff?? In #16 we talk about why you should stop making New Year's resolutions. We also hit on the Chinese zodiac, R.Kelly's new documentary, lucky numbers, bacon, and more! Check it out! Website: IG: @sysdpodcast Check out #9 to hear Kev's whole episode! The Stuff You Should Do podcast is available on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, TuneIn, Breaker, Stitcher,...


#15: Automate Your Business

Welcome to the last episode of the year! Thanks so much to you all for the feedback and support since I started a little over a month ago! None of this would be possible without your support. In episode I get to chat with owner/CEO of Legion Beats and Midi Money, Gabe Schillinger. Gabe drops some gems on how some programs you can use to run your business more efficiently and provides insight on branding, logo design, advertising, and much more! If you donate $100 or more to the Clean Water...



Episode #14!! WE GETTIN STRONGGGG BABY!! In this episode I sit down with a high school buddy of mine who just crushed his first powerlifting meet! We talk about his diet, workout plan, and more. Tune in and don’t forget to tell a friend!! WEBSITES MENTIONED: Riley’s Social Media: Instagram: @rileysouk Host (Cam Bickley) Social Media IG: @cambickley Twitter: @cambickley Facebook: Cam Bickley Follow the podcast on IG @sysdpodcast for more visuals and audio! Check out Dr....


#13: Be Present

Episode #13 on tap for ya!! In this episode I sit down with film maker, author, and relationships coach, Matthew Solomon . We talk about his book, "Man School : Relating To Women In The #MeToo Era", communication in relationships, sex, intimacy, and much more! Definitely a great episode! Matthew's Info ORDER HIS BOOK HERE:


#12: Set Your Soul On Fire

When was the last time you almost died?? We're back at it again with #12 & no I'm not talkin' 'bout the police!! Ya boy is back with another exciting episode! In this episode I get to talk to my boy DeVante who is an avid thrill-seeker, adventurer, and adrenaline junkie, about his brand HavSoul and what it means to him. We talk about extreme sports, how he caught a huge anaconda, breaking free from monotony in today's world, near death experiences & much more! Don't wanna give too much away...


#11: Become A Chef

Number LEM!! (Eleven in Southern Slang) SYSD is back again with another awesome guest! I sit down with my buddy and Executive Chef at Rocksalt NC (NORTH CAROLINAAAAA), Jonathan Shuler! We talk about his experience as a chef, how it melts the ladies and much more! Check this one out! If you #EnjoyMyStuff, head over to to support the podcast SYSD Social Media: Instagram: sysdpodcast Facebook: Stuff You Should Do Jon's social media info: Instagram: chef_jonathanshuler...


#10: Make A YouTube Channel

BIG # 10 baby!! We've arrived at episode #10 of SYSD and I hope you've all enjoyed each episode!! This weeks episode is all about starting your very own Youtube channel! I go over how to choose a topic, equipment(under $100) and what tools are available for your video editing!! Enjoy my Stuff? Support the podcast by heading over to my webpage on Anchor! (Any amount helps) Anchor link: LINKS TO MY VIDEO EQUIPMENT: Lighting: BIG # 10 baby!! We've arrived at episode...


#9: Produce Music

What's up beautiful people!? Episode #9 in this THANG!! We keep rolling in this episode! In #9 I sit down with the infamous K.F.M. (Kevin Moses) of Legion Beats and talk about the music industry, music production, video editing and much more! You won't wanna miss out on it! Enjoy the Stuff & Keep Doin' Baby!! Episode ran a little long so here are some time stamps: (1:41) KFM Intro (5:12) Getting started with music production (software, equipment, etc.) (16:55) Legion Beats & KFM's role with...


#8: Take Care Of Yourself

What's up Doers!? Episode #8, let's be great!! In this episode I go it alone and talk about personal hygiene and self care. Definitely one you don't want to miss! Enjoy the Stuff and Keep Doin' Baby! Want more SYSD? Check out the website!! Personal Social Media: IG: @cambickley Twitter: @cambickley Facebook: Cam Bickley Become a supporter of this podcast:


#7: Travel Pt. 2

#7 comin at ya!! Welcome back friends to another episode of Stuff You Should Do! This weeks host is a dear friend of mine, Alycia Attaway! Alycia is a part-time travel blogger who has all the travel tips you NEED to travel for the C H E A P!! Enjoy the Stuff & Keep Doin' Baby! This week's episode is a follow up to my first episode of the podcast on travel. If you haven't heard it already I highly encourage you to go back and listen to it! HOST: Cameron Bickley Co-HOST: Alycia Attaway...


#6: Home Brew

Episode 6ix!! On this episode we will go in depth on the art of Home Brewing. Also, we talk about the process, equipment needed or recommended, and beer talk! If you like beer and you want to be able to make your own tune in! Enjoy the Stuff & Keep Doin'! Want more SYSD? Check out the website!! Personal Social Media: IG: @cambickley Twitter: @cambickley Facebook: Cam Bickley Become a supporter of this podcast: